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Zenobia Pressley

Position: Literacy Teacher
School: Lake Olympia Middle School
School District: Fortbend ISD
City, State: Missouri City, TX

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Zenobia Pressley was nominated by a member of the community, Summer Guillory.

When Ms. Pressley's youngest daughter was a year old, she decided to place her into a day care center. To her dismay, she learned that the day care selected was not a safe place, and the name of the facility was deceiving. Like most parents, she wanted her little girl to have the best start, so she enrolled her in a school where she could learn and be safe; neither was true of that school.

She begin to do research on colleges and enrolled in Delgado Community College, where she earned her degree in Early Childhood Education. While in school, she saved her money, and left her safe job within two years, to launch a Residential Day Care. Ms. Pressley's school provided healthy food and ensured that safety was a priority. The children were taught Reading, Writing, basic math, colors, numbers, and days of the week taught in both English and in Spanish. Within two years, the waiting list for a space in Ms. Pressley's school was grew to 32 students.

She then opened a commercial facility, provided jobs for employees, and was able to expand services to care for 41 students. Many of her students went on to elementary school, and some excelled and tested out of Kindergarten. Cullier Career Center would send their Early Childhood students to train at the school. Ms. Pressley never shied away from teaching others how to start their own establishment, and always provided the best care for the children and her employees.

After eight years of shaping young minds, the day care was lost to Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Pressley lost her Day Care and home, and fought to put her life back together. In doing so, she learned that many others had lost their residences as well and were struggling to get back on their feet. Ms. Pressley changed her career focus for a short time to earn her real estate license and become an agent. In the course of three years, she successfully placed over 90 families in homes throughout the community. Her success was not due to her ability to sell; rather, it was her passion for helping people build happy and safe lives.

Later on in her career, she spent years taking care of her ill/elderly mother while attending college online. It took Ms. Pressley nearly 12 years to earn her degree, but she never gave up. Today, she encourages her students to do the same. After earning her degree, she worked as a teacher in the private sector, and then as a teacher’s aide at Schiff Elementary School. Now, Ms. Pressley serves as a literacy teacher at Lake Olympia Middle School and loves what she does. She turns books into movies in students' minds, and gets kids excited about writing. She inspires them to use their imagination to create their own written art.

Last year, Ms. Pressley launched a reward system for students who not only did well, but reached out to help others as peer students. The in-class program blossomed into a campus wide program entitled GRIT, which stands for "Great, Rigorous, Intellect that anyone can Tap into". The focus of GRIT is to connect academics, business, and community services so that students can become members of what makes life work well for all. Students are offered the support they need to become better academically. GRIT is currently working with Chelsea Gardens Nursing Home to spread holiday cheer by decorating their commons and giving heart-filled gifts to residents. 

Pressley is a mother of two girls; her oldest is also a teacher, and her youngest is completing nursing school. Last year, she was awarded the "Spirit Award" of Lake Olympia  for her dedication and enthusiasm for teaching. This year, she released her book titled: “Cloudy with a Chance of Happiness.” Pressley is quoted for saying "Trials are temporary, and peace is as simple as a positive attitude."

Comments (188)

Bob Pennell Posted over a year ago

Hi Zee. Wow! That's an impressive write up on your exploits. Nice to touch base with you after many months since Austin. Sounds like you are doing fine. I am now "officially" retired, and busier than ever - trying to improve my rather rudimentary skill on the banjo & ukulele, add a little luster to my rather pathetic golf game, read books for my men's book group, travel, trying to stay on top of the markets, Tai Chi, exercise, etc. I fret about what I might (should?) do to help my Ethiopian grandson deal with the challenges of the "outside" world. He's a really super kid - year-round baseball player, fabulous drummer and very skilled trumpet player (after less than 2 years), an AP student who at 14 years of age is already thinking about what engineering school he might want to go to. Anyway, life is good, I think often about our rather magical conversation last year. Hope you are doing well - would love to hear from you some time. Warm regards, Bob

Michelle J Cruz Posted over a year ago

I heard this woman's name for the first time 6 yrs ago when she offered my daughter employment. She has been very instrumental in setting her on a career path that would make any mother proud. My daughter and I have had many conversations regarding Zee's bubbly character, drive, positive influence and compassion about being successful. I visited Texas last weekend and got first hand experience of what an awesome woman Zee is. My husband and I were given such a warm welcome. Her smile and hug were infectious.This woman even took time out of her busy life and opened her home to us. I must say that being in her presence and just listening to her speak would compel anyone to succeed. If knowledge is power, Zee gives it freely and doesn't mind. She has taken my daughter under her wing as if she were her own and I am extremely grateful. Women like Zee are a rare breed. She has truly been an asset to our lives.

Mya Clark Posted over a year ago

It only took a few years after I’d left home to realize what an extraordinary influence my mother had been in my life. She’s the kind of person who always put others first, always interested in learning something new, would sacrifice herself for her family or anyone in need, and is easily the strongest woman in my eyes. Growing up, I know I hadn’t been the best daughter in the world, but if you were to ask her, she would say otherwise. Looking back, my mom is the most positive and important influence in my life. My mother actually is anything but ordinary. In her tiny appearance, she shines with an extraordinary drive, perseverance, an altruistic soul and is very kind hearted. The kind of mother who brought me up with the idea that anything is possible as long as I sought God, worked hard, and kept a givers heart. I vividly remember when I was a little girl gathering all the cans from the kitchen to donate to the school, not realizing I was the kid in need at the school. My mom let me bring the cans to school because she taught me to always think of others. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the sacrifice she made to allow me to give to people in need, when we were the people in need. There were several occasions when she would take me out to eat at the finest restaurants and not eat. I didn’t know until I was an adult that she didn’t eat because she couldn’t afford it, but she made that sacrifice so that I could be exposed to a different life. She worked multiple jobs and made many sacrifices, but I’ve never heard her complain. To date, I still don’t know how she did it. I’ve witnessed each of her failures, her grief, and the way she overcame difficulties to move on. Her positive outlook on life and selflessness has given me precious lessons that I will pass down to my children. There was a time when I didn’t know my purpose in life. After reflecting on her life, I found my purpose. I found that I was supposed to continue what she started…help grow people.

Montari Morrison Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a delight to work with! I've only worked with her for a few months, but her passion and enthusiasm is unlike any I've ever experienced. Only if more educators had that spirit...God bless Ms. Zee!!

Keatha Davenport Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an excellent candidate for the Life Changer of the Year award. She is a joy to be around and is an inspiring woman. Every time we meet she welcomes me with a loving smile, hug, and an energetic personality. My daughters also enjoy the time they spend with her. She encourages them to be creative and imaginative through art & crafts, writing, and playing. Ms. Zee has definitely earned the right to be named a “Life Changer.”

Bob Pennell Posted over a year ago

Wow! And congratulations on this nomination/award - and I might add, all of the wonderful, supportive, awesome fan mail you are receiving! Best to you! Bob

Mr Donald Posted over a year ago

Loved reading your book and being the wonderful person that you are there's nothing you can't accomplish.

T Wilson Posted over a year ago

Zee Presley is absolutely an awesome person and truly deserves to win. My Aunt has inspired me to be the Entrepreneur I am today; which in turn, my children followed also. She has been my Mentor since a child and continues to inspire younger family members to strive to the top. Good Luck T Zee!!!!!

