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Vivian Tamez

Position: Foreign Language Teacher
School: Lamar Academy
School District: McAllen ISD
City, State: McAllen, TX

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Vivian Tamez was nominated by her colleague, Cindy Peña.

Mrs. Tamez is a Foreign Language Teacher in the International Baccalaureate Programme at Lamar Academy. She is an exceptional teacher with a vivacious personality and an enthusiasm for helping those in need.

Mrs. Tamez is a driven, organized teacher who inspires her students. She teaches French and Creativity, Activity and Service classes. She is a true believer in encouraging students to help the community and those less fortunate. Mrs. Tamez is relentless when undertaking a new endeavor that will assist her students and the campus. In addition, she organizes trips for students to visit prestigious universities, both in-state and out-of-state, to give them exposure to university choices. Above all, she approaches each task wholeheartedly with a positive attitude and a can-do approach.

"She continuously searches for new, innovative ideas to help students achieve to their utmost potential. She encourages students to become advocates for others who may be facing challenges," Peña said. "For example, she took it upon herself to get the district involved in adopting Aransas County ISD as a sister district when the county was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This county was in disarray after the flood waters subsided. Mrs. Tamez arranged for all the schools in the McAllen ISD District to donate items that the community in Aransas County needed. She not only organized the event, but also arranged for students and staff to assist in the delivery of the supplies that were donated. This experience was rewarding for all students and staff who participated. Students who witnessed the devastation left with a different outlook of how quickly life can change."

As a new teacher at the International Baccalaureate Programme, she has earned the respect of her colleagues and students. Mrs. Tamez is an exemplary educator who serves as a role model for her fellow coworkers. She is scholarly and highly motivated to help others succeed.

"Lamar Academy is very fortunate to have such an extraordinary teacher who truly epitomizes what a dedicated teacher should be," Peña said. "Vivian Tamez exemplifies Barack Obama’s quotation: 'The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.'"

"I admire Mrs. Vivian Tamez’s devotion and perseverance," Peña said. "Her leadership skills and no-nonsense attitude is what sets her apart from other educators. Her willingness to go the extra mile and her total commitment to educating students for the future are noteworthy virtues."

Comments (98)

IB Debate Forum Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is the sponsor of our organization, and we could not ask for more of a live changing individual.

Roberto Ramirez Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher who always goes for what the kids believe in!

Yolanda Estrada-Peralez Posted over a year ago

I am the founder of “Say Yes to Life” this none profit organization came to life soon after my son Andrew Peralez died as a result to Suicide. In 2016 Vivian Tamez and her students invited us to be part of the McAllen ISD Suicide Awareness Proclamation. I then invited them to be part of the Hidalgo County Suicide Awareness Proclamation for the Month of September. In 2016 “Say Yes to Life” hosted the 1st Hidalgo County Suicide Awareness vigil, in memory of all who had lost their battle to Suicide. Vivian’s students were the Master of Ceremonies and volunteered at the event with the direction of their teacher Vivian Tamez. This year, 2018, “Say Yes to Life” held the 2nd Hidalgo County Suicide Awareness Event, and again Vivian and her students volunteered to help me make this event a successful one. Together we brought HOPE to our communities. This event was to bring resources to the community and to let them know that there’s HOPE. If it weren’t for Vivian, her IB Lamar Academy STCU The Event wouldn’t have been as successful. I admire Vivian’s involvement with the community and for teaching her students great leadership skills and helping parents like myself, who lost a son to Suicide, not feel alone in this journey. As difficult as it is, having Vivian’s support makes things a lot easier for us to make things possible for our communities. Her help and of the students bring HOPE to something very dear to me. That is educating the community and bringing resources available for mental illness, mental health and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

Pablo Ramirez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is not only an incredible teacher, but she is role model for everyone.

Laura Jane Nikstad Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an incredible educator! She does a great job of connecting students to service opportunities in our community and bringing the community into the school. So glad to have you at our school!

