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Brent Damery

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: McClernand Elementary School
School District: Springfield Public Schools District 186
City, State: Springfield, IL

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Brent Damery's nominator wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Damery is one of the most positive people you will ever meet! Every year, when the nominator talks to him about how the school year is going, he always says, "It's going to be the best year yet!" Mr. Damery works in a school that is not in the best area of the city, but he absolutely loves it, and always feels like he is making a difference. He is an educator who never gives up, no matter what.

Every year, during parent/teacher conferences, he and his wife make favors for parents and students. He does this as an extra incentive to encourage parents to go to these conferences, and he has increased the number of parents who attend. Mr. Damery is also a very active participant in all school activities. He believes in teaching manners and instills this in all his students. He is a strong disciplinarian, and is the positive male role model that students need in their life.

For one of his birthdays, Mr. Damery went around the community of Springfield "paying it forward," anonymously leaving various gifts at different businesses around town. It was for his 33rd birthday, and he did 33 random acts of kindness around town. Several former students have gone back to let him know how much he has influenced their lives in a positive way.

"I truly believe that he was born to do this job," the nominator said. "I can't imagine him ever doing anything else. He loves it so!"