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Teresa Bliss

Position: Art Teacher
School: Schaumburg Christian School
School District: Private
City, State: Schaumburg, IL

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Comments (8)

Nissi Pilli Posted over a year ago

I am one of Mrs.Bliss's art students. I have known her since honestly my whole life; she is practically my mom. Mrs.Bliss has driven me in my passion. She was the first person who ever taught me how to paint, and now, it is my joy. Mrs.Bliss has one of the biggest and most caring hearts i have ever known.She gives her soul for her students and puts them above her own needs. She goes above and beyond for her students and takes care of everything for them. She is also so motivated in teaching art. I see her everyday teaching students from Pre-K to Senior High, and she enjoys every moment of it. she loves to be with her students; even if it is not for competing in art, she enjoys guiding students and giving advice. Mrs.Bliss has stayed countless hours with me along with many other students , helping us finish our art pieces for competition. Mrs.Bliss is very knowledgeable in what she teaches, because she has studied art. She takes great pride and joy when she knows that her students have put in the time and effort to bring the state plaques from competition. Mrs.Bliss is not just a regular art teacher; she is family to us and she has made the art all feel at home. She makes us all feel like family and I can talk to her about anything and everything. She has nurtured me in the way of my understanding of art and helping me grow as a person. We love you, Mrs.Bliss!!!

Naya Posted over a year ago

Mrs Bliss is an awesome, kind, and loving person! She always go above and beyond for her students! She cares for everyone and helps us on our artwork tremendously! And she is always there to encourage us every step of the way!

Bimi Posted over a year ago

In my elementary and junior high years of doing art, Mrs Bliss has always been an encouragement to continue to get better and enjoy art. She invests so much in the lives if her students and the absolute love she has for them is undeniable. She not only impacts people on the primary and secondary level, but even in higher education. Many of the art projects students do under Mrs Bliss go on to win national awards, that motivate many to choose an art related career, or their success helps them get into one of their choice schools. These are just a few of the reasons why Teresa Bliss is a life changer of the year.

Ruth Lunsford Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Bliss. These students are correct, she is a gem! She not only cares for her students but also for her fellow workers. She was always there for me with a hug or a prayer or an encouraging word. You are loved!!

Audrey Stephens Posted over a year ago

Teresa Bliss is one of the most dedicated people I know. She works long and hard for her students, but if asked she always says that it is blessing and a gift to be able to work with these students. She prays for them, she pours herself into them, she mentors them in more than just art--she shows them how to live. If I ever have to go to school late at night, her light is almost always on or her voice is drifting down the hallway. And she doesn't stop with students; she takes time to share an encouraging word--and even her art supplies--with other teachers. We love you, Mrs. Bliss!

Sharon Dotson Posted over a year ago

Teresa/Mrs. Bliss is an amazingly kind, caring, sweet person, very giving of herself...making herself available for others/putting others first, and very loving! She has a big heart! Other words that come to mind is her moral excellence, goodness, righteousness, strong ethical principles.

Renee lange Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bliss is the most caring, loving art teacher, she works very hard with each student and gets them to go out of their comfort zone and at the end it shows all the hard work.

Melissa Moehring Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bliss goes above and beyond for her students. She not only invest in their education, but makes sure they are doing well emotionally. She will go to the ends of the earth to make sure a student feels valued and loved. My son Isaac is pursuing photography. Mrs. Bliss worked one and one with him. When he did not complete his project, she came in on the weekend to help him.