Marissa Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is a dynamo driven to make a difference, and to help students understand the importance of their roles in improving their community and in the betterment of the planet. She has inspired the spirit of doing something, and giving back, and for that, our school and community are that much better. We are lucky to have Vivian on our staff.

Sylvia Aguilera Posted over a year ago

Great Teacher Go Vivian!!!

Leslie Hurtado Posted over a year ago

Congrats! thanks for never giving up on your students and always inspiring those around you.

Lih-Lan Hu Posted over a year ago

Not only is Vivian a super teacher but she is a superb community organizer. So committed to making our community a better safer place. Thank you so much for everything you do!

Diana Zepeda Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is an incredible person. All-around incredible wife, mother and teacher. To hear and see so many wonderful things about this woman is inspiring. This is a very much deserved nomination and hopefully a win for such a wonderful lady.

Marcela Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez has truly changed my life. She inspires me everyday to try my best to help my community and my school. No one deserves this as much as her!!

Daisy Alaniz Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a take charge person and empathetic leader who changes students’ lives, so they can have better opportunities for their future. She’s also involved daily in helping her community and embodies the Life Changer spirit.

Barb kelly Posted over a year ago

An amazing woman who spends every breath doing and thing about what she’s doing for the community and what’s next

Delia Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Super involved with students. She's a great person.

Rosemarie Trejo Posted over a year ago

Vivian is a true leader who inspires and motivates students to become more involved in their community. She stresses to her students that through dedication and passion, they can be the change. She teaches empathy and compassion for others and encourages students to come up with solutions to problems in the community. Throughout the years her student led projects have benefited many less fortunate in the community. Vivian has had a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of students making them better prepared to be future leaders of our community. Vivian is most deserving of this award.

Barbara kelly Posted over a year ago

Vivian is the perfect example of what a life changer is — she not only exhibits herself as a life changing role model, she has shared the importance of being a life changer and enabled kids to be life changers and continue the trickle down affect to make for a better community. Therefore Lao affecting the world as these kids go forward and become life changers in their future communities

Luz Garcia Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on this nomination Mrs. Tamez! Very well deserved. Thank you for everything you do for the community and for the children everywhere.

Estela Garza Posted over a year ago

I taught with Vivian and she exemplifies a super teacher! I vote Viv

Belinda Rosa Posted over a year ago

Thank you for doing all that you do for the children in our community. God bless you and your endeavors.

Ray Villarreal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is an extraordinary motivator inspiring young minds to achieve at the highest level.

Ana Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Vivian on your nomination! Thank you for all you do for the kids in our community here in the Rio Grande Valley! May God bless you abundantly with a lot more energy so that you can continue with this mission.

Roberto Flores Posted over a year ago

Vivian was my french teach throughout my high school career. But most importantly, she was an amazing mentor and now a true friend. We often hear the cliche that "it takes a village" to raise a child. Years after I have left high school, I realize how true this is and how much Vivian contributed in creating that positive, empowering environment for countless students, including myself. Purely objectively, she goes above and beyond to create opportunities for students to grow by creating leadership classes, exposing students to top universities, and even creating partnerships with the community to build conscious and principled students. Personally, she helped me create our schools gay-straight alliance club, which speaks to her unwavering determination to create an inclusive learning environment for ALL students. But to really see Vivian's impact, you have to go beyond the list of her projects and classes. You have to look at how she interacts with students on a daily basis. She is blunt and funny and always relatable. She cares about student's lives outside of the walls of the school, and she is the first teacher to show up for her students, whether they need an advocate, a cheerleader, or simply friendly face. Four years after I have graduated, we still keep in touch and her constant support means the world to me. She deserves this award and more because she exemplifies what teachers should be like! Thank you Tamez!! <3

Rosie Larson Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an amazing woman. She is able to motivate and lead young adults in becoming actively involved in the social needs of their world.

Alicia Alaniz Posted over a year ago

Way to go VivianTamez!!!!

