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Marshonn Calvin

Position: Broadcasting Program Director/ Instructor
School: Millington Central High School
School District: Millington Municipal Schools
City, State: Millington, TN

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Marshonn Calvin, Sr. was nominated by his former student, Jessica Tackett.

Mr. Calvin is a broadcasting instructor at Millington Central High School, and a former technical manager for a variety of local news stations throughout the Mid-South. Though born in Kankakee, IL, Mr. Calvin decided to move back down south in order to familiarize himself with his family roots, which originated from East Baton Rouge, LA and Clarksdale, MS. Originally, Mr. Calvin didn’t plan to pursue broadcasting, as he initially majored in graphic arts. 

While attending Rust College in Mississippi, he secured an opportunity to work at the university’s WURC 88.1 FM radio station and RC-TV2 television station. These experiences allowed him to become familiar with a whole new career path that greatly served his interests.

After switching his major to mass communication, Mr. Calvin pursued a series of internships for the NBC News World Headquarters at Rockefeller Plaza, and at the NBC Eastcoast Operations office in Brooklyn, NY which presented a great opportunity for him to become more familiar with the intricacies of broadcasting. There, he performed daily research and content analysis for a variety of well known series such as “Another World”, “The Cosby Show”, “The Conan O’Brien Show” and “Dateline NBC”. While reminiscing, Mr. Calvin remarked often upon how these internships truly lit the fire underneath him, and helped him develop a passion for broadcasting.

After his internships and subsequent graduation from Rust College, Mr. Calvin spent time as floor manager and engineering operator at a variety of stations. Most notably, he spent time at NBC WTVA News Channel 9 in Tupelo, MS and WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis, TN. While he didn’t stay at either of these stations, Mr. Calvin was able to develop hands-on experience. These experiences helped propel him to the location at which he would spend the next ten years of his working life: WMC TV-5 (now called WMC Action News 5). Throughout his tenure there, he served as production manager, floor manager, and even crew chief for a time. 

Mr. Calvin claimed that his work at Channel 5 (WMC TV-5) was the most enriching experience he had ever enjoyed throughout his time as a broadcasting professional, though it wasn’t without struggles. He was required to work long, often grueling hours while handling a multitude of projects and responsibilities. This never dissuaded him, though, as he proclaimed that old adage of “if you enjoy what you’re doing, you never work a day in your life”.

When asked if he would've rather done anything else, including returning to the world of graphic arts, Mr. Calvin said he had no regrets about the path he had taken. Broadcasting is where he feels he has truly been able to express himself. Furthermore, he claimed to have been kept interested in the field because of his appreciation for the art of “news”. He often remarked how he enjoyed being in the know, deeming it rewarding, and felt it ultimately contributed to his growth as both a professional and individual. Though he was presented with a variety of more lucrative offers throughout his career, Mr. Calvin kept feeling the call of the station. It helped that Tamela Woods-Calvin, his wife and one of his primary inspirations, also has an extensive background in television. She is the television station manager for TBN’s (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Memphis Local Affiliate WBUY TV-40, and she has helped motivate her husband in continuing his career in broadcasting. 

In 2003, despite such an extensive and satisfying career in television management, Mr. Calvin decided it was time for a change. Working at WMC TV-5 had been one of the most fulfilling opportunities he had ever experienced, but the increasingly grim focus of the local news industry on negative news had dissuaded him from continuing any further. After discussing this with some of his mentors in the industry, Mr. Calvin decided the only way to give back would be to become a teacher. He ended up choosing Millington Central High School, as the staff were extremely receptive to the idea of developing a broadcasting program at the school. Mr. Calvin was not only hired as the sole broadcasting instructor at the time, but he had also been given authority to design the entire department himself according to his own layouts and expectations. This was a fairly impressive privilege bestowed upon someone who had no prior experience in the education system. In his fourteen years of teaching, hundreds of students have successfully graduated from his broadcasting program.

"Mr. Calvin has been the only father figure most of us have ever had, and he goes above and beyond to help mentor all of us," Tackett said. "Mr. Calvin helped me through so many situations that I had to endure during my four years in high schoool at Millington Central High School. I wouldn't have made it through my senior year in 2016 without his guidance. He is not only my favorite teacher, but he is the only father figure that I have and can always depend on." 

Broadcasting students from his class have consistently proven competitive in The National and Memphis Regional NAACP ACT-SO competition. Two students have won silver and bronze medals from The National Telly Awards and The Communicators Awards for filmmaking. One of Calvin’s most notable projects at Millington Central High has been the school’s TV show, “Trojan TV”, which he began operating in 2009. While this program is notable for providing a great service to the school, it has also managed to keep a lot of troubled kids out of harms way. One of Mr. Calvin’s most commonly used phrases was that “you’ve got to keep the students busy and out of trouble”. 

The students of Millington Central High School are a diverse bunch, consisting of both the privileged and impoverished. Mr. Calvin noticed an opportunity to help elevate those with troubles at home to a position where they could make something out of themselves. He remarked upon how you would have to be invested in each student's life beyond the traditional role of an instructor, often acting as both their parent and counselor.

"I know personally that Mr. Marshonn S. Calvin, Sr. goes above and beyond to make sure his students have good self esteem, and that they are preparing for their future enderevors," Tackett said. "Many of the student’s families in the communities of Millington, TN and Memphis, TN cannot afford to financially support a broadcasting program such as this one, and we are in need of help from NBC News."

On the note of professionalism, Mr. Calvin keeps students updated with the current trends of the industry, often presenting them with technology that studios aren’t using now, but look to use in the future when the students will have graduated. Much like his time as a broadcasting professional, Mr. Calvin doesn’t plan on teaching forever. After he retires from Millington Central High School, he mentioned the next medium he wanted to pursue was that of film. He plans to create books and short films, each of which would be associated with a specific theme, such as civil rights, the history of music, documentaries, and successful relationships. Accompanied by his wife Tamela and a few of his former students, he considers this to be an exciting prospect, yet another grand opportunity in a life which he considers immensely blessed.

"Calvin’s personal philosophy is perhaps one of the most honest, altruistic, and straightforward any man could claim to uphold," Tackett said. "He extols the values of pursuing opportunity, taking whatever chances you may be given in order to advance yourself in life. Though he is a humble man and would not admit this to your face, he exists without a doubt as proof of this philosophy, as he came from extremely humble beginnings and fulfilled a nearly 30-year long career in which he has touched thousands of lives with great benefit. The focus was never placed upon Marshonn Calvin, rather it was his family, mentors, friends and the population at large which he has served almost every day of his adult life."

One of Calvin's favorite quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr says: “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of their individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

"My former broadcasting teacher, Mr. Marshonn Calvin, is so desrving of this prestigious honor and should be recognized for all of his hardwork and dedication to students of Millington Central High School," Tackett said.

Comments (331)

Marshonn Calvin Posted 3 months ago

I truly appreciate all of your votes, your kind words and all of the love you stated in your posts????. May you continue to be blessed for your words of encouragement to me and my family.

Vanecia Kimbrow Posted 7 months ago

Being an educator is one of the most noble professions on earth. I’m beyond inspired by your commitment to touching the minds and hearts of our most precious jewels...our children. Kudos and Congrats!

Deloris Turner -Watts Posted 9 months ago

Marshonn I'm VERY proud of you!God has bless you with a mission!What God has for you no one or nothing can stopit!Love you and your family.

Jonathan Thomas Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Calvin came around at a pivotal point in my life. He gave me a platform to demonstrate talents and trades. Calvin had a great deal in the grooming of my approach to the world of professionalism and entrepreneurship, which was essential in my awakening to my creative identity in this world. His existence is not in vein.

Andria Marshall Posted 11 months ago

Well deserving teacher, mentor, and leader. Students have learned so much from Mr. Calvin and Millington High has been one of the places an impact has been made on so many lives.

Natasha Clay Hill Posted 11 months ago

Looking at all these wonderful comments, it is obvious that Mr Calvin is very deserving of this award. He has made a tremendous impact on the lives of his students and those in the professional industry. Congratulations!!!

Devonte Nelson Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin taught me a lot. He is a great mentor and a great father figure to me, this is a well deserved award for him.

Roberty Goode Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations, Marshonn!

Aadrien Posted 11 months ago

Congrats! God bless you in all your endeavors!

Kylie Gongas Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin. Words cannot begin to describe this wonderful man. He has changed so many students lives, mine included. No matter your background, what you had going on at home, no matter who you were, Mr. Calvin treated each student with love and respect. He only wants the best out of all his students and pushes you to be the best you can be, even when you don’t see it yourself at first. He’s saved many lives by being someone who cares for each student so much. He opened my eyes up to many things in this world and kept me going strong when I didn’t think I had it in me. He gave me life expiernces that will stick with me the rest of my life. He works hard everyday, through his own struggles. He loves everyone and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Thank you, Mr. Calvin, for saving my life and bettering me as a person. He has done so for many others and he is beyond deserving of this award for all he has done for all of us! Thank you so much!

Lisa Terrell Posted 11 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is an excellent role model for students and his community.

