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Jenny Lou Pangilinan-Riel

Position: Algebra and Robotics Teacher
School: Bernalillo High School
School District: Bernalillo Public Schools
City, State: Bernalillo, NM

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Jenny Lou Pangilinan-Riel was nominated by Jack Gilbert, a member of the community. 

Ms. Pangilinan-Riel is the coach of the BHS robotics team and has led them to various successes in their competitions. Gilbert first met Ms. Pangilinan-Riel while working to enroll educators at Bernalillo High School into retirement accounts.  Ms. Pangilinan-Riel shared her story and described the challenges she faces as an immigrant. 

"As someone who lives in the Bernalillo area and who works intimately with the educators of the Bernalillo School District, I am familiar with the challenges that students face and the effects that these limitations place upon their future prospects," Gilbert said. "The successes they have realized under Ms. Pangilinan-Riel's mentorship are extraordinary, and the implications for these students' academic and professional development is staggering."

These students typically receive limited support in regards to high-tech education and being prepared for future careers. Ms. Pangilinan-Riel leads students toward successful careers, and her efforts are reflected in the superior results her students have achieved in numerous competitions.

"Her personal story and journey, which, in itself is extraordinary, only serves to confirm that this teacher is a true LifeChanger," Gilbert said.

Comments (20)

Kenneth Liong Posted over a year ago

Jennylou is passionate about her career as a teacher. She loves to attend seminars and training to enhance her skills and knowledge respecting her discipline and share her expertise through seminars and training for teachers to acquire valuable skills to be implemented in their respective classrooms in order foster students' learning. She has been a great robotics teacher and an excellent mentor to other teachers and students. She's a Real Life Changer.

Mito Solis Posted over a year ago

Master Jennylou was my reasearch adviser at Cavite Nat'l HS in the Philippines. She is a real life changer. Back then our school only has old model computers that run on Windows ME. When she became the mentor (adviser) of the DPSA (a telcom sponsored website design and video blog making contest that showcases the municipalities' various culture), she inspired and work hard with us to do our best. In the end, we became one of the finalists and even won a special award. Thus awarding new computers to our school enabling students to work in a smaller student to computer ratio (before, I remember that we work in 3 students : 1 computer). After helping improve our computer facilities, she didn't stop amd continued to aim for more. She mentored me in coding a biometric log-in system for the school, another colegue for our library database, and another for a computer directory for the school. As one who have been inspired by her drive, I can assure that she is a Real Life Changer.

Martlynn Posted over a year ago

Love u n I miss u thank u for always being there for me

Mary Rose Vineyard Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Pangilinan-Riel since she first came to the Bernalillo Public Schools. Before my retirement, I worked with the Special Education Department. Ms. Riel gave her all to the students we provided with assistance. She went out of her way to be helpful to these students. With her encouragement and the help of their Special Education Teacher, these student were able to achieve success to a point never possible without someone who care and took the time. Ms. Riel is a very special person always finding ways to teach her students and be helpful to other teachers. The Math department is very fortunate to have her as part of their team, the students love her and will learn well with her and the school district could never find another person as understanding of what the district needs to make successful learners. Ms. Riel, most definitely deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award for her hard work and persistence with students to make them successful.

Edward Cayas Posted over a year ago

I was a student of Mommy J, we call her that, back when she was in Cavite National Science High School. She was my first year adviser and my robotics coach for years. As a freshman, it would really take a lot to be able to adjust to the system of high school, especially that our school is no ordinary, it crushes every bits of you and mold you into this ready-in-real-world-student. She is a teacher, a life coach, a best friend and especially she is a mother to all of her students. She has this drive in herself to educate and influence people to push themselves to boundaries without belittling other people because she believe in them, us, her students. You can really see that her passion is in teaching - academically and morally. If given the chance to be a high school freshman again, I would still choose Mommy J to be my first mentor because I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for her.

Sheryl Lingo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. JENNYLOU is a hardworking and compassionate teacher. She works very well with the community too. Congratulations Ma'am Jen!

Lorna I. Monzales Posted over a year ago

An educator through and through, you never cease to be a blessing in the field of education... the challenge is great for your aspirations yet you are dauntless... you are a real modern day hero... I am so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work, do not falter nor be fazed... Touch more young minds towards greatness and understanding... Love you!!!!

Teresita Rillo Pinpin Posted over a year ago

Jen contnue to be a model teacher to everybody and share your visions, knowledges and wisdom to them. CHEERS.

Ivy Diosomito Posted over a year ago

Passion is her mantra. A selfless educator who makes learning fun yet meaningful. Her being a kid-at-heart makes her students learn the easiest way possible, however hard a task/lesson is. Keep the faith, girl! The world needs someone like you! God bless??

Cynthia Quejado Posted over a year ago

Jennylou Pangilinan is one of the most hardworking person I know. She, indeed, has the heart to share what she has and the determination to inspire her students. Way to go, Ate Jennylou!

Benilda V. Orsal Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jennylou P. Riel is a buddy who always have a heart to share with others what she has: talent, time, and treasure. She is determined and focused in what she aspires. She is truly an achiever and a winner.

gayle Posted over a year ago


sheryl angeles Posted over a year ago

your always doing the best for your students.

Abigail Trinidad Posted over a year ago

Continue your great work, Jenn! Congratulations and good luck..All the best!

Jocelyn Dimaala Posted over a year ago

Ms.Jennylou Pangilinan-Riel is a "Life Changer". She put extra efforts and dedication to work. She is selfless and generous when it comes to giving resources in teaching and learning. She touches hearts and transform lives.

Kristi Posted over a year ago

You are an awesome teacher! We love you!

Isiah lucero Posted over a year ago

As one of her students Ms.Riel is a LIFECHANGER she has opened my mind to learn and focus on my education. She has encourage every student she has taught in Bernalillo highschool, she has brought kids together to learn and participate in competitions that will help change their futures.

Evangeline Carillo Posted over a year ago

You've gone too far Jen. Really proud of you my dear. During our office days I knew you have this great talent. And now you're showing it to the world and influencing individuals.kudos Jen! God bless you.

Evelyn Paulo Posted over a year ago

I knew it! I will never regret that I encouraged you to come to the US. You’ve been an inspiration to many lives in and out of our country. Keep blooming where God plants you! ??????

Eliaquim Bisa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jennylou Pangilinan -Riel is a real LifeChanger. She started her teaching career in our school. During her stay, she encouraged many students to join competitons making them feel confident, fulfilled and fueled to achieve more.