April Flowers Posted over a year ago

Such a well-deserved nomination for this genuine and generous teacher! Congrats Vivian!!!

Brittany Bratton Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing person and teacher, very well deserved.

Jesus Martinez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a harding working teacher who is extremely dedicated to her students. Mrs. Tamez is always exploring new avenues to for her students to grow in the community. Mrs. Tamez infectious energy is contagious and spreads enthusiasm for learning across the district.

Cynthia Mills Posted over a year ago

Vivian has always been a teacher of action! Her students love her and so do her colleagues! She is well-deserving of this nomination!!

Carisa Bolanos Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher, that is authentic in her approach to make a true impact.

Nora Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Mrs Vivian Tamez is truly deserving of this recognition. She works tirelessly on guiding and leading not only her students at Lamar Academy, but in our district to give of their time to causes that make a difference in the lives of others. She's energetic, passionate and driven for the success of people everywhere.

Nicole Saenz Posted over a year ago

I am fortunate to call Mrs. Tamez, Vivian since I graduated high school (it’s always a thrill for former students to call their teachers by their first name ??) She puts all her energy into her students and loves what she does!

Sabrina Posted over a year ago

Life changer is an understatement! No one is more deserving of this award!

Donna Bzibziak Posted over a year ago

She is so deserving of this award! She does so much for the community, beginning with instilling community service & empathy with our students. She truly has a servant heart and our students are blessed to have her as an educator. Congratulations on the nomination and you are truly a Life Changer!

Matthew Kaufmann Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez was a great person who cared about our school. She had more school spirit than anyone on the staff and she supported every student on and off the field/courts of friendly strife. Vivian is a great leader that fosters change in the community outside of her classroom but does it in a humble way. I am proud of her and proud to know her.

Amy Posted over a year ago

Great teacher!

Elizabeth martinez Posted over a year ago

Great person

Ana Garza-Zuniga Posted over a year ago

Well deserved! She is an amazing, experienced educator!

Dianne Posted over a year ago

Congrats to a great teacher!

Monica Arguelles Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a wonderful leader. She has inspired my daughter to strive for the best and to be a positive role model to the younger students. I am grateful for everything she has done this past year at IB Lamar! Congratulations Mrs. Tamez and thank you for ALL that you do!!

Jasmin Castaneda Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher

Eunice García Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is a wonderful educator. She is awesome, open-minded and caring. She loves teaching and helping the community. Vivian is always available and ready to help our students. Her willingness to stay after school and on the weekends speaks highly of Vivian’s commitment to her school, community, and students. We are proud to have her as a colleague and advocate for our students.

Deanna R Villarreal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a product of McAllen ISD and she is a contributing member making our local and global community a better place.

Jerri-Lynn Maya Posted over a year ago

She’s phenomenal and a great role model for our community!

Lauren Posted over a year ago

Whoooo hoooo...this is awesome! I was in Viv's Spanish class her first year of teaching. She made learning fun and it was such a treat to have her be a part of my high school life. She is a wonderful teacher, encourager, and go getter! Proud of you VVT!

Gynna L Posted over a year ago

One of the very best teachers I’ve ever had! She not only teaches but touches students lives as well.

Tom Shawhan Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms Tamez before I retired from teaching in 2008. She has always had the highest regard for her students colleagues and community exemplified by her deeds and actions.

Eddie Cortez Posted over a year ago

Great teacher, wonderful person, way to go Tamez!

Samantha Espinoza Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an amazing person! This nomination is well deserved!

Daniel Saenz Posted over a year ago

Absolutely the best goes beyond her classroom and her students. She is a true pillar of the community and McAllen ISD.Well deserving of the nomination and even more of the award.

Tory Posted over a year ago

Well deserved!

Hannah Kelly Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is by far the most infleuntial person I know. From helping locally to spreading her ideas statewide, Mrs. Tamez is the epitome of a life changer. Her work ethic and kindhearted was has truly made the IB programme at Lamar Academy thrive. No matter the day, Mrs. Tamez works to help others. Her eager personality has allowed many high school students to understand the importance of creativity, activity and service.

