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Kendall Dameron

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Cottonwood Elementary School
School District: Campbell County School District Number 1
City, State: Wright, WY

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Kendall Dameron was nominated by her colleague, Deb French.

French has been a teacher for 32 years and has seen many teachers burn out in their first five years of teaching. Kendall Dameron, however, is different. She is a very hard worker and has instilled her work ethic in her students.

"What makes a great teacher is dedication to teaching and to your students. Kendall demonstrates this through her warm and caring nature," French said. "She always wants her students to be successful learners. She is a teacher who leads by example, working with students to show them that the simplest teaching techniques can work the best."

Ms. Dameron is highly motivated, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has great interpersonal skills that can be seen by how she fosters relationships with students, staff and parents. She is on many committees inside and outside of school,and she's constantly involved in her community.

"Kendall is flexible, cooperative and professional when working with others," French said. "I thoroughly enjoy working with Kendall and I’m very pleased to nominate her for this teaching award. She is a very deserving educator."

Comments (9)

Nancy Senteney Posted over a year ago

I am Kendall's mother. Starting out she had a tough class and questioned if she should even be teaching. The next year was better but still left her wondering if this is for her. Luckily, she found a position more suited for her. This was in Wright. She loves working with all the wonderful staff, and students. Kendall will fight for her students to get the help that they need and won't give up until she is satisfied. I have been with her when her students, past and present, would come up and hug her. The smile on her and the students faces are worth a thousand words. It makes me so proud of the teacher she has become.

Jamie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! Love seeing the positive changes in my son after just a few short months in your class! You are definitely a great teacher and cheerleader for your students, both in and outside of the classroom. Thank you!

Faith Rubis Posted over a year ago

Kendall is an amazing teacher, colleague and friend. She is always there for support with difficult students, she does not get frazzled. She has enthusiasm and is ready for an adventure. She invokes creativity in her students and inspires us all to be and do our best.

Natalie Prosenick Posted over a year ago

Well deserved, Kendall. You are an inspiration to all!

Melissa Keelinee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dameron is always willing to listen and brain storm ideas about students. When she has exhausted ways to work with students she sets out to discover new ways to reach each individual student. She strives to build a relationship with her students because she understands that is where educating her students has to start.

Twila Posted over a year ago

Kendall is such a positive influence to the staff, as well. She says good morning to everyone, always has a smile, asks how you/your family are, and genuinely cares about the response. She promotes activities that bring the staff together. She is also a life long learner, currently getting her Masters as well as taking classes offered by our district. She willingly shares what she had learned with staff members.

Laura Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dameron is dedicated to her students and it shows. I've seen her struggle with issues and overcome them with grace. She does not give up. She is a positive role model to her class everyday and that positivity spills out of the classroom into the school and the community. I consider Kendall a master teacher at her young age. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Melissa Wrigley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! You are an AMAZING Teacher, Example and Friend to Trenton! We are very THANKFUL for all you have done for him this year. He always has wonderful Teachers who help him grow and excel and you have went above and beyond! Thank you ever so much!

Jody Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dameron is an amazing teacher that goes above and beyond to help students succeed. Thanks for making a difference for my son and other students.