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Natasha Olivera

Position: English Teacher
School: Medical Academy for Science and Technology
School District: Miami Dade County Public Schools
City, State: Miami, FL

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Natasha Olivera was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Olivera was born to teach, and has worked with preschoolers, middle schoolers, college students and currently high schoolers.

“Since I was a child, one could find me playing teacher with my brothers in my mock classroom, tutoring one brother in reading because he disliked it so much, or teaching my baby brother, who was diagnosed with a learning disability, speech impediment and ADHD," Olivera said. "I also acted as a speech liaison between him and everyone else who could not understand his 'language.' Thus, language, the use, manipulation and power of it, has been something that has intrigued me. It has served as a tool for my own life, and is a concept that I have become all too familiar with and fervently enjoy teaching others in hopes of infusing in them an appreciation for it.”

Ms. Olivera truly places her students first and accommodates to each student’s need. She understands the importance of patience, organization, conflict resolution, creativity, parent/teacher relationships, parental involvement, technology integration, colleague collaboration and support.

“While all distinct audiences come with their own set of challenges, the one common thread that runs through them, is that it is my job to understand my audience and their needs, and find the best ways to appeal to them, while taking into consideration their own specific learning challenges," Olivera said.