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Aaron Pearson

Position: Spectra Teacher
School: Mary Emily Bryan Middle School
School District: Francis Howell School District
City, State: Weldon Springs, MO

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Aaron Pearson was nominated by two students who wish to remain anonymous. 

Mr. Pearson has been a LifeChanger for many students at Mary Emily Bryan Middle School. He goes into work every day intending to make a connection with students and create a safe space where everyone feels included. He has piloted many programs that could change the future of learning for his district. This would include installing an Apple TV and ChromeBooks in the classroom.

Mr. Pearson always has some kind of light music in the background and isn’t afraid to pull someone aside to talk with them. He was awarded "Teacher of the Year" in his district and is currently working on his doctorate.

"I personally struggled with my mental health, and he was the only one who caught on and got help for me right away," one of his nominators said. "To this day, he still looks out for me. Even when his students graduate from his class, he makes it known that he is still there for them whenever they need him and makes sure they are succeeding in whatever they are doing."

Mr. Pearson teaches in a way that makes students feel comfortable and helps students understand the material by making learning fun. He always makes sure his students are trying to do the right thing and pushes them to stay on track when they start to stray away. Everyone that goes to Mary Emily Bryan Middle School is aware of all the amazing things Mr. Pearson is doing and has done for his students. He treats his students like his own children and continuously leads them to be the best version of themselves.

"Before I came to his class, I was shy in public, and didn’t feel needed," one of his nominators said. "He showed us that it is okay to be ourselves, and that we are perfect just the way we are."

"My life has been forever changed by Mr. Pearson," the other nominator said. "When no one else saw me falling apart, he saw it and helped me get back to myself and better than ever. He has done the same exact thing for hundreds of other students year after year. There is no one more deserving of this title then him."

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Jill D. Kitta Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mr. Pearson! I remember you from when I worked at Bryan MS. I was a cashier at Bryan.

Parent of an 8th grader Posted over a year ago

Everyone has that one teacher that they remember; the one that really meant something to them growing up. To my daughter it will be Mr Pearson. As a 3rd year SPECTRA student, she still struggles to fit in, she doesn't want to always be known as the "smart kid". She has even hid her grades from friends because she felt weird and different because she's academically gifted. Mr Pearson does a great job letting these kids be themselves. He allows them to shine and to not be embarrassed by their achievements. He encourages them to think outside the box, to stretch their imaginations and to really go the extra mile. He's never once stifled my daughter's creativity. He provides fun assignments and activities in class, (that the students think are a blast) - all the while learning about life, growing in their research and study skills. Mr Pearson's classroom is a safe place for these gifted kids, a place where they can be themselves and decompress from the stress of being different. They never have to apologize for being smart. The students talk about college, about their futures, about life. Mr Pearson gets to know these kids on a personal level. He knows what they do for hobbies and extracurricular activities. He is not only their teacher, but he is their friend. Kids in middle school don't have a lot of adult friends, but I'm glad my daughter has Mr Pearson. He is an awesome role model and influence on my daughter. In his class she has a voice, she matters and she is important. I can't think of a better candidate for this award.

Allison Moore Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. He is very supportive and encouraging to everyone. He is hilarious and makes sure we never have a boring class. Unlike quite a few teachers, he know a lot about our personalities, and he helps us work around our weaknesses. He always puts things in different perspectives and knows how to say things to make us understand. Overall, Mr. Pearson definitely deserves this award because he has been involved in and changed many students and the way they look at life. Thank you Mr. Pearson! :)

Brigid Reichart Posted over a year ago

I don't even know how to start saying how I feel about Mr. Pearson. I have been in his class for a little over a year now, and have had a positive experience the whole time. Mr. Pearson's class is the highlight of my day, every single day. I don't know how I'd make it through the day without his class. A lot of people may think that just because students are gifted, that makes them confident, and that everything comes easy to us, but thats not always the case. In Mr. Pearson's classroom you can be anything you want to be, and he will build you up and encourage you. He makes you confident in the person you are, so that you can reach your full potential. Mr. Pearson has had so many students over the years, and he just seems to understand every single one of them in a way that other teachers don't. He is not afraid to empower the parts of you that are not encouraged by the other teachers. In Mr. Pearson's class he isn't the center of attention, you are, and he is part of the class just like all of his students. He just leads you in the right direction, and lets you take the reigns. Teachers are normally though of as people you need to be cautious and reserved around, but not Mr. Pearson. He is like one of your peers, and just fits in with us perfectly. Mr. Pearson knows what you need to hear to brighten your day, and always leaves you with a smile on your face. If you need to be left alone, he'll leave you alone. If you need someone to cheer you up, he is right their beside you. He always seem to know what everyone needs, just by looking at them. There is absolutely no one more deserving of this award than Mr. Pearson. He is an awesome teacher that just inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and live up to your full potential. Mr. Pearson is truly a life changer to all.

Michael Spencer Posted over a year ago

When I started sixth grade, I was a relatively reserved kid with more ideas than I cared to express. Mr. Pearson made his class an environment that encourages higher-level thought in exciting and fun ways. His class honed skills related to creating and presenting our own thoughts, opinions, and research. Mr. Pearson personally changed my academic experience by encouraging me to come out of my shell and develop as a person, and he changed my life by acting as a role model for how we should interact with others.

Angela Reineri Posted over a year ago

My son is so thankful to call Mr. Pearson his teacher! He has only been in Mr. Pearson’s class for about a month, but he says it is his favorite and looks forward to his class everyday. It so amazing when a teacher has the gift to connect with kids on a level that they know they matter. My son says that Mr Pearson makes learning fun! I feel blessed to have teachers that care as much as Mr Pearson at my kids school!