Princess Buchanan Posted 11 months ago

Because of this man right here, I was able to walk into my purpose. Entertainment in the broadcasting field. His guidance and patience with me molded me to become the great person I will be. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING CALVIN!

Jamar Hawkins Posted 11 months ago

Super proud of you Brother! Apppreciate the hard work and effort!

ShinninStar Posted 11 months ago

Well deserved, time spent for himself and for assisting others.

Toni Jordan Posted 11 months ago

Impressive is an understatement!!! I recommend Marshonn Calvin to receive the Lifechanger Of The Year Award. No doubt about it, you have a great amongst you!!!

Eulisa Thomas Posted 11 months ago

Marshonn Calvin attended Rust College with me and it is an absolute privilege to recommend him for such an outstanding award! His character is a tribute to his successful career. Congratulations!

Bev Johnson Posted 11 months ago

I am so proud to recommend Marshonn as a life changer. As a 42 year broadcast journalist and Radio instructor I know when someone is a hard worker, dedicated to excellence, and is inspired by helping others and Marshonn is that! He devotion to the broadcasting industry and his students goes beyond the call of duty. One thing I know for sure he will serve your organization proudly!

LaShana Thigpen Posted 11 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is very deserving of this award. I have known him for a very long time and know that he truly has the heart for people. He is a very hard worker and is very dedicated.

Leigh Barnes Posted 11 months ago

Marshon has been a huge help in my business and his amazing experience in media had helped my business in so many ways .. I’m very thankful for his giving servent attitude ..

Jessica Posted 11 months ago

well deserved award

Wanda Collins Posted 11 months ago

Best teacher ever!!!

Adrianne Allen Posted 11 months ago

Best Teacher And Mentor Ever!!!!!! Thanks For Everything Mr.Calvin.

Doris OConnor Posted 11 months ago

It gives me great pride and joy to strongly recommend Marshonn Calvin for the "Life Changer Award." I have known Marshonn since he was 6 years old and in my first grade class. I am so proud of the outstanding young man and teacher he has become. I could see that he was no ordinary first grader and that he was destined to have an impact on his world. In first grade, I saw the traits that made that young man the mature, admirable man he is today. Marshonn had a positive attitude and did not get discouraged when challenges came his way. He just worked harder. Marshonn was very respectful to me, his other teachers and the children in his class. This isn't always easy when you are the new kid in school. There is no other way to say it than this; that little young fella had a loving heart and a concern for others that few children his age manifested . The other trait that I noticed in Marshonn was his ability to clearly analyze his world and then to fluently verbalize his thoughts. I remember telling his mother that Marshonn was destined for great things and it would not surprise me if someday he became a representative or senator and I would see him on TV. In my mind he has done great things for his family, his students, his church and his community. I'd like to think that he became something even better than a politician.......he became Teacher! A teacher who cares for and respects his students and colleagues. He is a teacher who works harder when faced with a challenge like building an award winning broadcast communications program from scratch. He is a man who teaches with respect and a loving heart. He analyzes what his students need and clearly articulates his hope and concern for them to achieve all that they can. I feel so fortunate to still be in contact with Marshonn and I hope to see him win this well deserved award. Then it will be with great joy that I will say to all who knew him in his growing up years," I told you so."

Tatiana Banks Posted 11 months ago

You have my vote. I loved your class and that you taught me to do two things that I found a new love for being on camera and editing videos! Thank you for being an amazing teacher and always making sure I was okay!

MCHS Broadcasting Students Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been a great motivator, mentor and father figure to us all and we all are thankful to him for his support over the years! He gives us real world broadcasting news station visits, connects us with mentors in the media industry and helps to sharpen our skills in video and film competitions such as: The NAACP ACT-SO, The National Telly Awards, and The Communicators Awards. This opportunity for Mr. Calvin to win this prestigious award will help to enhance our broadcasting program and allow us to get the video production equipment such as: Apple iMac Pro Computers, Video Production Cameras, Tripods, Camera Rigs, Live U Streaming Service, and Editing Software such as Adobe Creative Suite. we need for our education in his classes. We hope that you all pick our mentor and father figure Mr. Marshonn Calvin because he truly deserves this Life Changer of The Year Award. Trojan TV Management Staff and The Millington Central High School Broadcasting Students

Karvis Jones Posted 11 months ago

I had the honor to meet Marshonn during my senior year at Rust College while I was an intern at WMC-TV in Memphis. His personality stood out to me in a lot of ways and he pushed me to excel to the level. Some of the work ethics I saw from him during my internship showed me that with hard work, I could go far in the media industry. Marshonn is a great role model in the community and his love to see his students succeed is remarkable. I'm happy to call Marshonn a friend.

Chelsey Middleton Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin was my favorite teacher. He was very inspirational and motivational to me at a time of my life when I had really needed it the most. I wish you the best!

Florine Calvin Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Marshonn Calvin is an extraordinary individual who will change the lives of many.

Connita Posted 11 months ago

I believe, next to his father, you have been the #1 influencer in my Javier's life! Out of all the teachers, you were able to reach him. Thank you

Nate Sain Posted 11 months ago

I have know Marshonn since he was 3 years old. I always knew he would aspire to a level of greatness. He was always interested in helping people. Everyone. He is not only the best Son, or the best Brother, or the best Father and Husband, that we all long for. He's also the best Mentor and Teacher that any of our children can have. He truly cares about all of the Students and truly understands all of the issues. His heart is very big and his compassion and leadership are unparelled. He should be verily noted as the Best in his area and the Best in America. He evolved into the greatest teacher, instructor, and faithful leader for young people in America.

KYRON BURRELL Posted 11 months ago

Congrats!!!! Keep up the good work!

KYRON BURRELL Posted 11 months ago

Congrats!!!! Keep up the good work!

Catina bell Posted 11 months ago

The man that sparked my interest in production. Trojan TV was the best class ever i made many friends and learned many things all due to Mr. Calvin! Gave me true ambition to want more out of life.

Demetre' V. Jones Posted 11 months ago

A true gem. Scholar. Mentor. And man of God. Marshonn entailed so many life skills and words of wisdom on behalf of my life to the point where I can say that I am a great person today. I remember first encountering Mr. Calvin and he assumed that I was only in his class to pass time. Little did he know I had a passion for technology and mass communication. Over the course of my high school career we bonded, and he is one of the father figures that I still call on in time of need. This award would be one achievement that he’s definitely deservant of.

Jazmyn Posted 11 months ago

thanks for being so passionate about your craft. it really shows.

Lauren Crawford Posted 11 months ago

Thank you, Mr. Calvin for everything that you do! Congratulations!

Anjelica Lark Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Calvin was an AMAZING teacher! I loved his class. If I could go back I would chose to take his class all over again!

Shanelle Calvin Posted 11 months ago

Marshonn is passionate about bringing offering experiential learning opportunities for his students. I hope his students benefit both now and in the future from their experience learning from his example.

Mac Cummings Posted 11 months ago

This is an amazing oportunity, and I am so happy for Mr Calvin accomplishment thus far. You deserve it, and I claim your victory..

Mickey Wilhite Posted 11 months ago

The comments from Mr. Calvin’s students speak volumes. Thank you for your hard work and your love for your students, Mr. C.!

Jun Yuu Posted 11 months ago

Tranfer to College with Q. YOU ROCK

Jason Ham Posted 11 months ago

Loved your Trojan TV show. Killer man

Zeno Hal Posted 11 months ago

Scoop the swoop. Awesome Teacher

Jesus Gomez Posted 11 months ago

¡Fuiste mi maestra favorita en Millington Central High!

Unknown Posted 11 months ago

Got my vote

Jayla Waynne Posted 11 months ago


Reggie Anderson Posted 11 months ago

Went to college with Q. Awesome editor, and I see you're the reason why.

Elijah Young Posted 11 months ago

Whats more to say than reach for greatness

AJ Foster Posted 11 months ago

Amazing teacher. Can't thank you enough

Daniel Wright Posted 11 months ago

Youtube brought me here. WOOT

James Patterson Posted 11 months ago

Heard about you from Qunton. You go get it son.

Quintez Arnold Posted 11 months ago

Big Q sent me over. VOTED!

Chris Rolan Posted 11 months ago

Wanted to thank you for being one of the best influences to my best friend. Hope you bring home the gold!!!

Jasmine Cook Posted 11 months ago

Heeeeey Mr.Calvin. Q told me about the award and I wanted to say you are an AMAZING teacher to my little brother. Love you bunches!!!

Quan Jacksonn Posted 11 months ago

You and your program came out and video recorded my son during the ACT-SO in 2014. Loved how my boy looked on film. Keep up the great work

Kraig Jacob Posted 11 months ago

Ive heard nothing but good things about you from Q. You definitely have my vote!

