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Cedric Lenox

Position: Special Education Social Studies Teacher
School: Benjamin Franklin High School
School District: School District of Philadelphia
City, State: Philadelphia , PA

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Cedric Lenox was nominated by a former student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Lenox is an inspirer, an empower and a Hope Dealer who works to better the lives of his students on a daily basis. The nominator had Mr. Lenox as his teacher during his junior year of high school, when he was teaching at Crystal River High in Florida.

"He opened my eyes to what I could be and what I could do in a way that I’ve never thought possible," the nominator said. "He took a kid from a rural town that seemed hopeless, and made him want to see the world and beyond. Mr. Lenox has been my hope dealer through high school and college. He always expresses his concerns and gives encouraging words to remind us that we can achieve absolutely anything, as long as we work hard and put our minds to it."

The nominator recalled a moment in Mr. Lenox's class when he passed out the first test. After everyone was finished, he made the class write the grade in which they thought they deserved on their own papers.

"Students wrote A, B, C and my silly self-put a C-," the nominator said. "The reason why I put a C- was because that was what I felt I deserved. Mr. Lenox took our class on a football field and told us never to downgrade ourselves and always go after what we wanted, whether it be a job, college, and even finding a partner. Still today, I never forgot that lesson, and this is the reason why he was one of my favorite teachers."

"I graduated high school six years ago, and to this day, Mr. Lenox is a mentor and tremendous role model," the nominator continued. "He has made a difference in not only life but lives of many others and has inspired me to become a teacher to spread that inspiration for generations to come. I have appreciated all of his help and giving me hope in my dreams."

Comments (50)

David Walker Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, He is an awesome teacher and he made learning so fun. He deserve this award :)

Adam Power Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, I am very happy for you. You have changed my life and I know you have changed so many students lives. Congrats

Sean Brown Posted over a year ago

Mr. Cedric You bring a smile to everyone with your positive attitude and laugh. Always stay true to yourself for your hard work and dedication to students everywhere. Congrats

Roy Carter Posted over a year ago

Cedric I am so proud of you. I remember you when you were a little kid in 4-H and you have a heart for kids. I am not surprised you got this honor. Keep changing the world my friend.

Amy Miller Posted over a year ago

Cedric, You have an amazing personality that lights up the any room. You have a heart like gold to change so many lives. Congrats

Billy Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox has change my life and I thank God that he was my teacher. Thank you and you deserve this award.

Lisa Adams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, I am so proud of you and keep shaping lives. You Rock as teacher.

Olesha Bowers Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of you son. I always know that keep pushing to your dreams. Love you

Roderick Woodard Posted over a year ago

Cedric, You are an excellent teacher, and you inspire me to keep going in the pursuit of teaching. Stop strong, hold your head up, and never let anyone stop you from reaching your dream. I am so proud of you.

Dr. Brittany Addison Posted over a year ago

Cedric, It has been fun working with you each day. Your smile and personality brightens in every classroom. Keep molding dreams. Congrats and I am proud of you.

Coby Powers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, That Laugh :) You provide a bright spot in everyones day . Keep been a such a positive teacher for each of your students. Thank you for changing my life.

Thomas Brown Posted over a year ago

Cedric, I love your energy. You are great with the kids. Keep it up and Congrats.

Sue Wilson Posted over a year ago

Cedric, You have been absolutely amazing teacher and person. You always there and doing what you supposed to the students and they adored you and you deserve this award . Proud of You

Dr .Lind Wood Posted over a year ago

You are great guy and I love working with you. You sure have a heart for the kids. I am proud of you.

Mike Brown Posted over a year ago

Cedric, We love your enthusiasm and your hard working for your students. Thank you for the all work that you do and I see why you earned this award :) Congrats

Brandi Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, He is one my favorite former teacher :) He deserve every teacher award . Thank you for pushing me.

