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Susan Baga

Position: Interventionist
School: Valhalla Elementary School
School District: Federal Way Public Schools
City, State: Auburn, WA

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Susan Baga was nominated by her colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ms. Baga and her nominator met in 2016, when they both started as second grade teachers at Valhalla Elementary School. During the year they worked together, they got to know each other as teachers, colleagues and friends.

"As a teacher, I had the opportunity to watch her work with her scholars and their struggles," her nominator said. "She was without limitation when it came to exploring every opportunity she had to support and assist any and all of her students and others in need. If she felt she could not connect in one way, she made sure to try another until all her options ran out; and even then, there was no running out." 

In addition to her students, Ms. Baga makes sure to treat each person at Valhalla Elementary School as equal individuals and listens from her heart.

"She has been a shoulder to lean on for both students and peers," her nominator said. "She recently moved from second grade to Intervention. Today, she can share her wealth of education with all grade level scholars and educators. She is a true inspiration to me when it comes to ideas, fun activities, and reaching out a helping hand to those in need. She truly is a blessing at our school."