Lamont Matthews Sr (The Shadow) Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Marshonn Calvin was a co worker of mine at WMC-TV for years. He developed his skills and knowledge of broadcasting so he could go one to be a broadcasting teacher. He always talked to me about doing that so I encouraged him to seek out employment in the school system. I knew he would succeed at once he got in and he and his classes have always had access to WMC-TV 5 for tours and learning. Marshonn is a class act and a great friend. The Shadow

Candi Norwood Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an example of why it is SO important to have instructors from industry. These students connect with him because he is teaching them real skills that can contribute to their successes as adults. He has connections and knows where to place students to provide them with opportunities for success. The students would not be winning these awards if Mr. Calvin did not provide them with the opportunity to compete. How would they know about these opportunities for awards otherwise? In addition to this, he genuinely cares about the welfare of the students in his classroom. He not only teaches, but also motivates, inspires, and encourages. He is truly an exemplar educator and Tennessee is lucky to have him.

William Carter Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a big positive force in our school. He inspires the students to give their best at whatever it is they are doing. His students’ broadcast productions are top-notch. They are the best I have seen in any school.

Tamela Story Posted 11 months ago

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr Calvin's wife, who was gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to discuss on national TV the importance of sexual abuse awareness and prevention. Tamela has been such a angle in human form and has always supported the efforts of Storys SAFEhaven. I knew of her husband because Mrs Calvin always mentioned how he would motivate and inspire her to end. That his passion for helping people is like non other. This is was several years ago. Reading the comments below is proof of his kind ways. I don't believe that there is anyone more deserving of this honor.

Gregory kowalski Posted 11 months ago

Though I had many great teachers he was one of the best taught different in every aspect was a really hands on approach teacher and could always motivate me to try harder in other classes I’m now looking at pursuing business opportunities because of him he’s one of the best teachers a student especially in high school could have and this equipment would be a very important necessity to boost his ability to teach his broadcasting class and stimulate the minds of his students

Quinton Harrison Posted 11 months ago

There aren't enough words to express how Mr. Calvin has changed my life for the better. I met him through brief encounters in the hallways of Millington Central High my Sophomore year. I had always heard good stories about him through the broadcasting class students and friends of said students. I was interested in the class be cause of my background in technology and I thought it would be a good change of pace in the mundane classes I took while in High school. I was trying to get into his class for over a year when I finally managed to get his class on my schedule my Senior year of high school. At the time I got the class I just expected it to be a fun experience my last year, but it turned out to be so much more. Mr. Calvin has been, and always will be a life long mentor to me. During my Senior year my mother's health took a turn for the worse and I honestly was going through the motions every day in school, but he somehow managed to pick up on what I was even able to hide from family. He got me through the year with his constant encouragement, advice, and going out of his way to make sure I had someone to talk to even when I though I didn't need it. I currently have a job as an IT professional and I am positive I would not have striven for a career in IT as aggressively as I have without Mr. Calvin's support. He helped me network and open doors I never would have guessed were available to me, and treated me like I was one of his own. I owe a huge debt to Mr. Calvin that I could spend a lifetime trying to repay. He goes above and beyond for all of his students in and outside of school. I graduated over 4 years ago and I still keep in contact with him and his family. He strives to make every child he is in contact with a better person and open their eyes to the world of possibilities they have at their disposal. He works with anyone who tries their best, and even pushes those who don't just so they can reach their potential. I am honored and blessed to be where I am today because of Marshonn Calvin's influence. He has, in no small part, made me a better man, a better person, and a better human being. He has earned this award 1,000 times over, and I am confident he will continue to change the lives of future young men and women for the better. God bless you Marshonn Calvin. I look up to you like a father, learn from you as student and mentor, and love you like a brother.

Marshonn S. Calvin, Sr. Posted 11 months ago

As an instructor at Millington Central High School, I am highly committed to the educational advancement of students enrolled in the Broadcasting Program. Millington Central High School is a Title I school, which means it has a certain number of economically disadvantaged students. Many of my students come from low-income communities; dysfunctional families; have learning disabilities and deal with low-self esteem issues. This award will allow me to purchase equipment that will help aid in motivating my broadcasting students to strive for excellence in the broadcast journalism and the film industries. Many of the student’s families in the communities of Memphis and Millington, TN cannot afford to financially support a broadcasting program such as this one and we are in need of help from the public who believe in helping my broadcasting students with their educational endeavors. Having an opportunity to win a prestigious award such as this one will allow my students to get the video production equipment they stand in need of such as: Apple iMac Pro Computers, Video Production Cameras, Tripods and Editing Software. I truly care about all of my broadcasting students both past and present becoming productive citizens, and rising above circumstances to reach out to help society through their work in the broadcast journalism and the film industries. I would like to express our appreciation to everyone who support the work that my students and I do in the Millington Central High School Broadcasting Program and for The Trojan TV Show. I appreciate everyone for the wonderful messages, encouraging words and support you have given to me, my beautiful wife Tamela, my amazing mother Joyce, my former student Jessica Tackett who nominated me for this award and to all of my broadcasting students both past and present regarding this prestigious honor. May you all continue to be blessed for everything you do to support future leaders like the broadcasting students that I teach and mentor everyday at MCHS. Kindest Regards, Marshonn S. Calvin, Sr.

Makeisha Frazier Posted 11 months ago

For me Mr. Calvin represents the ideal leader and mentor. He has helped so many students propel in life , he not only cares about each individual student education and all of us being successful in life but he also wanted us to be our best no matter what. Mr.Calvin has spread his knowledge and his love through each of his students. I had the privilege to be part of the beginning stages of the studio (his creation), I watched his ideas transform into reality! I learned so much about journalism and communications while under his wing.I am able to utilize those skills now and forever more, I am truly blessed from the entire experience. I will never forget how We got to meet the News crew at Action News 5 in Memphis and how we also got to show off our work and compete in contest. He strongly wanted us to succeed... he put every ounce of effort into the program and into his students. Mr.Calvin serves to me as a Mentor and father figure, he’s just that for many of us. He would be perfect for this award because he has embraced so many of us and changed our lives for the better. Thank you Mr.Calvin for believing in all of us!

Charmeka Smith Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a wonderful teacher and person. He truly loves his students.

Charlotte T Smith Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Calvin is the ultimate role model for his past and current students. This is a well deserved honor.

Mora Spicer Posted 11 months ago

My vote goes to Mr.Calvin as he continues to share his knowledge and wisdom through mentoring, education, and leadership. Keep up the good work !!

Radiah Hubbert Posted 11 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is a hard working man who has a passion for his students. He is the perfect man for this award.

Jasmine Murray (Robinson) Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is truly an amazing teacher, mentor, and father. He has helped many students with every possible need. He has also been a father figure to many kids that didn’t have fathers in their homes. I am voting for Mr. Calvin because I believe that this award is truly meant for him to have . He’s a great man and cares a lot about his students . He has a passion for what he does. Mr. Calvin I hope that this award is given to you . You truly deserve it .

Steven Howery Posted 12 months ago

I've know Marshonn Calvin for over 3 decades. We both grew up in Kankakee, IL and I honestly can't recall the when or how I met him. I can tell you that he's always been a positive, stand-up young man who has clearly carried that through to adult hood. When I read about the impact he's making, I'm not at all surprised. I'm proud of how far he's come and the man he's come to be. This nomination is well-deserved and I'm sure he will use it as a catalyst to drive an even greater impact in his community. Well done, Marshonn. Bravo!

William Johnson Posted 12 months ago

I definitely support this nomination for an outstanding family man, broadcaster, and educator. I have known Marshonn for 25 years dating back to our time as Broadcast Journalism majors at Rust College. Over this time I have watched Marshonn blossom into a great Broadcast Journalist/Filmaker both professionally and educationally. I have followed the brilliant work from he and his students, and listen to testimonials these young men and women have shared on how Mr. Calvin helped change their lives in a positive way. Marshonn balances his time of being an educator and outstanding family man well. The importance of education has always been a top priority which is why Mr. Calvin is well deserving of this nomination and the award that follows. Congratulations my friend the best has yet to come.

Roger Faulkner Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is the definition of a family man. Since our days at Rust College, he has been a shining example of fatherhood. In addition, his work in education is second to none. He has worked countless hours with a diverse group of students to ensure that they are equipped with skills needed to be college and career ready.

Cole Posted 12 months ago

HCongratulations Mr. Calvin! Well deserved!

Kenyatta Hart Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is a one of a kind teacher that you'll never have in your life again. He has a wonderful impact in most of his students lives by leading us on the right path and just being honest and open minded about any situation, so i say this opportunity will be very well deserved.

Quametra Wilborn Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin was one of the biggest influencers in my life. When i joined his class by complete accident my 9th grade year, no way did i ever think that I'd be where i am now in my life. He helped me see my potential and strengths when nobody really cared to. I joined his class at a time when i didn't know what my purpose was or where i belonged coming into high school. I wanted to try to figure out what i wanted to do with my life. That's when he opened my eyes to journalist, broadcast that is. I always hated the news growing but the more we did interviews and news shows in class, the more i grew to like it. He pushed me to see my potential. I would spend hours after school and even skipped lunch and study hall to learn more. Soon, he became more than JUST a teacher, but a father figure to me and those around me. We became a family. He provided guidance and offered life long lessons with no judgement. He was tough on us and wasnt afraid to tell it like it is, but we knew it was because he was one of the only teachers that actually cared. He didn't stop believing in us, even when we stopped believing in ourselves. We were a family. To this day, i still speak to mr. Calvin as I'm 5 months into my career as a television reporter. Nobody saw that but him. I dont know much about this award or how any of this works but I wish you the best and i hope the consider you for the Life Changer of the year award. Thank you.

