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Fallon Pleasants

Position: Kindergarten-First Grade Looping Elementary Teache
School: Wilson's Mills Elementary School
School District: Johnston County Public Schools
City, State: Wilson's Mills, NC

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Fallon Pleasants was nominated by an anonymous friend.

"While visiting Ms. Pleasant's classroom last Christmas to help her students work on ornaments, I witnessed a special bond between the students and their teacher like I have never imagined," said her nominator. "I could tell that her students felt completely safe and at home within their classroom and with their teacher. I have seen her interact with her own children at her home, and can honestly say it was not much different with her students. She values everyone equally and deserves this recognition."

Comments (5)

Brandon Posted over a year ago

I love this Lil teacher to the moon and back!

Sharon Stancil Posted over a year ago

This lady is my daughter, and she is sweet, kind & beautiful, I am so proud of her, and I can understand why her student's love her so very much!! She should definitely win this award!!

Clarissa Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pleasants is our sons teacher. We have been so blessed to have her as Logans kindergarden and now first grade teacher. Ms. Pleasants is amazing! She really goes above and beyond to make learning a fun experience that creates a love for learning within our children. When Logan started school was very worred as he showed no intetest in learning. I couldn't get him to do anything that involved learning his letters or how to hold his pencil correctly. Logan has now tested above level in all his academics. He's reading very well and discovered he has a love for mathematics. Hes always been so shy and quiet and she has gotten him to come out of his shell. I know his success has been achieved because Ms. Pleasants has been very hands on and takes the time to teach all the children with love, patience and understanding. She really is one of a kind! We love her!

Brandi Howell Posted over a year ago

My son Isaiah had Ms. Pleasants for kindergarten last year and also first grade this year. Isaiah has a genetic fever disorder, asthma, and recently we have discovered his arches collapsed. Ms. Pleasants took the time to find out about his illness. She watches over him at school for signs of a flare. If she notices anything, she will notify me right away. If he misses school, I get a text first thing in the morning to check up on him. She keeps up with doc appointments and always wants to know what went on. When he got behind last year and struggled, she worked with him to catch him up. Isaiah adores her. To me, she is very deserving of this award.

Sharon Stancil Posted over a year ago

She is very special to my heart in many ways and I am proud to call her my daughter and mother of my grandchildren.