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Kirsten Hall

Position: Seventh Grade Science Teacher
School: Nagel Middle School
School District: Forest Hills Local School District
City, State: Cincinnati, OH

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Kirsten Hall was nominated by a student who wished to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Hall deeply cares about her students and their wellbeing. The nominator was in her seventh grade class and was a little different than the other students. They had a few chronic mental disorders that can sometimes keep them from getting work done, focusing in class, and participating in class discussion.

Throughout the year, Mrs. Hall would always check in with the nominator to make sure they were doing okay, and if they were having trouble, she gave them her full attention and would always find a solution.

Mrs. Hall would always tell her students what they mean to her and would always adjust due dates if the class was struggling with a task.

"Mrs. Hall made a difference in my life by teaching me that even if life gets hard, the only way to make it better is with perseverance and effort. Because nothing bad lasts forever," the nominator said. "She taught me to lock all of my worries in a box, and just smile."

Mrs. Hall has three adopted children, all of whom have health issues and face numerous challenges. In spite of some sleepless nights, she fully commits herself to being a great teacher for her students. 

Mrs. Hall takes the time to really get to know her students and form good relationships with them. She is a friend to all and a leader within the school. She is one of the WEB coordinators for the Forest Hills Local School District, and possesses many leadership qualities.

Mrs. Hall has also taught her students that it's okay to be themselves. The nominee recalled a time when they used piglatin to ask her a question about a test. Not only did Mrs. Hall accept and respond to the students' quirkiness, she encouraged it.

"From that time on, she would always encourage me to be myself and to be a leader within the school. I would always look up to her as a leader," the nominator said. "She has truly changed my life and has led me to be the kind, caring, sensitive, silly, outgoing, bold leader that I am today. I'm sure that many of my classmates could say the same."

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Jean Bode Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Hall made such a positive impact on our daughter at a very important stage in life. She empowered our daughter to love learning, be a positive citizen and leave the world a better place. As parents we know we are responsible for raising our children, we are so grateful to the other adults who have had a hand along with us. Mrs. Hall is one of those adults we are grateful for being in our daughter's life.

John Vander Meer Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Hall is teacher who truly has kids at the center of all she does. She is a WEB leader in a program that helps develop 8th grade student leadership and reduced the anxiety for 7th grade students coming to the middle school for the first time. There are many mornings that she arrives to school early to be ready to work and we spend time talking about individual kids and their circumstances and what they need to be successful. She wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to kids and always goes the extra mile for all students. I love that for kids in her classroom everyday is a blank page and no matter what they did the day before it is forgotten the next day in class. Her love for science and the opportunity to see students grow and become successful as students and young adults something that is such a passion for her! She truly is a life Changer for the students in her classroom!!

Naol Worku Posted 6 months ago

Mrs.Hall is such a great teacher. She always puts a smile on her face and becomes infectious to others. She always goes out of her way to help students no matter what situation and can help give great clarity on some tough science concepts. She is such a great teacher and I really hope she wins Life Changer of the Year and even if she doesn't she has already changed everyone's life at Nagel.

Brenda Kelly Posted 6 months ago

Kirsten Hall goes out of her way to not only teach students the curriculum, but about life and self-worth. I have had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Hall as a co-worker and as a parent of a child in her class. She is a hard worker and always trying to find ways to best meet the needs of all students in her class. She also teaches students about life and acceptance of differences, as well as celebrating each of the students' differences. She takes the time to really get to know how each of her students are special. One example would be my daughter who struggles with anxiety. Mrs. Hall worked hard to get to know my daughter and find out what would work to help calm her during times of distress in order to make my daughter feel comfortable and connected. Mrs. Hall would frequently check in with my daughter and have conversations and share strategies to help my daughter not only in classes, but also in life. I am thankful that Kirsten Hall was my daughter's teacher, and I feel fortunate for the opportunity to work along side of her as a co-worker.

Heather Pisseri Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Hall was huge part of my life during 7th grade. She really helped me get through my 7th grade year. She always made me smile and always helped me with my work when I needed help. No matter what, Mrs.Hall always helps her students to the best of her ability and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mrs. Hall is one of the nicest and most selfless people I know. For her actions she defineilty deserves this LifeChanger of the Year award.