Julia Pfeiffer Posted over a year ago

When I first came to this school in sixth grade, I was shy and had never really been challenged much in school. When I was accepted into Spectra, I was placed in an environment where I could be myself and learn things that would be important later in life. This couldn't have been possible without the best teacher in the universe, Mr. Pearson. He has transformed the gifted program into a place where all of his students can feel comfortable enough to ask questions, have discussions, and grow up with other people that are at the same level of ability as them. Mr. Pearson writes a lot of the curriculum that helps to teach us how to research, talk to a room full of people, and function in life. Not only is he great at teaching, Mr. Pearson also has had a great impact on me the last few years. He has really encouraged me to continue with my passion of writing. He also is really close to all of his students; when he's teaching us, it's easy to tell that he's talking to each and every one of us as people rather than just a class full of students. There is a reason so many people adore Mr. Pearson... no one deserves to have title of life-changer of the year more than him!

Maureen Berning Posted over a year ago

Mr Pearson is awesome. He teaches my son. My son talks about how awesome his class is and how they learn so much. It is very hard to motivate middle school students, but Mr Pearson does it every day. Thank you, Mr Pearson, for your daily dedication to your students!

Brandt Gideon Posted over a year ago

Although I have been in Mr. Pearson's class for under a month now, I can tell that he cares very much about his students and sees them as not just people he can teach, but people he can talk to and have fun with. In the time that I have been in his class he has told jokes and made school fun. Whenever I wake up in the morning I am always excited to see him at school. I haven't been bored in his classroom at all because he always tries to include something to keep us entertained during our work time, like playing music in the background. Overall I think he is a kind, funny and wonderful person that without a doubt deserves to win this award.

Lukas Burzynski Posted over a year ago

I had the great honor of being one of Mr. Pearson's students. Before I had him as a teacher, I thought just that the role of the teacher was to give you homework and answer questions. Little did I know, it is meant to be so much different. Mr. P was an amazing teacher, and to be honest, an amazing person. He would laugh with us (and cry with us), and you could tell he just really cared about his students and how we felt. He has been one of the most positive influences on my life, and has taught me so much. He would take the time to always talk to us if we needed help, or just comfort us when things weren't going well. He created a positive work environment that I will never see again. It was crazy how much of an impact he had on us, and we will always remember him and what we have learned throughout life. One of the greatest lessons that I will carry throughout life, is to be myself. Mr. Pearson encouraged that and helped us do that every single day we were in that amazing classroom. We never felt pressured to do something, and we learned that we are unique, and that's alright. Mr. Pearson definitely deserves this LifeChanger award, because to be frank, he literally changed lives. We will always remember him and the values that he showed through how he acted and talked. He changed my life, and many others. The fact of the matter is, no other teacher that I have had, or will have, will ever have the impact on my life that he had. Thank you Mr. Pearson for all the work you have put into your profession, and how well you have treated me and all of the other kids at Bryan Middle School. You are so deserving of this award!

Molly LaVictoire Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to you, a well deserved award. You are extremely talented, and always was, as long as I had the pleasure to know you. Great Job!

Brian Gideon Posted over a year ago

My son loves Mr. Pearson. He's always telling me about the fun things he's doing in class. When I met him on meet-the-teacher night he was friendly and I could tell he was well like by the kids.

Aaron Berning Posted over a year ago

This is the second year that I have been taught by Mr. Pearson. He always make it a fun learning environment and he makes sure that no one is judging others. He has fun interactive lessons for us to take part in during our class time. It makes me eager to come to class each day. I love to play the card game, "Mafia". He lets us take turns being the narrator, which is always fun! He is my favorite teacher and he deserves to win this award!

Candy Zweifel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson just happens to be my nephew. Now of course I've never had him as teacher. But I do know parents that have had kids that were in his class. The parents told me stories of how he impacted thier kids lives. I have no doubt that those stories were true and the stories that his past or current students are posting about him now. None of these things surprise me because even as his aunt I could tell that the compassion and patience he had for others while growing up wasn't going to change after adulthood. His personality, creativity and caring nature makes him the teacher that he is today and an awesome husband, dad, son, brother, grandson and nephew to boot! His family is very proud of the work and dedication that he puts into his students and thier education. Way to go Aaron!

Paige Dooley Posted over a year ago

Mr.Pearson is the all time best teacher ever! He helps students when they need help, jokes around in the classroom, he is very understanding, makes everyone fell comfortable and welcome, but above all he is kind. Mr.Pearson deserves this award and I can’t think of anyone better for this award. Being the new kid isn’t easy. I was starting middle school with no one. As soon as I walked into Mr.Pearson’s room though, all of those feelings just flooded out of me. He made me feel comfortable and his funny sense of humor kept me laughing the entire time! His class whizzed by and I wanted to stay for even longer. His class was and still is my favorite. He once said “Brook’s dad is Bigfoot, Taylor Swift, and my mom.” Nobody in class could stop laughing. This is just one of the 5 million reasons why Mr.Pearson is awesome. No one deserves this award more than he does. There is NO ONE else like Mr.Pearson!

Marva Halbert Posted over a year ago

The year before my son was to move from elementary to middle school we were told that many kids dropped Spectra because the teacher was just not engaging. But, the year Scott moved to 6th grade they had a new guy and we agreed to give it/him a try. Wow. The kids and the parents loved him. Mr. Pearson treated those kids like they were real people, with opinions that really mattered. In return he brought out the best in them. Mr. Pearson not only taught them the school work, but taught them respect, confidence, and how to deal with their future. All through high school and even into college my son and some of those in his class would go back to Bryan middle school to visit Mr. Pearson regularly. Today, 10 years later, I have a 6th grader at Bryan Middle. He does not have Mr. Pearson for a teacher, but he and Mr. Pearson have already talked and made the connection that he is Scott's little brother. That made my son feel proud and special in a sea of hundreds of 6th graders.