Nancy Nydia De La Garza Posted over a year ago

Vivian was my french teacher 20 years ago. She was amazing then and continues to amaze me now! I worked for the same school district for 9 years and it's always a pleasure to run into her and hear about all of the fantastic things she continues to do for her students. A true example of a teacher who is passionately committed to her craft.

Alexxy Jimenez Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Tamez all throughout high school and she was so helpful in many ways! She definitely deserves this recognition.

Miriam Castro Wiker Posted over a year ago

To say Mrs. Tamez is vivacious is an understatement. She is bigger than life! French was always a fun class to go to, especially in the morning. It was a guarantee she would wake you up from the drowsiest of mornings! Even as a young and energetic 15/16 year old, I was amazed at the amount of energy she had everyday haha! That energy was contagious, and so was the passion she has for French language and culture. Good luck to such a wonderful educator!

Melissa Beckwith Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez embodies the the spirit of an encourager. She is enthusiastic and truly cares about her students. She leads by example as she guides youth to be active and involved in their community & school- She is a real life changer!

Mike McClure Posted over a year ago

As one of Vivian's former French instructors, I was quite pleased to reconnect with her as part of a McAllen ISD project team and to learn that she has become a French teacher. As part of the team, she conveyed her views in a diplomatically frank and energetically positive manner, helping to move the team through some difficult issues. Since then, she has amazed me with the number of venues at which she appears: volunteer activities, adult sponsor/supporter at student recognition events, fundraisers for non-profit organizations, etc. Furthermore, her appearance is hardly perfunctory; she is consistently involved in the organization and execution of the activity, frequently working in the shadows to ensure appropriate recognition of the the students and/or other adults in attendance. She has proven herself a significant asset not only to the school district but also to our community.

Sylvia Oliveira Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an amazing dedicated teacher.

Nelly Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Great and charismatic teacher!

Monica Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher!

Valeria Arguelles Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez has been an absolute blessing to the IB program! It is astounding how dedicated she is about encouraging her students to go the extra mile and start projects that will allow them to grow intellectually. Had it not been for Mrs. Tamez's relentless support, Andrea and I may have never begun the March for Our Lives sister march in McAllen. As soon as we discussed it with Mrs. Tamez, she was on board with us and she continued to lend a helping hand throughout the process of creating an unforgettable march. Unlike other adults who were quick to dismiss our ideas, Mrs. Tamez garnered support for our cause, making it her duty to see that our goals were achieved.

Iris Molina Posted over a year ago

Vivian is truly an amazing human being--always on a mission to make a difference!

Alejandra Tamez Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez has always been a strong, hardworking, and driven person in our community. She is an educator that takes pride in her work and strives to be better than the day before. Her goal has always been to help mold our students into positive, compassionate citizens, so they too can help shape the future. Her constant joy and devotion to helping the community is one of her many admirable traits, to which she passes on to her students and anyone who meets her. She always encourages people to excel and believe in their own strength to accomplish greatness. Can’t think of anyone better for this award!

Fernanda Aguilera Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez has had a positive impact on the students she’s taught and the community she’s helped. She is a pillar of this community due to her devotion to give back through service and spirit. I can’t imagine anybody else more deserving of this award.

Gina Ruiz Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is a dedicated teacher who places her students first. We need more teachers like her! She is deserving of this award!!

Myra Caridad García Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Vivian Velázquez Tamez for a well deserved recognition. Vivian’s energy and dedication are incomparable. We are so very lucky to have her at IB Lamar Academy! I’m very proud of you Viviana Andrea!!!! ??????

Patricia O'Caña-Olivarez Posted over a year ago

I only recently met Vivian, and it was easy to see her passion for public education. She had no problem putting herself out there to fight for her students and voice her opinion to our local lawmakers. She's deserving and always an advocate for children.

