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Katharine Giordano

Position: Teacher’s Aide
School: Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf
School District: Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf
City, State: Ewing , NJ

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Katherine Giordano was nominated by a family member, Antonio Francis.

Ms. Giordano has worked at the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf since 1969. She spent her entire career as a teacher in the nursery, semi-retired, and is now working as an aide in the high school. This summer, Ms. Giordano is planning on retiring for good.

Ms. Giordano spreads her love to every student and teacher she has worked with.

"Her garage is full of teaching materials she has purchased over the years to help her students learn," Francis said. "Just yesterday, she stopped at a neighbor’s driveway to see if she could claim two toy cars to take to the nursery for her students."   

Many of Ms. Giordano's nursery students are now high schoolers. They and their parents have showered her with affection for all the love and care she devoted to them over the years. Working now as a high school aide at age 70, Ms. Giordano continues to work with students, devoting all of her expertise and patience toward them.

"She has earned the title of a LifeChanger for many students in her teaching career," Francis said.   

Comments (4)

Betty Shockley Posted over a year ago

My friend, Godmother, and inspiration, you have changed the lives of so many. Your loving heart influences every one you meet, including me, in more ways than I can count. You know no strangers and live a life of love and giving. I have no doubt you changed the lives of so many including your students through over 40 years of teaching. You continue to show kindness and help to everyone you meet.

Irene Leonardi Posted over a year ago

I have known Kathy for more than thirty years as a fellow teacher and then as her supervisor. Kathy is the ideal educator: selfless, knowledgeable, prepared, caring. There is never a limit to the amount of time she will devote to her students...or their parents. The students in her classes were indeed fortunate.

Nancy Woloszyn Posted over a year ago

Kathy has the gift of love and a strong spirit. She gave all her heart and soul to her career each and every day. Think of how many hearts she touched!??????

Claus Bonnie Boyd Posted over a year ago

She is such a loving caring person. Always wanting to help others.