Harib Mian Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson was my spectra teacher for the 3 years that I was in the program during middle school. During the time, Mr. Pearson and his class were my main motivation for coming to school everyday. Mr. Pearson has supplied me with useful skills that I will likely be utilizing for the rest of my life; from how to properly research and present to how to have stimulating discussions with opposing viewpoints, Mr. Pearson made sure that everyday would be another lesson for life. Mr. Pearson treats all of his students with unwavering impartiality and compassion- an influential role model for how we, his students, should treat others both inside and outside of the classroom moving forward. To Mr. Pearson, thank you for changing my life for the better.

Carrie Money Posted over a year ago

My 8th grade daughter has been a student in Mr. Pearson’s spectra class since November of her 6th grade year. She had become the “new kid” one semester into 6th grade. Being the “new kid” in middle school, this was certainly a hurdle to overcome. Upon starting school at Bryan, Mr. Pearson was the first name my daughter would speak of. He instantly made her feel comfortable, and became someone she idolizes and holds very dear. Happy Birthday to him on 10/’s been a recurring event in our calendar! ?? What stands out to me the most is how relatable, present and in tune he is with his students. It’s almost as if they see him as a colleague they are learning from vs a standard teacher/student relationship. As a parent, I feel so fortunate for my daughter to be able to learn from him and have this experience. He is certainly a teacher she will remember and reflect upon for years to come. Thank you Mr. Pearson!

linda cutbirth Posted over a year ago

my grandson likes him real well. my daughter-in-law says he has already had a positive influence on my grandson.

Mahita Avasarala Posted over a year ago

I don’t even know where to start. Mr. Pearson is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He knows how to make class fun and interesting while still keeping us working. Whether it is playing different kinds of music or telling us crazy stories to keep us interested. One of the best parts of Mr. Pearson is that he lets us get to know him. It makes coming to the class feel like your talking to a friend. I couldn’t imagine going through middle school with any different spectra teacher. He has really made an impact on my life, and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of that life changer award.

Everett Scott Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is by far my favorite teacher ever. He is funny and makes my day 10 times better. I love how he mixes fun with work, so we can get work done, but also have fun during the work. If we are behind or not doing well in class, he will pull you aside and try to work something out so that you can have more work time and better grades. It works every time. After we finish a big work project, or are about to go on a break, he lets us have fun and we play mafia, do a digital breakout, or watch a TED talk. Mr. Pearson definitely deserves this award.

jimmy chmberlain Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson Is my current spectra teacher at Bryan middle school. He is one of my favorite teachers ever and macks learning fun. every day I always look forward to his class and he makes me better every day. that is why he should win.

Kelly Silvey Posted over a year ago

Aaron Pearson, I know as a father. He is a great father to his 2 kids. Very involved in their play and learning. He is always on the floor with his daughter. I’ve also heard great things about his teaching at Bryan. Way to go Aaron.

Abbie Raga Posted over a year ago

I don't even know where to start with Mr. Pearson. He is all over the board from constantly joking around with us in class to always knowing that he cares about you and wants you to do well. I'm not saying that the other teachers from Bryan Middle don't care about us but Mr. Pearson cares on a whole other level. If you don't get something in another class he won't just send you to that teacher to get extra help he will actually try and help us because he realizes that we have already heard an explanation from that teacher and that he can maybe explain it in a way that we will understand. Mr. Pearson realizes when we are upset or having a bad day and he checks in with us to see if we are alright. He leads a very relaxed class where you can always feel comfortable and are able to share your ideas. I don't even realize that I feel this way in the class until I realize how quiet I am in other classes. Mr. Pearson doesn't make us feel accepted in the way of pointing out that we are different that our peers, he just subtly lets us be who we are for one hour of the day and we don't even realize it. He knows how talkative, bright, and expressive we can be and he lets us be that. Mr. Pearson is also always easy to talk to and you can literally talk to him at any time of day. We can email him a question and he will respond even at 10:00 pm at night. I had the honor of having my locker right next to his room my sixth grade year and we had so much fun and it just made my day that much better every time I went to my locker and he was there to mess with me and make me feel good! Its different having a teacher that is like you. Or just even having an adult like you. Mr. Pearson is just as much of a kid and crazy and weird himself as he expects us to be. That's a different feeling to have because having that feeling makes it even more encouraging to let myself connect with Mr. Pearson and him with me. With other teachers its more of a strict student to teacher and visa versa relationship. Mr. Pearson realizes how that can alienate students and works to not be that way. Mr. Pearson is a teacher 24/7 and I don't have to be around him all the time to know that because he comes to school everyday with a new idea that will make school and his class better. There are a million more things I could say but I feel that even just these will suffice to more than qualify Mr. Pearson to win this award.

Michelle price Posted over a year ago

Great teacher, great school, great district! So thankful for mr Pearson!

Kris Newman Posted over a year ago

Two years ago, our daughter, Kennedy, walked in to Bryan Middle School for the first time. As a 6th grader, it's often difficult to find your "place" and this was a struggle for our Kennedy at first. However, she learned quickly that Mr. Pearson's class was her place. A place where it was safe to share her creative ideas. A place where she could take her serious-self not so seriously. A place where she didn't fear failure but instead felt empowered to take on challenges. A place that she looked forward to going to every single day of middle school. Throughout the last two years, we've heard story after story about all of the amazing things Mr. Pearson teaches in class (all stories recounted with a big smile and lots of enthusiasm). As Kennedy begins to prepare for high school, I think she knows her "place" though it won't be in Mr. Pearson's room anymore (bummer!). He's taught her about who she is and she can take that with her anywhere she goes! For that, we are so grateful. Mr. Pearson truly is a life changer.

