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Joshua Krohn

Position: Director of Performing Arts
School: Brent Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Washington, DC

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Joshua Krohn's nominator wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Krohn has had the opportunity to hold a number of professional roles, including elementary music specialist, band and choral director, elementary music clinician, and private music instructor. He has led numerous professional developments throughout the United States, with a focus on elementary music methodology. He was also the catalyst for professionally developing music teachers in the DC Public School system by running his own professional development opportunities back in 2010. Within one year, he was able to provide more than 100 music teachers with professional development every two months.

Since entering the DC Public School system in 2009, Mr. Krohn has been rated as a highly effective teacher under their evaluation system nearly every year, earning him the title of "Distinguished Teacher" under the DCPS evaluation system.  He has also been nominated for D.C. Teacher of The Year four separate times over the last six years. His music program received a NAMM distinction as a "Best Community for Music Education."

"As a twice-prior LifeChanger nominee, hundreds of community members have spoken highly of his enthusiasm, passion, love of children, and professionalism," the nominator said. "He was also able to raise more than $8000 to renovate a very old stage and curtain without needing the school to spend a dime. Each year, his students perform more than fifteen concerts, including a Broadway-style musical and a musical tribute to war veterans arriving on Honors Flights at Reagan National Airport three times a year."

Comments (6)

Julie Posted over a year ago

Mr. Krohn's boundless energy never fails to amaze me. From offering early morning classes that introduced my daughter to the violin and to chorus, to after-school music lessons that have helped her fall in love with the piano, to the music class offerings that enrich the kids' musical education, and of course the annual winter musical, there is a lot going on, but everything is done superbly. And no one but Mr. Krohn could have ever convinced my daughter to brave the musical recital, for which I will always be grateful. We feel so lucky to attend a school where musical education is prioritized, and are grateful to Mr. Krohn for all that he is doing.

Dimple Chaudhary Posted over a year ago

Mr. Krohn is an outstanding educator and is cultivating a real love of music in my son. He loves Mr. Krohn's after school music classes, and the experience of working with Mr. Krohn has made my son confident and enthusiastic about his capacity to be musician. Mr. Krohn is an incredible asset to our school.

Heidi Applegate Posted over a year ago

Mr. Krohn’s devotion to his students, and the enthusiasm and joy he pours into his work are extraordinary. The sheer number of additional programs and opportunities he makes available every year at Brent are a testament to how far he exceeds the expectations of his job. This includes multiple morning ensembles, after-school lessons, a full-blown musical in April, a talent show in June, and several performance recitals--all in addition to the normal weekly music classes and concerts throughout the school year. His unique position as a teacher who works with students through all of their elementary years has allowed him to observe and respond to each of my daughters as she develops. He is wonderfully attuned to their emerging personalities and abilities, while also knowing exactly what kind of encouragement or advice is needed to inspire and reassure them as individuals, musicians, and performers. No one can lift their spirits on a bad day like Mr. Krohn can. He is a truly exceptional teacher in every way!

Renu Schmoyer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Krohn is an absolutely amazing educator and member of the community!! I honestly do not know how he has enough hours in his day to do all that he does. He must be superman and live a 36 or 48 hour day rather than 24 hours. He is patient, kind, and encouraging with his students. His love of music and the performing arts is evident in how he teaches and inspires children to be excited. He willingly offers his own time to find different ways to encourage children to perform... school talent show, school musical, before and after school choir and music classes, messages about upcoming community events. He provides these opportunities in so many cases for free, just to expose children to the arts. He is truly a life changer as he inspires and changes the attitudes of our children and our community to see the beauty in music and the performing arts!!

Lonnie Monroe-Evans Posted over a year ago

I have so much respect for this man that is full of courage, integrity, substance, compassion and love for his work and our DCPS students. He is a MUSICAL genius. Thank you Mr. Krohn for teaching my daughter, Armoni Lynn. Thank you so very much. I pray that you get this award. Much love for you and your family. Lonnie

Anna and Phillip Hylton Posted over a year ago

Our child has been benefiting from Mr. Krohn's knowledge and skills for the last three year and we appreciate how this incredible teacher gives so much of his time to his student. This year, they learned a full musical with an early morning workshop. Mr. Krohn digs into obscure music pieces (at least to us) and brings them to life through the children. Also, we are amazed at how our 3rd graders have learned the recorder this year from knowing nothing to playing beautiful and challenging pieces. Mr. Krohn is a talented and dedicated educator which is why we strongly support his nomination.