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Alyssa Hansen

Position: Seventh Grade Math Teacher
School: Old Quarry Middle School
School District: Lemont-Bromberek Csd 113A School District
City, State: Lemont, IL

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Alyssa Hansen was nominated by an anonymous former student.

When the nominator was in 8th grade, she participated in the high school math program and went into Mrs. Hansen's room for study hall on the days she didn’t have math. Although she didn't have Mrs. Hansen as a teacher, the nominator believes she is unlike any other person she has ever met.

"I struggled with some medical issues in 8th grade, and Mrs. Hansen was there through it all," the nominator said. "Not only did she help me get through them, but she checks on me to this day, even as I am entering my junior year in high school. Calling this incredible lady a math teacher is a complete understatement. She has taught me how to persevere, be grateful for what I have, and to love life for what it is."

"My life would not be the same without her," the nominator continued. "She is the teacher who cares about each student personally, not just the grade they earn in her class. Whether it be sports or clubs or whatever students are involved in, Mrs. Hansen lets them know that they can come to her for anything. She did that for me, and I’m not sure I would’ve gotten through without her. I am forever grateful to have a woman as inspiring as Mrs. Hansen in my life."

Comments (27)

Jodie Bauer Posted over a year ago

I write this in a state of humility and pride. Humility because I am Alyssa Hansens' mother. I, myself have done nothing to help my daughter achieve this prestigious honor for which she is being nominated for as Life Changer of the Year. Alyssa was brought into this world with an amazing perseverance and the ability to love others. Her father and I watched in amazement as her characteristics began to bloom in front of our eyes. We simply opened the doors to some of the best pre-school's, kindergarten, primary school's and college's that were meant for her personality and watched her grow into the extraordinary woman that she is today. Her ability to learn and share that passion and love causes me to look at her with pride. That achievement belongs to her alone. She genuinely loves her job and each child that comes to her, as she teaches them from her soul. They are her passion. I am very blessed to call her my daughter.

Samantha Powers Posted over a year ago

I have only met Alyssa once, but we’ve been communicating and encouraging each other via social media for a while now. When I finally met her in person, she was so genuine in making me feel like I had known her my whole life. She truly is someone that makes everybody feel like a somebody. I’m a much better person, and pushing to be one every single day, now that I know Alyssa!

Kait Posted over a year ago

Alyssa is one of my very best friends. Being an educator myself, I am more than confident when I say she is an incredible teacher, and person. Her dedication to every student is undeniable, and when we get together to talk about teaching, her love for every student could not be more apparent. She is a person who always looks for the positives, and is there to support everyone no matter what she is going through herself. I am truly blessed to have her in my life, and she is more than deserving of this award.

Breann Posted over a year ago

I had Mrs. Hansen last year and she will do anything and work ask hard as ever and never stop untill she accomplishes her goal. She is very caring about the people around her and I know she’ll do great.

Mary Kate Posted over a year ago

As one of her former students, she was a great teacher who was incredibly kind and understanding. She’s always willing to help you out no matter what!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

she is really nice and friendly. she was always there for any student that needed help with school. she had a smile on her face everyday during school. she is the teacher that you would want to be best friends with. the one you can tell someone anything. she always had a positive attitude!! she was the best!

Jake Posted over a year ago

She was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She always helped to the best of her ability no matter what happened. She is very deserving!

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen was always a teacher that could offer support to anyone at any time when I attended Old Quarry. She is such an inspiring person that continues to change the lives of her friends and family

Hanna Posted over a year ago

I also had Mrs. Bauer help me out during the high school math program. She was always able to alleviate my stress and help out with whatever I needed!

Jenna Posted over a year ago

She was the nicest teacher and always encouraged her students. She defines selflessness and deserves this award.

Inez Posted over a year ago

When I was in 8th grade doing honors math at the high school she gladly came in and took me and my class from the library on our free days off math and brought us to her classroom. There she would help us with any math questions we had and did whatever she good to help us succeed. She didn’t need to do that, take us in, yet she did and made what was supposed to be an intense math course pretty enjoyable and easy. Mrs. Bauer has a huge heart and just wants to see everyone succeed and be the best they can.

