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Brandy Atkinson

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: West Bainbridge Elementary School
School District: Decatur County School District
City, State: Bainbridge, GA

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Brandy Atkinson was nominated by a colleague who wished to remain anonymous.

Ms. Atkinson is a very positive and patient person.  She treats students and staff members with kindness and respect. She attends professional development workshops in order to improve her teaching techniques and better engage the students in her classroom. Ms. Atkinson redelivers information learned at workshops to colleagues so that they may improve their instructional practices as well. She is a wonderful team player that puts the needs of others ahead of her own. As a result of her dedication to her students and colleagues, Ms. Atkinson is a LifeChanger!

Comments (43)

Amber Tapia Posted 6 months ago

Mrs.Atkinson was my grandson’s third grade teacher this year, and this teacher went ABOVE AND BEYOND for my grandson, we communicated on a regular basis and I helped in any way I possibly knew how to and she did the same. She really helped my grandson in many ways and I couldn’t thank her enough may god bless you in many ways to come and thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my grandson’s life

Jessica Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Atkinson is just a wonderful All around great and patient teacher. My children attend first grade at WBE and we recently had a homework shop which was awesome. Mrs. Atkinson helped us a great deal. She is just a wonderful person inside and out and deserves this life changing award.

Karri Parramore Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a natural in the classroom. She always goes above and beyond to make learning fun!!

Courtney Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Atkinson has gone above and beyond to help my child and many others students. If there was ever a question or concern, she always made time. She loves her students for who they are! Thank you for changing my son's life!

Corey Posted over a year ago

I Think she is a great person and great teacher and she works hard.

Jan Culverson Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a true natural teacher! She was definitely meant to be a teacher of children. She has all the components it takes to lead, guide, teach, love, and meet the needs of her students everyday. Every child that leaves her classroom is a better person for having had her as their teacher.

Audrey J Clark Posted over a year ago

From the start to the finish of each day this born teacher shines with her dedication.

Angela Leon Posted over a year ago

Brandi is a very organize person. She has good control of her class. She challenge her students to do their best. She always greet them with a smile.

Tina Worthington Posted over a year ago

Mrs Atkinson, is a great teacher she is always smiling. She really cares about each student. She loves to see her students excelling and if they are not she is there to lift them up. Mrs Atkinson was my sons Teacher 5 years ago and still one of his favorites. Life changer for sure!!!

Susan Posted over a year ago

Brandy is very deserving of this award! She is an excellent teacher and truly cares about her students. She cares about her grade level team and I have really enjoyed watching her become this wonderful teacher.

Kristy Newsome Posted over a year ago

Brandi is awesome!!!! She goes above and beyond for her students!!! Definitely a life changer!!!!

Mary Jo Boutwell Posted over a year ago

Brandy is one of those people that you meet in your life and you instantly become a better person. She is passionate about her children at school. I love to listen to her teach her children because it is evident the love that she has for each one of them. Never once has she let a bad day or sickness effect her teaching. She demonstrates patience and kindness at all times. Rather than self promote she is consostaly lifting others up. When you walk into her classroom it feels like a home. It's comfortable and welcoming. I could provide many more examples of why Brandy deserves this Life Changer Award. In my opinion she would be the definition of a Life Changer because once you have had Brandy as a Coworker or teacher your life is forever changed for the better. She is truly one of a kind.

Tami Lyle Posted over a year ago

What an amazing teacher to nominate! Brandi has such a loving and caring heart. I can't think of anyone who deserves this honor more than she does.

Diana moore Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a loving caring person. She will go out of her way to help others . You will not find a better well deserved person

Brooke Posted over a year ago

Brandy has always been a kind, beautiful person with the biggest heart! No doubt, with those traits she makes a fantastic educator!

Samantha Green Posted over a year ago

Brandy has been a teacher at heart since she was about 5 years old. She has spent countless days of her summer vacations helping me prepare for the next school year. She has a genuine compassion for not only children but people in general. Without a doubt, Brandy is a role-model as well as an inspiration to all. I can't think of a better person to nominate as a Lifechanger.

Dianne Houston Posted over a year ago

I only met Brandy this school year and totally agree wkith everything said about her. We were on different sides of the school but she was so helpful to me every time I went to her for help. She is a life changer!

Tanya Clark Posted over a year ago

I can't think of a better nominee! Brandy has a genuine love for her family, her friends and her students. I was blessed to be able to work with her for 6 years and witnessed the heart of this special teacher. Regardless of their needs, she was always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate her students individually while wearing something very important...a smile!

Lisa Franke Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Atkinson genuinely cares for her students! She takes time with each of them to make sure no one gets behind. She also makes each child feel that they are important and loved. Aside from her students, she takes time from her busy day with parents when they request a meeting to address any concerns they have. She is also a real treat to work with!! Mrs. Atkinson always has a smile on her face ready to brighten everyone's day!

Kerri Gardner Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Mrs.Atkinson for 2 years in third grade. She always puts her children first and does her very best to meet their needs. She goes above and beyond to help other new teachers to find their ways. She helps to make our school better by working on committees to find ways to help all our students. She rarely complains and works late hours to prepare awesome lessons for her students. Brandy sets the example for all on how to be the best you can be!!

Amanda Henderson Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a loving person that cares for all of her students. Not only does love her students, she loves them as they were her own.

Brooke Griffin Posted over a year ago

Brandy is an awesome teacher and cares so much for her students!! She is my best friend and I think the world of her!!