Shandrell Wilson Posted over a year ago

What can I say Ms.Pressley is a very passionate teacher. I worked for her at her home base and commercial daycare. She's a wonderful woman, teacher, mother, and friend.

Shaun Davis Posted over a year ago

Zenobia (Ms. Zee), is one of the most inspiring, supportive and caring people I know. In my 40+ years of knowing her I've watched Zenobia genuinely care for the next person. I've always admired Zenobia' s determination for making any person, place or thing better than she found it. She doesn't wait for someone else to step up she see a need and address it. When Zee noticed that the women in her neighborhood needed a supportive place to get healthy she created First Ladies Fitness, opened up her garage and let her neighbors exercise with her. Zee recognized that there was a gap in the education of our young kids she opened a learning academy that bridged the gap to better prepare kids for elementary school. Kids came from 20+ miles away. Zenobia recognized a lack of knowledge in her community for the process, power and possibly of home ownership so she successfully became a realtor and change agent in her Community and helped countless famalies achieve the dream of home ownership. These examples are just to name a few of the examples of how this life changer has impacted the lives of so many. The need for you girls to develop self esteem and public speaking skills at an early age? She created padgents! My son was struggling to grasp basic education skills so Zee wrote a curriculum for me to teach him (Spanish and English)and we are still Thankful for her help and support. The need for kids to get extra help on school work? She created a successful tutoring service! The need for people (Kids) to communicate and care about their neighborhood? She created a program for That! All of this was done while raising her family! Zenobia is truly a Life Changer! Sincerely, Shaun Davis

David White Posted over a year ago

Zee is a Phenomenal Woman! You only meet a person of this character, qualities and caring spirit once in a life time. It’s no surprise that she is the founder or a major stake holder with “GRIT” Great Rigorous Intellect that anyone can tap into. I’ve known her for almost 30 years and Grit exemplifies her way of life. She’s very astute and will let nothing prevent her from achieving her goals. I admire her tenacity, determination and that high spirit “Go Get’em” attitude she possesses. She’s everything that any organization would need as a great team player, or a fearless leader. She makes everyone feel good around her as she makes everyone feel good about themselves. I commend Zenobia for all the great things she’s done and recommend her for the Life Changer of the Year “WINNER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivian L Holley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is the true definition of a phenomenal woman! Her passion and commitment for educating children is second to none. She is smart, caring, knowledgeable and professional. Ms. Zee always comes to the table with ideas that go beyond the boundaries of a “box.” She is helpful to her students, colleagues and peers and always goes above and beyond for all. I have a great deal of respect and adoration for Ms. Zee, as an educator and as a woman. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this honor more! It’s YOURS Zee!!!

Willie Dynamite Edwards Posted over a year ago

From the first moment I met Zee, her positive energy and enthusiasm was contagious. She carries herself with the confidence that she can accomplish anything while simultaneously pouring confidence into everyone she encounters so that they believe anything is possible. She lives as a beacon of light for others to see their own path and purpose. She has definitely shed some light on me. For that, I will be forever grateful. She leaves an impression on you that's felt long after the encounter.

Patrice Cormier-McGruder Posted over a year ago

Zee is such a beautiful, caring person who has a smile that lights up a room. She is such an inspirational person who has a heart of gold..She is truly a life changer for young and old people..I Love you cousin.

Glenda Lewis Posted over a year ago

Zee is an extraordinary little woman with the biggest heart, not only is she inspirational she’s also shares  spiritual guidance. No matter where you are in life,  she will greet you with words of wisdom that will guide you through a path of  success, joy, peace , prosperity,  and ,love.  She deserves the recognition.  Never judging, always inspriring.  She is truly a life changer.

Cynthia Mendiola Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Presslee, Is one of the most amazing teaches that my family and I know. She couched out son Jesse Jr. With outstanding skills to becoming more successful in his subjects. Thanks to her, my son masters not only one of the subjects he struggled with, but all of them currently. We love and appreciate her for all that she had done. Jesse struggled with math in the 3rd grade and it only took for her to tutor him a couple of months(during summer break)and jesse is like stepped up his progress in that little time they spent together. I have three other kids and she will be the first one my family and I will go to.

Jasmine Valdez Posted over a year ago

Ms.zee is an sweet person. She cares for other people. She help my sister do a lot of things.

Julie Valdez Posted over a year ago

Ms.Zee is a wonderful teacher. She loves her kids and she helps them to inspire them to do good things. My daughter love her like a second mom. When she need some body to talk to she is all of time there for her .Thank You For What You Have Done For Her.??????

Zee Posted over a year ago

Zee and I worked at the same school couple of years ago. She is full of energy, love, and cares for everyone! We love you Ms.Zee ??

Lena Adams Posted over a year ago

Everything that’s been said about Ms Zee is absolutely head on. Ms Zee always thinks and cares for there. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. Ms Zee never fails to achieve greatness and will encourage others to achieve the same. She is such a class act and has a positive impact on the community. Ms Zee is definitely a life changer and deserves to win this award!!

Jerry Green Posted over a year ago

Humanitarian, Counselor, Businesswoman, Author, Teacher, Self motivated, Dynamic, Awesome, are only a few words that describe Mrs. Zee Pressley. Zee, "CELEBRATES LIFE"", and as a result approaches life's challenges differently. I'm not at all surprised by her quote, "Trials are only temporary and peace is as simple as a positive attitude". "Give her Lemons and she'll definitely make Lemonade". Happiness to Zee, is celebrating the successes of family, friends, students, and without hesitation putting others before herself. Individuals, students, and others, seek to be in her presence, because they know that she truly cares, she exudes love, patience, kindness, and understanding to everyone she encounters. If she commits to a person/project, she gives 100 percent of herself to their /it's success. She's a dynamic caring and loving individual, a Game changer/ and most definitely a "Life Changer"..

Shekeylla Jones Posted over a year ago

Never had I ever met a woman so inspirational! She sees the big picture and does not hesitate to take action. Experienced cause she will go there, taking on the everyday mundane task. Perceptive cause she cares to listen. I can say she is a master builder! When I met her she has already succeeded in owning her own business and helping establish a program to educate our youth in credit literacy as well as how to show up in the world! Health conscious she was a certified fitness coach! So talented she can give life to any building with her decorating and design skills!!!! And one memory I will treasure is all the assistance my husband and I received from Ms Zee with engagement photos at her beautiful home and the chair covers she provided us with! Earth Angel the world is a better place with you!!!!

Ronald Lewis Posted over a year ago

I Ronald Lewis am poud to place my Endorsement on behalf of Zenobia. Pressley for such a prestige award.  I have know Ms. Pressley for years. I admire her strong family values. Values that was inbeded by her Mother. You will be hard press to find anyone that would use their mouth to formulate words that will be laced with heart that shows such passion for all people.  The little lady is all heart. Thank you for finding another way that the friends of Ms.Pressley can express our appreciation of her presence in our lives.

shannon bradshaw Posted over a year ago

I've known Ms. Zee for 6+ years, being best friends with her daughter. She is an excellent teacher and I've learned great life lessons from her by just being in her home. She's helped me and my sister become the women we are today. From her daycare to SMART kids, you can truly tell Ms. Zee is a real business woman!

