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Silvia Cuellar

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Fruitland Park Elementary School
School District: Lake County School District
City, State: Fruitland, FL

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Silvia Cuellar was nominated by Bryant Jean Baptiste, a member of the community.

Mr. Baptiste put together a fantastic video nomination below.


Comments (37)

Tammy Langley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is an awesome fifth grade teacher who not only feeds the minds of students but meets the needs of the whole child. She goes out of her way to ensure students basic needs are met in order for them to have an optimal educational experience. Students who have come through her classroom are not forgotten once they leave. I have witnessed her barreling down the hallway with her arms filled with much needed supplies, clothes, and other items that were not for her current students but other students she's previously taught. This educator knows the value of making sure our children have their needs met and on top of that she teaches like her hairs on fire! Thank you Cuellar for all that you do for kids:)

Diane Blozis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is an extremely effective teacher. Her ability to differentiate her instruction benefits all students. The skills that Mrs. Cuellar brings to the classroom touches each student in a special way for example working with students with English as a second language, as well as, students with disabilities. Mrs. Cuellar is very deserving of this recognition.

Paige Simmons Posted over a year ago

Silvia is a phenomenal fifth grade teacher. Her background allows her to create a strong environment for all learners. Way to go Silvia, proud to work with you!

Joy Peters Posted over a year ago

Silvia is an inspiration to her students and her colleagues. She is always going the extra mile to ensure her students feel supported in their education. She is still in contact with many students from years ago proving that when you make an impact, it lasts forever. You are a life change!!!

Janet Allen Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Silvia for many years. Her dedication to helping all students is ever-present. She exhibits an incredible amount of patience and empathy with all of her students.

Melissa DeJarlais Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Silvia, Much deserved recognition for your dedication to the students at Fruitland Park Elementary and community as a whole. Very proud of you!

Sherri Clemmer Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleaeure of working with Silvia for the past 15 years. It is amazing to sit in her classroom and see how she interacts with her students and how they respond to her. She is an Amazing teacher who truly cares about her students. She gives her students the structure that is needed for a productive learning enviornment. I think that Silvia has been a "Lifechanger" to many students that have come through her class. There is not a teacher more deserving of this recognition.

Jane James Posted over a year ago

Respect and Relationships Mrs. Cuellar treats every student with respect, earning their respect in return. Her fifth grade students often return to visit and volunteer during their high school years. The relationships she builds during fifth grade continue beyond Fruitland Park Elementary.

Jeannie Claro Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar’s dedication to her past and present students is inspiring. She has a positive attitude in all she does.

Karenn Castro Posted over a year ago

Such an amazing teacher and person overall!??????

David Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

I am so happy to see Mrs. Cuellar is finally nominated. She made a great in change my nephews life several years back. This is how it all came about: He was the new kid in the 5th grade from Miami. Not knowing anyone in the area he had low self esteem, always ready defend himself by being emotionally unavailable and also thought he didn't fit in. Mrs. Cuellar being from Miami understood exactly what he was going thru, she was able to connect with him instantly. Life change: He became attentive at school and at home. His self belief went thru the roof and was able to make friends or be friendly to anyone in need of one. He is now in high school taking honors classes, playing multiple team sports, and exudes self confidence. I honestly believe that Mrs. Cuellar was his lifechanger. I thank the Lord every night for putting her into his life. Thank you again, Mrs. Cuellar. I wish you the best!

Shannon McPherson Posted over a year ago

My son was blessed to have Silvia Cuellar as his 5th grade teacher. The impact she made on my son is everlasting!!. As a high school student, her support and teachings still echo in his education. Mrs.Cuellar definetly has a gold standard in education that all teachers should aim to achieve.

Pam caudill Posted over a year ago

What an amazing teacher, she made 5th grade enjoyable

Tony Cuellar Posted over a year ago

Best teacher ever!

Tony Posted over a year ago

Go Mrs. Cuellar!!

Mahesh ramjeet Posted over a year ago

Great video

Marah Rhone Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Cuellar!

Sally Wade Posted over a year ago

Silvia is extremely deserving of this nomination! I have personally got to see her positive interactions with students and staff members. She is always willing to help others. Her genuine spirit and positive attitude shines through to students, parents and staff.

Sherry Jutkofsky Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is a wonderful teacher and an inspiration to her students!!!

Tara Rhone Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Cuellar for about 14 years. She is a great asset to the school and community.

Kathryn Borowsky Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Cuellar since 2003. She has always been someone of integrity. She cares deeply for her students and is extremely professional. I believe this "Lifechanger" recognition is something that is well deserved. Go Silvia!!

Darian Hunter Posted over a year ago

You go Mrs. Cuellar.

Ashley Perez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar was one of the women I looked up to when I was in 5th grade which I would consider a really important part of any adolescent’s life. She was always a positive influence and an amazing teacher who always put out a helping hand.

Hayley Posted over a year ago

She’s a great teacher

Clay Rector Posted over a year ago

Great teacher and all around genuine person.

Susie Kirkland Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar was my son's 5th grade teacher. She supported him through his learning challenges and prepared him for the rigor of middle school. She was always his champion praising all of his efforts and making sure he knew he could count on her for a smile and kind word. She is a lifechanger for many students. I know she was very special to my son.

Gabriela Briones Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is an amazing woman! She is such a warm hearted person who makes you feel comfortable when talking to her!

Regan Young Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing woman who I look up to greatly. She deserves this!

Deanna Jennette Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is dedicated and devoted to her students' education and their well being. With her kindness and gentle push, she has high expectations for her students' success.

Demitri Lynum Posted over a year ago

You don’t come across many like her. One of a kind! Thank you for all that you do

Tyler coger Posted over a year ago

She was hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’m a senior in high school and still to this day I go back and visit her very often she had a major impact in my life.

Jordan Malloy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is a wonderful teacher!

Gregg Dudley Posted over a year ago

Silvia is a fantastic teacher who consistently moves students forward academically, socially, and emotionally. I had the privilege to supervise her in an elementary school setting where her students blossomed under her care. She is terrific by any imaginable criteria. Each year she provides a safe and encouraging classroom environment. She provides the structure and support that insure academic progress. Her students respect and love her for it.

Bradley Hunt Posted over a year ago

Silvia has my vote!

Eva Posted over a year ago

She’s cool

Morgan C Posted over a year ago

I love her!! she’s such a role model

Joanne Hart Rittenhouse Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cuellar is more then just a teacher to her students. She makes sure they have life skills and wants them to understand compassion for everyone and everything. She is a Lifechanger for so many children and animals.