Maureen Bauer Posted over a year ago

I've known Alyssa Hansen since she was a small child.. She has always been an energetic, dedicated and motivated young woman. She has overcome many obstacles to become sucha remarkable young woman; teaching her students and caring about them both inside and outside of her classroom. She teaches, coaches, encourages and stays involved in the lives of her students. I am honored to praise her and recommend her as a Lifechanger of the year!

Kristin Noyes Posted over a year ago

I am Alyssa’s Sister-in-law and I’ve been a proud witness to many weekends and weeknights she dedicates to teaching and coaching her students. She is a Lupus warrior, a marathon runner, and advocate for teen mental health. She is authentic and genuine with every person she crosses paths with. I couldn’t think of a more perfect person for this honor!!

Olivia Posted over a year ago

Alyssa is definitely one of a kind! She’s an amazing teacher, a fabulous friend, and an undeniably influential leader! She is the most deserving person for this award!

Tierney Posted over a year ago

What a great energy she brings to the middle school! It's been wonderful to work with Alyssa the past few years, you can not miss her positive approach with her students, colleagues, meetings, extra curriculars and more!

Amy Posted over a year ago

THE DEFINITION OF SELFLESS!!!! No one is more deserving of this award than her.

Maureen Bauer Posted over a year ago

Alyssa Hansen is passionate about teaching and about being there for her students. She is a great person, and a wonderful teacher. We love you Alyssa.

Daralyn Duffy Posted over a year ago

Alyssa is definitely passionate when it comes to educating middle school students. I have observed her interacting with students in a positive and caring manner, and her classroom is a safe and consistent environment. As her colleague, I know that she will spend time with me as we collaborate to improve lessons. Alyssa is a Lifechanger at Old Quarry Middle School.

Susan Wulczyn Posted over a year ago

What an honor to be selected for this award by a former student! You are clearly heeding the call to make a difference! We are so glad you are part of our school family.

Laura Posted over a year ago

Alyssa is in a wonderful family of teachers and they all do incredible work with kids!

Daniela Fountain Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen not only has a way of working with students that are intentional, targeted, and supportive. Her approach allows students to think critically and problem solves through an investigative approach! Students and staff alike are influenced by her practice as an educator.

Dougie Fresh Posted over a year ago

Alyssa has one of the best hearts of anyone I have ever met. One of this gal's greatest characteristics is her ability to set stretch goals for herself and follow each one through to the end. Having known Alyssa for over a decade, I attest that drive for success has only grown. Her motivation and tenacity are truly inspiring. She is the person you want in your circle because she also builds you up. I am grateful to have Alyssa in my life and I proud to call her my friend.

Cathy Aguirre Posted over a year ago

Hi, I am one of the secretaries at OQ. I love watching Alyssa with the students. She always stops what she is doing and gives the student the time needed. We could be in the middle of something and Alyssa will put her needs aside to see what the student is seeking. Alyssa took on some coaching and she always has the students/players come first. She makes being at OQ fun! Way to go Alyssa. Cathy Aguirre

Debra Lynch Posted over a year ago

Way to go! So proud of the work you do!

Colleen Hanson Posted over a year ago

Alyssa extended an incredibly warm welcome to me as I joined the Old Quarry teaching team last year. She was always happy to help throughout the year as needed.

Kim Mardjetko Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hansen was my son, Michael’s, math teacher her first year at Old Quarry. She turned math into a fun, hands-on and great learning experience for her classes. She had a live stream of her class so us parents could see what our children were doing during a day in class. She has also coached my daughters in softball and basketball! She has made a difference in so many of these middle schoolers lives. She always has a welcoming smile and open door to help the kids. I highly recommend her for the Lifechanger of the Year award!

Tara McFadden Posted over a year ago

As my 7th grade team member, I strongly recommend Alyssa for the LifeChanger of the Year Award. She has overcome so much adversity this past year and is an exemplary teacher to work with. :)