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Joseph Advento

Position: Music Teacher/Glee Director
School: St. Rose of Lima Catholic School
School District: Private
City, State: Chula Vista, CA

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Joseph Advento was nominated by the parents of students from St. Rose of Lima Catholic School 

Mr. Advento is a fundamental and irreplaceable member of the SRL School and Parish. He wears many hats in the SRL community such as music teacher, Information Technology, Tech Team, Glee Director, and Music Director. Mr. Advento’s passion is music. He has been the Music Director for the SRL Parish for 16 years and the Music teacher for seven years. He teaches students in kindergarten through eighth grade in music theory, basics, instruments, and composition. Mr. Advento puts a lot of thought, effort, and heart into creating a curriculum suited best for each grade level with the intent of getting his students to love music, or at the very least, have an appreciation for it. He’s constantly shifting his approach to teaching, and includes things like technology and karaoke so that his students are always engaged, and never bored.   

Something you should know about Mr. Advento is that he doesn’t settle for the status quo. His mind is always thinking, and he is always pushing for more. During his time with SRL, he started a weekly Music Club, where he teaches students how to play instruments such as the ukulele, guitar, and cajon after school. He utilizes the Music Club musicians in school masses and weekly school assemblies so that students can display their talents and skills. One of the most notable contributions Mr. Advento has given SRL is his Glee Club program, which he started 7 years ago.  The SRL Glee Club program, also known as Glee, was created by Mr. Advento out of his passion for music and was funded from his own pockets. 

The SRL Glee Club program of today is a year-long, extracurricular program for 4th through 8th grade students that is supported solely by Mr. Advento and committed Glee parents. It does not receive financial support from the school, and all activities are either paid for through fundraising efforts of the Glee Parent Committee or by Glee parents directly. Mr. Advento is extremely passionate about his Glee program! He holds two practices per week after school and schedules performances in public arenas, where Glee can showcase and practice their vocals, acting, and stage presence. This year, he even implemented a yearlong Jr. Glee program for 2nd and 3rd graders, who practice once a week after school.  He also produces an annual Advent-Christmas Program for the school and an annual end-of-the-year Glee Finale Show.  The Glee Finale Show is quite advanced for an elementary/middle school production and is made possible because of Mr. Advento’s drive, dedication, and teamwork. Parent involvement in Glee is vital to its operation and success, but it’s because of Mr. Advento that parents are so invested in its success.  

"We wholeheartedly believe that Mr. Advento exemplifies the attributes of a LifeChanger," the parents said. "He has demonstrated leadership within his school and district in many ways. It has been stated that Mr. Advento designed, implemented, and funded a Glee/fine arts program on his own, but what hasn’t been said is that this program has significantly changed the demand for a SRL education."

Families have transferred from other schools to SRL because of Mr. Advento’s reputation and Glee program. The school is in better financial condition because of his work. Mr. Advento is a leader who is well respected amongst his peers. He has built a strong reputation within the community, because of his ability to guide and direct the musical talents of his students and produce amazing results. He is often sought after to lead Diocesan-wide events, as well as FIAT Consortium events.

Mr. Advento makes positive additions to the development of the school’s atmosphere. Since he became a teacher at the school, he has transformed the school’s atmosphere through his musical talents. He encourages students to participate in the Parish's choir or the school's Glee program, helping build community, and encouraging students to discover and polish their musical talents. He has established two programs that have become the focal points to the schools’ weekly assembly, as it begins with his Music Clubs’ playing of the National Anthem and school virtues, while Glee members lead the school in singing. For most other school events, his Glee program performs to enhance the experience, whether for only the student body, parents, or the entire school community. 

As a result of Mr. Advento's passion and dedication to his school and its Glee program, his school has been recognized and invited to sing at many venues. He also has a record of excellent performance at the professional level. He has high expectations and standards, and pushes kids to bring out the best in them, which results in performances that have earned them recognition and won competitions.

Mr. Advento’s Glee Club is the only local parochial group that performs in public against public school groups. The SRL Glee Club has participated in local events, and competed and won regional contests, including: City of Chula Vista Starlight Parade – Best Use of Lights award (2016), City of Chula Vista Starlight Parade – Best Representation of Holiday Theme award (2016), Forum Festival of Music competition in Anaheim – 1st place in the Middle School Division Show Choir (2017), Forum Festival of Music competition in Anaheim – 1st place in Elementary School Division Show Choir (2017), Forum Festival of Music competition in Anaheim – 2nd place in Mixed Choir Choral (2017) and Forum Festival of Music competition in Anaheim – 1st place Overall Performance (Esprit de Corps award) (2017).