Ida Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee has been an inspiration to me and my family. She is a great motivator and an awesome teacher. She has taught 5 of my grandchildren and several of my friends grandchildren. The grandchildren, soon to be high school and college graduates, still speaks of her today and how she was the inspiration to their educational path. This honor is well deserved.

Kim Soto Posted over a year ago

Zee this is wonderful!! Couldn’t happen to a more well deserving person!!God bless you..your love for children is evident in your work. Loving and pouring into today’s youth is needed and necessary. Continue to teach and reach!!

Azuka Ibeanu Posted over a year ago

Ms Zee is the epitome of educator. She has a genuine desire to help children learn. Education is paramount in a child's development and she has played a significant role in my child's progress at the tender age of 4! Bravo Ms Zee and THANK YOU from the Ibeanu family!

Deanne McGee Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee, Rocks It!!! Ms Zee is there for all of us. Thank you! Love you Ms Zee??

Brandon Brewton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee Pressley is one of the most professional and caring individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It is because of her belief in me and constants encouragement that I was able to pursue a career in education. Her spirit and dedication to her community is second to none. I am so thankful for Zee and her I am forever indebted to her. Thank you for all you do!

Hollywood Posted over a year ago

Very Beautiful story! Truly inspirational! Your a mogul! Keep up the Good work.... My words of wisdom to the Children!

Kierra Pressley Posted over a year ago

Zenobia Pressley is a motivational and inspirational individual. She has the hugest heart ever to be known. Zenobia truly deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award. I am blessed and proud to have Zenobia Pressley as a grandma. I love you Grandma Zee!

Elizabeth Guzman Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Zee a few years ago when she was my paraprofessional at one of my campuses in Fort Bend ISD. She immediately became a "life changer" in so many people's lives at our school. She had a lasting impact on the student's as well as the staff. She built relationships with students that no one else was able to build relationships with. Our school was lucky to have her for the one year we did. She soon became a teacher and continues to be amazing!

Ty'Riana Triniece Wilson Posted over a year ago

Zenobia Pressley, my aunt, is the purest person of heart that I know. I am greatful and blessed to have her in my life. Her arms are always open. Her ears are listening. And her heart is ever giving. There is no one more deserving of the Life Changer of the Year Award. Zenobia Pressley has changed my life and countless others through service, teaching, encouragement, and simply the love she has for all of us.

Neirdra Pressley Posted over a year ago

Zee is one of the most amazing people I know she is a second mother to me and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Once you meet her you will love her for a lifetime. Super sweet and always positive one of the best people around. Love you always.

Joy Thomas Posted over a year ago

As being a younger cousin of Zee as actual being taken care of as a child first hand by her when visiting as a child, I have witnessed first hand of the awesome heart and leadershi qualities of my older cousin who is sincerely like an aunt to me. She never told us “no” for any learning experiences. We went on scavenger hunts with a “purpose” to it and she even would come out and play kickball or basketball with us. She is the epitome of an educator in my opinion, and follows in the footsteps of many other master educators in our family. Best Wishes Auntie Zee!

Lorenzo Boyd Posted over a year ago

Ms.Pressley has always been a great motivator and inspiration. As long as I've known her she' ve worked with children. Always looking for the next best way to help them succeed at life. Not only she a great teacher. She's a wonderful mother.

Andres Aya Posted over a year ago

Zee has been a Godsend for my daughter and family. My daughter has had difficulties with ADHD and Behavioral issues during Kinder and first grade. Zee’s love and guidance has been a crucial and much needed positive student/teacher relationship for my daughter. Zee is all heart and her love for my child is so pure it is palpable. We love Zee so much!! Tears come to my eyes when I write this just reflecting on how much she has been a positive guide in my daughters educational development. I know my daughter feels pure love when she is taught by Ms. Zee.

Cathy Posted over a year ago

Need more teachers like U,Congrats, KEEP THE FAITH

Catherine Triggs Posted over a year ago

Great Success, Congrats, U r a hard worker, I commend U,The kids needs a Mentor like U Ms . Presley, Job well done, may GOD BLESS UR SUCCESS, I KNOW U GOT THAT, KEEP striving, KEEP THE FAITH

Christina Flores Posted over a year ago

Zee was one of my first bosses when I entered the work life. She taught me a lot! I loved going to work and seeing her smile knowing I would have a great day with my Zee. She has a bigger heart than anyone I have ever met and I have met ALOT of people in my line of work. She’s the best!!

Melvin Pressley Posted over a year ago

Zee the child whisperer. Babies coo at her. Toddlers peak around the shoulders or pants legs of their parents to get her attention. Once a guest, kids (people) never want to go home. She has something magical that people can feel when they're around her. She's a true child whisperer.

Rochelle Hall Posted over a year ago

The positions held by Zee in my life: "family", "friend", "mentor", tend to overlap depending on the situation at hand, but "life changer" is the umbrella to them all. Zee is Queen Midas. Everything she touches eventually turns to gold. Her smile and charm might hook you, but it's her altruism and diligence that keeps you asking yourself "How does she do it?" In addition to helping change others for the better, her own story is the epitome of the Mahatma Gandhi quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world". My story and her positive influence in it, is just a drop in the bucket of the lives she has changed and continues to change. In the unfortunate chance that she is never officially awarded this honor, to us, she has always held the title.

Masille Marie Davis Posted over a year ago

Love you cousin you always put a smile on my face just seeing you succeed makes me go for my Goals

Promila Eapen Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley has a heart for people and she is a woman after God's own heart. This is evident in her interactions with students and staff; this is what makes her a life changer. Good luck!

C. Briceno Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an inspiration. One thing I think is great about her is-not only that she believes in her students-but that she truly encourages her students to believe in themselves. She is a superstar!

C. Johnson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a very positive person and she is always willing to help out!!! Great Job Ms. Zee!!!

Quston Collins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is one of the most positive person I have ever met. Her spirit is like no other and she always knows the right things to say to motivate others to be the best person they could possibly be. I am more than honored to say that I work with this amazing woman.

Deirdre Monroe Posted over a year ago

Ms.Pressley is very helpful when it comes to changing lives. She takes part in numerous activities campus wide assisting students in every way possible. She has a very nurturing spirit which aides in the ability to impact lives of others. This is the very thing that our campus needs to continuously reach for the stars. Way to go Ms. Zee!!!

Chance Colbert Posted over a year ago

Ms. Z is a life changer! Everyday she reaches the hearts and minds of students that many would normally not think twice about, or worst cast aside. Ms. Z reaches out and finds ways to get all her students achieving and BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES to do good and be good active community members. If everyone were more like Ms. Z we would have a happier more proactive community. The more people, especially students that can interact with Ms. Z, the better our world is plain and simple. Thank Ms. Z for everything you do and keep it up!!!!!!!

Jesus Vigil Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is a pleasure to work with. She is always full of energy and always volunteering in order to insure the success of all of her co-workers and students. She truly is an inspiration and much more that worthy of this recognition.

Danielle Ellis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an extremely passionate educator that exemplifies what a heart for education looks like. She is always upbeat and continues to show this in her lessons and among the school. She started a program that focuses academics, business and the community for our students here at the school called GRIT. She is an Arthur, writing books and creating things beyond her imagination. I can see she really cares about what she does. Go Ms. Z! I can’t wait to see what you have in store next!