Peggy Mott Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is a one-of-a-kind teacher She is not only a teacher of French for her students, but she is also a dynamic advocate for all students on our campus. She gives 100% to each project she researches and organizes for the betterment of our campus and our students. I wish we could figure out how to clone her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise because Vivian has had a huge impact on all who know her. She is most deserving.

Nury Velazquez Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez te mereces estar en esta nominación por tú entrega total a todo lo que haces por tus estudiantes,tú escuela y la comunidad.Se que tienes muchos sueños que realizar y lo lograrás.Tienes mi voto y mi admiración por el trabajo que haces.

Erik Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a teacher who commands respect from all of her students. Although being a newcomer to Lamar Academy, she has definitely made her imprint on our school and all of its students, who are inspired by her to come together for the community.

Marcela Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is the best facilitator for students. If you have an idea you want to carry out Mrs. Tamez is the person to go to. She helps out tremendously and is a great person!

Ana Luisa Martinez Posted over a year ago

Vivian is a l w a y s a teaching. She’s always striving to bring her students the best opportunities to excel academically, emotionally, and socially. She not only looks to improving student outcomes but in doing so she’s creating positive citizens of the world. ????????????

Christina Calvillo Posted over a year ago

Vivian is a beautiful woman, who never ceases to amaze me with her energy and drive. She has been a pivotal person in my life, and she truly deserves this award. She relentlessly gives her time, love, and energy in helping the students she teaches and works with.I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a phenomenal woman.

Patricia Serviere Posted over a year ago

I lost count of how many week-ends Viv spent doing some kind of community and service activity with students. Not only that, but she genuinely loves it and her students as well. She is so vivacious, dynamic and funny which helps to draw students into these activities and then transfers to these students the value of helping others.

LeAnna Morse Posted over a year ago

Vivian's leadership has transformed out CAS program. Because of her example and leadership, students understand service, not as an obligation, but as an act initiated from the heart.

Alvaro Ojeda Posted over a year ago

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Vivian this past school year , If I had to describe Vivian in 2 words it would be HANDS-ON. Vivian is most deserving of this award.

Samantha Loza Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of a single other person who deserves this award more than this incredible woman!! Mrs. Tamez is not only an educator, but she is a leader, an inspiration and a role model. Meeting her and having her as my teacher was an immense blessing because I truly believe she helped shape me into who I am today. Since my freshmen year of high school (6 years ago), she has pushed me, encouraged me and supported me every step of the way. Mrs. Tamez really does go the extra mile. I came into her classroom prepared to learn a new language and came out learning so much more about the world, people and how to be a selfless leader. If it was not for her, I would have never become as involved in school, developed such incredible leadership skills, have as large of a passion for serving others, and I would not have seen or understood how truly easy it is to be a light and make a difference in this world. I owe so much to this beautiful, selfless woman, also known as my high school French teacher. She has really changed my life for the better and pushed me to be the best me I could be and I know so many other students and people would agree.

Salvador Velazquez Posted over a year ago

Vivian Velazquez is extremely dedicated to her profession and in helping others. She is the embodiment of what every American should selflessly do what's right for the greater good. She leads by example.

Andrea Gutierrez Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an incredibly hard worker who is dedicated to helping her students become productive and caring members of their community. She takes every opportunity to get involved and brings her students along for the ride. In the short year she has been at Lamar Academy, she has transformed service learning and reenergized the campus. Thank you for all that you do Vivian!!

Carol Allen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Vivian Tamez - new to us here at Lamar Academy IB but not new to the teaching profession - defines for students what it means to be a Lifechanger. What she has helped our students do through her guidance and leadership is to focus on the world outside of the classroom and answer the call of service. This is the ideal of the IB program -- to facilitate our future leaders and show them how to live their lives thinking of others.

Juan Ozuna Posted over a year ago

She’s an inspiration to so many, and truly deserving!

Maria Luisa Salcines Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an enthusiastic and dynamic educator. She deserves this award for all she does for her students.

