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Randy Turney

Position: Principal
School: Grandview Elementary School
School District: Elk City Public Schools
City, State: Elk City, OK

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Randy Turney was nominated by a colleague, Brenda Morgan.

Mr. Turney is a difference maker. He squeezes the most out of each and every day to give the most to the students he serves at Grandview Elementary. Mr. Turney has been a part of the Grandview staff for 15 years, starting as a special education teacher for nine years before serving as a site principal.

Mr. Turney leads by example by working in the trenches with staff members to ensure that students have access to the very best learning opportunities. He doesn't stop there, though. Mr. Turney also serves as the district 504 coordinator, helping students (PreK-Seniors) and their families to find access to services that will ensure student success, not only in the district, but as students move on to colleges or vocational schools across the state. On any given day, Mr. Turney can be found serving food in the cafeteria and spending time getting to know students on a personal level.

"Mr. Turney takes pride in knowing students by name and in helping families feel welcome and valued at our school," Morgan said. "Always a professional, he makes a difference in the lives of students, staff, families, and his community every single day."

Comments (30)

Julie Adkinson Posted over a year ago

Randy is a life changer. I have known him for many years and he gives 100% whatever the task. He is an encourager to ever person he comes in contact with.

Gay Jones Posted over a year ago

Mr Turney keeps up with social media, adding pictures and comments of his students successes. He seems to think of FUN, CHALLENGING ways to get the student body excited about school. He could be found in a dunk tank or mask taped to a wall, anything that gets the students enjoying the educational process and WANTING to come to school. I try to keep up with him because his hometown is where I live. I hope he is your pick for life changer of the year. Mr Turney IS a life changer for many students no doubt!!!

Jennifer Rainey Posted over a year ago

Randy has been such a positive influence in my girls lives! I know he will be someone that they will always look up to, respect and admire! The way he has been able to relate to his students and staff is amazing to me! I know my daughter, who just promoted out of Grandview, has moved on with a little different look on things because of him. I think she's more understanding and aware of the way certain things can affect and change a persons life. I couldn't ask for a better principal for our kids. He truly cares about each and every one of them and his staff. I don't believe he is in education for a career, but he was placed here to forever leave a positive impression on the people he meets.

Grace Harrison Posted over a year ago

Mr.Turney is my daughter principal and every time I have had a problem he comes up with a quick solution and always verry polite we couldn't ask for a better principal!!! Thanks Mr.Turney

Michelle Posted over a year ago

Randy is a life changer in and out of the education field. I first hand have experienced the love and dedication Randy has for everyone! He is always the first to show up to help with all events in any form possible and I promise he will be the last to leave too. He never falls short in going the extra mile whether it's making a student feel important and empowered or in helping organize food trains for sick community members. He is always there to encourage others to find the best in themselves that he sees long before they do. He spends countless hours trying to make sure every job, activity, and school day goes perfect. If for some reason something falls short of perfect, you can bet Randy will be there to help correct any problem in any form he needs to take. No one is more of a life changer than Randy Turney!

Rhonda Vaught Posted over a year ago

Randy has been a good friend of mine for many years. He's a good egg. A most honorable man. No one more deserving of this award than Randy Turney. We're rooting for you.

Tammie James Posted over a year ago

I've known Randy all of his life. Even at a young age, he knew he wanted to be a life changer. His career started out as a classroom special education teacher and worked his way up to principal of Grandview Elementary. Randy deals with his own health issues but he is the first to organize a food drive for a sick employee. Even through all that, Randy remains stead fast in his dedication to improving the life of everyone he comes into contact with. He has definitely been a life changer for a lot of people

Nikki Posted over a year ago

Mr Turney has always gone above and beyond. I had one of my sons have very bad stomach issues and i always had to pull him from school at least once or twice in a week. When we finally got to see a specialist i thought he would be ok and i got it under control. A couple of times he started in with his stomach hurting again. I went up there and talked to Mr. Turney about what wuz going on. We fixed the problem that day and he went in every so often for the next couple of weeks to his classes just to check on him and make sure he was ok. I was surprised someone would do that for him and i am very thankful he did. He is an awesome guy and looks out for all of his kids that go through those doors!!!

Angela Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr. Turney is not only an amazing educator but an amazing person. He was involved with all of my kids at some point in their school career. From being the 504 coordinator when my oldest was dealing the depression to my youngest girls principal. He always has a kind word for you any time you see him.

Tonya O'Brien Posted over a year ago

I know Mr. Turney is a life changer!! I have seen him at school involved with the teachers and students like no other principal. He treats them with respect, always has a smile and kind word, and is full of encouragement! Outside of school he is friendly and kind to those he comes in contact with. My daughter recently started at his school and struggled with the change. Not only did his staff treat us so kind and worked with her on the transition, but he would make sure to help her feel welcome and go out of his way to check on her throughout the day and give me report on how she was adjusting. He has gone above and beyond to make our family feel welcome not only in the school but the town!! Great individual with a wonderful positive attitude!!! I can see lives changed through the way he runs his school. Touching the lives of our next generation!

Emilie Posted over a year ago

Mrs Morgan, I totally agree with every thing you wrote! He's forsure far more than a principal! Nicley written!

Wendy Posted over a year ago

Grandview is amazing school and I feel like the main reason why it is cause of Mr. Turney. He just brings happiness to the whole school. He has made a difference in my kids life. I have still have one more year with Mr. Turney. This will be my 4th year and I will be sad that I won't have another kid to have him as a principal.