Angelika Walker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an amazing friend and educator. She is truly dedicated to educating our children and serving as a positive role model. Working with her has truly been a blessing!

Jacquelyn Coleman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an awesome educator. My daughter is in her literacy class. When I met Ms. Pressley, her passion for teaching was front and center. She cares about her students and she wants to make sure that they not only learn, but that they are excited about what they learn. As a parent of child with a learning disability, I tend to worry about my daughter's progress and whether she is understanding her assignments. Whenever I have contacted Ms. Pressley with my questions or concerns she has always explained what's going on and set me at ease. She also gives me tips to help my daughter succeed in her class. I love how responsive she is to my questions and concerns. She really cares about her students, for example she offers extra tutorials for her students to make sure that they understand the material. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students. As the volunteer coordinator for Lake Olympia Middle School, I also appreciate that she steps in to volunteer at school events. She is changing the lives of the students at Lake Olympia Middle School with her every day actions. She is a phenomenal woman!

Jorge Pena Posted over a year ago

Extraordinary educator with a hear of gold, Ms. Pressley wears her heart on the outside. Always willing to lend a helping hand and volunteer, Ms. Pressley never says no to anything that is asked of her. Here at Lake Olympia Middle School, we are extremely proud and fortunate to have such a wonderful, caring educator who gives 100% of herself to her students.

Keyanna Smith Posted over a year ago

It brings me great pleasure to share with you the my fondness of Ms. Pressley. I first met her over a summer break when she came to the campus to introduce herself to the campus. She had the biggest and warmest smile on her face. This is how she greets everyone, no one is a stranger to her! She carries this charm with her throughout the halls of Lake Olympia MS. She can truly brighten your day just by walking by and speaking.I believe she deserves this award and much more. She really is a great addition and blessing to our campus. We are lucky to have her!!

Ernesto H Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Excellent teacher. Always willing to go the extra mile and always has a positive attitude.

Jeanette Flanagan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley has a heart for everyone she meets and greets. She has touched and changed so many kids lives. Her personality is a prime example for all (students and adults), always helpful and cheerful in all she does. She makes you think you are special in all things. What more can I say, but she is life changer.

Mylana Jackson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley has a true love and passion for teaching and she constantly looks for ways to positively impact students. One is immediately drawn in by her smile and outgoing personality; however, when speaking with her, the love and genuine concern she has for others is evident. I love the way she interacts with students and equips them with the tools needed to face and overcome challenges. She is an excellent example for others and very deserving of this honor.

KaNani Coleman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is such as awesome individual. Every time I see her she has a smile on her face and is bringing joy to those around her. Ms. Zee is always encouraging and there is not a bad bone in her body. I think she deserves this award because she is truly a life changer.

Cyntell Washington Posted over a year ago

Warm spirit, always on a mission, works effortlessly and bursting with enthusiasm, Ms. Zee that is.... You are that fighter who never give up. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and your tireless momentum as an educator. Well deserved!!!!!

Ashley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an amazing person. She has a kind heart and always willing to help others. She has a passion for teaching kids and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her students understand.

Nneka Gamble Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Pressley is very enthusiastic about reaching all learners, and always has a very positive attitude and demeanor.

JC Wright Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is one of the most genuine teachers I know. She has a passion and heart for not just teaching but also pouring into the lives of students that she encounters. She is a great example of a teacher that goes above and beyond for many students throughout the school. Keep up the great work Ms. Z!

Robin Cordon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an amazing woman! She has an incredible work ethic and her positivity is contagious. I'm honored and blessed to work with a person like her!

Alvin Henry Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an outstanding teacher, thinking of ways to improve her student's need both academically and socially are foremost on her mind at all time. She is truly a life changer congrats and good luck!

Pearlie Byrd Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee Your awesome I Love the way you work with the staff & students here at LOMS. I'm inspired by your team/group work. Keep smiling, soaring and changing lives with your positive demeanor :)

E. Fontenette Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an awesome colleague, works well with special needs students, and her light/spirit shines bright every time I see her.

Angel Hicks Posted over a year ago

This is a well deserved honor for such an amazing educator!

Samiah Thomas Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee truly cares about her students and nurtures anyone that comes across her path. She deserves this!

Kevin Andrews Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is a dedicated, life-long learner and educator. I am very proud to say that I know and respect her ability to turn a frown upside down.

kuency Posted over a year ago

she nice she does not care if you bad or not she still care about everything you do she loves ever one

Emily Rausa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley does a lot for her students. She helps them individually and helps them achieve their goals!

Jeremy Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee has been very instrumental in my time here at Lake Olympia. She reminds daily that a big part of life is living it with joy, kindness, and recognizing our responsibility as humans to help each other. There are so many roles we play as educators, but I believe what gets lost among a lot of us in this profession is leading with love, but not with Ms. Zee. What makes her a life changer is her infectious personality. I guarantee that after a short interaction with her you won't walk away feeling the same. What Ms. Zee has is as good as any currency across the world. She radiates with joy, love, and kindness. If she's leading the charge of changing lives, than I'll gladly follow.

Ms. Shantell Randolph Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an awesome individual, who genuinely displays love for all! Her kindness and generosity are above and beyond, when I see her she is always positive and inspiring. She has a great spirit that just shines bright in any room. I nominate her to be the Life Changer of the Year, because the title represents what she is all about!

Barkha Gulati Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a dedicated educator who goes over an beyond to support the students. She is full of energy and positiveness and this helps students to find light in their lowest points in their life.

Archie Whittington Jr Posted over a year ago

I've personally seen Ms. Pressley change several students lives. She can take the most troublesome student, the one that causes so much turmoil and confusion in the classroom, and change their whole perspective on life. She is truly an inspiration to the students. She brings a level of energy, excitement, and joy to any situation. Ms. Zenobia Pressley is "A LIFE CHANGER. "

Diana M Guevara-Petrovic Posted over a year ago

A wonderful woman with a smile for everyone, EVERYDAY!

Ragan Gibbs Posted over a year ago

Not only do I have the honor I work Ms Z. What a amazing teacher she love what she do. She never give up on none of her students. She see potential out each every one of her students. Ms Z is truly a life changer

Janis Nott Posted over a year ago

I began working with Ms. Pressley a little over one year ago and from day one I knew she was someone special. "Ms. Z" is loved by students and staff because she consistently displays a positive outlook on life. She is a one of a kind person who's heart and spirit are felt in the hallways of Lake Olympia Middle School where she touches the lives of everyone she meets. After school programs, giving up her lunches to assists students or faculty in need, community service projects, and creative programs that encourage and recognize student achievement are just a few of the exceptional things she does on and for our campus. Ms. Z leads with her heart, challenges the mind, and never gives up which is why it is with great accord, I recommend her as Life Changer of the year!

L. Oliver Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to work beside an educator who is so dedicated! Ms. Zee, as we all call her on campus, not only inspires the students, but also the adults! She is always willing to lend a helping hand and approaches goals with great tenacity. Ms. Zee is known throughout our campus as the teacher with the brightest personality, biggest smile, and best attitude. She is professional, yet very personable. Again, I am honed to work with Ms. Zenobia Pressley. I am truly changed by her magnanimous style which impacts me today, tomorrow and forever!