Michelle Marroquin Posted over a year ago

Beautiful woman inside and out. Definitely deserving of this nomination and award.

Heather Benitez Posted over a year ago

?????? yess!! Vivian!!

Adriana Garza-Krell Posted over a year ago

Vivian is an amazing friend and mentor. She always goes above and beyond to help others and her community. Recently, she reached out to me and just listened when I needed it most! I can't begin to say how much I respect and love her ! I admire her tenacity and grit! She is the teacher our children need an all should have. She is their voice and advocate and will fight tooth and nail to enhance their education and future.

Armando Madrigal Posted over a year ago

Vivian is a one of a kind treasure at our campus who fights tirelessly in bringing social change to our student body and community through worthwhile projects and activities. This is a well deserved distinction for her.

Rosie Larson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is the teacher every parent wants for their child and the educator every principal seeks to have in their building. She takes her responsibility to educate children to heart. Her instruction comes from the textbooks and the world beyond the classroom. The students enter her classroom wanting to learn languages and they lleave with that and 100% more. They leave as young adults ready to tackle the ever changing world around them. Mrs. Tamez invests many hours outside of the instructional day to provide her students opportunities to impact the community they live in. I truly admire the impact she has had on my own children as well as the numerous students I was responsible for in my role the principal at our Memorial High School. Thank you Vivian.

Barbara kelly Posted over a year ago

This is a teacher who is able to provide the perfect example of what Community, Action and Service stand for. Not only does she teach this class, she participates, guides and teaches the kids breadth in the activities. She has been able to get the kids excited creative about giving back to the community and how to live doing it.

Annie Holand Miller Posted over a year ago

Vivian has gone from being an incredible mentor for me as a teacher to now being an incredible friend—more than 20 years after my high school graduation. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to call her my friend. There is simply no one more deserving of this!

Victor de Leon Posted over a year ago

Umm...yes, please. Ms. Vivian has my vote! Si se puede!!

Maria Elena Richards Posted over a year ago

Beautiful person inside and out...certainly one of a kind! Her students are lucky to have her teach them!

Christine Ardis Posted over a year ago

AMEN, Cindy Pena! I have known Vivian for over 20 years, and her commitment to students is nothing short of amazing! She leads by example, giving back to our community in extraordinary ways. This year, she contacted McAllen Mayor Jim Darling about reviving the Mayor's Youth Council and then helped the city with the group the entire year. She created a Community Service Fair that connects high school students with nonprofits in our community. When Keep McAllen Beautiful, Futuro McAllen, and several other organizations need volunteers, they call Vivian, and she doesn't just send students! She is there working right alongside them. One of her most recent endeavors is to teach Lamar Academy IB students about the importance of being EDUCATED voters. She is the sponsor of the school's new organization, IB Debate Forum, which will host political forums. The students will research the important topics facing candidates in local/state/federal races who represent McAllen citizens and will be the panelists who ask the questions at the forums. I could go on forever, but let it suffice to say....Vivian Tamez exemplifies LIFECHANGER!

Dee Villarreal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez stays involved in the community and advocates for all our students.

Richard Tamez Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is an extraordinarily talented individual that is willing to go above and beyond every single day to improve the lives of her students and community.

Lanie Nitsch Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tamez is a teacher of mine and has helped me become a more involved student. She has changed the lives of many students and community members

Valeria Rodriguez Carpenter Posted over a year ago

?? Yayyy!!

Andrea Posted over a year ago

She does everything she can to not only make her community shine but every student of hers as well. She’s a strong woman who has done everything to help others without any reward.

Karen Nitsch Posted over a year ago

Vivian Tamez is an amazing advocate for young people! She works tirelessly to help students achieve their dreams! There is no project too big for her and her students. We are so blessed to have in McAllen ISD and Lamar Academy!

Steve Schaffer Posted over a year ago

Viv is one of the best, most driven, hi-energy, focused, get-it-done people I have ever worked with!