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Staci Noah

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Flintstone Elementary School
School District: Allegany County Public Schools
City, State: Flintstone, MD

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Staci Noah was nominated by an anonymous colleague. 

Have you ever entered a classroom and just had that "I am at home, I am safe, this is my happy place" feeling? That is what happens when anyone walks into Ms. Noah's classroom at Flintstone Elementary School. Students and staff alike enjoy entering her classroom because of the warm atmosphere and the love she exudes.

Ms. Noah is an incredible teacher who is full of energy, humor and devotion to helping each child succeed academically, socially and emotionally. She brings out the best in each student by showing them respect, love and concern in all aspects of their lives. Ms. Noah is equally concerned about the families of her students and works diligently to help parents understand the expectations for their children. She provides support for the students and families by helping them understand the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards as they pertain to the school work and homework that is to be completed. She also helps parents understand the developmental milestones in young children.

"As a colleague, Staci is a natural leader," the nominator said. "She mentors teachers, willingly accepts student interns from nearby colleges and assumes several leadership opportunities at the school. She serves as the 'teacher in charge' during times the administrator is out of the building, and she currently co-chairs the Student Achievement Team to analyze assessment data to determine effective instructional strategies/techniques/programs to help all students succeed. Staci has her degree in elementary administration and supervision and hopes to have a leadership position within the district. In the meantime, Flintstone School will benefit from her expertise, her enthusiasm and love for learning; as well as her drive to make all students be the best they can be."

Staci is a highly effective teacher because she is a lifelong learner. She challenges herself each day to learn more and apply that learning, just as she requires her students to challenge themselves. Staci spends much of her own time researching new ideas and programs that will benefit her students and will support the initiatives of the school. She willingly accepts additional responsibilities of providing professional development to her colleagues, as well as to other teachers in the district.

"Because of her strong work ethic, her dedication to students and her ability to work with other professionals, she is highly respected by her peers as well as her supervisors," the nominator said. "It is a privilege and honor to work with Staci Noah, as she prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow."

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Michelle Crawford Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Noah has been such an influence in the lives of so many, including three of my children. Not only does she excel as a teacher but she is a kind, caring, and supportive person outside of the classroom. Mrs. Noah's enthusiasm for her class, her students, and her fellow teachers is obvious. She is innovative with her approach to teaching different subjects and makes sure every student meets their goals. Knowing Mrs. Noah is such an honor, having her as a teacher is even greater.