Tyshaun Owens Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin wears the hat of a teacher, but he is more than just an educator. I am a former student of his and I can say his job continues well after the school bell rings. I can recall countless amounts of days he stayed after school helping students and mentoring them as well. When ever you needed a ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on he was always the teacher to call on. A lot of students will say the same thing, he’s one of the driving factors behind my success. Offering advice when you needed it, he never closed his door to a single kid. A lot of students weren’t students of his but that still didn’t stop him from extending a helping hand to who ever needed it. His heart speaks volumes, he’s truly deserves every blessing that’s coming his way. I always wondered did he have 28 hours in his day because the time he spent pumping life into us combined with the time he spent raising his own family just didn’t add up! As a high school sophomore, planning for the future was the last thing on my mind. I had no one to speak to about college or life after high school until I met Mr. Calvin. Even after high school, I would still pay him visits just to get advice on certain things. I’m sure like myself, a lot of other people had the same experiences with Mr. Calvin because he’s always been that type of person. He has always put the needs of others before his own and often times he would settle for less just so we could have more!

Rochelle Polk-Southern Posted 12 months ago

I attended Rust College with both Marshonn and Tamela. Both are outstanding people with good character and CHRISTIAN values. Good Luck and he deserves to win this!!!

Lumbie Posted 12 months ago

This is amazing work! Thank you for being a blessing to many! Your gift is priceless! May you be blessed.

Pam Chatman Posted 12 months ago

Mr Calvin is an outstanding broadcasting educator and mentor to so many. He is what this business need to have in a leadership role in broadcasting. As Mississippi first Black woman news Director I salute him for being an man and journalist of Empowerment.

Johnathan Ragland Posted 12 months ago

The Mentor, the brother and great teacher. I never met a man that cared more about about my future that wasn't a blood relative. Thank God I met him when I needed him most.

LaTrice Verrett Posted 12 months ago

My vote definitely goes to Marshonn Calvin... Keep doing the Amazing Work that you are!!!

Tausean Holmes Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin ous probably the biggest reason I went to college. After taking his class in my earlier years at school I thought his class was boring and decided to withdraw because I didn't understand it. He tried to persuade me into coming back but I felt that class wasn't for me until I started talking to close friends that were involved with him and I started to get a different perspective about the class then. All of a sudden I stayed finding myself back in his classroom in and out visiting and watching the other classes have fun. Mr. Calvin would do noir then teach he would five us life lessons and tell us stories about his past to let us know that he can relate. As a student-athlete I was needing game film to give to school so I can get a scholarship but I didn't know where to get it from. My coaches told me you Don't worry about it but I was very much concerned because I knew that would play a big part in my recruiting and going too college. Well during my junior year he sat me down and I let him know my concern and he extended another offer that I accepted to come back to his class my senior year. As my last year comes around I found myself working on my highlight tape every day during and after school. He taught me about editing the video, render the tapes on to the computer, and putting on cool transitions through it. I started to send them out to different schools after the season but wouldn't here a answer back from them. Until coaches started coming to the school wanting to visit me personally and they would ask for my highlight tape so I would always bring to his class, if I didn't have none on me, and create a copy. I offered 10+ scholarships since teams were able to watch me play that couldn't all because Mr. Calvin showed me the ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES that his program offers and I'm very thankful for him for that. I would always give Mr. Calvin credit when people asked would made me go to school sometimes more then I would my coaches. So now I have a little cousin who is in his program and is enjoying it so far. Thanks Mr. Calvin for everything you have done for me and I couldn't think of a better person for this award other than him!

Rochelle Posted 12 months ago

It is an amazing honor to see Marshonn excel in Broadcasting. He gets my vitr

Rosemary Byrd Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin and his family are very good people. I was their son’s 6th grade teacher at Colonial Middle! Very active parents. Mr. Calvin my hats goes out to you for your commitment to our children! You have my vote!

Rosemary Byrd Posted 12 months ago

Mr Calvin and his family are absolutely great! I was their son’s 6th grade teacher at Colonial Middle! Mr Calvin hats off to you for the wonderful job you are doing with our children!! Need more teachers like you! You have my vote!

Breana Maclin Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has truly impacted my life in an amazing way. He has been there for me when no one else was. He helped me realize my talents and never let me give up on anything. He is the one person in the world I feel deserves this award because he is truly a life changer.

Rubin Seymore Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin you deserve this

Fabian Matthews Posted 12 months ago

Marshoun Calvin is a incredible human being and is the true meaning of an outstanding role model. He definitely deserving of this Award!

Dr. Tara R. Campbell Posted 12 months ago

I am the new program manager for Digital Arts and Audio/Visual Technologies for the state of TN. Before I even began that role, Mr. Calvin had reached out to me and shared resources that could be passed along to other Arts and A/V teachers across the state. Upon vetting what he shared, there was no doubt this man gives his all to his profession, his students, and his colleagues. Career and technical education is better in TN simply because Mr. Calvin is a part of it. He gets my vote 100 times over.

Andrew Douglas Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is an exceptional leader and mentor to his students. He cares about their careers and goals after graduation, but more importantly he cares about them on a personal level. My interaction with Marshonn and his students is at WMC Action News 5. Every year he brings his class of students to our NBC affiliate to help them get an idea of what a career in broadcasting is like first hand. As a morning news anchor I notice his students are well-informed, engaged and often times they are doing interviews with us that air on the school's news program. On this field trip he gives students what I always craved at school: real life experiences outside of the classroom. He organizes the trip, reaches out to some of us to make sure we are available for the students and makes sure the class gets the full hands on experience that includes watching a newscast air in real time. His dedication is 100 % to his students and their education. He is well-deserving of this honor and recognition.

Tonya Cox Posted 12 months ago

It’s so inspiring to see you take something you love doing and use it in such a positive way pouring into the lives of young men and women. Great job! Keep up the good work.

Annie Moody Posted 12 months ago

Marshoun Calvin is the true meaning of an outstanding role model. He has achieved so many positive things in his life. I hope he wins this award because he deserves it.

Nealie Dean Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin gets my vote!

DrTonya M. Lyons Posted 12 months ago

It is awesome to see such an humble and caring individual nominated for this award. I have been blessed to witness the love that he has for his wife and children. He is an iconic example of what the award symbolizes.

Kontji Anthony Posted 12 months ago


Peggy Philip Posted 12 months ago

Memories of Marshonn from our time together at WMC-TV Action News 5! He is a thoughtful and gifted leader. He was the kind of co-worker who saw something that needed to be done and took care of it, not looking for praise or recognition. He is a wonderful teacher who often brought his classes to 1960 Union and you could see the excitement that the young people shared with their mentor, Marshonn. He understands technology and brings a positive passion to everything he tackles. I am grateful for his friendship.

Twila Bryant Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been apart of my life byway of my sons He's an excellent, teacher, mentor and family man. Life changer truly exemplifies Mr. Calvin!

Anna Marie Hartman Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn truly deserved this honor. He is kind, passionate, and genuine. In my years of working alongside many people at WMC he stands out as one of the greats. His compassion for others is a wonderful gift.

Sharron Posted 12 months ago

Passionate and concerned are two words that describe Mr. Calvin as a teacher and when it comes to life. He is deserving of this honor.

CJ Anderson Posted 12 months ago

Millington has an awesome instructor!

Craig Strickland Posted 12 months ago

As a pastor, helping to change lives is the focus of each day! I understand and appreciate the work that Marshonn does in his ministry. He is deserving of the highest award!

Marcus Foster Posted 12 months ago

The students at Millington Central are lucky to have a teacher as dedicated as Marshonn Calvin. I spent many years working with him at WMC. As the producer of various newscasts there, I never had to worry about the technical aspects of my newscasts because of his dedication. Since his move to the classroom, I've had the chance to speak to his students on a number of occasions. He's found a way to inspire students and hold their attention in a world where smartphones and connected devices are rapidly changing the landscape. Many nights I've called him to find that he's not at home, but still in the classroom working on student projects or at a school function where he's helping students get more hands-on experience.

Dr. Eli Morris Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin epitomizes life-changing hope. Thank you for considering him for this wonderful award. He deserves to win it!

Raphael Henry Posted 12 months ago

Calvin is a awesome man of God, a true leader to the young men and women he teaches everyday. His love for his family is undeniable. I feel his student are his extended family an he wants to see them succeed as bad as he wants to breathe. Marshonn Calvin will pour everything he learned into his students and If he don’t know it he will look it up to find out or take the students on a field trip to gather more information. Calvin will go above and beyond the office time to make sure his students gain the experience they need to be successful. Memphis an surrounding schools need more teachers like Marshonn Calvin.

Anita Malone Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is a very dedicated and hardworker. May the LORD continue to use you. My vote goes to you because you deserves it.

R. Warner Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has touched the lives of some many in ways that can't be described. Thank you simply isn't enough to express to him my gratitude. I consider it a true honor to have had him as a teacher and mentor.

