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Shamel Minga

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Plain Elementary School
School District: Greenville County Schools
City, State: Simpsonville, SC

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Shamel Minga was nominated by a family member, Sheila Burns.

As a second grade teacher at Plain Elementary School, Ms. Minga demonstrates educational leadership on a daily basis.  She has made a beneficial difference in the lives of many students. She received notes from students explaining the impact she has made on their lives. Ms. Minga has also improved the reading and math scores of her students throughout the year.

Ms. Minga is an active member of several school committees and is always willing to step into other roles when needed. She has a joyful personality and is someone who greets every staff member. She is a literacy mentor, leading staff in reading instruction and providing videos with model lessons. Ms. Minga is also the leader of the English and Language Arts vertical team. 

She performs successful evaluations and creates professional development plans that show how she will continue to grow and reflect as a teacher. In order to create a welcoming classroom atmosphere, Ms. Minga hands out surveys at the beginning of the year to get to know her students. She is in constant communication with parents, sending weekly emails and helpful tips to help students learn.

Ms. Minga works with students to identify their needs and gives them tools to express themselves appropriately. She treats students the way she would want to be treated. Ms. Minga adheres to high moral and ethical standards by paying close attention to the needs of students and staff, prioritizing the basic needs of those she teaches and her fellow colleagues.  She has a consistent attendance record, is present at all meetings, and follows up promptly with parents and staff.

Comments (47)

Colin Minga Posted over a year ago

Shamel is a truly gifted teacher. I’m not just saying this because she is my wife. I have seen her in action. The ability to grab her students attention is effortless. Shamel is a true life changer and should be recognized for her skills. I love her very much.

Pauline Sharper Posted over a year ago

Shamel is truly a dedicated teacher with the skills and personality to train and encourage her students to be the best that they can be. Her caring and supportive personality, as well as her christian foundation, make her an asset to family, school and community. She is worthy of recognition as a "life changer".

Glenda Webb Posted over a year ago

I love working with Shamel Minga. She has a very positive personality that is very obvious in the way she relates to her students and coworkers. She is always willing to do anything to benefit our grade level and school.

Kristy Hill Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Minga is such an amazing teacher! She’s always upbeat and really listens to her students! Thank you for all that you do!

Lauren Blanton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Minga works incredibly hard to reach the needs of her students. She has a kind heart and is smiling every time I see her. She loves her students! She gives 100% everyday. :)

Justin Lee Campbell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination, Ms. Minga! We're all rooting for you!

City of Simpsonville Posted over a year ago

The City of Simpsonville is proud of Ms. Shamel Minga on her nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. Testimonials show Ms. Minga is not simply a great teacher—she also exemplifies the type of leadership that impacts students, parents and colleagues. We support Ms. Shamel Minga in her nomination for the LifeChanger of the Year award and hope the change she has made in the lives of many is recognized.

Councilmember Sherry Roche Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Mrs. Minga! Simpsonville is so fortunate to have dedicated educators such as yourself working on behalf of our community!

Traci Cole Posted over a year ago

Ms. Minga is a wonderful teacher and co-worker. She knows her students and prepares everyday to meet their needs. She is kind and compassionate. She is helpful and always ready to volunteer. Ms. Minga has a heart of giving to her students, her friends, and her community!

Betty K Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all you do. Our children are our future and you are making a difference. God Bless You! We need more people to mold our previous children.

Ken Cummings Posted over a year ago

Thank you Ms. Minga for all you’ve done to help mold and change the lives of young people. Your hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Ken Cummings Simpsonville City Council Ward 5

Tina Hamilton Posted over a year ago

Thank you Jenn Hulehan Councilwoman, Ward 3 Simpsonville City Council for your post. Jennifer Hulehan Posted today Congratulations Ms. Minga! Thank you for all you do for our city's children. You really do change lives with the work you do.

Stephanie W Posted over a year ago

This is so fitting for you Shamel! Your positive outlook and dedication is apparent in your teaching every day and you make such a warm, welcome, inviting learning environment for your students! Any student who walks into your door each year is blessed beyond measure!