Bloom Posted over a year ago

She encourages, mentors, and guides students and individuals to pursue their dreams. She educates students to do their best and to believe that they can make a change and difference. She wants students to be successful and helps to fulfill that success and builds character in people.

Don Posted over a year ago

Currently my co-worker/teacher at my campus Lake Olympia. Awesome teacher. Cares about the students in and out of the classroom. Created a group called G.R.I.T. helping students reach their highest potential in the classroom helping to impact their future. She will be an excellent candidate for this award.

Greg Ford Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is constantly working toward a cause greater than her self.

Sheri Shoemake Posted over a year ago

very well deserved

Mr. Maher Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is not a passive observer of the problems and challengers that at risk kids deal with every day in and out of school. Instead, she is actively sharing her students' worries, weaknesses, and hopes, but not stopping there: She is passionately trying to and is affecting a positive change in the lives of students. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” (Frederick Douglass, 1817-1895). With a loving heart, a welcoming smile, and a soothing voice, Ms. Presslley is fulfilling a social responsibility role to build "strong children." so that society does not have to repair them. She earned the respect and love of her students and she inspired so many teachers.

Lauren Duhart-Gay Posted over a year ago

It takes a very special person to put so much time and effort into someone else. It also takes patience to deal with students that want to give up that make very little effort in the classroom. Ms. Zee definitley goes the extra mile to ensure that students do not quit although there are several other teachers that support students, there's the ONE that spiral back to the students or keeps them motivated to take more steps into the positive directions.

Chandra Daniels Posted over a year ago

Your story is as awesome as your story. Truly deserving of the title. Good luck and thanks for being a part of children's lives and our too here at Lake Olympia Middle School!!!!

Melody Vascik Posted over a year ago

She always has great energy! Very positive and is always willing to help out! Very deserving of this award!

Etima Bowman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley, affectionately known as Ms. Zee, is a daily inspiration. Her smile, words of encouragement, and ability to empower others are always evident. She is a wonderful educator who L.E.A.Ds consistently. She is loved and honored by her students and co-workers. She rocks!!

Leslie Wilson Posted over a year ago

Well deserved nomination for a phenomenal woman

Kyra Pressley Posted over a year ago

There is no one more suited for this award than my grandmother. She is an inspiration, a dedicated humanitarian, and a timeless beauty. She touches the hearts of strangers with her genuineness and she always goes above and beyond for anyone she meets. With her loving support, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Zee Pressley truly is a life changer.

Christopher Davenport Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zenobia Pressley encourage me to pursuit my dreams throughout my childhood. She helped shape my mind and challenged me through her well-thought out money management programs that she would give to all of her nieces and nephews. When I decided to join the United States Navy, Ms. Zenobia threw a party in that honor, where she served unique foods to foster expansion of diversity. Charity and philanthropy is in her nature. When I told her that I was going to college, she paid for my books. When I was unhappy living too far away from family, she allowed me to stay with her in Houston. Its an honor and privilege to have an aunt who is extraordinary; and I cant think of anyone who is more deserving of being The LifeChanger of the Year! Thanks for all you do!

Marie dennis Posted over a year ago

As I look back over the years I've been knowing Ms Presley she's always been one to Shine. Was always determined to do something she could Proudly Stand for, it meant a lot to her. Starting out as a Single Mother, that didn't stop her. It motivated her even more to Preserved higher Educational Achievments. Fell short a few times Got back up again, she's truly an Inspiration to her Family and Friends. It's Amazing the affect she has on both of her daughters. She's an Example a lot of us can follow. Believe because it can Happen. So Proud of you Lil Cuzzin.

Trent Adams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a magnificent woman. Her principles and values are the most gracious& kind. She is a very talented woman and a very kind human being. I have known her for just a couple of years and it has been a true honor to be in her presence. I think she would make a great life change of the year. As far as I am concern she truely is one of those who if your around her. The energy she gives your life will change. Congradulations on your nomination.

Christina Stovall Posted over a year ago

Zee is a very giving person. Always pushing people to be their best and offering guidance to anyone who asks!

Kelvin Foster Posted over a year ago

Zenobia is passionate about helping youth reaching their potential. She is deserving of this honor.

Brandi Mays Posted over a year ago

This honor is well deserved. Ms. Zee has been such a powerful driving force in my life which I have passed on to my children. Teaching of all types, educational or life, has always been in her duty wheel. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and the wisdom bestowed to me for over 20 years. Keep passionately motivating the world around you and I hope it is contagious for others to do the same, as it is for me.

Tynisha Posted over a year ago

Beautiful person inside and out. Great article! Congratulations!

T. Wilson Posted over a year ago

Well Ms. Zee, (Auntie Zee to me) helped my Mother raise me and because of her, I myself ventured off to be an Entrepreneur; as well as my Son (her grandnephew). She has been more then an AWESOME inspiration to our lives. And will always be (on some level or another) our MENTOR. We love her and will always thank her for her support!!!!

Wendy Posted over a year ago

She is the best teacher ever

joshua Posted over a year ago

ever since I was a little kid, I hade this one dream that I always wanted to have. to be a scientist of robotics. through out elementary and my two years in middle school so far, I have been trying to accomplish this goal. but I realize something. "could I be something more that just being a technician. that's when it hit me, club first I was really exited to be in there, but once I have started. I have met Ms. zee. her club would actually be the most greatest club I have ever went to in like for ever. we learned many things. how to run a business, learning about life goals. plus learned how a house may cost depending on its many things. but I have been thinking to my self. "which path should I take" club GRIT was a very big step for me. from there I have been brought up to a new robotics class because of this. but the real answer I thought that t could take many pathways to my future and this is what it is taking club GRIT. that's why GRIT s the great step for me.

stephanie davalos Posted over a year ago

at first i thought this was just any random group but not it also made me get better in my grades because I started to like the group & i wanted to stay in the group. I am a better student and I do not be with bad friends anymore. I want to stay in grit.

jeremiah hector Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee help me a lot in so little time. I join grit about a month ago after that I got straight A's in school. This is the first time I got honor roll. I have learned more since I been in grit.My grammar has got a lot better too.

marissa magana Posted over a year ago

Grit has help me be a better person in life . This is the kind of activity I was looking for and i found it .It help me how to be responsible and grateful with people . It made have more good grades .thanks mrs zee for teaching me a lot of stuff.

danna perez Posted over a year ago

I was raised a caring person for other people and I always wanted to help other people and grit has gave me that chance where we can go places and help the community. Ms.Zee is the best person I know that was the person that created this program. We deserve that money to help our school .this program has changed me. I has also taught me about starting a business and I created my own paper home and learned how to say what that home will cost. I am learning so much. I hope we win.

Isabel Contreras Posted over a year ago

My name is Isabel Contreras and GRIT is the best club ever it makes me be confident about my self. Mrs. Zee helped me be in this program i will not be in thins program if it was not for her and i want to recognize her so we can win the money to help our school.

Kayly Martinez Posted over a year ago

Ms.z has changed my life to be a better person the program grit has also to.Ms.z is a super nice person she respects you. I have learned how to price a home, and that the location matter. I am learning a lot of stuff that will me in the future.