Ebbon Brock Posted 12 months ago

One of my closest and dearest friend. Outstanding frat brother and father. He is well deserved of such an honor.

Christopher D. Sims Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Marshonn Calvin Sr. is a wise, talented, and caring teacher who has dedicated his life to educating, mentoring, and uplifting his students. I don't know anyone who is as committed to the future of our youth as him. He has earned a shot at this grant three times over because of his tireless work. Please consider him for it as you make your decision!

Climmie Reddix Posted 12 months ago

Outstanding young man. Everyone who has been fortunate enough to know him has been truly blessed. Keep up the good work. We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments. Congrats

Fran Ebbs Posted 12 months ago

Great Teacher!!!

Carlton E Vivians Posted 12 months ago

One of the greatest and most positive person I know

Justin Marshall Posted 12 months ago

Well deserved. I was blessed to have him help me pursue a career in Broadcasting.

Barnetta Harris Posted 12 months ago

God Bless you, Marshonn

Michael Brown Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is very passionate about Broadcasting. He is definitely a special instructor & mentor to the student of Millington Central. Thank you for all that you do, in and out side of the class. Keep moving forward, one student at a time. Mike Brown

Kayla Padgett Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Marshonn Calvin is so deserving of this award. His leadership qualities clearly states that he is a TRENDSETTER. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and NOMINATE him for this award. Sincerely, Kayla Padgett

Dee Parker Posted 12 months ago

Mr Calvin is a dedicated teacher who cares about his students future. My daughter enjoys her time in his class and with the media projects.

Linda Posted 12 months ago

My Great Nephew is a focused, determined and caring person. He definitely has my vote.

Simme Hearns Posted 12 months ago

A whale deserves Scholar

Keith Wood Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin gets my vote!

Jasmine Shannon Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is so dedicated to his students, its amazing. He makes a huge impact on his students and lets them know he really cares about them as well as their future. He deserves this award.

Erius Hardaway Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a great teacher. He really helped me open my mind and fall in love with the program. I now since then have started my own production company and I want to be a movie director. He is well deserving of this award.

Alicia Hester Thompson Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is a very humble and nice person. A very dedicated and hard worker. A great family man and husband to his wife. Truly an outstanding and deserving person of this award.

Payge Davis Posted 12 months ago

God’s gift to the school system! He’s a hard working man that does anything to ensure all of his students are successful!

Alicia Hester Thompson Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is a very humble and nice person. A very dedicated and hard worker. A great family man and husband to his wife. Truly an outstanding and deserving person of this award.

Christian Taylor Posted 12 months ago

Mr Calvin, is a great mentor. introduce me to the field of electronic media production and I've been working with the cameras and video production ever since.

Kenneth Calvin Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin has done Amazing work in the Country as one of our Family Genealogist. Bringing Strangers who share the same bloodline together. One of the Reasons I know more about myself. I'm Grateful to have him as a part of my life & Honored to share his path.

Seth Longmire Posted 12 months ago

The few times I’ve been in the presence of Mr. Calvin have been overwhelming. Mr Calvin is a man who wants excellence for everyone he encounters, and that’s what I love about him .

Lula Hill Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin has been dedicated to helping everyone since I’ve known him. Hard working and determined has always been a goal that he sets to achieve. I can’t be more proud to call him my friend and Brother!!!!

DMonte kemp Posted 12 months ago

Casting my vote ! He deserves it

Dylan Bush Posted 12 months ago

My vote goes to Marshonn!

DMonte kemp Posted 12 months ago

Casting my vote ! He deserves it

Jordan Jackson Posted 12 months ago

I was in Kappa League with your son, we’re good friends so I’ll support you because he does

Tyrese Perry Posted 12 months ago

He is a great teacher, great father, and a very influential person. He is a very deserving candidate for this award.

Julian Anderson Posted 12 months ago

Simply Put, Mr Calvin is an upstanding Leader within his community who makes it his priority to mentor and educate those who come into any form of contact with him.

Christopher Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Great job sir and cousin. You exemplify all that was instilled in you growing up. You are an inspiration and have always been!

A. Adams Posted 12 months ago

I'm voting for Mr. Calvin because of the impact I have seen him have in one remarkable young man's life at MCHS. Mr. Calvin has helped mold this certain student who was very shy and at one point mostly non-verbal into an outgoing, courageous young man who aspires to pursue his dreams of obtaining a college education in broadcasting.

Michael Prude Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is very deserving of this award a wonderful Husband, dedicated father, a great love for family and friends. He loves his work and students giving them 100% of himself to them to see them become successful in life. Thank for all your hard work Marshonn Calvin

CarolAnn Jeffries Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

Kaitlyn Pritchard Posted 12 months ago

He is dedicated and hardworking.

Tecovia Calvin Posted 12 months ago

I’m so very proud of your plethora of accomplishments. Be relentless in the pursuit of your passion.

Ericka Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Congrats! Keep up the great work. Definitely change agent.

Keith Nixon Posted 12 months ago

Teaching broadcast media to our youth brightens their future, helps them control their own narratives, and gives them a voice that counts! Marshonn Calvin is changing the game and the future with his efforts! Keep shining BearCat!

Nathaniel Garner Posted 12 months ago

Where do i begin . He is mentor to and has taught me so much about life , dreams , and myself. He has also helped me threw some of the roughest parts of my life . He has helped me realize my dream and gave me the tools to achieve it . I would like to thank Calvin for all he has done.

Mandy Compton Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an inspiration to his students.

Larry C Jackson Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin's classes are some of his students brightest part of their day. He develops a love for all aspects of photo journalism.

Kaitlyn Pritchard Posted 12 months ago

He is dedicated and hardworking.

Kemareyon Lewis Posted 12 months ago

I think Mr.Calvin should win this award because he taught me how to do my work. He also taught me the importance of school and why i should take things more serious.

Commissioner Robert S. Ellington-Snipes Posted 12 months ago

An overdue honor for such a hardworking, dedicated and committed person, whose hearts is as large as the earth and whose spirit is as high as the heavens.

Kyonna Windham Posted 12 months ago

I think Mr.Calvin is a great teacher and i think he would be the best person to be pick for this.. So he has my vote!!!

Max Castro Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is hard working, He keeps me focused on my work and future.He's a great individual and as well as a great teacher.

jaida barney Posted 12 months ago

Determined, focused, and incredibly supportive.

Karleea Holman Posted 12 months ago

Best teacher in millington. Most known person in MCHS top bring joy into the students eyes. Prayers up to you!

Sheila Polk Posted 12 months ago

Here is my vote!! My awesome Godson!! So proud of this man! He Has done great things and will continue to do them!!

Dominique Anderson Posted 12 months ago

I honestly think that Mr. Calvin should win this award because he is the most hard-working teacher ever. He is not only a great teacher but he is the best mentor anybody could ask for. You can tell that he actually cares whether or not we make it in life. He pushes us to our best ability and believes in us even when we don't.

jason sumrelljr Posted 12 months ago

he is a hard working teacher and dedicated to be a good teacher to us

adrian dowell Posted 12 months ago

a great teacher

Nadalynn Forrest Posted 12 months ago

i think Mr.Calvin is an amazing teacher and he has put so much effort into his career. He has impacted me so much and its not just his words, its his actions to.

Markees Flowers Posted 12 months ago

Its only been a few months really knowing Mr.Calvin and it feels like I've known him for years and years. He's an amazing teacher and has impacted me to keep continuing to work hard and never let any obstacle stop me. Lotta Love for Mr.C!!!

Kennedie Bolgeo Posted 12 months ago

Has changed my whole out look on life. Great role model!

Jackson Powell Posted 12 months ago

A good teacher and role model.

Noah Moss Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is an amazing teacher and he has inspired me to be better than I was. He is an inspiration to my classmates and I. I really think he should win this award.

Terry Kubicki Posted 12 months ago

Dedicated and hard-working is how I would describe Marshonn. He is definitely worthy of this award!

Deea Lester Posted 12 months ago

Here is my vote.

James Horton Posted 12 months ago

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Mr. Calvin. He is an incredible teacher and mentor to our students here at MCHS. Not only does he provide personal guidance to the students, he offers them a chance to find and explore possible career paths in broadcasting. His demeanor when working with students and the way he talks to them is empowering and impacts the students. I wholeheartedly support Marshonn Calvin's nomination for this prestigious award for his dedication to the maturity and growth of the students of Millington Central High School.

P butas Posted 12 months ago

A well deserved honor. MCHS is blessed to have his talent as a teacher.

KArla Hornsby Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is a true blessing to the children in our community and to the community itself. He tirelessly works to bring the joy if learning to his students!

N.Jones-Wallace Posted 12 months ago

What a great honor! Congratulations!

Oscar Brown Posted 12 months ago

Keep up the great work, you have make a difference in the life of many students. I support your work good luck!

Shirley Garner Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been more than a teacher to so many Millington students. He has been a positive role model and mentor. Mr. Calvin has stepped in to acquire or provide financial support as needed. Mr. Calvin could relate to the students and many of them would turn to him for guidance and counseling when they had no one in their families that they could turn to. He encouraged and showed them ways to better their lives. Mr. Calvin taught his students real life skills. More importantly, He taught our students to love, care and value themselves just by displaying these characteristics himself.