Abbey Blocksidge Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Hall was a big part of my 7th grade year. I struggled to find friends and keep them, Mrs. Hall was always there for me and was always trying to help me work things out with friends. I remember one time she pulled both me and my now two best friends out of class one day and sat us down so we could all talk about some fight we had had about a week ago. She always made sure I had some one to sit with at lunch. Mrs. Hall was also my science teacher. I am not the best person at understanding science seeing as my brain tends to over think and overcomplicate concepts making it hard for me to learn, understand, and be tested on some concepts. there were many days where she would stay after school to help explain concepts to me and sometime even reteach what we were learning in class in a different way so that I would understand it. Mrs. Hall definitely changed my life. Her and her big heart deserve this award more than anyone iI know!!

Irene Posted 6 months ago

She has been a huge help to one of my kids who has really been struggling in school this year. So thankful for a teacher who truly cares and helps kids to succeed.

Emmy Kaeppner Posted 6 months ago

I had her forever ago and she was awesome. Always kind, and extremely supportive of her students. She totally deserves this award.

Anonymous Posted 6 months ago

Mrs Hall is my son’s advisory and science teacher and he adores her. He told me about her nomination as soon as he heard. I believe she has been instrumental in my son's wonderful transition to Nagel.

Susana Cobb Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Hall turns an often difficult transition to Middle School to a memorable, positive year. Mrs. Hall comes up with great ways to provide support academically. She goes above and beyond what it takes always. It doesn't surprise me to see this nomination at all. Mrs. Hall has a passion for her subject matter but but she always remembers to put her students' needs first. Congratulations, Mrs. Hall. This is a well deserved honor!

Isabella G Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Hall deserves this award because she is the sweetest teacher. She is always smiling when you come in and helps when you need it. She is supportive and sweet and she should get this award because she is a great teacher and person.

Molly K Easton Posted 8 months ago

I had Mrs. Hall for science 2 years ago and I learned so much from her. She cares about all students and she makes learning fun. She is extremely inspiring and passionate about science. She encourages all students open their minds to new possibilities.

Kristen Rammel Posted 8 months ago

My son had Mrs. Hall for 7th science. Her enthusiasm for the subject and love for her students shows each day!

Jaime Corbin Posted 9 months ago

She wasn't my own personal teacher but I saw her everyday. She was so kind and loving. She was super helpful when i started to deal with depression. She was the best teacher to my friends and a better friend to us all. She was one of the best teachers I never had.

Anonymous Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is my child’s advisory and science teacher. Although I have only met her once I can see the genuine kindness she has for her students. She truly cares for every child in her class and their future. She makes an impact on every child that walks through her door. Thank you!!

Amy Wettengel Posted 9 months ago

Kirsten Hall is an exceptional educator whose reach does well beyond the classroom and content. She deeply cares about all of her students and her colleagues. She works diligently to find a way to connect and build a positive relationship with every student. Her presence in the classroom is geniunely calm and warm-hearted making the science meaningful for students. Outside of the classroom, Kirsten was a founding member of and activley engages in the WEB program at Nagel. WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) is a national program through the Boomerang Project that focuses on supporting student transition to middle school, developing student leaders and creating a positive school climate. Kindness is a foundation of WEB and Kirsten demonstrates this daily with all students. She models for students that all belong and all can learn. She expects kindness and respect from each of her students. She encourages students to create personal connections with each other as well. WEB also three enduring philosophies - Go Big, Yes And, Total Support. And while Kirsten lives and breathes all of these, her greatest strenght is Total Support. No matter what is asked of her, the number of obstacles that might be in the path, she will always give any student or colleague Total Support. We are fortunate to have her on our staff as a role model of what it means to teach with heart.

Merrik Wilson Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall was my 7th grade science teacher, and though I'm not very good at science I always did well in her class thanks to her help. Mrs.Hall is a very considerate teacher, who is always willing to go out of her way to help someone. She will check up on you if you were struggling the day before whether it was with school work or if you had a bad day. She is always positive despite what challenges she may be facing in life. You'd never see her without a smile on her face, or go a day without hearing her laugh. She is a very strong woman, who I believe is admirable by many. She deals with the common middle school challenges: a few rowdy students, drama, and just the stress that comes with being a teacher. But outside of school, there are bigger things that affect her. She has adopted 3 kids, and no matter what happened the night beforehand at her house Mrs.Hall always shows up at school the next day. She's a very positive role model who is big on the, "Be yourself." concept. She never lets anything bring her down, she always looks at things trying to see how she can improve, she never gives up, shes's very supportive of everyone, shes's very dedicated and hardworking, she has a very fun laid back personality, and she's just a really great person to be around.

Anna Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall has been an amazing teacher and even though I've only had her for a quarter she has been an amazing teacher. Even though her kids have been acting up lately she always makes sure we're doing good.

