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Karrie Andersch

Position: English Teacher
School: Hoke County High School
School District: Hoke County Schools
City, State: Raeford, NC

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Karrie Andersch was nominated by her colleague, Ruth Herbert-Hensen.

Ms. Andersch has developed a program that incorporates the Common Core Standards with FASFA completion, scholarship application forms, and essays for scholarships. Through this program, students research their chosen career and investigate a path to financially obtain that goal. 

Ms. Andersch strives to make sure students understand the concept of a living wage and what is needed to achieve the career paths that interest them. In its first year, her program generated $9.6 million in educational scholarships, and 35 students entered into military service out of a graduating class of 433. This year, her students received $23 million in scholarships, and more than 45 students entered into military service out of 446 graduates. Her program has helped the area tremendously in generating revenue and keeping up with the surrounding counties.

"I have never seen a teacher more dedicated to her profession," Herbert-Hensen said. "She arrives at school over an hour early and leaves around 7 every night. Her 12 hour days allow for students and their parents to receive help with FASFA forms. Many of our parents have trouble reading, and we need to earn their trust in order to get them into a school and discuss their concerns with a teacher. I've never seen a teacher gain the trust of this community so quickly. Her students have even brought older siblings for help with funding their education."

Ms. Andersch has worked very hard to break the cycle of poverty in her community. Her program has increased test scores by implementing free testing such as the ASVAB to assess skills to work on for the ACT and SATs. She has also tutored students for the Workkeys assessments, and they took home 22 Platinum awards. She used the results of these tests to showcase each student's strengths with local businesses. As a result, students who chose to work immediately after graduating secured livable wages.

"Overall, this program has shown students the importance of educational training for a 21st Century world," Herbert-Hensen said. "She has taught soft skills and proper dress attire to a community that has been left behind due to family traditions and lack of understanding of the educational changes in society. She has taught students to be self-sufficient and to value education and important testing. Ms. Andersch has connected with parents, local businesses and colleges to open the avenues for student success. She has taught her colleagues how to insure student success and meet the state standards for our jobs. Her impact on anyone she meets is tremendous, and we are all better for being able to share in her positive outlook on the future."

Comments (6)

Rebecca Higgins Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Karrie! Way to go!

Que Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers to ever come through Hoke County. She’s a truly remarkable, loving, & kind teacher that wants nothing but the best for any student she encounters.

Katelyn Posted over a year ago

If it weren't for Mrs. Andersch and her commitment to her students, I can say with certainty that I would not be in college right now. She pushes her students to do their best and she goes beyond that by helping them transition into the real world. Her work goes far beyond just a classroom and I am eternally grateful to have had her as a teacher.

Kaydrena Posted over a year ago

With the help of Mrs. Andersch and the program that she created I was able to identify my correct career field with being in the 12th grade and took Career Management in the 9th grade. She determines a goal for her students and with determination and motivation helps them to achieve it. I’m now a graduate of Hoke County High working on my certification as CMAA after taking a course recommended by Mrs.A

Gabbie Posted over a year ago

This is hands down one of the absolute best teachers I’ve ever had in my time in the hoke county school systems she helped me so much when applying to my college of choice and helping me get extra money in scholarships she cares so much about her students and I could not thank her enough for all the help she gave me and all the time she spent thank you Mrs.A ?? #LCOY

June D Benton Posted over a year ago

One of the best, most dedicated teachers with whom I have had the honor to work. A true gift to education!