William Sirimaturos Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is my current spectra teacher at Bryan. The main reason spectra is my favorite class is because of him. He always brings a positive work environment and helps me when I am having a hard time.

Christie Tutschulte Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson truly has a gift of bringing out the greatness inside every child in his class. Teaching high level concepts in a fun and creative way leaves his students engaged and striving to be the best they can be. We are so lucky to have such an amazing educator leading our kids!

Harper Downing Posted over a year ago

As one of Mr. Pearson’s many students, I can happily say that he has positively impacted the lives of all his students. Spectra has been my favorite class for every year that I have had Mr. Pearson, and I’m very sad that this is my final year. He has helped all of his students with both school issues, emotional issues, and other problems. One of his goals has always been to teach his students life lessons and make sure that they will be successful in their future lives. He constantly strives to make his students feel welcome and to let them be themselves in his classroom. Mr. Pearson is, and always will be, my favorite teacher, and I believe many other people can say the same. He truly has changed people’s lives.

Randi Gideon Posted over a year ago

Although my son has been in Mr. Pearson's class for just under a month, it is already incredibly obvious that this is a teacher who will have a lasting impact on my child's life. Before my son entered middle school, I kept hearing from other parents and from staff at the elementary school how much my son would love Mr. Pearson's class and about what a great teacher he is. My son was so excited to start middle school to get to know this teacher better. As others had told me he would, my son comes home every day with something Mr. Pearson taught him, showed him, or just a snippet of how this teacher made his day brighter. The middle school years can be tough, but my son is incredibly fortunate to have a teacher like Mr. Pearson who makes school a challenging, fun, positive place to be.

Kierigan McEvoy Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson was truly the most influential teacher I had in middle school and continues to still be an important part of my life today. Mr. Pearson did his best to cater to all his students’ needs and really invest in their lives outside of school. The relationship I formed with Mr. Pearson in middle school was that of someone I could tell everything to. Whether it be ranting about some 6th grade girl drama or how stressful my 8th grade math class was or even how my club soccer team is did in a tournament, he was always there listening attentively. That bond has now led me to babysit his children regularly and allowed us to continue to talk about anything and everything. There have been so many times that I’ve been excited or exhausted or needed advice and I’ve texted Mr. Pearson. He’s always been there and always will be. Mr. Pearson is a life changer because he personally impacts the lives of his students and sets the example for what a teacher-student relationship could develop into. I can think of no one more deserving of this award than the man that has always believed in me even when I did not believe in myself and had always challenged me to be better than I was the day before.

Andrew Callaway Posted over a year ago

Hands down the best teacher I have ever had. He has a way of teaching you a lot while making his class the most enjoyable you take. Mr. Pearson is 100% deserving of this award and I’m glad I got to call him my teacher for 3 years.

Elle McGill Posted over a year ago

I am a 7th grader at Bryan middle school and I have had the honor of learning from Mr.Pearson for almost 2 years. My experience with him has been an unforgettable one that I will treasure forever. Thanks for considering him for he deserves it.

Claire Hanstein Posted over a year ago

I've had Mr. Pearson as a Spectra teacher for a year now, and this year with him seems just as promising. He does an excellent job not only with teaching, but connecting with the students. He makes all of us feel safe and comfortable with being ourselves. One thing he likes to say is, "it's okay to not be okay." This demonstrates that everyone has their own problems, and it's fine that you don't have a solution to those problems yet. But, it's hard for me to believe that anyone couldn't be okay around Mr. Pearson, when he loves and supports the students with all of his heart. I'm positive that he'll always be my favorite teacher, and I'm sure that all of his other students would agree.

Ava Tutschulte Posted over a year ago

I'm am a seventh grader at Bryan middle school and I am lucky enough to have Mr.Pearson as my spectra teacher. Mr. Pearson deserves this award for many reasons. I think everyone who has/had Mr. Pearson will agree that he is one of their favorite teachers. The classroom environment is welcoming and every time I leave I wish that I could have stayed longer. He is funny and makes sure that every single person is involved and that they are having a good time. The things that we do in his class are way different than anything else, like creating our own countries of doing digital break out. But most of all he has pushed me to be the best student that I can be and to give one hundred percent effort.

Karissa Simmons Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is an amazing teacher and always pushes us to be better. I always look forward to the hour I have Spectra because he makes it fun for all of us, even if the things we're doing are really boring. He's really supportive of our ideas, and is always challenging us to make them better and more creative. Mr. Pearson knows that we can always do better, and helps us work on that all the time. I feel I can truly express myself in this class, because he makes the class fun for everyone. I can't think of anyone else to get this title except for him.

Andrew Milliken Posted over a year ago

Mr. pearson I my current spectra teacher at bryan middle school and he deserves this award because he helps me put forth my best effort all the time no matter what

Katie Koziatek Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson, my Spectra teacher from 2014-17, is the most amazing person and teacher to all his students. He has impacted my life throughout many ways. I was very hesitant to make new friends when I started middle school, but being able to be in a class with less people who were the same as me helped bring me out of my shell. Through Spectra, I was able to make friends I still keep in contact with and skills I use in high school. I can still remember sitting through his presentation about presentations or playing mafia for entire class periods or our mock trial in 8th grade. Spectra was a place for me to stretch my mind and push me outside of my comfort zone. My brother, in 6th grade, has come home these past few weeks talking about Mr. Pearson nonstop. He talks about the things I experienced, like playing mafia and his “Lie List”. I miss his class so much and going into my freshman year I realized that I took his class for granted. I’m a sophomore now, and I still think of the lessons I’ve learned. He’s taught me to be more comfortable in public settings and to never be afraid of my ideas. I was so so so SO blessed to have Mr. Pearson as a teacher and he has impacted my life in so many ways.