Jeremy Suber Posted over a year ago

Cedric, We have been best friends since middle school. Cedric have a heart like gold for kids and even many people whom he touched through his smile and kindness. I Know he is a life changer because he change my life :) Congrats bro

Rennee Brown Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, He is awesome uplifted person with a bright smile that gives hope to his students and his coworkers :) You are a truly a LifeChanger .God bless you my friend

Chris J Posted over a year ago

Cedric, We are so blessed you are making a difference in our children lives in the great city Philadelphia :) Keep changing lives sir Congrats

JT Blowing Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox He is my favorite former teacher because He was not just my teacher ,but my mentor and big brother to me. I can always come talk to me him and he even knew when I had a lot of things on my mind. I remember when I was in 11th grade I would skip my lunch period to just eat lunch in Mr. Lenox's class. Mr. Lenox is my hero and still today we still have lunch and talked about our future and goals. You Rock Mr. Lenox

Crystal Rice Posted over a year ago

Mr. Cedric, He is the nicing person you can meet, and you can tell he cares what he does. Congrats, Mr. Lenox, you are genuinely Life Changer

Lisa Fisher Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox He had change my life and helped me to believe in myself. I still remember every day he will tell is that we are kind, we are smart and we are Important. Thank you Mr. Lenox

Johnny Anderon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox is an awesome teacher that pushed me to my greatest and he sure deserve this award :) Congrats

Dr, John Philips Posted over a year ago

Cedric was my former college student to become a teacher. I am glad he is following his passion and his calling. I am not surprised. I always knew he become an excellent teacher :) Congrats

Thomas Cleversy Posted over a year ago

Cedric is a perfect fit. He is a born natural teacher. Congrats

Ron Byoce , Director of PCMI Posted over a year ago

Cedric,, I am not surprised you are on here :) When you were at Panama City Marine Institue teaching your confident demeanor, and enthusiasm are contagious, and we appreciate the fact that you always seem to have a kind word for everyone. Your approach and dedication toward your work reflect a genuine concern for the kids. Cedric, I want you to know I value your contribution are making a difference one kid at a time. Congrats YOU LifeChanger :)

Tiera Nixon Posted over a year ago

I have had a chance at the incredible pleasure of working with Cedric Lenox and would welcome the opportunity again. I was Cedric's supervisor at a college prep summer program where he showed excellent qualities as a resident advisor. He is even-tempered and always joyous. I could still look to him to offer a helping hand. I've never seen someone with such a commitment and passion for educating the youth. He worked well with our students to keep them entertained, focused on their courses, and motivated by any activity.

Dr. Mike Kolodziej Posted over a year ago

I've had the opportunity to know Cedric Lenox for the last several years and have had gotten to know him and his passion and dedication for improving the lives of children through education. Cedric has a unique and special gift when it comes to connecting with children and will undoubtedly be an effective educator anywhere he chooses to be. Cedric is a truly Life Changer he even changes my life as well.

Zac Mac Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox , He is the kindest teacher I ever meet. I never had him but I heard so much good things about him. Mr. Lenox is easy person I can talk to even now. I am in military I was going through tough times even as independent dude trying to figure things out of my own. One of my close buddies had committed suicide right before our deployment months ago. It was hard going out without him been there and it is hard now. On top of that that my grandpa got ill and my parents are going through a divorced . I want to appreciated Mr.Lenox he is not only a great teacher but he care to listen when people are going through. I know Mr. Lenox gets down but he always there and smiling . Mr. Lenox is my favorite teacher that I never had. :) You are a Life Changer

Katelyn Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox, I want to thank you for coming to our class and taking over. I want to thank you for everything you for everything you have done for our class back in 2012. I really appreciate your efforts into teaching us and caring as well. Now we are adults now and I want to thank you for pushing me towards my greatest. Love Rodriquez

Michael Dawson Posted over a year ago

Mr. L, He is my favorite teacher because when some of my other teachers told me to drop out school and I was a bad child. He saw greatest in me and told me to not drop out of high school and I can even go college too. Mr. Lenox thank you for believing in me.

Nicole Biggs Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox Rocks and can dance here is his first class back in 2012 :)

Tyler Goldsmith Posted over a year ago

Mr Lenox, is my favorite teacher and gave me hope. I was in 11th grade when Mr. Lenox taught me. I hating school and wanting to give up. One day I told Mr. Lenox, I want to give up, but he told me he will kick my tail lol I knew he cared . I was ashamed of my home life,but he cared about me so much that I shared about about how my father was a drug dealer and user. He pushed me hard and he believe in me. Today, I went into the military after high school and now I am a correction officer. Mr. Lenox not only change my life and gave me hope ,but he save my life. Love you Mr. Lenox

Patrick Ryan Posted over a year ago

I was Mr. Cedric Lenox first student at Crystal River High :) I remember that lesson that day. I thank God for Mr. Lenox he pretty much has been there for me even after high school. I pretty much gave up on myself and my education. I Know he got angry at me but he never gave up on me. To make this short he came to visited me in jail when I made made some bad choices in my life even after that he was there for me when he came to support me at my dad funeral . Mr. Lenox , Thank you for for been there there for me for everything. Thanks

Lodie Karen Hennessy Posted over a year ago

I met Cedric while we were taking online classes. He is a inspiration to his profession and students also. To his friends A confidant I thank God for his friendship and I know that he has what it takes to win this award he is humble and is led by humility. God bless you and keep you, Many are called few are chosen, Cedric is chosen by God!