Fatima Hernandez Posted over a year ago

The day I decided to make part of this group was because i wanted to not because my friends made me.. One thing i have been noticing from Ms. Zee is that the three things i notice from her is Punctuality, Caring, & she is one of the teachers that loves her job & she always tries to make us happy for the change that we're going to do. For me this group is more than a group is the start of something big & incredible the start of something that will end in something big & successful we are trying to make a difference. Thanks to Ms. Zee

Trinity Ontiveros Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee's GRIT club has taught me that when I get older you make your own business. She helps us know what can help you get in a good business. I never though I would be in this program, but i am it is so cool you learn so much stuff. I love this program.

Kayly Martinez Posted over a year ago

The program grit has changed my life to be a better person

Trinity Ontiveros Posted over a year ago

we learn the four p's. we learn how to work at a business. It is fun in grit i learn lots of things.

amarishaevans Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee has changed my life in so many ways. .I'm starting to believe in myself now. I'm believe now that I can do things. My attitude has got a lot better. I am more respectful now. My grades has gotten better in most of my classes. Ms. Zee is the only teacher my mom likes. Because of Ms. Zee my mom volunteers with our GRIT program. She brings stuff to help the community and whatever Ms. Zee says she needs for us.

Marco Bates Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an awesome teacher. She has thought me proper grammar. She thought me a lot of things in spelling and how to write a complete sentence. She thought me a lot during the year my grades had improve and if we're not doing our work she gets us back on track.

hannah tanner Posted over a year ago

ms.zee has changed my life completely every since she has been my teacher I"ve learned so many things like my grammar the way I look at life .And how serious it is to have a education .ms.zee is a strong black woman that never gives up on her kids encourages them to do better and she never will leave you. until she knows that you got what will make you successful.

Karina Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee taught me some amazing things this semester. I learned a lot of vocabulary words. She also taught me to spell correctly and read better with more understanding. She makes up imagine the words in the book, so it is a story and not just words. Because of her I work harder and I know it has made me a better student.

jaden scott Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee made me strive to get my grades back up, She pushed me to finish my homework, and made me get my grades back up. Because of her my grammar improved when I read. She make me learn how to be nice to people. I know that what she gave me will be with me for a life time.

karen gil Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is the kindest person I know. She helps me with my other classes when I need help. She helps me use spelling resources and makes my reading more easy to understanding by drawing pictures. She encourages me to do better and keep trying when every I feel down. She will also talk to the others teachers for you if you need help.

Esther Ogunnusi Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms.Zee for 2 years. I had treacherous times with my reading level. People made fun of my reading. When I met Ms.Zee that all changed. She motivated me to read 6 or more chapters a week. She always tell us to stop thinking about what other people think ,say, or do. Their words are not going to take us anywhere. She always said we got this no matter that the situation is. Its a pleasure having her as a teacher a friend and most importantly a FANTASTIC motivator.

Maya Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee is a teacher that never stops teaching and is always willing to help any student she makes learning fun and easy,she can teach for twelve hours if she wanted to because she never takes a break when she teaches and i love it.she has a strong mind and a open heart for people all over the world and i say that because i know she can teach kids from all generations it doesn't matter she is a nonstop teacher that never stops and when parents ask her about work she is always on time for everything thank you mrs.zee for all you've done and helping me get better in reading and writing and teaching me different words that i would never say today so i thank you for that.

jaelon young Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a teacher that has a great passion for learning. She helps all students do their best and be for efficient in their learning. She helped me learn new words and to do better and never give up.

Thiara Vasquez Posted over a year ago

Ms.Zee is really nice, she is one of my best teachers if she sees that we are struggling she always helps us. She never leaves no one behind. She always finds a way to make work fun and easy, She also finds a way where we can comprehend and have everyone on the same page. When our class period is over, she expects us to leave and have learned something new each day. She makes us work bell to bell. She always has work for us she is a very good teacher. MS.ZEE IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!

BRYAN Posted over a year ago

ms. Zee is one of the best teachers i ever know. she always help us in class. she always have hope on us. she always tell us to do well in class. hope on us.

reagan Posted over a year ago

ms.z is a very talent human being she always coming to work ready to teach serval periods pasting paper answering question to student being vow she's wants what best for people she always caring for others always have a big white smile on her face she's doing very good job teaching everyday everybody should get a ms.z she,s one of my 1st teacher i was hoping to have again this year in 8th grade she made a good year for me she expecting every student she had to teach to come with all the lesson she thought abolished as a teacher..

Juan E. Almazan Posted over a year ago

Ms .Zee is the best teacher ever because she is nice and she comprehends my problems with understanding something. she makes Friday's fun, because she makes our work into a game.

Heaven star Posted over a year ago

Ms.Pressley has made me better as a student and person by helping me with my personal problems and my school problems. She never leaves a student behind if she sees you sad she'll go and bring you up. she always makes everyone smile. She has never left me in a wrong position with my grades she always make an effort to help me with anything I need.

jerome davis Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee help me in so many ways and she love to make sure that we are doing our best at everything and make sure that we leave her class with an understanding of what she was talking about that day. You will not leave her class with out getting an understanding and she id going to push you to the end and you will learn the best things from her.

Kynedi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an very tremendously helpful teacher. Ms .Zee helps me build up my vocabulary and reading comprehension.

kimberly suarez Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs .Zee my first day of school and she teaches all of us by the same way. She is friendly but when ever she has she gets strict it is because her students need to get to work. She helps us pass to the 7th grade and be successful in the 8th grade.

Jordan Shepherd Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee has help me a lot. I was a bad student last year always following,but when I met Ms. Zee I became a leader. If my friends said we about to go do something outrageous I would leave,because she always told me to not be follower Ms. Zee.I get most of my work done because Ms. Zee would reward us and that would make me wanna work harder. Ms. Zee is one of my favorite teachers I will remember.

Decobin Oliver Posted over a year ago

She is good funny and cool and she make me be good in her class and she nice

osvaldo ibarra Posted over a year ago

ms zee inspire me to learn to write and also to read

Ella zamora Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is the best teach ever. When I first saw her I thought she was going to be the greatest teacher in the year. She teach me everything I need to know to do good. I am new to English but she help me to understand.

jubymol regi Posted over a year ago

Ms. ZEE is one of the best teacher in Lake Olympia Middle School and she encourage me to read everyday and finish my work on time.

Adolfo Sosa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee motivated me to reach my dream and she is the best she showed me how school is important and she changed me and made me better .

juan jose coronado Posted over a year ago

Ms.zee encourage me to do my work in school

john contreras Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee motivated as a student being strict at me so i can learn and pay attention what i need to now for this school year so she show me how much she care about my learning

Leksy Camarillo Posted over a year ago

I think about how this woman had a tough life. but she still took care of people and it took her a long time to finish but she never gave up..I remember her telling me "I may not be awesome at math or science but I will put all my times and knowledge into helping you" if that is what you need. You don't have to be in her clad and she will still be fighting for you! she is just one of those people that make you warm inside and happy... she is one of the best people on this earth!

DAMIAN JASSO Posted over a year ago

Hi my name is damian jasso ms zee is an amazing teacher she taught me how to spell i did not like to read but when she told us that reading is important in life for a job. ms zee is an amazing teacher she likes to help people she could be at home right now watching tv but insted she is spending her time helping other people learn about education ms zee is an amazing teacher thats why she deserves to win this award.

tatyana thomas Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee helps me with my work. She helps me because she reads the questions to me to help me know what to do. I know how to talk about the story because I make pictures and that make me know what the story is about.