Anonymous Posted 9 months ago

When I found out that Mrs. Hall was nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year award I wasn't shocked at all. I had her last year and at the beginning of the school year I dreaded science because I hated it, but she made it one of my favorites. Now that she isn't my science teacher I don't like it as much. Not only is she good at teaching, but she's good at making bonds with her students and being there for them. Reading some of the responses made me tear up and reminded me of my experience with Mrs. Hall. She is strong, smart, understanding and kind, and she makes me want to be a teacher so I can help kids like she helped me as a student and as a person.

Kaden Bardone Posted 9 months ago

Possibly one of the best teachers I've met! She is always very kind and thoughtful. Good luck Mrs. Hall!

Anna Gerstle Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is such a great teacher. She always has a smile on her face even when things aren't looking great. She understands students and knows what they need. She is kind and caring. She loves telling stories and moments that make us all laugh. She deserves this!

Sydney Vandermeer Posted 9 months ago

You are awesome and I love that you are caring, funny, and full of compassion towards your students. Even though you have been going through a lot with your family, you are always willing to come to school and teach. Nagel would be a different school if we did not have you a part of our team. One time you were losing your voice and as each day went by you continued to come to school. That is one thing that I love about you. You are willing to come to school, even though you may not be feeling the best. When I heard you were nominated I was so happy. I hope that you win, because you deserve it more than anyone else.

Sydney Vandermeer Posted 9 months ago

I am so proud to be a part of your class. I could not have asked for any other teacher to have.

Sydney Vandermeer Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Hall has been such an amazing teacher. Every day she comes to school with a smile and shows all her students that she cares for them. She is always willing to listen to what you have to say and lend a hand for help. I am very lucky to have her as my teacher!

Lillian C. Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is my favorite teacher this year, if you don't know why it's because of her personality. Mrs.Hall is the happiest teacher I've ever met, everyday I go that into her class,and she has a smile on her face and is happy to see you. She has things going on in her family, which is hard on her. Sometimes she comes to school and haven't had much sleep or is stressed out , but she comes into school happy and glad to be there. I always ask questions in science because it's not my best class, Mrs. Hall always has a positive attitude and is happy when you come to ask her questions. She brightens up my day and other people's as well. I hope Mrs.Hall wins this award because I truly believe she has changed people's lives and still is to this day. She makes every one smile and have a positive outlook on life!!

Audrey W Posted 9 months ago

I totally think Mrs. Hall show get this award. This is because, she makes learning so much fun. Even if sometimes I don't quite like what we are doing in science, Mrs. Hall is sure to make it fun. She puts so much time into her job, and I can tell that she cares about us. She makes me smile every day. I know that Mrs. Hall deserves this award.

Anonymous Posted 9 months ago

I think Mrs Hall deserves this award because she truly cares about ALL her students she is such a great teacher she teaches us such fun things and everyday she tells us how much she truly cares about each and every one of us. I know she is having troubles at home but she still comes to school with a smile even though its really hard to . Everyday I see her she smiles at me and we talk and that always makes my day. Mrs Hall is such a great teacher and that's why I think she deserves this award.

Audrey W Posted 9 months ago

I totally think Mrs. Hall show get this award. This is because, she makes learning so much fun. Even if sometimes I don't quite like what we are doing in science, Mrs. Hall is sure to make it fun. She puts so much time into her job, and I can tell that she cares about us. She makes me smile every day. I know that Mrs. Hall deserves this award.

Emma I Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is awesome! She cares about everyone and there learning. She made my first experience at Nagel amazing and welcoming. On the first day I walked in late, and she didn’t care. She loves her students and doesn’t care where they started. Mrs. Hall doesn’t hold you against your past but focuses on your present and your future.

Natalie D Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall should get the LifeChanger of the year award because she seems like a really good teacher. Although I am in House 2 and I don't know much about her, I can tell you that she is an amazing teacher because of all the nice comments about her and her being nominated for this award.

Isabel Craig Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall last year was always caring to me since I'm now in 8th grade so she helped me understand more things on that topic. She took her time with me and always there for me in time of need.

Kelyn L. Posted 9 months ago

I had Mrs. Hall for science last year, and she is still one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. She always cares about others and she teaches others with respect. She makes sure that nobody is behind and help those who are in need. She is so kind and helpful.

Sarah Klein Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is such an amazing charismatic teacher. She puts 110% effort into her work. She is so amazingly sweet and supportive. She helped me so much last year and still continues to help and support me. Not only is she an amazing teacher but she's also an amazing mother to her sons. Mrs. Hall is by far my favorite teacher and truly deserves this.