"We can say with confidence that Mr. Advento holds high ethical and moral standards for himself and others," the parents said. "Beyond anything he could say, it is through his example of commitment, passion, dedication, and kindheartedness that Mr. Advento's big heart and light shines through. In addition, he ensures that his extracurricular clubs do not interfere with a student’s academics and believes that academics come first.  In fact, many junior high Glee students are high academic achievers, and several are Honor Roll students.  Mr. Advento begins and ends every practice with a prayer and maintains a structured environment where students learn and understand the values of dedication and hard work, and are rewarded for their efforts."

Mr. Advento has a commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere. He has taken it upon himself to create a nurturing atmosphere where students respect each other and learn to encourage their peers. To promote acceptance and spread an anti-bullying message, he made the theme of the 2017 Glee Finale Show “Don’t Stop Believing,” and chose songs with positive messages. In his clubs, he creates a healthy environment where students can become more responsible, confident, social, and skilled. He gives his older students an opportunity to mentor the younger ones, while supervising and ensuring that it is done in a positive manner. In situations where there has been conflict, he has always taken the time to listen to all students and guides them through the process of moving forward, all within a respectful, loving, and graceful atmosphere. He is approachable and responds to all of his students’ needs. Mr. Advento’s students demonstrate leadership qualities inside and outside his clubs because of the atmosphere that he creates. They will most definitely be equipped for success later in life.

Mr. Advento has a proven ability to make a beneficial difference in the lives of his students. Mr. Advento has the gift of recognizing the unique talents of his students and finds ways to highlight and foster them. He encourages kids and builds their confidence through his belief in them and by surrounding them with opportunities to shine. This, in turn, builds the students’ confidence. The kids know how much Mr. Advento believes in them and it pushes them to go farther and try harder. They strive to make him proud. The parents of St. Rose of Lima Catholic School support Mr. Advento's nomination. Here are a few quotes from some of the Glee parents:

“Mr. Advento believes in every student and strives to ensure that each student reaches their potential. He dreams for the students and makes those dreams a reality.”

“He’s amazing! I used to be a coach and know a good coach when I see one. He’s very patient; lovable. He does more than anyone else does – and I don’t know how he does it!  Our kids and parents are very blessed to have Mr. Advento!  He’s very supportive and helps out in any way he can (even beyond the Glee curriculum).”

“He has been an integral part in the academic, spiritual, and musical development of many children, including my own. I am a mother of girls, and through music and faith he has helped strengthen their confidence and self-esteem. His music has helped shape and nurture the way we worship in mass as well. His humility and commitment to service is admirable.”

“He’s also a dedicated family man to his three children, juggling his commitments so he can pick his kids up from school and take them to karate.  He’s passionate about music and dedicated to his students and family.  He’s a great asset to St. Rose.  He truly wants to make a difference in the lives of others, especially his students, who give him the greatest joy to do what he loves to do the most – teach music.”

"In closing, we’d like to say that Mr. Advento is more than a teacher to his students; more than a music instructor to his Music Club members; and more than the Glee Director to his Glee Club performers. He is a role model, mentor, source of inspiration, driving force, and, to most, he’s like family. He greets everyone with a warm smile and hug; and loves and encourages his students as if they were his own. In Mr. Advento’s own words, 'I learn from them as much as they learn from me. Their accomplishments are my accomplishments.'” 

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Ruth Gomez Posted over a year ago

Thrilled to see that Joseph’s efforts are validated in this prestigious nomination. He is kind and gentle to all his students. I wish my kids had stayed with Glee but they prefer sports. Nonetheless, we were enriched by having our daughter, join the Glee Club and church choir, where we had the opportunity to see firsthand how much love he has for our school, students, parish and most importantly, his family— whose wife, is always lending a hand, too! We support and wish the very best for Mr. Advento.

