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Susan Levy

Position: Principal
School: Pershing Middle School
School District: San Diego Unified School District
City, State: San Diego, CA

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Susan Levy was nominated by member of the community, Gail Young.

Young first met Ms. Levy earlier this year. She was very impressed with Ms. Levy because she took the time to meet them and wanted to learn more about National Life Group. In September, she invited them back again. This time, Ms. Levy had begun a project to collect items for their sister school in Houston, Texas, since Hurricane Harvey had recently hit and left the people and buildings in devastasted situations.

"Ms. Levy's leadership and commitment abilities initiated the involvement from the school and also the community," Young said. "My team also got involved collecting items, and one of my friends even drove a truck to Houston with their necessary items. Ms. Levy certainly created a nurturing atmosphere with her compassionate heart as she got others onboard with this project because of her compelling spirit."

Ms. Levy's bio demonstrates her record of excellent performance on the professional level. She was a teacher for many years, but later was called to be the principal at another school in the San Diego Unified School District.

"She is making a difference in the staff, employees, teachers but mostly the lives of the children," Young said. "Ms. Levy has high moral and ethical standards; as she makes a difference in academics and is always striving to be better."

Comments (2)

Susan Benson Posted over a year ago

It is nice to see Pershing involved in a community activity like this.

Susan Levy Posted over a year ago

I am honored to be a candidate for the LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR award. If it wasn't for one of my wonderfu 6th gradel teachers, Mrs. Stacy Robe, the project could not have been accomplished. I would like to share this award with Mrs. Robe, who also always thinks of others and is an avid supporter of giving back to the community.