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Mary Hayward

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Tongue River Elementary School
School District: Sheridan School District #1
City, State: Ranchester, WY

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Mary Hayward was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

This is Mrs. Hayward's first year at Tongue River Elementary School and only her second year in the classroom. Her vibrancy and ability to get students excited about the interactive learning in her classroom is unprecedented. According to one of her professors, who is a student teacher mentor, Mrs. Hayward was a stand-out student at the University of Wyoming in the education department. Her commitment to being engaged and present for her students is demonstrated in a variety of ways.

She is not only a co-teacher of the choir club, but she also teaches students piano before the school day even starts. Mrs. Hayward is known for her easy-going personality and vibrant smile. She is eager to do whatever she can to support the personal and academic growth of her students; which is evident in every meeting she attends. She is constantly problem-solving or coming up with insightful ways to help her students be successful.  

Mrs. Hayward came up with the idea to look into a therapy dog for one of her students who struggles with self control. She goes on every Adventure Club activity on weekends, and leads in such a positive way that students flock to be on her team or in her group. She is a positive role model, and is often the first to volunteer if there is help needed with anything at school.

"A few weeks ago, she and her husband came to help with the fundraising carnival," the nominator said. "They spun cotton candy and thoroughly enjoyed the kids as they came to our booth. When they are in Mary's class, students know that they will be loved and safe, but that they will also be held to high academic standards."

Mrs. Hayward's singing has also been known to bring people to tears.

"Although she is so very talented, you would never hear it from Mary because she is the definition of humble," the nominator said. "You will often hear Mary talk about the importance of family, and the joy she gets just from being with them. She has so much love and joy to give. Honestly, the best way to explain it is that it practically flows out of her. She is a LifeChanger to everyone she comes in contact with."

Mary Hayward In The News:
TRE teacher nominated as ‘LifeChanger of the Year’

Comments (10)

Isaac Hayward Posted over a year ago

I have known Mary for many years now and she continues to inspire me! It takes an incredible woman to support a husband in medical school, while still throwing herself into her work with a passion that cannot help but motivate those around her. I have never met anyone that enjoys both learning and teaching more than Mary. She spends hours and hours preparing to teach the next generation, but still asks me deep, thoughtful questions about medicine. She has the energy to match a room of 4th graders and the brains to rival any profession. You deserve this nomination because of your work and natural ability to excite others, including me!!

Sara Struckman Posted over a year ago

Way to go Mary! You deserve it!

Steve Kozlowski Posted over a year ago

I have spent much time with Mary, but not as much as I would like to. She is a positive influence and adds good energy to any situation. Her love for children, friends, and others is a natural gift demonstrated often. Way to go Mary, you definitely deserve to be nominated for this award. Blessings, Steve

Meg Maze Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Mary!! I love that you are representing our great state of Wyoming! Your dedication to teaching, and your faith are an inspiration. I am thankful for your friendship, positive energy and willingness to sing at church. Thank you too for being part of the Tongue River Cross Country Program with Tim. He truly feels blessed with your positive, strong interactions with the middle and high school girls and boys teams. You were a very motivating role model for the team this fall. Power on, woman!! Hugs, Meg

Tamie Simmons Posted over a year ago

I have not known Mary for very long but I can say she spends endless hours at school to meet the needs of her students and is very devoted to the students in her classroom as well as any that she connects with. Way to go Mary!!

Molly Posted over a year ago

Mary is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of her students!

Alyssa Jolovich Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of being a sub for others that go in her classroom for reading and also as a partner teacher. The kids love her and prosper when around her. She is a very positive, loving, family oriented teacher. I am honored to cast my vote for her!

Marty kobza Posted over a year ago

A young lady of character,integrity, boundless energy and passion. She is committed to make children’s lives better. An excellent choice.

Susan Board Posted over a year ago

I couldn't agree more with the nomination of Mary Hayward as a life changer. In the brief time I have known her as a colleague and as a mentor to her at TRE, I see a young woman ready to learn and ready for whatever challenges come her way as an educator. She is very deserving of this nomination.

Dan Walter Posted over a year ago

Way to go, Mary!