LifeChanger of the Year Nomination Form

To nominate someone for our 2019-20 program cycle, please complete the form below.

Please Note: Nominations for the 2018-19 LifeChanger of the Year program are now closed. We will be surprising the winners at their schools in spring 2019. If you have nominated a LifeChanger for the 2018-19 program, click here for more information on how to support their nomination.

To be considered for LifeChanger of the Year, your nominee must demonstrate:

  • A proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of students
  • The ability to positively add to the development of the school's atmosphere
  • Leadership within his/her school and/or district
  • A record of excellent performance at the professional level
  • Commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere
  • Adherence to high moral and ethical standards

Please remember the criteria and be sure to provide detail in your nomination essay about how your nominee demonstrates these criteria on a daily basis.

You may nominate a maximum of three teachers or school employees for LifeChanger of the Year 2019-20. All K-12 public and private school employees are eligible, and all nominees will be notified by email about their nomination. If you wish to remain anonymous, please check the box at the bottom of this form.

About Your LifeChanger

Submit a photo of your nominee to be included in their LifeChanger of the Year profile. Please note that all photos must only be of the nominee. Photos with students or other adults in them will not be posted.

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Why They're a LifeChanger

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