Neva Pegors Posted over a year ago

I am one of the students at Mary Emily Bryan, and I am one of the many lucky enough to have him as one of my teachers. Alough I have only been with him for a month, I believe he deserves this award because: I have only had him for a month at the most,and I can even see his good intentions and he truly cared about the people he worked with. He always has the best attitude and is welcoming to all. Already, for me, he is by far one of my favorite teachers. He truly has a gift when it comes to people. He says himself that he may not like interacting with other people much but, in my own way I feel like he should because of the many people that would be blessed by him. He deserves more than he gets and even I can see that from the personality I have seen from him so far, and, he is just all around someone that everyone would want to know.

Austin McKinley Posted over a year ago

Mr Pearson saw things in students they couldn’t see in themselves. He always had good intentions and always cared for how a student would grow from kid to adult. He made school, something so culturally hated by majority, and made it enjoyable. I never will forget the way he taught classes and the relationships he would always go out of the way to make. Although we aren’t close as we used to seeing eachother five days a week, I still am filled with joy when I bump into him. I would like to thank me Pearson for being my teacher and showing true passion for others. Miss you.

zoe michals Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson truly changed my life and inspired the person I am today. For me, school has always been boring, lonely, and seemingly pointless... until Mr. Pearson’s class. Each hour of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade that I got the privelage of spending in room 612 I felt the most accepted and useful that I had ever felt. Pearson’s class was my oasis in a day full of deserts. Naturally, gifted students have a harder time enduring normal classroom settings, but Mr. Pearson understands that. His classroom is a fun and stimulating learning environment that adapts to each type of learner that walks through the door. Mr. Pearson works hard to connect deeply with each and every one of his students, and I am positive that he remembers all of them as they remember him. There is not an ounce of doubt in me that I will never forget what Mr. Pearson taught me and how he changed my life. Like many teenagers, my mental health suffers at times, but thanks to Mr. Pearson I have learned that it is okay to not be okay. And that it is not okay to not be okay. To some those words sound like nonsense, but to those who can understand them, they are some of the most important concepts to grasp when working on improving yourself and Mr. Pearson taught them to me. That, however, is only one of the many ways in which he has bettered my life. The skills learned in Pearson’s classes are essential to a successful life. You learn how to present, speak in front of people, the importance of adjusting yourself to appropriately appeal to your audience, how to embrace your strengths and weaknesses, that you should always try your hardest no matter what the outcome is, the value in being kind to others, and so much more. I can guarantee that no student passes through Mr. Pearson’s class without having learned at least one essential lesson that they will apply through out their lives. Personally, Mr. Pearson has helped me feel comfortable in front of others, accept who I am, motivated me to be my best self, and helped me through one of the toughest and darkest moments of my life without even knowing it. These outstanding behaviors and more deserve some long overdue recognition of this esteem.

Avery Roberts Posted over a year ago

I can’t even begin to express how blessed I feel to have crossed paths with Mr. Pearson in this life. It’s so hard to put into words how thankful I am for everything he has done for myself, my sister, my friends, and all of his students. An amazing testimony of his character and his impact on my life and all lives is how I know that if I needed him for anything at any time, he would drop everything to help and make sure that I’m okay. There have been several times, especially since I have left his class, that I have leaned on him for support, advice, guidance, and just a shoulder to cry on; I’ve never met anyone who makes you feel more valued and important and makes you feel heard, and this is an incredibly hard trait to come by these days. Not once have I ever felt judged for my opinions or my feelings, rather supported and loved, leaving myself a better person in the end of the day. Even though I haven’t had him as a teacher for 6 years, I know that he is going to be a lifelong friend and mentor, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to look up to and lean on. Mr. Pearson truly has a gift when it comes to connecting with all different types of people, making long-lasting impacts on their lives no matter how, and just being a stand-out person that every student will forever be touched by and hold closely to their hearts. Some may say Spectra kids are “odd” or “different,” but this is something that he taught us to embrace and he embraced as well, teaching us to build on the differentness and let it define us as who we are and be proud of it at that. I truly could go on and on about how much of an amazing person Mr. P is, but I simply couldn’t handle being any more cheesy because I can see him making fun of me as he reads this. I’d like to thank him for all of the memories, advice, support, gained knowledge, laughs, LIES, and most importantly for your everlasting dependability. He is truly a life changer of a lifetime :)

Jessie Ziegemeier Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of being one of Mr. Pearson's students nearly 10 years ago. It is crazy to think it has been that long because I can still remember all of the amazing experiences I had in that classroom so clearly. Like many other middle schoolers, I was incredibly shy and awkward when starting the 6th grade. The way Mr. Pearson integrated so many different creative learning styles into the classroom truly helped break me out of my shell and introduced me to friends that I still have today. It is rare to find a teacher who puts as much effort into the bettering of their students as Mr. Pearson does. Even now as a senior in college I am still so grateful for everything Mr. Pearson did and is doing for not only myself but for all of his past, present, and future students. The world needs more educators like Mr. Pearson! He is more than deserving of an award like life changer of the year.

Collin Anderson Posted over a year ago

Throughout middle school, all I would hear from teachers is how something we were doing would prepare us for high school - this was usually the opposite of the case. Mr. Pearson’s class was the only one that I feel truly prepared me for what was to come. As Blake wrote earlier in the comments, Mr. Pearson trusted us with tasks and equipment that most teachers would not expect middle schoolers to be capable of handling. His class was challenging, but in a way that was fresh and entertaining. There was a great balance between liberal and professional knowledge. Mr. Pearson taught specific, practical skills while also promoting critical thinking and situational awareness both academically and socially. Even throughout college, I’ve been hard pressed to find this balance achieved in the classroom. Considering the importance of one’s transition through the middle school years, Mr. Pearson has made an immeasurably positive impact on the lives of his students and is more than deserving of this award.