Omar Medrano Posted over a year ago

Ms.Zee has help me a lot and it only been a few months and I already learn about the different types of sentences and how use conjunctions and how to right correct sentences. I also learn all the terms like pens. I had forgot about it but she reminded me.

mathew leang Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley has always been a positive light in my world but she quickly became a friend! She has a heart for children and the work she does exemplifies her dedication to her students every day. She is always looking for ways to be a positive influence in the life of a child and her joyous spirit spreads to the children she teaches every day. She is the ideal example of a "Life Changer'!!

Mason Allen Posted over a year ago

Ms.Zee has changed my life by teaching me how to be a good student she has tought the importance of ela and why it is important when you grow up. Why should she deserve this award well she has her own program called grit this program teaches us about componies and jobes that you can work for and she gives her time for us because she cares about us.

Theron washington Posted over a year ago

Ms. zee help me learn sentence formula, like SV,SVV,SSV, and SSVV. Ms. zee teach me how to make pictures when I read, so I can understand better.

Madison Pratt Posted over a year ago

My teacher Ms.zee helps me a lot and is very helpful, because i really don't understand like i really struggle in reading, But me having Ms.Zee by my side to help me understand I can comprehend better. Also she is very sweet she has a lovely personality. I feel like I get better and better in reading because of what we do everyday I really don't like reading but Ms.Zee makes reading interesting so this is why I am happy to know Ms.Zee and i appericate her as my teacher.

Lauren nicole manuel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee help with a lot. She helps me with my work also with problem at school when ever there is conflict. She help me when I'm sad, when I'm mad, even when I'm maybe want to fight someone,she helps me with my reading and more school work that I need help with. Ms.Zee is a good person she get mad once and then but she will for give you .Ms.Zee has a lovely personality . She help me when I am having problem at home. I can come to Ms.Zee unnecessary things. She is very funny and smart person to be with.

Ey'Rial Davis Posted over a year ago

Ms.Zee has helped me with a lot of things like using different sentences and by improving my skills in other classes that i had bad grades in. She also taught me how to stop second guessing myself. Even in club GRIT she is still the same caring person in and out of the club. Ms.Zee is also my hero cause she helps me be brave and to stand out, that is why I look up to her.

Felippa Grover Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee helped me learn new things and behave the way I am supposed to in a classroom. She thought me how to read and write. Since then, I have got way better. Thank you Mrs. Zee for all the things you help me get better with in reading and writing.

jakobe kizzee Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee makes learning fun and when its time to work we have a fun time learning. I like how Ms. Zee teach, because I understand in a good way when its over.

Jada Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee helped me with a lot of things. She helped me with learning how to use conjunctions the right way. She also taught me complex compound sentences, simple sentences, complex sentence, and compound sentences. Also we read a story and helped us imagine things that were in the story, she taught us the PENS strategy.She also has her own club called GRIT and it is awesome we have a lot of fun we help volunteer for things. That is what Mrs. Zee taught me.

Adela Perez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is a great teacher she has teach us a lot of stuff this few months. she has teach me that we should never give up and that we should always try our best all the time . Ms, Zee as inspired us and has tell us to always do the best in school .she has teach us that we have to succeed always .she has teach us that no matter what happens with the teacher or a student don't tell them none and go to her . i trust Ms. Zee she is my favorite teacher . Ms. Zee is a great teacher and a great influence for all of us . thank you Ms. Zee

Barry Burton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Zee has help me to understand literacy better and help me become a better reader and has helped my vocabulary get better and my writing has gotten better Mrs. zee and has helped me to realize that if you don't get your education now it will be harder to get it later in life.

CHRISTIAN RIVERS Posted over a year ago

Miss Z is nice and always willing to take chansis to make better undrstanding for our learning she is always willing to hlep

Alantis J. Hudson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee motivated me as a teacher because at first I thought she was doing a little to much and I thought she was treating her other classes better but than I learned that she just wanted us to try harder. II became a better and greater student also as I know that I am to old to be acting like a little kid also she become a great leader for me and is a great role model

shakasia hughes Posted over a year ago

mrs z is a nice person at first when i met this lady i thought she was mean but now i like her becuse she is pushing me to become a great leader i have been great in her class and happy to have her as a teacher

Shekeylla Jones-Shaw Posted over a year ago

Ms Zee is a special lady! Her power is magnetic! Always thinking ahead for a solution to any issue that may show up! I appreciate her dedication to inspire, empower, and serve!

Miner Rogers Posted over a year ago

Words say so little for someone who has done so much! Absolutely deserving of the nomination and fittings of the award! She is passionate , inspiring, impactful , intelligent committed to making others better! Keep doing the work!

Maria Lugo-Valadez Posted over a year ago

I met Zee several years ago at work. Her performance and professionalism gave no hint that she was taking care of an ailing mother along with all of her other responsibilities and duties . I was invited by Zee to attend a luncheon that she was hosting to celebrate the graduation of young men and women who participated in her manners and etiquette program . Zee attracted people from various levels of the community in both the the public and private sector. It was a top notch event that she mostly funded herself. I witnessed Zee face and overcome very challenging obstacles and life events to achieve her goal. It’s one thing to achieve a self fulfilling goal but if you know Zee her goals are always in alignment with her passion to serve others especially the youth . When she had a book launch, I made it a point to show up and support her even though I had other commitments that only allowed me to attend at the very end. It was important for me to show my support for this selfless woman who has committed her life to helping others become a better version of themselves. Zee is very deserving not only of this nomination but of winning it as well .

Kelly Craig Posted over a year ago

I met Ms. Zenobia Pressley during my tenure at Cullier Career Center, where I was a student in their early childhood education program. I was placed in Ms. Pressley’s center to obtain the training hours required to complete my certification. At that time, I had no idea I was walking into a life-changing environment that would contribute to my future in such a grand way. Though I had taken up childcare in high school, I still wasn't sure if this was the career path I wanted to take. Working for Ms. Pressley made all those uncertainties melt away. I came into her presence as a shy, soft-spoken, high schooler who didn't quite have her voice yet. I was comfortable being in the background and not making too much of a fuss. From the very beginning, her expectations and goals for her student teachers were set high. She firmly stressed the importance and responsibility of working with kids. Ms. Zee admonished us to look at what we were doing as if we were contractors. Our main goal was to provide a strong foundation for the students that they could build upon once they left our care. Daily I watched in amazement as her boundless energy, patience, love, and commitment to the safety and well-being of the children made for productive and exciting school days that were overflowing with learning opportunities. It was clear she was doing what she was called to do, and the kids responded enthusiastically to the environment she created. The time came for me to take the lead for the day. I was terrified. Ms. Zee made a statement that changed my life. She said, “I will sit here and watch you. I will not say anything; I am a student today. Do you. Be bold, Be confident and build. If this is for you, you will feel it. If not, it's okay.” I pushed through and let her words resonate. I soon felt my passion! A few months later, I gained summer employment with Ms. Pressley. That summer employment turned into a four- year tenure. Though I got married and moved away, I still stuck with my passion. I have now had the opportunity to work with youth of all ages, and have excelled on every job I have been blessed to be a part of due to my training and counsel from Ms. Zee. I've watched her attack every challenge and obstacle with grace and perseverance! I am so grateful for the time I was able to work for her and be in her presence; she has touched my life in so many ways! Ms. Pressley is so deserving of this nomination and award, for she's a wonderful mother, teacher, friend, and without a doubt, a true LIFE CHANGER!

