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Luis Viveros

Position: Special Ed Teacher-Transition Program
School: Sandia Vista Elementary School
School District: Rio Rancho Public Schools
City, State: Rio Rancho, NM

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Luis Viveros was nominated by his colleague, Stacy Munoz.

Mr. Viveros and Ms. Munoz have had the privilege of working together for the past three years. She considers him the best teacher she knows. Mr. Viveros has been teaching for 15 years and is currently a special education teacher in a program specializes in transitioning special education students back into the general education setting. There isn’t a disability or behavior that he hasn't experienced throughout the years. 

"I have had the privilege of working with Luis in both middle school and elementary school settings," Munoz said. "His kindness is matched only by his passion for what he does. Every parent has only had words of praise for him in the time I’ve come to work alongside him. His students come from a wide array of educational and economic backgrounds. Luis has a unique gift to quickly adapt, modify and accommodate each student he has encountered.

Mr. Viveros starts every morning by telling his students that every decision he makes in the classroom is for their growth and benefit.

"I have lost count of the days he has come in early and stayed late," Munoz said. "He comes in sick and never complains. I couldn’t tell you how much of his paycheck goes right back into the classroom without hesitation. He makes himself available to parents, families and anyone who needs him. It is truly amazing to watch someone cultivate the perfect blend of academics, support and fun!"

"He is truly an unspoken hero and the most humble person I have ever had the privilege of meeting," Munoz said. "He treats the custodians with the same respect he would treat the President of our nation."

Comments (4)

Adryanna Trujillo Posted over a year ago

Mr. V is an amazing teacher. He is a wonderful person that loves his job and his students.

Sarah Martinez Posted over a year ago

Luis is an amazing teacher and friend. I was having trouble with deciding to hold back my son who was struggling in 1st grade. I felt like a failure as a parent. Luis convinced me this was not a reflection of my parenting and this was the level my son is at right now. There should be no shame in holding back kids if they are not at the proper education level. He gave me the confidence I needed to make the BEST decision for my child. My son has done amazing this year and I want to publicly thank Luis for his guidance. He deserves this more than anyone.

Mark Sayih Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Luis Viveros in the past and can definitely say that he is an educator of elite quality. His positive attitude is paramount for the learning and understanding of young minds. Hands down, one of the most dedicated and wonderfully influential educators I’ve ever met.

Davina motlow Posted over a year ago

This man is AMAZING!