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Jolene Gerlach

Position: K-5 Physical Education Teacher
School: Asbury Elementary School
School District: Millcreek Township School District
City, State: Fairview, PA

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Jolene Gerlach was nominated by her principal, Donald Stark.

Ms. Gerlach is one of those teachers who all students want to be around. As a classroom teacher, she creates a learning environment that allows all students to be successful. She works very hard to make sure that her physical education classes highlight the abilities of all students. Ms. Gerlach makes connections with her students by talking to them in class, complimenting hard work and finding them in the hallway just to say hello.

She makes it a point to attend all after school events, and has implemented the Back to School Bizaar teacher dunk tank, the Wellness Fun Run, and Camping night for students and families. Ms. Gerlach has written grants and held fundraisers to purchase snow shoes, cross country skies, and bikes.

"She is committed to changing the lives of our students - one student, one interaction, and one day at a time," Stark said.

Comments (20)

Casey McShane Posted over a year ago

Omg, I used to go to this school! I miss you sooooo much. She really is a great teacher!!!

Megan Paterson Posted over a year ago

JOLENE is an active member of the community. She is an incredible role model for my kids in school, as well as out. A genuinely nice person who has the kids best interest at heart!

Logan Posted over a year ago

Good luck I know you can do it!

Gabby Deluca Posted over a year ago

I’m complimenting Mrs. Gerlach because she does so much for Asbury. She sends home Fit kids papers every month to help us stay fit. She dosen’t have to but she does, that really shows she cares. Mrs. Gerlach is the best gym teacher anyone could have.I definitely will be sad when I have to go to Walnut Creek. So I just want to say thank you for all that you do here at Asbury. ??

Christine DiLuzio Posted over a year ago

Gym class has been my daughters favorite subject since kindergarten! Mrs. Gerlach makes gym so much fun with the variety of activities she has planned. She is a wonderful teacher!

Karly Posted over a year ago

Jolene has an ability to connect with people and make them feel amazing. She understands that sometimes we have bad days but there is still something we can each find positive in every situation. Jolene is someone that you won't ever forget once you meet her... She'll leave you a better person then when you initially met her. :)

Stacy Delaney Posted over a year ago

My daughter has not had the opportunity to have Mrs. Gerlach as a teacher, but she has several friends and teammates who have and LOVE her. She is absolutely wonderful and I never see her without a smile on her face! Well deserved!

Julie Brugger Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gerlach does such a great job at finding ways to promote healthy living and staying active. I worked with her as a parent volunteer through PTA and was impressed by her creativity and willingness to help out. My son looked forward to her gym class!

Erin D Posted over a year ago

Jolene Gerlach deserves this! She’s a great motivator and a great teacher!

Rebecca Currier Posted over a year ago

Your an amazing person and those that come in contacted with you are inspired by your energy. Your always postive and pushing everyone to be a better person! I am honored to know you.

Greta Posted over a year ago

You not only teach the children physical activity but also mental activity. You motivate children and adults to strive to be better!! You are a true need at Asbury.

Nancy Burkhardt Posted over a year ago

Jolene is a very special person. She is committed to making a positive difference with anyone she comes in contact with An educator with a life long passion for meeting social and emotional needs Of her students. She is highly respected by all faculty and staff. On a personal level she is a person I look up to...she motivates, understands, always willing to brighten the most difficult situations. Jolene is so dedicated to her beautiful family. A family that reflects her love of life and positive attitude. She truly is making a difference I am a retired teacher who had the privilege of working with her and will always love her for her desire and passion to teach and spread her kindness in so many ways Which would be impossible to list. She is absolutely a wonderful loving person.

DC Posted over a year ago

She makes me proud every day! She is one talented special woman and I admire her many strengths. She is so good at whatever she sets out to do, she is almost unstoppable.

Jen Trapp Posted over a year ago

A great role model for my daughters!

Marisa Pavlov Posted over a year ago

I have the previlage to be in this teachers class with special students. She is wonderful by always accommodating these students, adapting for them and taking one to work with. It's not often teachers are willing to do this and I am thankful to be part of her class. Thanks Jolene for always being willing to help out those that need it.

Erin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gerlach is an awesome teacher, My kids look forward to gym class every week! She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face!

Josette Fiorenzo Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of working with not one but two nominees! Yeah! You are an innovator at our school. Jolene finds creative ways for our students to live a healthy lifestyle. She was able to write several grants to get rock wall, bikes, snow shoes, and skis to promote healthy life style and possibly spark a new interest by providing opportunities they may not have! Congrats!

Abigail Stafford Posted over a year ago

My children have not had the opportunity to be in Ms. Gerlach’s class, but she coached one of my children in Soccer. Coach Gerlach was a positive force on the sideline. She celebrated accomplishments of players from both teams and lifted spirits of all players, as well. She made each practice and game a learning adventure where every player grew as players and as teammates.

Judy Sipple Posted over a year ago

Jolene is an amazing influence for students and staff. As a co-worker I see first hand how she reaches out in so many positive ways.

Jessie Vogt Posted over a year ago

Jolene is always going above and beyond for our school. We are truly blessed to have her at our building. She makes the students and staff feel important and cared for everyday. She motivates us in the clasroom and out of the classroom! Proud to work with her!