Marleigh Anderson Posted over a year ago

Reading all of these comments makes me smile because it shows me that Mr. Pearson’s impact on his students is just as strong today as it was when I had him as a teacher over ten years ago. I remember vividly the energy and excitement that I felt walking into Aaron’s class; he created (and clearly still creates!) an open and supportive classroom environment in which creativity is king and imagination takes the front seat. I can’t quite express what it meant to have a space to be myself as a young middle school girl. I’m also thankful that Aaron encourages his students to pursue their true interests. I remember putting together a research project for his 8th grade class on the history of dance, and now I’m writing a Master’s thesis on Ancient Greek dance - an illustration that you never know what can happen when you give students a supportive space to work on topics that matter to them. Mr. Pearson is one of the good ones and very deserving of this recognition!

Emily Eberwine Posted over a year ago

There are very few teachers in the world who care enough about their students to challenge them in class, but also maintain relationships with students long beyond their middle school days. Mr. P was one of those once-in-a-lifetime teachers who made personal connections with students that aren’t ever forgotten. I’m sure that someday I’ll be telling my kids about my amazing middle school spectra teacher when they ask me about when I was young. It’s important to Mr. P that his students are treated as adults. Being middle schoolers, we rarely were treated as such. By doing this, Mr. P taught us to be accountable and educated on what was going on in the world. when I was in 7th or 8th grade, there were riots near my school that we really didn’t know much about. We were considered too young to worry about it, but not having answers scared all of us. Mr. P put a pause on what we were learning in class to help us understand what was happening and why. This really helped us as students because our fears had yet to be addressed. Mr. P recognized us as capable of processing the adult things of the world and helped us to feel aware of what was happening. At the end of every year, Mr P writes a letter to every graduating 8th grader. These letters take lots of time because they are each very personal, full of memories and hopes for the future. Multiply the amount of time it takes to write one letter by all the graduating 8th graders he’s ever had, and I’d bet he’s got a couple 100 hours in the books. Recently, I misplaced my letter and asked Mr P for another copy (I am 4 years out of middle school but still stay in touch with him). Once he sent it to me, I started crying because I remembered how amazing of a teacher he was. It’s amazing to me how, even when I’m so many years removed from his class, his words are still so important to me. One more thing I will note is how Mr. P encouraged me in my sport. I am a softball player and I was just getting serious with it in 6th grade. Looking back, I was not very good. But I would talk to Mr. P about my team (which was also not very good) and my struggles, and I never felt a need to embellish anything to impress him. He listened and understood what I told him, and encouraged me for all the hard work I put in. Flash forward to today, I often see Mr. P at the ball-field during high school season (he is a coach for my rival school), and I know he is proud of me for how far I have come. We always talk after the games and catch up for a few minutes. With all that said, I don’t believe there is anyone more deserving of this award than Mr. Pearson. He has impacted so many lives, winning this award would only seem fit.

Maria C Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson isn’t like any other teacher (obviously in a good way). Yes he teaches and gives us occasional homework, but there is more to his classroom and ways of teaching. In sixth grade, a brand new group of kids came to his classroom, hardly knowing the others. Sure they had their best friends from elementary school, but for the most part we didn’t have a clue at who each other were. Within just the first weeks of school, Mr. Pearson somehow brought all of us together as one. Throughout the year and bridging over to the next year, that bond remained strong. He created friendships that I never would imagine would happen. Without him, our lives would be much different. Thanks for everything Mr. P.

Macy Pearson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is a teacher kind of like Cory Matthews or Mr. Feeney in Boy/Girl Meets World. All of his lessons teach the educational portion that they’re required to have, as well as some personal connections. It’s important to have lessons like that throughout life. He has helped me through so many parts of my journey through middle school, losing friends, mean people, coming out, learning how to be the best version of myself, keeping focused even through all the rough patches, and so much more. Saying that Mr. Pearson has “helped” would be an understatement. He truly is a life changer. And I’m not even finished with middle school! It’s so easy to talk to him about anything. He makes the learning environment a safe, comfortable, happy place, and I wish for every child to have a teacher like him. Mr. Pearson truly deserves this recognition and is definitely the life changer of the year.

Zoey Hulbert Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is not only by far the best teacher I have ever had, but one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Mr. Pearson believes that preparing students for the future is the best thing a teacher could do for their students. The things that he taught in his class are applicable for my entire future. He created a learning environment where it did not feel as if I was learning, but as if I was just hanging out with friends. His class was the only class where I felt free to be myself and that alone has forever changed my life. I can not imagine who I would be if I was not a student of Mr. Pearson. Somehow Mr. Pearson has a relationship with every one of his students. In all of his classes there are a broad spectrum of students, but that never stops him from becoming close friends with each and every one of his students. Even though Mr. Pearson is no longer my teacher, I still carry on the lessons he taught me both educationally and emotionally. Even after Mr. Pearson is no longer your teacher he will still be sure to keep a relationship with you. I can not think of a person more deserving of the LifeChanger of the year award than Mr. Pearson.

Logan Goulet Posted over a year ago

I have yet to find a teacher who cares more about their students than Mr. Pearson does. Walking into his class each day was such a relief. Just one hour in his class could turn your day around for the better. Mr. Pearson has a way of connecting with his students and making them feel comfortable pushing themselves to be better students and people. When I think back on my years in middle school, I think first of Mr. Pearson and the memories that were made in my three years as his student. Thanks for everything Mr. P, I don't know anyone more deserving of this award!