Heather Murguia Posted over a year ago

As a teacher it's easy to get frustrated and feel like giving up. Brandy Atkinson pushes through these days with compassion and love for her students. She doesn't see her students as just a class but recognizes each of her students individually. She doesn't judge them by their weaknesses but looks for their strengths and lifts them. She gives get students a sense of worth and accomplishment that powers them through hurdles they may have not been able to pass. For all these reasons I truly believe she is a life changer.

Kaylee Green Posted over a year ago

Growing up, Mrs. Brock has always been a positive influence in my life. While we may have been family and she might have been the bossy cousin, it was evident at a young age that Brandy's calling was to be a teacher. Her passion to instruct and enlighten young minds cannot be missed. She has built her life around teaching and it is obvious that her heart is with her students. When it comes to finding a teacher to guide little ones along, Mrs. Brandy Brock is your winner!

Brooke Griffin Posted over a year ago

Brandy is an awesome teacher and cares so much for her students!! She is my best friend and I think the world of her!!

Lisa Peacock Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a remarkable young lady and teacher. She truly cares for her students & co-workers. She is loving, kind, positive, always smiling, and willing to help in any way. I'm so proud to be a part of her school family and friend. This young lady will continue to change lives for many years. She is a natural life changer.

Nikki Martin Posted over a year ago

Love this very special teacher!

Jessica Posted over a year ago

My daughter had her before she became a teacher and was just a paraprofessional. I must say she is an amazing woman and teacher. She treated my daughter as her own. I'm proud of you!!!!

Joelea Josey Posted over a year ago

I absolutely LOVE Brandy, she is an amazing person and an awesome teacher. Her smile brightens any room that she walks into. Her love for teaching shows in everything that she does. She would be an excellent recipient for this award.

Tiffany Maxwell Posted over a year ago

Brandy is truely one of a kind! She loves the whole child no matter the disability, behavior problem or shinning star. She goes above and beyond to make each child feel special and loved and then teaches them at their level how they need to be taught. Even if that means teaching the same lesson in 34 different ways! She is one of a kind for sure....a life changer!

KayK Cooper Posted over a year ago

Brandy is not only a wonderful teacher, she is also a wonderful person who has a positive outlook on life in general. She loves each and every student regardless of their background, and she pushes them to do their best in all aspects of life. She loves her students like her own and wants each and every one to excel in her classroom!

Vanessa Trawicj Posted over a year ago

Teaching has been in her blood for many years! I remember her playing school with her dolls. She has a heart of gold and has a passion for teaching! Brandy goes above and beyond with her students. Couldn't think of a more deserving person. Watching her grow in the years to the amazing young woman and teacher she is today has been a great joy!

Heather Downing Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a very dedicated teacher. She places her students as top priority day in and day out. She is compassionate and dedicated. I have seen the tears she brings home from joy and from sorrow. She takes time up with students that need a little extra care. She is patient and kind to all who come her way - colleagues, students, parents. I am beyond proud of her and blessed to call her my sister.

Cathy McDonald Posted over a year ago

Brandy is a Great teacher and a great person who loves her students and is concerned with their education

Kathy Smith Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Mrs.Atkinson as her supervising teacher during her student teaching experience. She worked tirelessly to provide innovative learning experiences for our students and differentiated her instruction to address the needs of all students. Mrs. Atkinson loves her students unconditionally, and they know it! I am certain she is a life changer to the students who are blessed to have her as their teacher!

Kathi Thorpe Posted over a year ago

Ms Atkinson is a great teacher but she is an exceptional lady.She listens to her students and sees their needs not only their educational needs but their physical and sometimes emotional needs.She finds ways to take care of these needs and loves her little friends completly

Darryl Posted over a year ago

I'm her father, a high school dropout but with her help and encouragement I recievied my GED this year at the age of 52. I could say she changed my life from birth up until now.

Jenni Wade Posted over a year ago

She is one of a kind!! A truly special educator!

Rene Brock Posted over a year ago

My heart is just overwhelmed that someone nominated Brandy for this award!! She has known from a very young age that teaching children was what she wanted to do. She went into this career giving it her all. She loves and treats each one of her students as though they are her own. When her students leave her and move on they take something with them, weather it be something she purchased for them or just a hug and a "You got this." She is a fantastic teacher that I am very proud of!!

Christy Ward Posted over a year ago

It has been an honor to watch Brandy grow into the wonderful teacher that she is!! She is always going above and beyond for her students as well as other faculty and staff. She is so deserving of this honor!! Brandy truly is a Life Changer!!

Ami Godby Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Atkinson is an amazing teacher! So glad my daughter was able to be in her class!!??

Tina Morrison Posted over a year ago

I have never seen a more natural born teacher from her days as a para-pro while still in school to her days as a classroom teacher. She is exactly what every parent would want to see in their child's teacher. She always has a smile and a positive attitude. She is creative and goes the extra mile for all her kids. She loves them all and does all in her power to teach them what they need to succeed. She is a life changer every day!

Amanda inlow Posted over a year ago

Brandy is not only a sweet and kind person, she also strives to make everyone whom she comes in contact with life better. She has a passion for children and their education. She lives everyday with a smile on her face and a contagious personality. My daughter had the privilege of having her in kindergarten, and not only did she help her learn, she also showed her love every single day. I can't think of a better or more deserving person to receive this award.