C.Malone Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been a teacher that has always gone beyond the limit to help his students move on to the next level in broadcasting.

Zane Adams Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a great teacher!

Clint Durley Posted 12 months ago

Stay Strong.

Lauren Posted 12 months ago

Very deserving teacher!

G. Whitaker Posted 12 months ago

I am proud to say, Mr. Calvin represents the MCHS CTE Department positively by being a great influence on his students lives. He dedicates countless hours to help his students become successful both in class and life. The students know once you're in his program you become part of a unique family. He is very deserving of this life changer award.

Calvin Ellis Posted 12 months ago

I’ve worked with Mr. Calvin for four years and he is a valued friend a colleague. As a fine arts teacher that is required to produce events, Mr. Calvin and his broadcasting team of students are incredibly willing and equipped to help promote and cover our events. Not only does is his work of great qualitiy, but it also has tremendous heart. I am consistently amazed at the exceptional work he leads his students to produce. Mr. Calvin is both compassionate to students’ needs and life situations, and passionate about his actions to attend to the needs of his students. He is truly deserving of this award.

Khary Williamson Posted 12 months ago

This is a man who has altered the trajectory of my life and I am forever grateful. He is all for his students and will push you to get the best out of you. I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this award.

Mishon Calvin Posted 12 months ago

Congrats Uncle Baba

Ruthie Calvin Posted 12 months ago

My dearest Grandson I'm so proud of you the way you have put everything into this program and the students.

Joyce Calvin-Harmon Posted 12 months ago

You deserve to be awarded for all of you hard work and dedication!

Joyce Calvin Posted 12 months ago

Congrats! You deserve it!

ST Davis Posted 12 months ago


Debby Clifton Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin has opened my sons eyes to a world that I don’t believe he knew existed! I’ve seen my son transform into a young man with the kind of confidence that I attribute to Mr.Calvin! I’m excited about my sons future because I know that when I talk to Mr.Calvin about Tommy’s future, he has nothing but wonderful things to say about him and the opportunities that he is excited to create for him! Marshonn is so deserving of this award for so many reasons that go beyond what he’s done for my son! I am very thankful for his presence in our community!

Kisha Strong Posted 12 months ago

Awesome job! I love seeing students and teachers excited about Broadcasting!

Gloria Cummings Posted 12 months ago

MARSHONN CALVIN has been inspirational and a go-getter since he was a child. (Way to go Marshonn)

Titavia Seymore Posted 12 months ago

You got this! Claim it in Jesus name!

j Edwards Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a great man who is always willing to help others succeed

Jer'Fonzo Smith Posted 12 months ago

Mr.calvin is a man who put's his student's first no matter what it is, I've witnessed with my own eyes him staying 4 to 5 hours after school hours just to help his students with whatever it is they need help with, he's a 100% committed to his students, and I'm not just saying this to make mr.calvin sound like this great man,I'm saying all these things because there true.This is a man who put his life on hold just for his students I remember one day in class mr.calvin was looking as if he was about to pass out he was sick to his stomach. Me and other student's was begging mr.calvin to go to the hospital he said and I quote " i'll go to the hospital when the show's finshed "at that moment I realized, how important we really were to him Mr.calvin is the most respected,honest, and noble man I know and wouldn't think twice about giving his last to one of his student and that's why I look up to him and made him my mentor. Mr.calvin is already talking about putting the prize money from this award in the program at our school. That right there show's That he thinks about us more than himself and his own personal needs and that why he deserve this award

Chasity Guy Posted 12 months ago

Thanks for all you do for our students, Mr. Calvin!

Richard Fisher Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a great teacher.

Ashleigh Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an awesome teacher and students love him!

Wanda Poindexter Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is very dedicated to his students. He works very hard to insure their work is high quality.

Judith Gonzalez Posted 12 months ago

Great Job !!

Humbertina Gonzalez Posted 12 months ago

You deserve it !!

Jasmine Gonzalez Posted 12 months ago

You're amazing !!!

DeMarcia Reed Posted 12 months ago

great job calvin we love you

Je'lynn Jones Posted 12 months ago

Grrrrrreeeaaaaat Joooobbbbb!!!!!!!!

Remiello thomas Posted 12 months ago


keturah Posted 12 months ago

You have always came through for me, i love you

J Spencer Posted 12 months ago

Your amazing! I love you!

darielle taylor Posted 12 months ago

love youu ??

Elisha,Gwyn Posted 12 months ago

love you <3

Jasmine Gonzalez Posted 12 months ago

Wuuuuuu , you deserve it , wuuu !! Great Job !! Wish you the best !!! <3

DeMarcia Reed Posted 12 months ago

Calvin is a great teacher and he deserves this award. Go Caivin

Arjasha Posted 12 months ago

LETS CALVIN LETS GO !!!!!!!! GO CALVIN GO!! great job LUV U MEN !!!

mike simson Posted 12 months ago

he care so much for us and willing to help us in anyway

preston black Posted 12 months ago

he is amazing he is one of most helpful teacher i have met i hope he wins he needs is

Chelsey Sims Posted 12 months ago

I love Mr. Calvin! He's been nothing but a father figure in my life. I appreciate all he's done and hope that he continues to inspire others as he does me.

Marvin Posted 12 months ago

I very respectable man I real father figure

Ron Williams Posted 12 months ago

Very hard worker

Mike Jordan Posted 12 months ago

He works hard to make sure his students have a good future

John Byers Posted 12 months ago

Best teacher EVER!!!!!!

tyler fleming Posted 12 months ago

I believe Mr. calvin should win this reward because he is a really good teacher .

Verdo Young Posted 12 months ago

I believe Mr. Calvin Deserves this award because everyday he works hard to push his students to their full potential

leandra cooper Posted 12 months ago

Greatest and realist teacher, thats down to earth and understanding.

kenny harris Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been a role model to me and is someone I have started to look up to. He is such a positive influence to me and I am grateful, as a student to have had him as a teacher. Truly has a passion for his students. Inspiration to me.

Kimberly Greer Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an awesome teacher and mentor. He goes over and beyond to provide his students with real-life experiences that can be used later in life!

LaDell Beamon Posted 12 months ago

This brother is the truth. Absolute key factor in bringing the best out of youth. Hes a family man and he dedication to God reflects in his service to us all.

Katherine Watkins Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a legendary educator who has made a profound impact in the lives of students at MCHS. He gives freely of his time and expertise, and students of diverse backgrounds and ability levels consistently respond to his compassionate leadership. He always has a smile on his face and never fails to brighten the day of students and staff with his uplifting conversation. I truly feel blessed to call Marshonn Calvin my friend and colleague. He is such an asset to Millington Central High School and deserves to be recognized for the value of his service.

Jenae Blake Posted 12 months ago

I believe Mr. Calvin is worthy of this award. He continues to inspire all of his students and helps us pursue our dreams. It would be only fitting if we help him pursue his own.

Andy Posted 12 months ago

Great work being done by this great teacher!

John swain Posted 12 months ago

Greatest teacher ive ever been taught by

nicholas hutcheson Posted 12 months ago

LET'S GO CALVIN! You can win it.

Matthew Copeland Posted 12 months ago

CALVIN THE G.O.A.T. well deserved for the G.O.A.T.

Colby Posted 12 months ago

Calvin is one of my favorite teachers he works so hard and is so very dedicated to his work and changing lives

Tora Jenkins /Essence Tax Solution Posted 12 months ago

Here is my vote..and you deserve it ..

Joy Mbachi Posted 12 months ago

Yea , is time to pay back to hard worker , i truly believe that Marshonn Calvin deserves this one in time honor

Chiquita Qualls Posted 12 months ago

Congrats Marshonn! You definitely deserve to be honored as Life Changer of the year. Great job my friend.

LGreene Posted 12 months ago

Keep up the AMAZING work

Shumekia Swain Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is a great teacher My son truly enjoyed being in his class. I am grateful for his passion in teaching and sharing his gift with our kids. I pray God continues to bless him as he blesses others

Maurice Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is an inspirational teacher. He educates the youth on utilizing what you have to attain the potential that he knows you have. He's dedicated to the program as long he can aid any individual yearning for change.

Maurice Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is an inspirational teacher. He educates the youth on utilizing what you have to attain the potential that he knows you have. He's dedicated to the program as long he can aid any individual yearning for change.

Cody Friga Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin have my vote

Larry lane Posted 12 months ago

Much love Mr Calvin keep up the work and I love to see u persevere and drive

Letavious Vester Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is a great person & he always has the right words to say. He is my favorite teacher & is the best teacher.

Jim Hogan Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has really made a impact on my son. His enthusiasm for his work and his encouragement to his students is noteworthy.

Gena Ann Parker Posted 12 months ago

Calvin deserves this award. His only goal is to impact students in any way shape or form. Whether it's a personal conversation, or just a "Hey" in the hallway, Mr. Calvin is always there.

