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RoseAnn Morris

Position: STEM Teacher
School: Camp Lockett Middle School
School District: Mt. Empire Unified School District
City, State: Campo, CA

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Rose Ann Morris was nominated by her friend, Michele Franklin.

On a daily basis, Mrs. Morris has the opportunity to relate to students on an academic and personal level. She designs her classes to be relevant to the daily lives of students as they learn the common core standards that California requires. She offers the electives of Gardening and Family & Consumer Studies, where students learn to evaluate the environmental aspects of the decisions they make in their everyday lives. Mrs. Morris uses problem-based learning projects that wake up the consumer in each child, while challenging each one to consider the long-term effects of their decisions.

As a leader, she has written many grants, and brought in STEM equipment for her schools. Mrs. Morris is the Board President for the district’s 501(3)C corporation. She continues to write grants to support her students, and leads teachers by example. She has invested in her profession by earning her Master’s and graduate degrees in educational technology. Mrs. Morris also presents at teacher conferences. She recently served two years as a teacher on special assignment as a technology integration coach for three schools in her district.

Her record of excellence is defined by leadership practices, as well as the successes of her students, who continually return to tell her that they are grateful for having had her as their teacher. One district teacher made the statement that she could always tell which students had Mrs. Morris before they came to the high school, because they had a good working background knowledge of the subject matter.

Mrs. Morris is a model of organization, readiness, and preparation. Her room is the most interesting on campus, and her students love to hang out with her. She has random acts of kindness posters in her room to inspire others to take action. She teaches social and emotional skills, and is the district's sexual education teacher for seventh graders.

"She sets her expectations high and brings her students up to that level as they work through gaining the social and academic skills needed to be successful as young adults," Franklin said. "Her strong belief in doing right, spills out into her daily life working with her students."