Lucy Tatoy Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento (Joseph) is truly an amazing teacher and community member. He is very dedicated to his students, the school, church/diocese and community. He is hard working, dependable, creative and so very talented. He teaches kids music, theater, performing and technology, and teaches in nurturing, fun, creative and challenging ways. Kids learn about the theory of music, different instruments and playing them together with other instruments. Joseph has transformed the Glee program from just singing songs to acting, dancing and performing techniques as well. The Glee program and its success has extended to having a Music Club separate from Glee and also to performing at various venues outside of school, with the diocese, and to competitions as well. Joseph also formed a Tech Team to prepare kids with current and up to date applications and equipment, and to assist the school with projects. My son has learned so much about music, performing, technology, working hard, leadership, and giving of yourself. Joseph definitely leads by example and is paving the way for the kids. He is so deserving of being recognized as a Lifechanger as he himself is leading our youth to becoming Lifechangers themselves. Thank you Joseph, we love you!

Lily Balvaneda Posted over a year ago

Bravo Mr. Advento!!!! In spite of his MANY talents, he is always willing to step aside from center stage and encourage other people to break out of their shells and let their own talent SHINE! He is humble and ALWAYS willing to step up when help is needed. He always offers a smile, even under stress and is a true example of a leader... firm in his foundation of faith, true to who he is, creating avenues and leading others in their own path. Thank you for all you do Mr. Advento... your service to others has been a lifechanger for many!!!!

AMY HELFERS Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento is one amazing instructor. He has devoted his life to teaching our children the value of music. His patience far exceeds anyone I have ever known. Our children are so blessed to be under his guidance and his nurturing ways. He continues to come up with new ideas that keeps all his programs fresh and exciting for our kids. His reputation continues to grow in our community and he remains faithful to our school/parish.

Catherine Horne Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento is the definition of what it means to go above and beyond for our students, school and church community! I don’t think he has the word “No” in his vocabulary. He is a blessing at our school because he has fostered a love for the arts among the students. He has brought confidence to students to perform and show their talents. With his knowledge and love for music, the after school music program, which my 3 boys have participated in, has grown tremendously in numbers and in the different types of instruments! He makes sure to showcase the kids talents at school activities, city events, Church, diocese events, competitions. This love for the arts is contagious and has sparked a light in many students who dream of being a performer. Mr. Advento is that first spark for many students! He is definitely changing lives and it is beautiful to see. Thank you Mr. Advento for your selflessness and for loving our students! Keep on changing lives!

Glenda Martinez Posted over a year ago

I have know Joseph for a long time. He is the most hardworking person I know. He is kind to all who cross his path, he sincerely cares about all the children he teachers. He is a true disciple of the Lord here on earth. His energy is contagious, and his positive spirit puts a smile to many faces. With his ability to inspire others, he shows his students love in every musical note he sings and teaches.His talent is amazing. He is truly deserving of a recognition like this one.

Patricia Hart Posted over a year ago

Mr.Advento is such a talented person, who teaches these children self worth. Basically to come out of their shells and to not be afraid of singing to an audience or playing an instrument. He embraces all of his talent and gives it to his students. He has created such a wonderful Glee program and it just gets better and bigger. Mr. Advento is always positive and will help anyone out. He wears many hats at the school and parish. God has given us a blessed and talented man here at St. Rose of Lima.

Mark Lucero Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Advento since High School and I am not surprised that he has been nominated as a Life Changer of the year! He really is the type of person that goes above and beyond in doing what needs to be done. It is a blessing to see him use his talents to help others, especially to the children! Congratulations Joseph!

Marilou Posted over a year ago

Mr Advento is an outstanding teacher and role model. He’s passion for music, teaching, and guiding students benefits everyone in the St Rose community, and even the diocese of San Diego as a whole. He’s positive and tireless attitude is an inspiration to many of us. Congratulations, Mr. Advento!

Shirley Mislan Posted over a year ago

So talented, so selfless, full of faith. All of these comments are true! Love him!

Celia CJ Solis Posted over a year ago

Bravo Mr. Advento. I have had the privilege, honor, and pleasure of working with and for Mr. Joseph Advento. Beyond his musical talents, technical skills, work ethic, ability to inspire and teach our youth, young adults, and youngER adults, Mr. Advento always has a YES for you. I have both witnessed, and have received, his willingness to serve his community, friends, family, and anyone in need. He truly inspires so many .. And willingly shares his Time, Talents, and Treasures .. He leads by example and inspires us all to do and be better versions of ourselves .. A LifeChanger for all!! Interestingly enough - knowing Joseph and his humble nature - he probably doesn't even understand why he has been nominated .. Some are measured by their accomplishments and how they are able to affect change .. others by their ability to inspire to take action .. and few can be measured by pure intent to just help make things better. With confidence I can say Mr. Joseph Advento has, and will continue to affect positive change, inspire thise around himto take action and be better .. wuth a continued intent to just help make things better .. #LifeChanger #ChangedMyLife

Robin Pulido Posted over a year ago

As the computer teacher and a huge music/theatre person, I work with him very closely. Knowing home and seeing what he draws out of our students is indeed life-changing. We are blessed!