Cassidy C. Posted 9 months ago

I never had you as a teacher, but I have heard great things about you! I hope you win! Congratulations :)

Lilly Fall Posted 9 months ago

I want to vote for Mrs. Hall because I have made the best connection with. I'm not just saying that we got along really well i'm not saying that we got a long I means we got along so well that by the time the end of 1st quarter ended I could walk up to her and say that I needed help. Over the years from 3rd grade I was always scared to talk to a teacher if I needed help, but walking up to her was so friendly and welcoming. Her smile and always able to listen just made me happy and feel good about talking o teachers. I'm one of those students who are always freaked out by test always scared about homework. But Mrs. Hall helped me. If I didn't do well on a quizzes I would go into retakes and I would say to her that I needed help. She would tell me to sit down and we would talk about it and she would break it down for me and give me examples from class to help. And if I ever asked her if I could stay in class and work with her on my test instead of leaving class to take it, she would go out of her way to let me do that. Another thing Mrs. Hall has done for me is when I was upset and needed to talk someone but not so much wanna talk to anyone she was opened minded about it.She would pull me down into her supply room and we would just sit there and talk about what was wrong. The best thing was that she totally got me she understood me like no other grown up could. Some days in class she would talk to us about her family and how she has lots going on with her life and I would walk up to her and I would give her a hug. Her hugs re so warming and friendly that it made her day better and mine. Most days if I really didn't feel like talking to people an didn't get something I would ask to eat lunch with her, and she would say yes, these were one of my favorite days with her. But I cant forget the most important days with he, It was the day of our Outsiders day and we were all dressed up and me and my friend were watching the movie and knowing us we would cry about what had happened in the movie and we had just come back from lunch and I noticed that she hadn't come back from the room and I asked Mrs. Hall where she was and she told me she was in the bathroom and so I didn't think any of it. But when I saw her at her locker crying and packing everything up and walking out with the principle I was shaking. I walked up to Mrs.Hall and asked her what was wrong she couldn't ell me. Then I asked her if I could use the restroom and I only went to get my phone to text her. She knew that I was getting my phone, she didn't care she was okay with me getting it.When I got back into the room she told me that she made a stupid mistake and that it was okay to talk to her. When I sat down I started asking her questions and when she told me that she wasn't coming back to school I was heart broken. I didn't have my best friend for my last 3 days of 7th grade. I tried to hid back my tears but I was so heart broken about it I started to burst with tears and ball. Mrs. Hall saw that a few of my other friends were trying to help but she walked over and sat down with me and dismissed all the other kids for our ( rumble) I stayed behind to stop crying and Mrs. Hall said that I could bring my phone to keep texting my friend. And when I got to the rumble I was still in tears balling my eyes out and stuff, and she comes over and I show her some texts that she was saying to me. She told me that she wanted to see me one last time to say goodbye till summer . And Mrs. Hall took me to the office to see her she knew that it could be a problem, but she let me do it anyway. When we were down the halls all my other friends saw me and she told them not to talk to me and when we got to the office I ran into her arms just crying and she came and hugged us both telling us its okay and that we were her favorites she told us that she had an amazing connection with us and that she could talk with us about her problems and we could talk to her about hers. And when it was time to leave she put her arm around me comforted me. She let me sit out of the doge ball ( rumble) and try to calm down. And when I would start crying again she wold step in front of me telling everyone to leave me alone. When the game was over she told people that they could now bug me to make me feel better at the time it did, but I couldn't get my mind off of what happened. And I went to my first encore and I started crying again my teacher pulled me out saying to talk to Mrs. Hall and I did. And after talking for about 15-20 mins I still didn't stop crying I was shaking and more. She told me to call my mom and let her talk to her and they did and she told my mom that I should come home and sleep and to get my mind off of things. When she was done she gave me a big hug and we just sat there till my mom came and she walked me out and told me I would be fine. And even tho I am in 8th grade now I still will talk to Mrs. Hall about things that happening. And when I told her that I got an 80% on my science test with no help she was so happy and proud of me and said to me she knew I could do it all along. And I will never stop talking to Mrs.Hall because she gives the best advice and best hugs ever. I will miss her when i'm in high school but I will always keep in my mind that she told me I could and I could. I cant thank her enough for what she has done for me but I will keep saying it to her over and over again.

