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Bryce Hoffman

Position: Industrial Arts Instructor
School: Newcastle High School
School District: Weston County School District #1
City, State: Newcastle, WY

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Bryce Hoffman was nominated by an anonymous colleague. The nominator has known him for most of his life. They have both have taught at Newcastle High School for almost seven years.

Mr. Hoffman has a made a positive impact on his students, his school, and the professional development of the staff. He teaches Woodshop classes at various levels, as well as CADD classes as an independent study. He not only creates a classroom environment that focuses on safety, but an atmosphere that fosters individual student creativity and success.

"In our professional learning communities, we discuss students that we share," the nominator said. "He is able to help some of my students, who act out in class, direct their energies into positive creations. He spends a lot of his personal time away from his family and friends, staying late or coming early to school to help students with their projects."

Mr. Hoffman also coaches the high school girls soccer team, and even takes on side projects like laser engraving plaques for the school to keep trophy costs down. Another way he has had a positive impact on his school was through the development of his school's atmosphere at both a student and professional level. Mr. Hoffman worked closely with his principal to help establish grade level and content area professional learning communities. Now, educators who primarily teach a certain grade can meet with the other teachers who regularly see those same kids. In these groups, teachers are able to have conversations about student behaviors to help promote their success.

"One of the successes that have come out of these PLC groups is our ER Referral List," the nominator said. "During our school day, there is a half-hour period in the morning called Enrichment and Recovery. Through Bryce's leadership and time-consuming effort, he sent out an email to the teachers with a daily list of students who had D and F grades. During the Enrichment Recovery time, those teachers received the students who needed the most help."

Mr. Hoffman has also set up a Google spreadsheet to track the students and their grades. The information is used to identify the students who, across all their classes, are struggling the most. Without Bryce's efforts, these students would be more likely to slip through the cracks. His influence on the school has a positive impact on individual students and their success.  

On top of impacting the students, staff, and school in general, Mr. Hoffman holds himself to a high moral and ethical standards. His value system is designed to help every student succeed. He is relentless in his efforts to do what he can to give every student opportunities to do his or her best.

"It is because of this drive to better the staff, students, and school, that I and other colleagues hold Bryce in such high esteem," the nominator said. "For these reasons, I sincerely offer my support in nominating Bryce Hoffman as a LifeChanger of the Year." 

Comments (5)

Roger Hoffman Posted over a year ago

Bryce is a star in his community and family. Giving back to them both and holding himself to th highest standards. We are so proud

DeeDee Phillips Posted over a year ago

Best example of a kind, caring teacher. He also does soccer camps for our younger soccer kids he is helpful and patient with them,

Kurtis wood Posted over a year ago

Great choice, Amazing professor!

Codi Reese Posted over a year ago


Sharla Dowding Posted over a year ago

Well Deserved Nomination!