Tyla Bottley Posted over a year ago

My mom has always been a giving person. She has raised me not only into a giving person but, a person with a balance goal that can bring people together and joyful.

robert paypay III Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Zee is nice and she loves to help me and the other students , she makes learning fun and easy for us , ms zee is my favorite teacher

Alvin varghese Posted over a year ago

Ms.zee is one of the best teachers I know in Lake olympia middle school. She always be inspiring us and tell us do well in school. She always have hope on us. Hope for us.

wilson batiste Posted over a year ago

ms z is a very kind person and she is very helpful,you are a very excellent example for other kids and me also. you have made me succed in life with many different things and to never give up on my dream. you are also a big role model to me and others

Danielle Dandridge Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Zee you have always been a game changer and as an educator you will change the way students learn creating a more positive effect on application of what was learned. Keep Soaring

Gwen Wade Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award than Zee Pressley! Zee and I worked together in corporate America. No matter what her career path, she is a true testament to positive thinking, believing you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and walking by faith! It makes me smile when I think of Zee. She is truly a determined and intelligent woman, and beautiful inside and out! Love you my sister!

Blessy Posted over a year ago

Congrats!!!!.I know you are such a strong lady.I wish you all the success and god blessings in your life.

Tara Posted over a year ago

Hey Lil Sis! I am sooooo proud of you!! You are an excellent example that no matter what, with God in our side and the determination to do so, you can succeed!!! Can’t wait for the book signing!!!!

Sherry Johnson Posted over a year ago

Zee Presley is SO DESERVING of this nomination AND award!!! I was blessed to work with her for 2 years and witnessed her enthusiasm and passion for helping children AND adults!! She’s dedicated, kind, responsible, reliable and overall CARING!!! It would be rewarding to see her get the recognition that she SO DESERVES!!!

Brian Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms Pressley went over and beyond helping my son. My family was dealing with some life changing events and Brian was having an extremely hard time coping with it..He was on the verge of getting expelled from school, but Ms Pressley engaged and nurtured my son back into right standing. With Ms Pressley my son found his Zeal to learn again and to have fun in school.

Neelu Tajani Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley is an amazing and creative educator. She engages with students and teach nothing but excellence in their work. She totally deserves the Life Changer Award

Alex Martinez Posted over a year ago

My name is Alex Martinez I am a student at Lake Olympia Middle school .I think Ms.zee win because tutorials to help me understand and she help me explain the work.Also she she help me get out of trouble by saying everything will be okay and she talk to me about me and that I will keep up for what I'm doing my best and she really cares about my life.

Adana tobar Posted over a year ago

I am adan tobar I am student from Lake olympia Ms. Zee taught me how to spell, writing and read she help me know to behave in class and how to do right in life.

Deanne McGee Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee is an inspiration to students and adults. Life has thrown her many challenges, Ms. Zee has risen to all the challenges. She always has a smile on her face and is positive. She touches children lives everyday.

Joi wilso. Posted over a year ago

My God!! Where should I began with this amazing women...(Zee Pressley) my auntie... she's powerful you guys...I swear she's been my shero.. since I was a lil girl... she's has always kept it real and structured myself and a ton of other.. I hold this lady very close in my heart because I know if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be who I am today she has always told me to be better than her and as a child I thought she was the best!! so to be better than the best growing up I had no idea how to top but to sum it all up... Miss Presley is well-deserving of any greatness but she'll cross her past from here on out!!! ( I love you Auntie) you're my hero

Felicia Gary Posted over a year ago

Thank you!!!! You not only educated my son in his early years, but you also helped us purchase our first home! We love you!!!!

Robert Brown Posted over a year ago

I don't remember a time when sheis thinking of how to help others that who she is so proud of you good luck

Marla Posted over a year ago

Congratulations for the nominee!! Beautiful story!

KATESHA HARRELL Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley deserves the lifechanger of the year award. She is the only woman that I personally know that has literally picked up her life and ran away from darkness, hardships, and pain but stopping along the way to encourage othets to run along with her. You can literally feel her positive motivating energy connect with you through her smile. This award would give Ms. Pressley the 0latform that she deserves and promote even more lives to be radically changed!

Jeanette Posted over a year ago

As a sister I am blessed to have watched my big sister make life a happy place for so many people . She is always positive even when life seems hard. I still have a letter she wrote me __years ago. I still have pictures and programs of many things she did for children and churches. I don't know where she gets the energy. She is a tireless ball of joy .... Love you sis and thank you for the lessons learned.......

Masille M Davis Posted over a year ago

Congratulations you was always a go getter I’m so proud of you cousin and I know your mom and dad are also proud keep up the good work.

Trevon Wilson Posted over a year ago

This woman is PHENOMENAL. She can turn grapes into jelly, and turn any frown upside down. She's an asset to ANY situation u put her in. She's DEFINITELY deserving of any awards available.

Erskin Posted over a year ago

It would be well deserved!!!

Mya Clark Posted over a year ago

Amazing mother, grandmother, teacher, mentor, & friend. I’ve watched you pour into so many lives; it is only my hope to be half as great as you!

Erskin Clark Posted over a year ago

Greatest person I know!

Mya Clark Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!

Joi wilso. Posted over a year ago

Awesome!!!! Trials are temporary and peace is as simple as a positive attitude!!!!

David McCalvin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee connects with people an leaves a positive feeling with just about everyone. That is her approach to life , bring a smile and leave a smile. Her joy of life seems to be infectious to all those who interact with her. Her students and the other teachers and administrators all know Ms. Zee and the whirlwind of positive energy she brings with her. She has never met a stranger and grows friendships in all she does. In short, Ms. Zee is a pleasure and joy to be around. Many a life is changed by her with all she does and those she spreads her joy onto as she passes by. The world is a better place by the example Ms. Zee sets for us all to desire to achieve. Oh I need to do more myself!! thanks,...

Rachel Kossar Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zee this is so amazing that you've received this nomination. I feel so fortunate that you were chosen as my mentor teacher. I have learned so much from you about student relationships, positive learning environments, and how to become and form a strong and supportive team. I am not the same teacher that I was when I first met you in August and I'm glad that I've changed. I see how special you make each student feel and how hard you work to make sure that each student is given a chance to become successful and reach new heights that they never thought they could. You have not only made me a stronger teacher, but a stronger person. I know that I can always come to you because you are a safe place and have my best interests at heart because of our special relationship. I feel blessed that you came into my life and are here to support me on my student teaching journey and help me grow into the type of teacher that I want to become. I can never express enough thanks for all you do for me, our students, and the school. Again congratulations and I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to be your student teacher.

Kelli Jimenez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pressley has always been a positive light in my world! I got to know her as her assistant principal in Fort Bend ISD, but she quickly became a friend! She has a heart for children and the work she does exemplifies her dedication to her students every day. She is always looking for ways to be a positive influence in the life of a child and her joyous spirit spreads to the children she teaches every day. She is the ideal example of a "Life Changer'!!