Ava Isgro Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was never on of my teachers however, I always passed her in the halls and knew who she was. Lots of my friends were in her advisory last year so she knew me for coming into her room in the morning. Mrs. Hall always seemed to have a smile on her face and a happy person all around. I have heard stories from friends that had her in class and they all have talked about how much fun she was to have as a teacher. She made a difference in student's lives even if she didn't know it.

Olivia Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is awesome! I had her last year for science and if I was ever confused on something she would never make me feel bad and she always helped me understand. She did cool hands-on activities that really helped me understand the topics we were learning about. She's taught every subject and can help you with almost anything. Mrs. Hall always puts on a bright smile for everyone at school even if she was worried about something or didn't get any sleep last night. I hope she wins because she works hard every day to help others and be kind.

Zoe Zellner Posted 9 months ago

I love Mrs. Hall! She is the most willing teacher I have ever had. She pushes and challenges you, while still making sure you understand what is being taught by giving hands-on examples. She manages to wear a contagious smile to school every single day even if she has a killer migraine, trouble with her kids, or just a bad day. Overall, she does what is best to help you and is such a strong person!

Yazzy R. Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall goes out of her way to make everyone feel good about themselves in class no matter how bad her day is. She is a very supportive and caring science teacher, and will help you with almost anything no matter what. Mrs. Hall deserves this award, end of discussion.

Alison O'Connor Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall made science go from one of my least favorite subjects, to my favorite in only a couple of weeks. I had never had a great liking for science, but once Mrs. Hall engaged me in her class, I felt like I could accomplish anything science related. She explained things very well and checks in with her students. Many students had the privilege of Mrs. Hall getting to know them. This was a very wonderful privilege because when teachers get to know their students, they can help them learn better. I was reading an article where in it a student himself states, “It is important for the teachers to get to know their students because the more they get to know each student the better they can teach them, in a way that they will learn.” (Schultz 4). This shows that through students eyes, not just mine, teachers getting to know their students really help. The article "The Importance of Getting to Know your Students" also states, "They knew that someone who knew them as a learner would be able to know what areas where they were struggling and be able to help them through those struggles or know the areas where they were strong and build on those strengths" (Schultz 5). This is even more evidence that when teachers take their time to know their students, it comes with many great outcomes. They don't just make them learn facts, they teach them how to learn, too. Mrs. Hall wasn't just at school to teach kids science, she taught them many other things in her classroom. Sometimes she would talk about Zachary, her son. The stories she told us would almost always have a lesson at the end, lots of times being something like don't treat others any different because they are a little different than others. She also helped kids with their personal problems and would always give you her full attention, and to the best of her ability, a solution. She is one of the most engaging teachers I have ever met, and definitely was my favorite. Most of the time I forget lots of things over the summer, but Mrs. Hall's class? You could give me a quiz right now and I could ace it. She had some way of engaging students so much, even people who hated learning and couldn't focus, would want to learn. I came to class everyday ready to learn and talk to Mrs. Hall. She also had a very unique way of going easy on us, while still challenging us at the same time. People who had her in her class were very lucky to have her because she helped everyone learn every day. Teachers like her are rare and I highly, highly recommend her to win the Life Changer of the Year award because she deserves it in every way possible. She has the best qualities of the best teachers. As I mentioned before, plain and simple she is very engaging, challenges her students without being too hard on them, gets to know most of her students personally which really helps in the classroom because she knows how to teach you best, she is very nice and caring (I don't know a single person that does not like her), she taught us very many things and even made them fun, was a good listener, was funny, communicated to her students very well and even more. Mrs. Hall was definitely life changer. She changed my life very much, as well as my friends, therefore I really hope she wins this award!

Isabella Goins Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall DEFINITELY deserves this. She is always supportive of her students, even though she is going through a really tough time at home. She is only focused on your learning, not your grade. She gives us examples for why something is true that at first may seem long and like they don't tie to your learning, but I can remember every one of her stories and it has definitely helped me understand what we learn better. She not only cares about your learning but also about you as an individual. She always has time to listen to how you are and what's going on. She helps us learn by telling us about her life experiences. She is an awesome teacher and person and I hope that she gets recognized for that because she truly is a Life Changer, which is something that lasts a lifetime.

Abby Montague Posted 9 months ago

I do not have words to describe how incredibly amazing Mrs. Hall is. I had her as my EYW teacher last year and helped me through my beginning at Nagel. I've heard about her son, and how he needs a service dog to help him get around. I donated and she found the time to write me a personal letter thanking me for the donation. I really hope that her son is doing well and that she wins this award not just for herself and the school, but for her son.