Tina Hamilton Posted over a year ago

Shamel, I am so very proud of you and honored to work beside you daily. You are an outstanding teacher. I thank you for helping me plan lessons and secure resources for my students. You are making a difference in the lives of so many children and teachers. You, Shamel Minga, are truly a Life Changer! :)

Jennifer Hulehan Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Minga! Thank you for all you do for our city's children. You really do change lives with the work you do.

Sharon Waynick Posted over a year ago

Well deserving, Mrs. Minga! You are a great educator. You have an inviting classroom and not afraid to mix it up to keep your students excited and engaged. You are a teacher. You are a life changer.

Ronda Reynolds Smith Posted over a year ago

Shamel, I see how much you mean to all of our children and staff at Plain Elementary. I do not have the honor of having your class with me in the Art Room this year , however, I see you interact with them in the hallways, lunchroom and smiles so freely given!! Great job! Ronda Smith

Sara Theisen Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Minga! What an honorable accomplishment!

Megan N Posted over a year ago

I can not even begin to explain how amazing Mrs. Minga is. She was such a blessing to my daughter last year. My daughter had a lot going on outside of school and Mrs Minga became her sounding board and support with no question asked. She is amazing with those kids, and goes out of her way to identify the different needs of each child in the class and makes sure they are all taken care of. I definitely feel Mrs Minga is a lifechanger, she proved to be one for my daughter.

Cheryl McMullen Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Shamel!! You are an outstanding, dedicated, and caring educator!! You are most deserving of this award!!

Faye Minga Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Shamel! A true educator. You indeed deserve this nomination/award. Good Luck!!

Endia Paige Posted over a year ago

Shamel is a passionate educator with a strong work ethic. She cares about her students and is committed to their success. Her positive spirit is a joy to be around. She is truly deserving of this recognition.

Colbert Minga Posted over a year ago

Shamel Minga exudes confidence in all of her endeavors. She definitely is someone who I would consider a Life Changer and proud to call her my sister-in-law. Her faith in God and being a phenomenal wife and mother is her driving force. Congratulations!

Maurice Minga Posted over a year ago

Shamel is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others. I couldn’t think of a more deserving individual.

Cyndi Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Minga's class has a calm environment, much like Mrs. Minga! Her students participate in engaging, rigorous activities that enable them to have fun while learning state standards. She is a caring person, which is evident as you observe her interactions with her students and coworkers. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Minga at Plain Elementary!

Candice C. Posted over a year ago

Hats off to you Shamel on your recognition as a Life Changer. Educating and touching the lives of our youth is an honorable position which you have always expressed since our college days with your passion and love for all children. Congratulations!

Sheila Burns Posted over a year ago

Shamel, you have always followed your mind with God's help. You and Sean are my greatest contribution to the planet. This is a about you. I am so proud of you and the generous spirit you exude. This recognition is exactly what a life changer you have been doing all your life. Love,Mom Sheila Burns

Nia Benjamin Posted over a year ago

Seeing this nomination is no surprise. Shamel has always been focused and now her love for children and their education is finally getting the acknowledgment that is overdue. Congrats Shamel!

Angela R. Posted over a year ago

I have known Shamel since the age of 5 and she has always been hardworking and ambitious. She has always had the heart to serve and change the lives of anyone she comes in contact with and that is evident through her role as not only a teacher, but a life changer! She does more than provide a curriculum to help advance and shape the lives of our future leaders, she touches their hearts and gives students (and people) the confidence that they can achieve anything! All it takes is focus, persistence, and guidance. I can most definitely say that Shamel Minga has helped to change my life, and I am grateful that others also have the opportunity to experience the sweet, relentless, brilliant person that she is! Congrats in advance!

Monica Sharper-Brown Posted over a year ago

Shamel's positive and nurturing disposition, makes her the perfect Life Changer Of The Year nominee. She continues each year to bring her best to the classroom, by recognizing students' individual needs and then giving them the tools to reach their personal best. She does it in a way that challenges them to continue their success, even after they have moved on to the next grade.

Tonya Posted over a year ago

Shamel is such a sweet, caring teacher. She deserves such recognition 100%!

Beverly Paige Posted over a year ago

Shamel brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to her classroom. She is devoted to making the classroom experience unique and rewarding to each of her students. She is a great role model for her kids and they thrive under her care. Congrats on your nomination and the life-changing impact you have on your students.

