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Tracy Kennedy

Position: Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
School: McCracken Middle School
School District: Spartanburg County School District 7
City, State: Spartanburg, SC

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Tracy Kennedy was nominated by her principal, Margaret Peach.

Ms. Kennedy sees positive qualities in every student! She believes in her students and builds meaningful relationships that transform all learners into some of the most gifted.

"Tracy is that one in a million teacher, coach and inspiration giver," Peach said. "I am constantly amazed at the plans she develops to turn a child around, and the way she rallies the other teachers to be a part of the plan. I have witnessed her hold and hug students who need some extra love, become a surrogate parent for a child, provide food and clothing when necessary and believe passionately in students until they can do it for themselves. She is a tireless advocate for all students."

Peach compares walking into Ms. Kennedy's classroom to flipping through the pages of a history book. This summer, she painted a mural in her room of Charleston and other notable landmarks in SC. She is a teacher who influences all students by being a positive role model in their lives. 

"She is honest, demonstrates integrity at a high level, loves and teaches students with tremendous heart, empathizes, is trustworthy without fail, and cares for everyone in our building and beyond," Peach said. "She is definitely one-of-a-kind and a tremendous ambassador for our school, students, district and education. She is by far a LifeChanger for all of us at McCracken by her example!"