Allison Schulz Posted over a year ago

I stopped being a student of Mr. Pearson’s class in 2014, but I will forever be impacted by him and the opportunities his class gave me. Mr. P has influenced my life in ways I had never expected, and has been one of the most supportive human beings I have ever known. His guidance through my formative years has been nothing short of essential to the person I am today. High school came and went, and he’s been by my side the whole time pushing me to follow who I knew I wanted to be. I always looked forward to seeing his face beam with pride after a play or concert, no matter the significance of my part. If every teacher treated their kiddos with the same openness, kindness, and love, I think our world would be better for it. :)

Aurielle Macchi Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. It has been over ten years since I first stepped into his classroom, and to this day, I remember the impact that he had on my life during some of my toughest years in school. I will always be grateful for the warm, kind classroom environment that Mr. Pearson created for us every day. During a time when I wanted to avoid school for various reasons, Mr. Pearson and his SPECTRA class made me want to attend. Above all, the most amazing thing that Mr. Pearson did for us was make us feel important and heard. Our thoughts and opinions were valued in his classroom and this and this only encouraged us to express ourselves further. Because of this, I am the expressive, creative thinker that I am today. Thanks for everything, Mr. P.

Brooke Watkins Posted over a year ago

Over the past eight years, I’ve begun to see Mr. Pearson as more of a friend/parental figure of sorts than simply just a teacher. He’s taught me many things of course—most of them being life lessons rather than normal things one learns in school. He has not only helped me to grow as both a student and a person, but he’s also been there for me throughout some pretty rough times in my life and it’s been greatly appreciated. It has been a blessing to have had him once as my teacher, and now as my friend.

Asha Roberts Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson has altered my life in more ways than one. Throughout my time of being in his class, I struggled with mental health problems that I was afraid of confronting on my own; I didn’t know where to turn at several points. Mr. Pearson made an incredible effort to help me acknowledge the fact that I needed help and that I could confide in him at times where I felt that I had nowhere else to turn. He offered a shoulder to cry on when I was just not having a good day. He brought such a light atmosphere to his classroom each and everyday, making his class a safe haven for me and dozens of other teenagers just like me. Even when he faced hardship in his own personal life, he made an extreme effort to not let it phase the way he treated us. He continued to push us to reach our full potential (but not exceed it, because well, that’s just not realistic, right?). Overall, Mr. Pearson completely changed my outlook on life and helped me see the greater good in certain situations. I am eternally greatful for the kind of teacher and person that Mr. Pearson is.

Stenson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is one of the only teachers who can get to know their students well and have a good time while teaching them important skills. Everyone who has ever had Mr. Pearson can agree that he is the best teacher ever. I think Peyton Manning said it best: “Mr. Pearson is on your side.” -Mr. Manning just before taking a bite out of the infamous chicken parm.

Nicole Porter Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Pearson from 2008-2011, 6th-8th grade. I am 21 years old now and will still never forget all of the valuable memories and life lessons I obtained from his class. He put his whole soul into teaching us and made sure that each student felt important and valuable. Mr. Pearson encouraged students to embrace their creativity and always think outside of the box. I doubt there is a single student who goes through Mr. Pearson’s classroom who does not feel the exact same way. He is a hilarious man with a huge heart. Every student deserves to experience a Mr. Pearson in their life.

Zoey Hulbert Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is not only by far the best teacher I have ever had, but one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Mr. Pearson believes that preparing students for the future is the best thing a teacher could do for their students. The things that he taught in his class are applicable for my entire future. He created a learning environment where it did not feel as if I was learning, but as if I was just hanging out with friends. His class was the only class where I felt free to be myself and that alone has forever changed my life. I can not imagine who I would be if I was not a student of Mr. Pearson. Somehow Mr. Pearson has a relationship with every one of his students. In all of his classes there are a broad spectrum of students, but that never stops him from becoming close friends with each and every one of his students. Even though Mr. Pearson is no longer my teacher, I still carry on the lessons he taught me both educationally and emotionally. Even after Mr. Pearson is no longer your teacher he will still be sure to keep a relationship with you. I can not think of a person more deserving of the LifeChanger of the year award than Mr. Pearson.

Avery Roberts Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson has played much more of a role in making me who I am today than nearly any person I’ve met in my life. Although I’m not his student anymore, I know that he will continue to always be there for me and every student who has crossed paths with him because that’s the kind of caring person he is. As a sophomore in college, I still go to him when I need life advice or a pick-me-up every now and then because although I was his student in the most awkward, questionable part in my life, he still knows me better than most people and always knows how to help. I’m thankful to have been included into his family’s life, with him trusting me with his kids and hanging out with his fam every now and then, and I have no doubt in my mind that this connection is one that I will never lose and one that I will always always always be able to count on. I’ve never met a more true, genuine, kind-hearted person that puts his all into everything he does and every person he encounters. He isn’t just the life changer of the year; he’s the life changer of a lifetime!

Sydney Gibson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is the kind of teacher who likes to tell you about his family. The kind of teacher who understands not every student learns the same way. Who understands how to cater to and allow students to think the way their brain works and let them learn instead of trying to force them to learn the way they like it. Hes the kind of teacher who would put the needs of his students and his loved ones before anything else. And hes the kind of man who not just make you smile or make your day, but will take the time to teach you things you will never forget. I miss having him as my teacher

Pam Bernard Posted over a year ago

I had hoped my children would meet a special teacher that would impact their lives and leave them with memories to last a lifetime. A teacher they would feel comfortable talking to, that would make learning fun and encourage them to strive to be their best self and student. Mr. Pearson is all of those things and more. He is an outstanding educator and so deserving of this recognition.

