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Elaine Slesinski

Position: Science Teacher
School: Woodlands Community Middle School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Lake Worth, FL

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Elaine Slesinski was nominated by her principal, Enrique Vela, who put together a great nomination video below:

Comments (11)

Millicent Vorkapich-Hill Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Slesinski has had all these attributes for a very long time. Her generosity, reliability, and willingness to help, along with her positive attitude made her the best team manager and friend in the state of New York. With her big heart, she truly is a valuable addition to any team. This award comes as no surprise - she is very deserving. Florida is blessed to have her!

mary bradley (parent of former student) Posted over a year ago

Teachers play a powerful role in a young person's life. Mrs Slesinski takes this role seriously and goes above and beyond; to engage and inspire her students and others in everyday life. She shifts the students focus from what they cant do to what they can do!! She does this through demonstrative compassion. She exhibits many qualities, not only in the classroom but also out in the community, by fostering a sense of belonging, getting to know each child and their family personally, supporting academic success, and expresses care and concern both verbally and non verbally. For example, as Mr Vela stated in the video, we were one of those families Mrs. Slesinski reached out to during hurricane Irma. She personally drove around , in our neighborhood, offering assistance and informing families about free meals. These meals were provided by the Palm Beach County school system. Her empathy, care, and concern, for each child and the community should be an inspirational message to everyone. I believe the message here is that she is "truly" a positive influence an a inspiring life changer in all children's lives and our community. Mrs. Slesinski is most deserving of this award..

Barbara Gross Posted over a year ago

I am Mrs. Slesinski's Aunt.From the moment I first held her to the time someone thought she was my daughter ,I have been blessed to have her in my life. Her determination and zest for life and anything she would do were inevitable. .Her kind heart and devotion to others were always present. My deceased husband and Elaine shared their birthdays together, the last day of each year.They both loved life and shared many special moments together.When Elaine enters a room she can make you feel special. She doesn't care if your among the rich or poor you are her equal. She has guided and mentored so many young lives and made them feel like they were the only one That mattered at that moment.Elaine gives not only her time but her heart.

Amy Lynn Williams Posted over a year ago

You are a life changer no doubt in my mind. You never gave up on my daughters. When we were told in first grade Jamie Minette would probably not graduate from high school due to her learning disabilities we were devastated. Then we met you at Coral Reef Elementary. You never gave up on her and showed her a way to read and learn. I now have a Sophomore in college thanks in a HUGE part to you. You will always be remembered and have a very special place in our families heart. You are one of a kind and more teachers should learn by your example. You are an amazing person. Thank you from our family.

Maureen Blackburn Posted over a year ago

Elaine Slssinski's passion for going the extra mile has been a life long approach to any challenge or opportunity. In her position as a teacher, she continues to find ways to overcome the challenges facing her students, coworkers and the school community in general. Elaine sees everyone as a unique individual, deserving of her every effort to find a path to success. Growing up on a busy dairy farm, she experienced the realities of long work days, adversity at many levels and the effort it takes to overcome road blocks to positive outcomes. Life is an excellent teacher and Elaine has learned that most things require hard work, determination and someone saying 'I know you can do it'. She is that person. Knowing someone believes in you is a powerful catalyst to believing in yourself. The Woodlands students and staff benefit from Elaine believing in each of them. I know she will continue to work hard every hour of every day to help guide each unique individual on a path to success. Love . Mom

Lee Blackburn Posted over a year ago

Long before the local school community of students, parents, and colleagues became aware of the talent, tenacity and dedication of Mrs. Slesinski as an educator, those developing personality traits were an inspiration to this writer. As a young university graduate, she forged out into life with an arsenal of acquired attributes providing a beacon for a developing career path. Observing this young person mature with a zest for maximizing opportunity, I became inspired myself at mid life to further my own education thereby expanding vocational options. Elaine, you are most deserving of this honor and recognition. Love Dad.

Michele Kellier Posted over a year ago

It is with great joy and pride that I whole wholeheartedly agree that Mrs Sleneski is most deserving of the nomination for the Lifechanger of the Year Award and without pause I lend my support for her nomination. With not as many years as Mustang employee but tons of Mustang volunteers hours I have seen, benefited and worked along with Mrs Sleneski and there is not duplicate or replacement to her being, infectious personality, attitude towards work, piers, students, volunteers, faculty and community. She has endlessly and sacrificially devoted her time, energy, resources, listening ear, experiences and understanding to all and extend a safe haven open door policy to all students not just the ones she teaches. Her attitude towards the Mustang family shines real bright and she surely knows how to make the best of any and all situations. Students both present and past has esteemed her for just been a person of worth and understanding. Ms S, you are worth the nomination and more, thanks for been a Mustang and exampling the PRIDE.

Kim Stormes Posted over a year ago

Elaine always goes above and beyond to help others. My transition to Woodlands would not have been the same without her positive support along the way. Even though we teach different content areas & grade levels, I know I can always go to her with questions I might have. She is a wonderful friend & colleague! Congrats Elaine! Hugs, Kim Stormes

Leanne Pietrangolare Posted over a year ago

I agree she is a wonderful choice for this award. She has put in many selfless hours for this community and school district. Congratulations on this nomination.

Dr. Tonya K. Parks Posted over a year ago

As a new mustang Elaine went out of her way to help me adjust to Woodlands. She dedicated time and resources to help me get my class room in order. Elaine is a constant driving force at the school and continues to help new and veteran teachers succeed. Elaine's cross curricular approach and school wide team work attitude makes coming to Woodlands exciting. I consider it an honor to be on the same team.

Aaronda McLeod Posted over a year ago

I just want to lend my support for Mrs. Slesinki in her nomination of Lifechanger of the Year. Over the years, we have shared many of the same students, and I have personally witnessed countless students benefit from her seemingly unending kindness, compassion, and dedication to the students she teaches. She gives food to students who otherwise do not get the proper nutrition at home; she gives extra time outside of school to help with a bevy of necessary (albeit, sometimes thankless) tasks to help our school; and possibly the most influential of all, she gives of her genuine self - her time, a listening ear, and her understanding to students who may be struggling with unthinkable circumstances outside of the school hours. As her colleague, it is without hesitation that I say she is definitely deserving of this honor. Sincerely, Mrs. McLeod