Sonia Posted over a year ago

He was my daughter Adriana Armendariz principal for two years I know she's a pain and I know he will remember her but he was very nice to her all the time this upcoming year my son fabian Armendariz will have him has a principal and I hope he learns to love him like my daughter did he has been the best principal my kids have had in my opinion he's the best god bless him always and take care of him good job Mr.Turney you are the best thanks for everything you do for our kids

Robin Word Posted over a year ago

I have witnessed first hand how special Mr. Turney treats every student he has any interaction with. He is kind, he is patient, and he is fun! He will step in and help anywhere that help is needed. He also treats his teachers wonderfully. He makes sure they have a work place that they enjoy coming to every day. Every school would be a better place if it had a Mr. Turney!!

Courtney LeGrand Posted over a year ago

A great leader in our community!!

Rebecca Basgall Posted over a year ago

This man is an absolute God send for our education system in Elk City!! The very best school that our child has ever attended thanks to Mr. Turney!!

Traci Morgan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Turney is the best! Not only does he know each student by name, he also knows each students' strengths and passions and how they can use those to excel, both in the classroom and in student clubs or activities. He knows his kids because he genuinely cares about each one of them. He is their biggest cheerleader, never missing an extracurricular event or activity. He is a phenomenal administrator, extremely supportive of and a great encourager to his staff, a developer of leaders, and a true champion for his students. He loves being an educator and makes school a fun, creative place to learn!

Cindi Scheuerman Posted over a year ago

I enthusiastically support this very deserved nomination. Mr. Turney has been, and continues to be, a wonderful influence in the lives of my children and our family. He has a sincere love and concern for everyone he meets and continuously strives to make their lives happy, healthy and successful.

Billie Martinez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Turney is amazing! We don't know what we would have done without him this last year! My son was struggling in a few subjects and Mr. Turney made sure to get him caught up. Truly amazing and helpful. He loves each and every one on his "kids"! Thank You Mr. Turney

Melissa Posted over a year ago

Mr. Turney is nothing less than amazing. He makes sure every student feels welcomed, loved, and wanted in his school. He's everyone's biggest fan.

Dana Reinschmiedt Posted over a year ago

There is not one person that I can think of that is more deserving for such an outstanding award. He has more heart and compassion for his students and faculty along with his family than anyone I know! He lives a full busy life but never takes it for granted! He will be the first to lend a hand and keep lending to anyone that he can encourage or help better them!!

Jeff and Tammy McDowell Posted over a year ago

This guy is the real deal! I have never been more impressed!!! His door and his heart are always open. He gives 100% to the students, staff and the parents. We are so thankful for this man and could not be prouder to have him at Elk City!!!!

Susan Bales Posted over a year ago

Incredible and selfless man who obviously loves the career he has chosen. Wish we had many more like him.

Glenna Mahl Posted over a year ago

Mry. Turney is a life changer for the children that need it most. As a grandparent raising a very mild mannered quiet young man, Mr. Turney reached out to this little guy and helped him to feel comfortable and special in a strange new world. Mr. T teased him, laughed with him, and asked him for his help all the while drawing this quiet young man from the depths of shyness, Mr. T had a way with making my grandchild feel special and valued. He lets the kids know that they deserve respect and he gives them the respect they deserve. He knows each child by name, recognizes the parents of the child and takes the time and energy to understand the home life and background of his students. If we could clone Mr. T and put him into every grade school, middle school and high school in the nation, how lucky this world would be! We would have an overflow of college graduates because they would have been cherished by a mentor and not just herded through school like cattle! Mr. T doesn't stand alone. He encourages and leads by example to his teachers making Grandview Elementary a wonderful environment for kids at a hard age while they transition from childhood to young adults. .

Katie Delaney Posted over a year ago

I have known him most all of his life, and I can say he is one of the best! Comes from a great family!

Brandon Totman Posted over a year ago

He made it joyable to come to school. He made learning fun. He is the best principal that I have ever had and I miss him.

Becky Storm Posted over a year ago

I am a mother of six kids, two of which have graduated. I have known Randy Turney for many of his teaching years. Before he became a principal, I remarked to people that he was very special and was going somewhere. Up the ladder he went. My children have been blessed having Randy as their principal. I have never respected a principal as much as I do him. He interacts with every child, and every child is special to him. He is a wonderful communicator, be it the informational app or notes sent home. That is a big deal to working parents. He has a calming presence that resonates through all that work in his building and all that attend school in his building. I am sad I only have one more child that will be blessed enough to have Randy as his principal. I have never known a better principal as I went through school or my children. Thank you, Becky Storm

RTurney Posted over a year ago

Wow! What nice words! Thank you so much, Mrs. Morgan! I am beyond blessed to do the thing I love as my career and so extremely grateful for the many wonderful people I have the opportunity to work and play with every day! Thanks and thanks again!!

Sonia Posted over a year ago

He was my daughter Adriana Armendariz principal for two years I know she's a pain and I know he will remember her but he was very nice to her all the time this upcoming year my son fabian Armendariz will have him has a principal and I hope he learns to love him like my daughter did he has been the best principal my kids have had in my opinion he's the best god bless him always and take care of him good job Mr.Turney you are the best thanks for everything you do for our kids

Jessi caswell Posted over a year ago

Honestly I could not think of a better person to be chosen for this award!! Both of my children have gone through Grandview school and he is a wonderful teacher, leader, role model and all of the above as far as I'm concerned!! He is an example of someone that truly loves his job and is very passionate about what he does. He would be perfect for this award