Miranda Schaeffer Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was my science teacher last year. She always welcomes her students with open arms, and she always has the best attitude. She always encourages her students, and she always knows how to make everyone's day better. Even when she's not having the best day she always finds a way to make her students smile. She was one of the best teacher's I ever had. I love her so much and so glad I got to have her as my teacher. Another great thing about Mrs. Hall is she always hears her students out. She deserves this award for so many great reasons. We all love you so much, Mrs. Hall!!! You deserve this big time <3

Anonymous Posted 9 months ago

I think that Mrs. Hall greatly deserves this award. She is the best science teacher I have ever had (not exaggerating). She is always helpful and is willing to use her lunchtime to help you with anything in science. Mrs. Hall is always encouraging students to try their best and is always helping out. :)

Leah T Posted 9 months ago

I knew immediately that Mrs. Hall was going to be a great teacher. She makes everyone excited to learn, and she makes learning fun! She helps each student to do their best. I, for one, am a VERY disorganized person, and Mrs. Hall has offered me several solutions, and I have greatly improved over the past month! I have never felt this way about any of my teachers before. Mrs. Hall really is an amazing teacher!

Ellie Hausfeld Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is already one of my favorite teachers, and we've only been in school for 2 months. I always see her working, even on sleepless nights, on stress about her kids, or even just when it's not a good day. She's always in a happy, cheery, fun mood and never wants to give up, either if it's on amplify, or whenever students need help, they go to her. She always makes me laugh, and the students laugh whenever she makes a small mistake. Instead of laughing at her, we laugh with her. She always talks about how much her students mean to her, and how they make her feel.

Liset Morales Posted 9 months ago

I had Mrs. Hall last year in 7th grade for science and let me just say, meeting Mrs. Hall changed my life. You would never know all the struggles she has to deal with at her house by the way she comes to school each morning with a huge bright smile to light up the room. She is just one of those teachers whereas if you were having a bad day when you walk into her class, you would walk out with a huge smile on your face because she just spreads happiness and smiles all day long. She has three children that she has adopted and they all have health issues, but you would never know that because she is so cheery and passionate about her work at school. She keeps fighting for her children to have a better life and cares about them so much and that carries on into her work as a teacher at school (in a positive way :)). She was not afraid to tell us about her children and there issues and actually, freeley shared about the struggles she faces frequently because she believes that we ought to know what was going on and she would tell us this also saying that if she was in a bad mood this was why, but if she never told us the struggles she faces, we would not realize anything different about her that day because she would have the same cheery smile on her face. She is very good at explaining confusing stuff in science and made it fun and not tiresome. She will always be an amazing and great role model and teacher. She has truely changed my life forever and I will never forget her.

Mackenzie Bryant Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was my science teacher. She was also my advisory teacher last year for seventh grade. Mrs. Hall was the best teacher to see first thing in the morning for advisory. Every morning she would still be sportive and nice even if she had her own personal problems. Science isn't easy but Mrs. Hall teaches it in a way that I and my fellow classmates loved. Many kids who have her this year and years in the past could say the same. Every time I see her in the halls walking from class to class she has a smile on. I miss Mrs. Hall so much and hope she wins. She deserves to!

Mackenzie Bryant Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was my science teacher. She was also my advisory teacher last year for seventh grade. Mrs. Hall was the best teacher to see first thing in the morning for advisory. Every morning she would still be sportive and nice even if she had her own personal problems. Science isn't easy but Mrs. Hall teaches it in a way that I and my fellow classmates loved. Many kids who have her this year and years in the past could say the same. Every time I see her in the halls walking from class to class she has a smile on. I miss Mrs. Hall so much and hope she wins. She deserves to!

Oaklie Stehlin Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is more than just a teacher...she is a great teacher and just a great person/friend. My mom has cancer and every day when I come into homeroom she always asking me how I and my mom are doing. She helps me with anything, and she is being so strong with all that is going on in her life and still manages to look great and be great! I love Mrs. Hall and she is the BEST science teacher EVER!

Sophia Wiesman Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall should when this award because she is the sweetest teacher and really takes pride in what she does. Mrs. Hall was my science teacher last year and she made the class so much more fun. Last year I had a very bad sickness and miss a lot of school. When I came back failing her class because of my time out she helped me through all of it. She made me a list of what I needed to get to her. She was never upset or mad at me when my work wasn't in yet. She would always answer my questions and take the time out of her day to check in on me and make sure I was doing alright. Even though she has a very hectic life she still comes to school everyday very cheerful and ready to help her students. I love and miss Mrs. Hall and I really really hope that she wins this award because she really deserves it! Good Luck!