Gena Ann Parker Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has taught me to work hard and put everything into everything that I do. He deserves this award and will only use it for the students and the glory of God.

Letavious Vester Posted 12 months ago

The best teacher I know & my favorite teacher. He is a good person & a wonderful teacher.

Jaqueline Alaniz Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an expression of the divine. He has been my mentor since I started high school. His endless endeavor to make sure all of his students are successful in whatever they chose in life is truly selfless and extremely inspiring. If there’s, anyone who deserves this, it’s him. Thank you for talking to me on my bad days and passing your words of wisdom to me, checking up on me, pushing me do to my best, and always being there. Thank you.

Jason Williams Posted 12 months ago

Deserves All The Blessings In The World Everybody Go Vote For Mr.Calvin!!!

Ryan Garcia Posted 12 months ago

Finally, mr. Calvin gets nominated for something.

Magan Posted 12 months ago

You care when other people don't. Thank you for being here for me and helping me through my hard times. I appreciate every thing you do for me and the kids in Trojan Tv

Earl Thigpen Posted 12 months ago


Madison Maple Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He always goes out of his way to make sure we are doing our best! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!

B. Gates Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is a great leader for our students and has a powerful vision for their futures. We are thankful to have him at Millington.

Sherry Lane Posted 12 months ago

I owe nothing but gratitude to Mr Calvin. It was God's will for us to meet that 1st day of school at MCHS. My son Christian took his program all 4 yrs of high school. I told Mr Calvin it might be difficult but he stated that with God all things are possible. He was patient, kind, loving and treated all of his students equally. He never have up on my son. My son came out of high school and produced our church commercial which aired on local TV stations. That is LIFE CHANGING!!! HE IS a mentor & a role model at the highest level. A man who practices his christian beliefs. He is the true definition of a LIFECHANGER and Noone deserves it more. Sherry Lane

Cynthia Cole Posted 12 months ago

I've know Mr. Calvin, Marshonn to me, since his student days at Rust College and am very proud of him and his achievements. He has always been a positive person with a pleasing disposition. He is a humble and kind person who truly deserves to receive this honor.

Mike Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is doing an amazing work for the children of so many. His work and selfless effort should be rewarded as he embodies the definition of “Lifechanger”. Great Job and I am extremely proud of you!!! May God’s blessings continue to rest upon you.

Christopher Welch Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has been a mentor and father figure in my life for several years now. His passion for his students to succeed, not just in school but in life, goes above and beyond anyone else. I couldn’t think of anyone else more worthy of this award! You have my vote!

John Calvin Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin definitely deserves this honor. His dedication, hard work, and passion for what he does shows when you take a look at his body work throughput the many years of success teaching and mentoring students. He has my vote!

Elaine Thomas Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations Marshonn...and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Doretha Turner Posted 12 months ago

He got my vote!!! He comes from a great family. I should know. Way to go nephew!!

Tim Calvin Posted 12 months ago

Being nominated by a former student is a testament to the impact Marshonn has on his students. He is a great role model and "life changer" for his family, friends and students. He would be very deserving of this award.

Cartrell spencer Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has touched so many lives while on his class he made you feel as if you're not a student but you're working ur family when there. We have had a great experience and he is one of the few that when he says he loves his students HE LOVES HIS STUDENTS a great man who deserves all the accolades giving to him congrats Mr. Calvin

Connie McCracklin Posted 12 months ago

Congrats Marshonn! You deserve it Sir!

Mark Healy Posted 12 months ago

Great individual. Makes a difference in his students lives each and every day.

DeMill Dixon Posted 12 months ago

As a fellow educator I enjoy hearing the love that Mr Calvin has of giving back and guiding students through teaching and mass comm.

James Offlee Posted 12 months ago

Wonderful teacher even better man!

Howard wills Posted 12 months ago

I vote for my friend and brother marshonn Calvin

Linda Dixon Posted 12 months ago

I'm voting for the man who have the heart to instruct the next generation. He is the perfect role model for our youth.

Ulanda Vivian Fulford Posted 12 months ago

I’ve known Mr. Marshonn Calvin for a very long time period of time and he has a huge heart. He always been very wise and passionate. Very self driven and is willing to go the extra mile for anyone that he comes across. He is one that once you have met him, he will make an imprint not only on your mind, but on your heart. I know how passionate Mr.Calvin is about his students, his community and his family. He is more than deserving of this award and more.

Juanita Cummings Posted 12 months ago

Awesome and ambitious man. He goes above and beyond not only for his family but also his work in which he is very passionate. He deserves this recognition and this award!!!

Juanita Cummings Posted 12 months ago

Awesome and ambitious man. He goes above and beyond not only for his family but also his work in which he is very passionate. He deserves this recognition and this award!!!

Adrienne Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations, you deserve this award!

verneeda mccall Posted 12 months ago

Such a great and dedicated man. He is the type of person that enjoys helping others succeed in their goals. I vote for Marshonn Calvin.

matthew copeland Posted 12 months ago

marshonn s calvin is a wonderful teacher that cares about his students i vote for calvin.

Coach Aaron Hudson Posted 12 months ago

What can I say about Mr. Calvin. He could be on my team any day.why because Mr.Calvin leaves it all on the court.With each student he teaches and shares with them like it's the Superbowl, NBA Championship,World series, PGA, The Big game (you get it) CONGRATULATIONS in Advance. Eph3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly.......

Andrew bland Posted 12 months ago

I vote for Mr Marshonn Calvin

Vicki Everett Posted 12 months ago

I have had the privilege of knowing Marshonn Calvin and his family for over 17 years. His wife, Tamela and I have worked together for over 17 years. They have been a blessing to my family and I. I have seen Marhonn rise to challenges in his life and career with a positive and determined mind-set, purservering even through some very difficult challenges, while still accomplishing outstanding achievements where he has been publically recognized; additionally, shining a bright light and bringing recognition to Millington Central High School and the Memphis Area, through many awards he and his students have won. Because of Marshonn's desire is not only to teach the students; but to encourage, lend a helping hand, mentor, train, lead, to help prepare them for a career to be able to "succeed in their lives", numerous students lives have been empacted. Many of his student have attested to the fact that it was because of Mr. Calvin's impact on their lives, they have graduated, gone to college and have successful careers and "Yes,"he is absolutely a "life changer." Marshonn Calvin should definitely receive "Life Changer of the Year Award!"

A. Allen Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an outstanding role model for all of our students. Great leader, brags daily about his family as a loving husband, father, son, and brother. Mr. Calvin is a Great Teacher, mentor, and gives continuously to our students here at MCHS!!! You couldn’t find a more deserving person to accept this award!!! Way to go Mr. Calvin we are truly PROUD TO CALL YOU A CO-WORKER & FRIEND!!!

METRICE CALVIN Posted 12 months ago

I am voting for Marshonn Calvin because he is the best role model, mentor, and teacher a child could ever have.

Stanton Brown Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is a great family man and mentor. He never turned his back on a student and if you showed the effort, he would go the mile with you. He also took pride in showing students that there is more to attain in life than the immediate joys in your environment. Thank you Mr. Calvin and I hope you win.

Cliff Pickell Posted 12 months ago

The real winners are the kids that get to learn under Marshonn Calvin. He is a wealth of knowledge not only in the field of broadcasting & media, but in life.

Georgette Farmer Posted 12 months ago

Having you on the team makes a huge difference.

Amy Speropoulos Posted 12 months ago

This is truly an incredible teacher, community leader and inspiration for everyone in and around our community. The work he is doing now and has done is amazing. The World is better thanks to Mr. Marshonn Calvin, his love for our community, his students and the Broadcast industry in general!

Stan Bell Posted 12 months ago

Way to go Mr. Calvin. Stay committed to the cause of educating our students. It's all about enhancing their lives and careers. You do it well. Best wishes!

Amy Ingram Posted 12 months ago

I am a fellow teacher of Mr. Calvin at Millington Central High School. I am witness of his tireless efforts to help better each student he comes in contact with at MCHS. He is dedicated to his students and his craft. He takes the time to invest in each student on not only a professional level, but also a personal level. I can not think of a better candidate for the Life Changer award.

Shaun Dawson Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin has impacted my life in a tremendous way. He is always encouraging me and other students to always exceed our own expectations. He encourages us to step outside our comfort zone and do things that we have never done before.

Chad Simcox Posted 12 months ago

It's wonderful to read how Mr. Calvin has been able to build a foundation for so many young lives; establishing a work ethic, serving as a strong role model, putting others before self, and instilling the confidence needed for personal success when facing any life goals. Congratulations on a job well done, you have established the roots for a grand tree to grow strong, branch out, and flourish.

Ana Hawkins Posted 12 months ago

Great colleague to work with.

Melvina Brown Posted 12 months ago

I am voting for Mr. Marshonn Calvin for LifeChanger of the year.

Dawn Piper Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin does an awesome job with MCHS's Broadcasting program. His standards are high and the students are willing to meet those standards in order to be a part of his class/program. Oftentimes, the students stay after school countless hours to work on interviews, stories, filming etc. and they love it. Each week his students create and produce Trojan T.V., which is always a hit because it touches on the interests of the students and school while connecting all of it to the news, society, and the world. Mr. Calvin is a class act and so many of his students are following in his footsteps! He deserves this honor!

