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Randall Deich

Position: STEM Coordinator
School: Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED School
School District: Broward County School District
City, State: Lauderhill , FL

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Randall Deich as nominated by his colleague, Darien Lovett.

Finding your bliss and turning that passion into the driving force of lifelong learning, is a quality Mr. Deich has as an educator. It is a habit of mind he instills in his students, his peers, and the rest of the school community.

Having resided in Broward County for almost five decades and worked as a school board educator in Broward for 25 years, Mr. Deich has made a massive impact in the district, yet it is what he has accomplished at Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED that has the largest footprint on his community. Four years ago, he volunteered to enter a triple F school that was repurposed to turn around a failing culture. A challenging middle school was now a 6th through 12th grade combo school that needed immediate assistance.

Mr. Deich designed and delivered an original Computer Science (CS) program that focused on building coding skills, student mentoring, and authentic work experiences in the community. His CS program, which includes events, activities, competitions, professional development, and coaching, has taken Lauderhill’s students from a starting point of zero knowledge and skills to job ready within two years. Students who participated in his CS program received instruction that played to each student’s strengths.

Within two years, Lauderhill 6-12 students have been recognized nationally for video game development, mobile app development and HTML/CSS application. The community has recognized their value by offering work-related experiences, business and tech mentorships, and paid coding jobs. The impact of Mr. Deich's work at Lauderhill 6-12 has influenced the attitude and aspirations of current students and stakeholders. He has changed the perception of external partners and community members, and has turned around the culture of his school.

Mr. Deich's leadership in creating a nurturing environment has been a model of professionalism at the highest level. He has turned around a school’s culture for both high school and middle school students using gaming, computer science, and mentoring. Mr. Deich has recognized that the popular game Minecraft builds students’ leadership, one block at a time.  Through a mentoring program of Mr. Deich's design, students gained experience working effectively as part of a team, learning the value for discovering, quality, and pride.

As a participant of Minecraft for Innovation, his mentoring program, high school students at Lauderhill 6-12 have adopted the same vison of the School Board of Broward County – “educating today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.” They wanted to teach elementary and middle school students and prepare them to be job market ready for the high-tech industry. Lauderhill 6-12 high school students have committed their summer to assist economically disadvantaged students to learn Minecraft and to step closer to this vision.

While attending Minecraft for Innovation, students used their imaginations to build, create and explore within the famous gaming world of Minecraft. They also competed in Minecraft battles and completed challenges that are aligned with the Florida Standards to reinforce students’ skills in science, social studies and mathematics. As a participant, students applied their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to complete tasks and activities specially designed around concepts being taught in their classrooms. Students who attended Randall’s program gained experience working effectively as part of a team discovered the value of problem solving, developed research skills, acquired presentation skills, collaboration skills and even reinforced curriculum that was taught in their classroom.

'Randall’s vision is the spark where content becomes experience," Lovett said. "Where thoughts become tangible. Where students own learning. Where failure becomes opportunity. Where virtual walls break down social barriers. Where laughter fills the room. Where empty seats are filled with happy children. To understand Randall Deich, you do not read about Randall Deich, you come to Lauderhill 6-12."

Comments (7)

Cynthia Fowler Posted over a year ago

Randall Deich is a results-driven educator and a high tech innovator. His professional dedication, vast knowledge-base, and growth mindset qualifies Randall to be recognized as a Life Changer.

Sunny & Samuel Steinberg Posted over a year ago

So proud of our nephew!! Just wish our grandchildren could benefit from his classes.

Susan Rose Posted over a year ago

Exciting, interactive programs that capture the imagination mold mind and change thinkings and assumptions. So proud of your accomplishments.

Linda Schwartz Posted over a year ago

It is not possible to find anyone more worthy of this award than Randall Deich!!!!

Shanese Posted over a year ago

I look back now at my first years at Lauderhill6-12.I was lost and had nobody to push me into the right direction. This all changed when I was later placed in Mr.Deich's class.He taught my class and I what it was to truly be hungry. What it meant to let the world know what you do and how you do it one competition at a time. I've met an abundance of different people, District members and business owners alike. None of that would have happened without this mans guidance. I can truthfully say thatches award would be well deserved. Mr.Deich is a life changer and classroom innovator.

Kevin Williams Posted over a year ago

I've been a volunteer partner with Mr. Deich for the past couple of years. Meeting with his students on Saturdays to get them interested in coding and technology in general. It’s plain to see the impact that he has on his students. As anyone whose spent time with children knows, they’ll lose patience with adults that aren't real with them or don’t have their best interest at heart. Mr. Deich has almost instant credibility from his students, because they know they can count on him to be sincere, they know he’ll be reasonable, and they know he’ll be fair. It’s with those bona fides that I’ve witnessed him to be a true life changer for his students.

JILL DEICH Posted over a year ago

Randall's vision is to always think of his students as his own children. He always places his students first and is always looking for new paths for them to walk. attend one of his classes and you will see eager students hungry to learn.