Olivia Robbins Posted over a year ago

Shamel demonstrates a spirit of care and concern when interacting with her students and her colleagues. She employs the best instructional techniques to meet the individual needs of all of her students to ensure skill mastery. Shamel has high expectations for her students as she facilitates students' learning activities with positive encouragements for her students to strive for excellence in their work.

Francine Stith Jackson Posted over a year ago

Shamel Minga is committed and dedicated to her life's work of education. She is organized and follows through with her commitments. Her nomination for this award is another example of others who have witnessed her work and can support this nomination. I can only imagine that if she is selected what new energy she will employ to further her support and love for children. Congrats on the nomination.

Darian Robbins Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised that my cousin, Shamel is being considered for this honor. As long as I known her she has exhibited all the qualities that the profile highlights above: leadership, consideration, consistency, but most importantly care for others! Congrats, Shamel!

Ronald Finch Posted over a year ago

Shamel has always been a caring and consistent person. As a force for change in my life, she has definitely taught me how to be more compassionate and better with children. All of these things I have learned from her, just through observation. I can only imagine how much of an impact a positive person like Shamel, has on the development of a child. I hope the committee chooses wisely. Nominating Shamell as Lifechanger of the year is a no brainer.

Paige O’Shields Posted over a year ago

Shamel is such a bright light at Plain Elementary. I love the way she speaks and supports every child on even their toughest days. I have been encouraged by her personality and love for our students. She definately has a way of positively changing lives of our students.

Danielle Robbins-Chukwumah Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Minga is an expert in her craft and truly cares about all of her students. She makes a difference each day with her innovative lesson.

Gladys Ford Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Shamel on being recognized for your commitment and dedication, the keys to success, in your chosen profession. You possess those qualities and values that make a great teacher. Your students and staff are blessed to have you on their team!

Brenda Stith Finch Posted over a year ago

I watched Shemel Minho grow into an amazing teacher. Her kindness, soft tone, and easy laughter makes her an excellent teacher. The little ones are lucky to have her to guide their learning and to instill in them the confidence to accomplish anything. She is a natural leader.

Debra Posted over a year ago

Shamel is a beautiful angel inside and out, can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition for her work??

Tee Coker Posted over a year ago

How refreshing is it to know a young teacher who is vibrant, enthusiastic and has obviously chosen a career that suits who Shamel is; as indicated by all the wonderful accomplishments and accolades which have been expressed concerning her. Congratulations ?? young lady. I wish you continued success...

Archie Ford Posted over a year ago

Dear Editor, The hard work done in our schools and school districts to educate our children rarely receives the praise it deserves, despite the fact that many teachers and other school employees are worthy of recognition for the work that they do. Recently, one such educator in our community was nominated for a national award as recognition for his/her leadership and positive influence. We should take pride in this because, although this is one individual who was nominated, it demonstrates the type of amazing things being done by educators for our students. I encourage our community to support Shamel Minga by visiting his/her profile at to leave a positive comment, note of thanks or congratulations. This nomination is a great honor for Shamel Minga and for our community. It shows how hard the people in our schools work to educate our children. We often take this for granted; this nomination is an opportunity to recognize that hard work. Thank you. Archie Ford

Cheryl Ford Posted over a year ago

Education is one of the most important things for children’s future. Ms Minga’s dedication to her students will enable them to succeed in life. She is an example that other educators should follow.

Debbie Mihalic Posted over a year ago

Shamel is a passionate, dedicated teacher who builds strong relationships with her students and families. She is a collaborative team member and highly respected by her peers. Every decision she makes is always student-centered. Shamel has a strong desire to ensure the success of every student. Mrs. Minga is a positive role model and a teacher leader!

Patricia M. Trouth Posted over a year ago

I have watch Shemal exhibit these qualities in leadership before she became a teacher. She has always had a love for children and her fellow man. She has always stepped up to the plate when ask to do a task. She is patient, kind and always willing to help her peers. I love that she always has a listening ear. I feel she is well deserving of this life changing award. I believe her students have grown in all area since they have had the pleasure of being in her class. I would be proud to have my grand children in her class. Keep up the great work Shemal!!!!

SEAN BURNS Posted over a year ago

Great experienced educator!