Victoria Berry Posted 12 months ago

Awesome teacher! I vote for Mr. Calvin!

Jocelyn Posted 12 months ago

Goes above and beyond!

Belinda Jackson Posted 12 months ago

Marsh inn Calvin, gets my vote!

TaMia Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin is an old teacher of mine and he is an inspiration to students at MCHS. He went out of his way to help us in any way, shape or form and it is greatly appreciated.

Marquisa Bennett Posted 12 months ago

Here’s my vote....Keep being an Inspiration to our Youth and a positive Role Model in their lives!

Vanecia Posted 12 months ago

Kudos Marshon! Much Deserved!

Heather Bosi Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn Calvin deserves this award. As a former student, I believe that he's gone above and beyond, not only for those who have taken his class but outside as well. When students lack a direction, he's there to help them find their way. When students lack the confidence, he helps them shine. When students are dealing with life struggles, he lends them an ear and reminds them that someone cares. The patience and understanding he shows has no bounds. He truly inside his heart wants to help make a difference in the lives of his students. And it's not just about being someone they can turn to, but Marshonn Calvin also holds them accountable for their actions with a 'tough love' approach. Its not about getting onto them for waiting last second to turn in their work, but about teaching them why time management is a necessity to survive as an adult. He extends his hours, dedicating his time to the students to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed. The possibilities in this life are endless and if anyone deserves the LifeChanger of the Year award for impacting their students lives, it should be Marshonn Calvin.

Ella Everette Posted 12 months ago

I'm casting my vote for the one and only, Mr. Marshonn Calvin. Thank you! Ella Everette

Jeff McKnight Posted 12 months ago


Austin Brewer Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin most definitely deserves this award. As a former student of his, I can truly say that he has positively influenced me throughout my high school career and even into my professional career. He is a man of good moral character, passion, honesty, and so much more. Mr. Calvin was a father that I was never able to have and I am surely grateful that people like him exist. He surely does teach his students the content of his classes as well as how to prepare for the real world. He's given me opportunities that I otherwise would've never had in high school such as attending trips to learn how to edit and compose online videos among other things. He is truly a blessing towards anyone that he comes into contact with. Good luck to you Mr. Calvin.!

Princess Daniels Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Calvin is an amazing leader and educator. He's the reason I got a degree in film productions. Great man and role model for younger generations. He let us all know we could be sucessful if we work hard and put are mind to it.

Taylor Posted 12 months ago

Me.Calvin is an amazing instructor and person! Wish you luck, Taylor.

Beaujean Cummings-Fisher Posted 12 months ago

Well deserved!!!!

Jordan Long-Perez Posted 12 months ago

From day one of my high school career Mr. Calvin was one of my go-to people and one of my supporters! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and he is there for every student that walks into that classroom on the first day of school. My freshman year was 2010 and he is STILL. A supporter of mine and is still there when I need him to be. He always has great advice and always wants the absolute best for his students. He does what he can to get his students on trips to “real-world” broadcasting stations. He gives his students on hands learning and experience. Mr. Calvin is one of the best teachers I have had! He is most definitely worthy of this award!

sherry hassen Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Calvin is one awesome isn't Just a Teacher,he is a mentor,a kids(Steven & Alycia) had great experience always in his class and even after they both graduated he has continued to support my adult children in their lives.He truly cares for each and everyone of his students.Mr.Calvin Rocks??

Darlene Williams Posted 12 months ago

I support this nomination. Great man in every way, who truly deserves it!

Bev Hart Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations on your life work, and the impact you have had on others. Thank you for your service in teaching, and for keeping the broadcasting fire burning for new generations.

Edward Jones Posted 12 months ago

You deserve it!

Regina Beach Posted 12 months ago

Hère's my vote.

Kym Clsrk Posted 12 months ago

Marshonn is SO deserving of this honor!

Barron Martin Posted over a year ago

It has been my great pleasure to know Mr Calvin for 3 years as of A Mentor and broadcasting teacher for Millington High School and as a extremely personable Man.

Deloris Turner-Watts Posted over a year ago

Marshonn may God continue to bless you. So very proud of you . congratulations.

Kendrick Jefferson Posted over a year ago

That’s awesome to be able to impart into the youth.

Christina Mosley Posted over a year ago

A very deserving person!! His life and work he has done speaks for him in high volume!

Kayla Dawson Posted over a year ago

He is an amazing person. Great to talk too. I believe he is great for this. He is my number 1 teacher !??

Ivana Thigpen Posted over a year ago

Well deserved!

Marshonn Calvin Posted over a year ago

Definitely a life changer in my life and to others and I feel as though he’s well deserved on excepting this nomination.

Michelle Combs Posted over a year ago

Mr. Calvin is an outstanding role model for all of his students. Great leader, husband, father, son, and brother.

Dana Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, I hope you win you deserve it.

Kristen Posted over a year ago

Love you Mr.Calvin

Mildred Buchanna Posted over a year ago

This is one of the hardest working man I know. He really do care and love everyone of his students like his own.

Delbert Crossley Posted over a year ago

I'm extremely proud of you little Cuz! Everything you have accomplished only happens through hard work,dedication,perseverance and great mentors along the way.Stay committed and focused! Great things are in store for you and your family. Love you boy!

Keena Wells Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! It is so well deserved!

Karlecia Dockery Posted over a year ago

When I tell y’all this man right here has made my senior year the best year so far, I probably wouldn’t be doing things I’m doing now. He has me continuing to keep God by faith and I appreciate him for being my teacher this year. Going out with a bang! Love your Mr. Calvin. !??

Joyce Calvin-Harmon Posted over a year ago

Marshonn is my oldest child. I was a teenage mother and I continue to thank God for blessing me with him. I'm so proud of all the accomplishments he's made throughout the years. He is and always has been very dedicated to helping others! Especially the students that are in his program. He gives all he has to his students and his program. Not only being an instructor, but also a motivator. He is truely a LifeChanger!

Joseph Rockett Posted over a year ago

Mashonn was raised in a close extended family with many relatives and friends. Both family and friends provided him with leadership and love. He has a strong desire to give back and young children has been his focus. He has excellent skills in building positive relationships.

Melvin moody Posted over a year ago

mr.Calvin it great man who will help anybody in world he also love kids and help them to be a better person in there life if u got questions he got the answer for u keep up with the good work u do mr.calvin

Tamela Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mr. Calvin for over 20 years! He is a man of integrity and has a heart to serve our children. He’s always gone above and beyond to mentor them, feed them, and counsel them. He’s spent his summer vacation taking students on job interviews helping with job applications. He’s truly 1 in a Million!

William Thomason Posted over a year ago

When I first met Mr. Calvin he instantly became an inspiration to me. He is unlike any other teacher I have ever met. He doesn’t do his job for the money or the recognition but instead for his students. He reminds us that not matter your race, age, background or history you can do anything you set your mind to. He never tells anyone that they can’t do anything but instead everything that he or she has a passion for. He encourages us to go above and beyond and to never stop. Mr. Calvin reminds me of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he tells us to not hold back and to give it all we have. He is peaceful and calm like Dr. King but yet he is powerful in his speech and his beliefs. And he is just as much of an encouragement and a leader as Dr. King. He has change others lives and influenced a change in not only our community but also in the hearts and minds of his students. He has personally changed my life in ways no one could ever understand all for the better.

Sequoia Finney Posted over a year ago

I vote for Marshonn Calvin!

Wayne C. Kelly II Posted over a year ago

I Knew This Brotha, During His Rust College Era. He Is A Good Man, With A Passion Towards Growing, And Expanding.

Luke Sadler Posted over a year ago

Mr Calvin is definitely deserving of this award for all he has done to be a positive influence in the lives of students for the past decade. I know numerous students that have graduated and still say he was their favorite teacher and gave them a love and passion for broadcasting and journalism. I hope he wins.

Juanita Posted over a year ago

Awesome Marshon!!!! Continued success

Jessica Tackett Posted over a year ago

This honorable award is very much deserved once again as I previous state.

Makeyla Calvin Posted over a year ago

I think Marshonn should be awarded Lifechanger of the year. He’s a very dedicated teacher and he has touched so many lives.

Marcus Strother Posted over a year ago

Amazing!! Absolutely amazing!!

Rod Starns Posted over a year ago

Congrats to Mr. Calvin! He's a great guy, and this is a well-deserved nomination!

Sir Huey Bo Bo II Posted over a year ago

Awesome Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 Thanks for sharing your humble spirit Marshonn Calvin You got this. Sir Huey Bo Bo II

Janesha Cade Posted over a year ago

I wouldn’t found my love and passion of filmmaking. He elevated my craft and encoureged me never to give up on my dreams and I could never show the amount of appreciation I have. When I went through the lost of my dad he came in and never gave up on me and got on me to do better and helped used the show and that broadcasting program to help me cope. Through that I had so many doors open for me and actually found what God has called me to do. He not only deserves this but he deserves every blessing he has in stored for him for the sacrifices and dedication he had for his students and the program.