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Jason West

Position: Agricultural Teacher and FFA Advisor
School: Vienna High School
School District: Vienna District 13-3
City, State: Vienna, IL

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Jason West was nominated by an anonymous student.

There are many qualities that go into being a good teacher: hard work, dedication, a positive attitude, and most importantly, a passion for teaching and a desire to educate students. Mr. West possesses all of these qualities! He runs the agricultural department at Vienna High School and advises/ sponsors the Vienna FFA chapter. This also includes the 4h teen teachers program. 

"Mr. West is a kind, hard-working, honest man who has all the qualities of an amazing teacher," the nominator said. "He is an excellent FFA advisor and an even better human being. Mr. West deserves recognition for all the hard work and effort he puts forward in his job. Vienna High School wouldn't be able to function normally without him."

Comments (7)

Megan Darden Posted over a year ago

Jason puts his heart and soul into his students. He goes above and beyond for each one of them. I am so glad he has been nominated for this award. Such an honor for him. Proud to call him my brother.

danny west Posted over a year ago

Jason has always been hard working and caring. He always gives extra time to his students, church; friends and family. He is a great teacher, father, and son and is very deserving of this recognition. His mother and I are very proud of him and always have been.

Sheryl West Posted over a year ago

I was so proud to find out Jason was nominated for this award. Jason has always been a person with great character. He has always been very honest and always willing to help others. He is an awesome role model for his students and his own children. He works hard to provide extra opportunities for his students. He always goes above and beyond to do for others and that includes me( His Mom )!!!! He always makes me proud.

Carmen Cutsinger Posted over a year ago

I am excited to see that Mr. West has been nominated for such an honorable award. It is great to hear of the impact Mr. West is having on his students. Keep up the hard but good work! Carmen

Remi Agin Posted over a year ago

Mr. West has been a great role model for myself and so many students. Without his influence I probably wouldn't have made the decision to stay in the agricultural field as I went into college and pursue animal science which I'm more than happy with. I owe him a lot of thanks for all the hard work he's put into helping myself and others grow into strong leaders and learners as we transitioned in and out of his classroom. You deserve this West!

Shirley collins Posted over a year ago

He is an Awesome Role Model ??I am so proud to call him Famiy??

Joshua W. Stafford Posted over a year ago

I am pleased that Mr. West has been nominated for this honor! He is an outstanding and dedicated individual who works tirelessly to provide quality opportunities for students in our community! Joshua W. Stafford School Superintendent #viennaeagles