Blake Henson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson was my teacher almost a decade ago, and I still reflect on his class daily. I was a 6th grader with no real reason to be trusted with expensive equipment, but Mr. Pearson believed in me. For the first time in my life someone gave me freedom, and told me that they “liked where I was going with that.” Aaron is obviously still changing lives today like he did for me back then, and I can see why. He gives his students something to be passionate about, something rarely seen for a 6th grader classroom. He taught us how to focus our energy on what gave us energy, and I can see that he has done the same exact thing for students year after year. He got to know me, had hard conversations with me about my parents divorce, and encouraged me that that didn’t define me. He’s definitely a life changer, and it was an incredible privilege to have him as a teacher. As a senior in college, he’s still the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Jenna Mathis Posted over a year ago

Coming into Mr. Pearson’s class, I had never had a teacher who I genuinely could relate to and felt as if he really understood what we were all going through. Were it not for his class pushing me out of my comfort zone, I would’ve never had the work ethic I do today. The hour spent in his class everyday grew into being a safe place for all of us and an escape from anything we we happened to be going through. He is an amazing teacher and person who goes out of his way to make every student feel noticed and understood.

Ainslee Harkins Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. When he teaches his lessons have impacts on his students, in both educational and emotional ways. Me. Pearson gives students the chance to explore their own interests within projects, and this setting gives students the chance to grow into who they are. Mr. Pearson has helped me with personal problems a multitude of times, and has been there to support me no matter what. Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Mr. Pearson genuinely cares for his students, and it’s easy to see. He made it clear if only by the environment of his classroom. When his students graduate at the end of 8th grade, he takes time and effort to write them letters, each unique. Mr. Pearson is and always will be the best and most impactful teacher I’ve ever had.

Drake Johnston Posted over a year ago

Through my girlfriend he has impacted my life. He has made a huge impact on her throughout the years she's been his student, he has supported her and all of his other students helping them believe in themselves and helping them through their hard times. From what I know of Mr.Pearson he enjoys helping his students and making real connections with them and truly changes the lives of each student he has in class.

claudia Posted over a year ago

mr pearson is one of the best people i know. he has always helped me through every life problem i have encountered. he pushes everyone to truly be their best. no one is more deserving than him.

Scott Roberts Posted over a year ago

This guy is unbelievable. I am a gymnastics coach, and gym owner, so this is old hat for me, but not for most middle school teachers! Both of my daughters were students of Mr. Pearson, thank goodness. If, God forbid, anything we’re to happen to my wife and I, my kids would show up at his classroom, knowing that he would take care of the rest. Kudos to you, Mr. P, and thank you for being that person for my girls.

Gwyneth Worobec Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson was my middle school Spectra teacher. He helped me grow academically and emotionally. He helped me to get out of my shell and has helped shape the person I am today. He remains my favorite teacher to this day, four years later. He has changed my life and many others. He deserves this award for being an amazing teacher and person. When I started sixth grade spectra class, I was the quiet girl who was always reluctant to speak. By the end of eighth grade, however, I was an energetic young woman who wasn’t afraid to speak my mind. Spectra gave me an outlet to be myself. Mr. Pearson created a classroom environment that was wholesome and positive. He is unlike any of the teachers I’ve had in that he has impacted my life so greatly. The three years I was able to spend with him have made a lifetime of difference.

Ryan Eilers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is awesome. I had him over half a decade ago and I still use the skills and experiences from his class to this day. Every presentation I make or leadership opportunity I have is directly descended from his class. I firmly believe that I would not be on the path I am now if I hadn’t had his class

Abby eberwine Posted over a year ago

Mr. Pearson is by far my favorite teacher. The environment that he created in the classroom was different from what a typical classroom would feel like. I’ve never really been a kid to answer questions the teacher asks because I’m afraid to get something wrong. In Mr. Pearson’s class, I feel like I won’t get judged to answer questions and I feel free to ask ones myself. He impacted my life in a number of ways, but the main way was just that he was always there for me and everyone else in his classes. Even when his students graduate, he still maintains a good relationship because that’s just the kind of person he is. He really cares about his students. Unlike other teachers, he wants to know more about you. If there’s something your really passionate about outside of school, he’ll make the effort to watch you. I play softball and he’s come to my games before. Spectra got me through middle school because the class was so enjoyable. After a long day of hard and boring classes, spectra was my stress reliever. Mr. Pearson deserves this award. I’ll never have a better teacher and life coach than him.

sammie george Posted over a year ago

mr. pearson is the most kind hearted teacher out there. he cares for for his kids and always wants the best for them and makes it his mission to give the best support and education to his students. He has touched every single student and changed their lives for the better

Dalton Grantham Posted over a year ago

Througout school I had always fallen into my older brothers’ shadows and had become used to just being “their younger brother”. As soon as I got into Mr. P’s class he immediately pushed me into my own spotlight and made me realize who I was as an individual apart from my brothers. He always pushed me to be my best and didn’t just think of me as the younger brother. He continues to have a relationship with me today through baseball and I always make sure to stop by and see him when I can. He made a lasting impact on my life and made me a better and more productive individual

sammie george Posted over a year ago

mr. pearson is the most kind hearted teacher out there. he cares for for his kids and always wants the best for them and makes it his mission to give the best support and education to his students. He has touched every single student and changed their lives for the better

Cassie Lanham Posted over a year ago

Pearson was always my favorite teacher from my 3 years with him. I’m not the best sometimes with talking to other students but his class had such a friendly environment I made some great friends there. He helped me so much and he taught me a lot of things that I know I’m going to use in the future. He was also a very caring teacher and could tell when something was wrong with his students. My mental health was never the best but he always cheered me up. I’d always look forward to his class since I’d know if I was ever sad or having a bad day his class would cheer me up and calmed me down. Definitely changed my life for the better and I’m sad that I won’t have him as a teacher anymore because he was amazing.