Savannah D Posted 9 months ago

Hey Mrs.Hall, congratulation on the nomination. I hope to see you will first place since you deserve it! From, Savannah Dwyer

Ryan Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was the best teacher I have ever seen. I was lucky to have her as my advisor. She always makes time for people that need help and always knows how to handle it. She was not just a normal teacher, she was a friend.

Jason B Posted 9 months ago

I didn't have Mrs. Hall and I don't really think she knows who I am but anytime I see her she has a smile on her face and is usually helping a student. She talks in a very happy, calming, and nice tone and I've never seen her frustrated or angry with a student. She is a really amazing teacher and she really deserves this.

Chloe Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall was not only the best science teacher I had but the best teacher overall that has ever taught me. I didn't like going to school that much but every time I'd come to school and realize that I had Mrs.Halls class for block day, id always get the biggest happy feeling. Mrs.Hall is the strongest woman I know by far. I look up to her tremendously.Mrs.Hall would have a rough night at home but still, show up to school as her happy self. She was so open to us and felt comfortable around us which made each and every single student that she taught have a connection with her. I know personally that she was the first person I would open up to.Mrs.Hall always cared about holw i was doing. She doesnt teach me this year and she STILL cares. shed always call me up and have a heart to heart conversation with me about how im doing. I havn't wen't to her room to visit her since the beginning of the school year because I had a bad grade and she told me to work hard and get my grade up before i went to see her again. Mrs.Hall taught me to be positive. She taught me to look on the bright side of things. If you were having a rough day, she could tell,and she would give you the biggest hug and tell you that everything was going to be okay. Mrs.Hall made science fun. She made school fun. If we would have trouble with an assighment shed tell us, its okay, let us go over what we were confused about, and give us an extension date. Mrs.Hall would always come to school with stories that we would sit down and use half the class getting carried away in talking as a huge group. One day we even go so carried away that we uses the whole day up. If anyone deserves this award, it would be Mrs.Hall. I can go on all day why she should be chosen. Mrs hall is a role model, extrodinary teacher, kind, loving, giving, goofy, LIFE CHANGER.

Eliana Goldner Posted 9 months ago

I'm so happy that Mrs. Hall was nominated for this award! No one other than her comes to my mind when I think of who deserves this nomination! Everyday last year, she made it a point to tell us that no matter what is going on at home, we could always come to her! Her smile is amazing! Somehow when our whole class would be freaking out about a test, she would walk in, start talking to us, and just smile. Somehow that smile washed away all of the nerves and made me feel confident that I could do anything! Mrs. Hall had the best stories to tell us (burning off some of her taste buds) and she wore the nerdiest yet best shirts I have ever seen! Mrs. Hall comes to my mind everyday in class when I am struggling with something. I think of her and then I think of how to solve whatever problem I am working on. Mrs. Hall is one of those teachers that will stay with me throughout my life. That is why she deserves to win this award!

Jodie McKinley Posted 9 months ago

AMEN to all of the comments written by Mrs. Hall's students! A heart of gold and the size of a continent! Mrs. Hall sees far beyond the classroom and makes certain all her students are taken exceptional care of.

Zak Zimmerman Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall is a super funny and encouraging teacher, she always wants whats best for her students!

Marissa Schimmel Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall definitely deserves the award. She is so caring and treats her students as if they're her own children. She is very good at talking to kids and teaching. She teaches in a way that makes you want to learn more. Kind of like how a cliffhanger makes you want to keep reading. She is the reason I know what I want to be when I grow up. She is the reason that I am able to get through the day. She taught me how to calm down when I'm upset and how to stay humble when I'm proud and joyous. She has been there for me through some of the hardest times in my life. When my brother died, she was there for me and she talked to me about it when I needed it. She would take time out of her day to help me get through mine. She is amazing and I love her so much. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. Not only is she an amazing teacher, she is an amazing person and friend. I really do hope she gets the award!

Deven Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall was my teacher back in 7th grade and she was always super kind to me and always wanted the best for the class, even though she had some struggles at home with her family. She was always nice and laughed and listened to everybody.

Andrew Kaeppner Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was my teacher last year. She told us that she adopted 3 kids born with many problems they had no control over. She inspired us with stories and was a great teacher.

David Wehrman Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall should be the Life Changer of the year.Even though I don't have her I still think she is a good teacher.