Elva Rivas Posted over a year ago

He is very nice person and súper music men ????????????

Vicki Macedo Posted over a year ago

Joseph Advento is, hands-down, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and such an amazing man! This ‘LifeChanger’ nomination is so fitting for Mr. Advento because he truly goes above and beyond for his students and has already left a lasting impression on the life of my daughter. He recently attended a vocal recital my daughter had – midday on a Saturday – to show his encouragement and support – definitely going above and beyond!! Through my experiences and interactions with Mr. Advento (through my daughter’s participation in his Glee Club program, Music Club, and Tech Team) I’ve seen how he uses his positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm to guide and motivate her. Aside from teaching her about music, performing, and technology, he encourages her to push herself in everything she does and has helped instill confidence and positive self-esteem in my preteen daughter, which I know will only benefit her as she blossoms into a young woman. Joseph – I’m so grateful for you and for all you do. For loving my daughter like your own and for being such a great male role-model that she can look up to. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. We love you!

Allyn Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento truly deserves the life changer award. He works hard and contributes a lot to the development of the students at St Rose of Lima. A very caring and loving person/teacher. He encourages his students to perform with all their hearts and helped them thrive . He helps them build self confidence, and he does it all with a smile and eagerness :)

Vicki Macedo Posted over a year ago

Joseph Advento is, hands-down, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and such an amazing man! This ‘LifeChanger’ nomination is so fitting for Mr. Advento because he truly goes above and beyond for his students and has already left a lasting impression on the life of my daughter. He recently attended a vocal recital my daughter had – midday on a Saturday – to show his encouragement and support – definitely going above and beyond!! Through my experiences and interactions with Mr. Advento (through my daughter’s participation in his Glee Club program, Music Club, and Tech Team) I’ve seen how he uses his positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm to guide and motivate her. Aside from teaching her about music, performing, and technology, he encourages her to push herself in everything she does and has helped instill confidence and positive self-esteem in my preteen daughter, which I know will only benefit her as she blossoms into a young woman. Joseph – I’m so grateful for you and for all you do. For loving my daughter like your own and for being such a great male role-model that she can look up to. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. We love you!

Alexandra D. Posted over a year ago

To start off, my life would not be the same without Mr. Advento. He is a kind, loving, and caring person and my FAVORITE teacher at St. Rose. Mr. Advento has changed my life in so many ways. He has inspired me to do what I love to do and not be afraid to show it. This is my third year in Glee and I think about how much I would have missed out on if I had never joined. Mr. Advento always gives his Glee students an opportunity to shine, showing us that he believes in us. He always pushes us to do our best! He has also helped boost my self-esteem and confidence to a whole new level by pumping me up and telling me, “I know you can do it!” He is someone I look up to and is definitely on my Top Three role model list. Mr. Advento was made for this LifeChanger nomination and award! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, Mr. Advento! I love you so much!

Sandro & Kim Piancone Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento is one of our most dedicated teachers. His love and knowledge for music, his commitment to God along and his desire to teach others is what sets him apart from others. He always has a smile and will even take requests! Mr. Advento is so deserving of this award and would be humbled by such an honor.

Saireth Garcia Posted over a year ago

An amazing person & teacher! Truly deserving of this award. How he does all that he does I have no idea but am thankful that he is a part of St. Rose. My children love having him for Music class and Tech team!!

Dante & Arlene Buenviaje Posted over a year ago

As friends and supporters of his endeavors, we’ve found Joseph Advento to be a student and teacher of spirit and community. Joe is remarkable by way of his desire to learn more so he can share more. Regardless of the task at hand, he wants all involved to cross the finish line and reach their personal best. Sometimes we think Joe would carry everyone if he could. Joe’s concern, focus and energy is part of who he is and his lead-by-example nature inspires others. Whether he’s teaching a class lesson, leading a choral performance or organizing a community project, Joe’s involvement leads to more than just getting things done, it’s the sense of accomplishment, confidence and inspiration that people take to heart and bring home and then share forward. Joe simply has a lasting positive impact on people and he’s certainly been that way for us. -Dante & Arlene Buenviaje

Izzy Posted over a year ago

Hey Mr. Advento! Congratulations! You told me to be confident and to not be shy. You inspire me to get on the stage and sing my heart out. You are an amazing teacher, you always have been and always will be. Thank you Mr. Advento, for all you have done!!