Lisa Posted over a year ago

I'm so happy to have come in contact with Mr. Lenox. He is always an uplifter.. that's what he does! My children had him as a teacher and all of them remember him for making them feel important and like they could do anything. Lifechanger is supper fitting for this amazing man!

Aimee Rogers Posted over a year ago

Cedric is an amazing person. Through all of the challenges and struggles that life has thrown at him, he stays positive and overcomes them all. He is a true inspiration to everyone he talks to and genuinely cares and interested in what you have to say. You could not pick a better person. I know that he will continue to touch and change live for the better for many, many years. Those children are so lucky to have someone like him.

Victoria Ortiz-Benson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Cedric! So proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You have always had a wonderful outlook on life and a positive way about you; not to mention your great sense of humor!!

Michelle Arevalo Posted over a year ago

A remarkable teacher and human being! Coming from the mother of two boys with very large personalities. Thank you for always letting them know you cared.

Wanda Colvin Posted over a year ago

Cedric is AWESOME, in every way, shape, form, and fashion. I am so PROUD of you. ?? You!!!!

Kathleen Hunter Posted over a year ago

I have known Cedric for many, many years. I watched him grow up in 4H, and hone his leadership skills. What Cedric lacked educational proweress he made up for in a great big heart! He was always cheerful and encouraging to everyone around him. I could not be prouder of him! He is indeed a inspiration to anyone he comes on contact with...including me. He makes me smile, always. I love him as if he were my own. God continue to bless you Cedric, because you bless those around you. Congrats on this nomination, it is well deserved!

Ann Johnson Posted over a year ago

I have known Cedric his whole life and am so proud of the man he has become. He is always positive and a great encourager to all of us!! He has a heart for his students and is a great role model for them and a testament that hard work and determination pays off. He comes from a family of determined and hardworking people who put God first and I think that has made him who he is today!! He is so deserving of this is nomination and I hope he wins the title of Lifechanger of the Year!! Cedric, you do Wewa proud!!!

Lori Price Posted over a year ago

It thrilled my heart to read this. I had the privilege of teaching Cedric Lenox in elementary school. He was a positive influence on his classmates (and on me) and it seems he is still impacting others. Love you, Cedric! I do believe you have arrived.

Su Posted over a year ago

You ROCK Ced ??????

Natalie Wisdahl Posted over a year ago

Cedric has worked and persevered. He loves education both as a student and a teacher. I was his Hope Dealer and he has gone on to be a Hope Dealer for many. Just because someone has a language disability, that does not limit them to how they think or what they can achieve in life. His believes students can and will achieve. Not only does he inspire, but also his comments on Facebook have encouraged many. I believe in him, and I believe he deserves this award.

Doris Brown Posted over a year ago

Mr. Lenox is a joy to be around. He is always full of life and bringing up my day singing and giving his students hope through uplifted chants You are Kind, You are Smart, and You are Important. When he gives his students hope, he even gives me hope to inspire myself and students as well. God bless you

DIego Velasco Posted over a year ago

Mr. Cedric Lenox is incredible. I was very blessed to work with him a few years ago as a co-teacher he pushed his students towards their highest and even pushed myself as an educator. He worked hard as an educator and have a heart towards his students.

Lynda Posted over a year ago

I’ll have to say Mr. Lenox inspires me but I’ve never been a student of his. He continually puts inspiring and motivational post on Facebook. I enjoy each and everyone of them. He is an outstanding teacher and seems to give so much of himself.

Ricky Martinez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Cedric, He sure deserve this award because he never gave up on me even when I had my negative moments in home and I ha brought my problems to the classroom. Mr. Lenox still spoke life into me even though I had drop out of school I still can hear Mr. Cedric voice pushing me to finish my education. Congrats

Jesus B Posted over a year ago

OMG!!! Mr. Lenox should deserve the World Greatest Teacher Award. He not only teach,but he cared and went over the beyond the duty as a true hope dealer :) Congrats