Breagh MacKinnon Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall was my 7th grade science teacher last year. She was so amazing, and always made sure we knew everything we needed to know for tests. I defiantly learned some pretty cool things about science. She was always so supportive about what was going on in my life and in the lives of others. She encouraged me to always try my best and to be a leader. Mrs. Hall is just such a great person, she has such a big heart and deals with all the kids at school, plus her own household with consists of kids with disabilities, which proves how big of a heart she has. Love you Mrs. Hall!

Abbie Lantz Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is SO incredible and is highly deserving of this award. As a current eighth grader, I look back at my seventh-grade year as something that really helped build me up and as something quite memorable. Part of what made it such a good year was the fact that I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Hall as my science teacher. Despite her own problems and stress coming from her personal life, she really pulls through and tries her best not to show it. Last year, I was kinda "shy"... I didn't really think much of myself and I didn't really have any friends. Mrs. Hall really helped me to define myself, as all of her words were so kind and so encouraging. By the end of the year, I had really opened up out of my shell because of her. Throughout my eight grade year, I still continue to carry all of her kind comments and the amazing person that she helped me become. I will never forget her, nor her impact. She is AMAZING!!!

jessica Posted 9 months ago

She took a whole class to explain a service dog to us and didn't get mad at us. No matter what happened that morning she had a smile. She will always be my favorite teacher. She made me find my passion of science and always made me think. She never got mad at you if you didn't do your work. Asked us a lot of questions to make you think. I don't think there would be another person that deserves this as much as Mrs.Hall

Ross Posted 9 months ago

I hope you get first place!!

Grace A Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall should get the award she is the best teacher ever. No matter if you need help with Math, English, or social studies she got you. She is very supportive and the best Science teacher ever. She wants you to succeed and she makes everyone excited about science. Mrs.Hall is the kind of teacher that will show up to school in either her Pajamas or a nerdy science T-Shirt and she doesn't care what people think about her. Once again I really hope that Mrs.Hall gets this award because she is just so great.

Jackson Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is an amazing teacher that makes everyone LOVE science. She has to deal with a hectic life around the house with her three adopted children, but she still makes time to be one of the Best Science Teachers out there. She is always has a smile on her face and brightens up everyone's day. She is a great WEB leader and she helps new students coming into our school feel welcome at Nagel.

Jackson Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is an amazing teacher that makes everyone LOVE science. She has to deal with a hectic life around the house with her three adopted children, but she still makes time to be one of the Best Science Teachers out there. She is always has a smile on her face and brightens up everyone's day. She is a great WEB leader and she helps new students coming into our school feel welcome at Nagel.

Grace A Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall should get the award because she is the best teacher ever.

Mazie K Posted 9 months ago

Even is Mrs. Hall gets no sleep, she never complains and always brings her A-game to school. If Mrs. Hall needs to know information, like how you did on the test, she has everyone put their head down and keeps it anonymous so none feels bad. She always cares about you and always makes you feel better.

Halcyon Russell Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is a great teacher, I have learned some much from her and she is really fun. She is so amazing a what she does. Thank you Mrs. Hall!

Kendall Renner Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is an amazing teacher, she always makes sure that everyone is on the same page and comes to school to be with us whether she is sick as a dog or has only gotten three hours of sleep. No matter how tired she is she always has time to laugh with us in class. This always makes me smile and I am glad that she was nominated for a life changer of the year because she truly is one,

Mazie K Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Hall is an amazing teacher. NO matter what you are going through, she is always there to hug you and comfort you. You can always go to her with your problems and no matter what they are, she always understands and would never make you feel bad for them. SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER!

Eva Yuellig Posted 9 months ago

I had Mrs. Hall last year for class. She always helped me out and answered my questions. She was always very kind and helpful to the class. I was glad to have her as a teacher!

Ellen Scott Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Hall was my Science teacher last year, she always takes my feelings into consideration. I never enjoyed science until she was my teacher. She made the class fun and actually interesting. You can ask any kid who has had the privilege of having her as a teacher, she is one of the kindest most sincere teachers I have ever had. Whenever I was confused with a topic she would take time out of her day to explain it until I understood. She never gives up on a student and will always keep trying. She truly deserves to win this and I am so thankful to have had her as a teacher. Thank you Mrs.Hall.

Kuren Posted 9 months ago

I have only been her student for a couple of weeks but, she has changed my life. She helped me through difficult problems, and she never ever gave up. She is truly the best science teacher I ever had!!

Lillian Posted 9 months ago

You are an amazing teacher Your are so funny, you make the whole class laugh and have fun in science. I AlWAYS go and ask your questions, and you always have a positive about it !! Thanks for letting me enjoy science this year!!