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Kirsten Hall

Position: Science Teacher
School: Nagel Middle School
School District: Forest Hills Local School District
City, State: Anderson , OH

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Kirsten Hall was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Ms. Hall helps so many students with their problems," her nominator said. "When I was in seventh grade, it was a hard year filled with a lot of emotions. She was alwyas available to talk and was always willing to give you a hug when I needed one. Like me, Ms. Hall deals with personal challenges, but she still came to school to teach and to help kids." 

Comments (5)

Susan Groene Posted over a year ago

Kirsten, I have known on a personal level and on a professional level. She is as many of our sweatshirts say here at Nagel is "All In". She is invested 100% in both her family and her students.

Sara Jacob Posted over a year ago

My son is a current 7th grader in Mrs. Halls’ Science class and is beyond lucky to have her for his advisory period as well! My son is a “tough” kid...hard to motivate, hard to keep focused and not naturallt driven in school. Mrs. Hall has been in constant communication with me as a parent since day one. On the GOOD and bad days, she in quick to break down the day, give feedback, suggestions, praise and work to find solutions. She is creative with her ideas and methods, teaches each student with respect and love, gives kindness when they are being difficult. She truly understands the challenges faced by our middle schoolers...and especially those students that have a little tougher path. I am thankful every day to have Mrs. Hall in my sons life ??

Ellen Langton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hall continues to be one of my 16 year old daughter’s favorite all-time teachers when she had her for science in 7th grade. My daughter always felt supported by Mrs. Hall and loved the year she spent in her class.

Sydney VanderMeer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hall was my science teacher as well as my homeroom teacher during my 7th grade year. She is such a great teacher and cares about her student's well being. Everyday that she was at school, Mrs. Hall made sure her students were doing good. Mrs. Hall has been through many challenges, but even through those she still came to school and had a smile on her face. I am really glad that I got to have her as my teacher.

Anita Eshleman Posted over a year ago

Kirsten Hall goes above and beyond to make sure her students feel welcome and capable in her science class. Students of all sorts can be successful because she makes learning accessible in many ways!