Rick and Amor Burila Posted over a year ago

He’s a talented and gifted musician, friend, husband an parent. We’re so proud to know of his accomplishments. We know it does not come without hard work, but it’s not work for Joeseph, but a passion. Any one who knows him, knows he works hard because of his passion for music and how he enjoys sharing and teaching about his joy for music. Albeit singing, playing and instrument or dancing. He’s had and impact not only personally to our family, but to the community! Congrats Joseph!!!

Lori Olegario Posted over a year ago

I have known Joseph Advento (and family) now for over 2 decades and this gentleman NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME!!! Joe constantly recalibrates and enhances his approach and style when it comes to teaching others (whether it's music, technology, or anything else for that matter) and he truly is the epitome of a "life changer." I've witnessed through the years how his time, talents, and treasures have transformed the lives of others, including myself. He is a blessing, not just to those he teaches but to the greater community. This nomination says it all. Congratulations, Joe! We love you!

Diana Cortes Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mr. Advento for showing the students so much love, support and dedication. Your enthusiasm is very contagious and I’ve seen many of your older students become confident and nurturing mentors to the younger students. There’s no question where they’ve learned to be compassionate and dedicated mentors. We’re blessed to have you as a pillar of the St. Rose of Lima community. Thank you for all you do!

Jeff Saavedra Posted over a year ago

As the administrator of St. Rose of Lima School, I am very proud of Mr. Advento's nomination. He adds tremendous value to the school community. His Christian values are evident in everything he does. I am blessed that he is part of our school staff. He is also a pretty good golfer! Jeff Saavedra Principal

Ana Contreras Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t think of anybody more deserving of this award. Mr. Advento has given my daughters great lessons, not only in music and theater but in everyday’s values and lessons. My daughter was very shy and didn’t like to sing in public, he instilled great confidence and thought her that if she wants to, she can reach for the stars. I can see the improvement overall. He always has a smile on his face and there is always a positive comment. I’m so happy for this nomination. We’re so blessed to have you around. Way to go!

AMY HELFERS Posted over a year ago


Curtis Helfers Posted over a year ago

First and foremost this award couldn't go to a better person. He is the most selfless man I know. His dedication to our children is unprecedented. He is always in great spirits and gets along with everyone. I also really appreciate how he gets the parents involved. I do not know how he is able to do all that he does. What a class act. I couldn't be prouder to have been able to know this great man.

Raymond González Posted over a year ago

Finally!!!! One of the most phenomenal teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Sophia and Amaya Posted over a year ago

Hi Mr. Advento!! Congratulations!!! Amaya and I are so happy for you!! You have taught Amaya and I so much not only in music but to believe in ourselves that we can do anything!! You have taught us to be confident and to express ourselves. You have made us into people we thought we could never be. You are a great teacher and Amaya and I love you SSSOOO MUCH!!! Glee wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!! Love Sophia and Amaya

Leticia Polanco Posted over a year ago

Yeah!! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition. He is an incredibly giving person and 100% invested in the school, parish and surrounding community. He has a contagiously positive attitude and I am so excited for him. Our family loves him.

Trace Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento has changed the lives of so many children and parents through his love and dedication, not only for music but for our children. The confidence that he inspires in our youth is a beautiful representation of what passion and encouragement can do to the young hearts, minds and in this case voices of our children. Mr. Advento, we sincerely thank you for your vocation and ministry!

Viviana Oliveros Posted over a year ago

Mr. Advento has been my music teacher and choir director for eight years and my Glee director for five years. He has helped me improve in so many ways. Every time I see him, he shows great support and Catholic values. Thank you for making such a difference in my life Mr. Advento, good luck!

Noemy Salas-Oliveros Posted over a year ago

I wholeheartedly support Mr.Advento’s nomination. He has guided my daughter and help her develop not just her musical talents, but her self esteem and confidence. He transforms curios children into confident and well-versed artists..and he does it all with great love and a smile that warms every heart. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for his passion, dedication and unconditional support to our glee, choir and music students. I can say with certainty, he is the teacher that has made the most amazing difference in my daughters life! We love you Mr. Advento!! Break a leg!