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Allison Hardman

Position: Seventh Grade ELA Teacher
School: Nagel Middle School
School District: Forest Hills Local School District
City, State: Anderson Township, OH

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Allison Hardman was nominated by her student, Emma Iles.

Ms. Hardman is one of the greatest teachers that Iles has ever had.

"She is so relatable and cares so much about every single one of her students," Iles said. "She certainly makes school a better place to be. Her smile lights up the room and makes you want to smile."

This past year, Ms. Hardman taught Iles and her classmates how to write, teaching them strategies that makes state testing much easier. She is also a leader around the school by helping out with the Superhawks, a club that offers community service projects for students. She even helps coach the school cheer team.

"Every day I walk into ELA class, I not only see myself growing, but I also notice that everyone around me is growing, too," Iles said. "Ms. Hardman isn't just an amazing writing teacher; she is also incredibly easy to relate to and always encourages us to be great people. I often stress about classes and keeping up with good grades. Ms. Hardman always told me one thing, 'The only thing that you can do is your best.' I thought over and over about that saying and realized that Ms. Hardman is always doing her best and should get rewarded for that."

Comments (6)

Susan Groene Posted over a year ago

Alli is positive energy. She loves her students and loves her job. Her positive attitude is reflected in her students approach to life and to school.

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Ms.Hardman is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever had! She’s a teacher who will always brighten your day, no matter how bad it was. I am so thankful to have her as my teacher! ?? Ms. Hardman truly deserves this award!

Alisha Frick Posted over a year ago

My daughter loves Ms. Hardman! Not only is she a fun teacher she is also kind and caring to her students. My daughters transition to middle school has been wonderful because of Ms Hardman.

Sydney VanderMeer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hardman was my language arts teacher during my 7th grade year. She is such an amazing teacher and really cares about her students. Everyday she comes to school with a smile on her face. Ms. Hardman supports her students and helps them improve as a student and person. Whenever I got stressed in class, she would tell me to take deep breaths and encouraged me to keep trying. She always made learning fun and kept her students engaged in what we were doing in class. Ms. Hardman is definitely my favorite teacher and she deserves a reward for her hard work and kind heart.

Monica Mcgrew Posted over a year ago

Ms. hardman taught my son Ben and he adored her. She has such an amazing way to boost their confidence and make learning fun! She’s a gifted educator and truly deserves this award! We are forward grateful for her and her talent as a teacher!

Jodie Posted over a year ago

Emma, you are soooo correct! Ms. Hardman's smile could light up a planet!! She brings such joy to everyone. Most importantly, she helps you and all of her students reach their highest potential every day! Thank you for nominating such a great teacher at Nagel Middle School. Mrs. McKinley