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Stacy Munoz

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Sandia Vista Elementary School
School District: Rio Rancho Public Schools
City, State: Rio Rancho, NM

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Stacy Munoz was nominated by her colleague, Luis Viveros.

In New Mexico, schools offer classes that are called transition programs or social/emotional programs. In these programs, students are unable to adapt to the traditional special education settings, so they require more extensive supports.

"Ms. Munoz and I have worked together in his section of special education for the past three years, but she has been in education for the past 15 years," Viveros said. "Her ability to make authentic connections with our students is amazing. She provides students with a safe environment, where students feel self-worth and want to make positive choices. Students want to work for her, and they want to be better in all areas."

Ms. Munoz collaborates well with the other teachers in the program and throughout the school. She is always willing to lend a hand when dealing with students from other classrooms. She is a comforting voice in times of frustrations. Often times, teachers get overwhelmed with the various roles they play, but Ms. Munoz is always there to share some words of wisdom with everyone.

She has taken on roles in various activities that enrich the experience students have in the program. Due to behavioral needs, there are times when her students don’t get to experience many activities that general education students get to experience. When Ms. Munoz puts together activities accommodated for her students, it provides them with a sense of belonging.

"She is constantly purchasing items for the class and her students," Viveros said. "Our students are usually from low income families and at times are in need of everyday items. Stacy has purchased clothing, school supplies, and food for our students and has never complained about doing so. She will not hesitate to put the needs of our students first. These students already have many struggles and will face many more, but in the time they are at school with Ms. Munoz, you can see that those struggles fade away and strengths begin to rise."

"Her continued growth within education is impressive," Viveros said. "Through PDP’s and classes at the local college, she continues to develop herself to be able to better serve our students. Stacy is truly changing lives of students who don’t feel accepted in our educational system. She is giving students a different aspect of life and the understanding that no matter the struggles you face, you can be successful. These students will be better adults because of Stacy Munoz!"

Comments (15)

Maria Gomez Posted over a year ago

Miss Stacy Munoz is an amazing role model, and inspiration to all that she meets in and out of her classroom. She gives the word “teacher” a meaning that no other person could come close to. The best part about Stacy is knowing what she does comes from the heart and not just a job description.

Ann Roones Posted over a year ago

Great person!

Ariel Ramirez Posted over a year ago

Stacy Munoz is the most Selfless person I know, as long as she has been an educator, Stacy has always puts her students and career first. Her heart is pure love her kids. Even after a stressful day, she can be counted on by her friends and family to help with anything they may need. Maybe its our upbringing, our grandparents always taught us to help with a pure heart and she does.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Stacy is a very passionate, dedicated, and loving individual. She not only goes above and beyond for her family and friends, but as an educator she does whatever she can to help her students and their families. She volunteers her time even when school is not in session. She makes sure that no child ever feels left out or like an outsider. She has always seen the glass as half full instead of empty and shows people that there is still good in the world. She truly is one in a million and will continue to make a positive impact on all the people that she encounters.

Criselda Munoz Posted over a year ago

From what I’ve seen my cousin Stacy is an amazing teacher and loves what she does!!! Keep up the amazing job!!

Phil Sanders Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Muñoz for a little over a year. She not only welcomed me into the classroom, but also immediately gave me the tools I needed to move to another school to help expand the program. Her attention with each individual student as well as group is impeccable! She is constantly coming up with different ways to excite and engage students, (and other teachers), to get involved with different lessons and activities. A+ in my book!

Madayi Posted over a year ago

That’s amazing Stacy need more teachers like you, keep up the great work ????????

Yvonne Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Stacy is the most amazing person I know! She is an amazing daughter, sister, aunt, friend and most importantly teacher. She has so much compassion for what she does and cares for each and every one of her students.

alyssa kneip Posted over a year ago

Stacy is a very generous, loving, and compassionate person. She will give away her last penny just to help someone out,and she treats her students amazing. Most of her students come from tough backgrounds and grown up with very little.While she works with them she makes sure that they feel safe and loved. She makes them feel important and they become successful and many of her students remember her for years after because of how much she help. Stacy’s students are very luck to have her and show huge amounts of grown after work with her

Adela Mackey Posted over a year ago

She is amazing all around in all aspects of her life. She is dedicated to her job and her family in an unparalleled way. She embodies the true definition of passion to her job.

Jordan Flores Posted over a year ago

Stacy is an amazing and truly influential person. I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award

Donna Lopez Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher who truly loves her job her dedication is inspiring. She also volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sister and a shelter for domestic violence. Even on a teachers salary she makes sure her students are never hungry and also has a loaf of bread and peanut butter and jelly. The world needs more teachers like her

Donna Lopez Posted over a year ago

Stacy has a true passion for what she does and has dedicated her life to working with children. She has also volunteered as Big Brother Big Sister for several years. Has also volunteered at food shelters and a home for Domestic Violence victims. Even on a teachers salary she finds a way to purchase everyday necessities for children in need and she makes sure that every student in her class is never hungry she keep a loaf of bread and peanut butter in class at all times. She is an amazing teacher and the world needs more teachers like her

Patricia Villa Posted over a year ago

Stacy , Is Very Dedicated To Her Job ....She Truly Loves What She Does.

KATHERINE VILLA Posted over a year ago

Stacy is so amazing and deicated in everthing she does.