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Julia Dolce

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Chardon Hills Magnet School
School District: Euclid City Schools
City, State: Euclid, OH

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Julia Dolce was nominated by Kathleen Denise Williams, the grandparent of a student.

As a special education teacher, Ms. Dolce helps children develop into their own individual personalities that shine. She makes every student feel welcomed and helps them with their own personal successes. With Ms. Dolce's help, children come out of their shell, start to build confidence, communicate on a higher level, and even maintain eye contact for longer periods of time.

"I watched my grandson grow up from an introverted little boy to an outgoing child who loves to spend his time doing creative things. For the first time ever, he spent the night away at camp," Williams said. "It is wonderful to see! My grandson just loves Ms. Dolce. I would recommend her to all special needs parents because she truly is an angel. She has taken what others might consider difficult, and has made it look easy!"

Comments (19)

Nicolina Dolce Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dolce is a wonderful person and teacher,she truly does go over and beyond with each of her students.

Susan M. Coustillac Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful, caring, special education teacher in our Euclid Schools. Parents, grandparents, and guardians feel relieved to know that their child is in the hands of such a warm, loving, and hands-on person. Congratulations to Julia on her nomination. We are lucky to have you!

Lynda Wilbon Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dolce is a wonderful person as well as special educational teacher, she truly does go over and past beyond with each of her students individual needs. Mrs Dolce has came to my house to talk to me personally about plans for my grandson. She has also provided lunches and snacks for Maurice when I didn't have them. She went out of her way to bring food to my house once when I ran low..she's amazing?? Maurice was afraid to go to middle school, but with all the help over the last years from Mrs Dolce, he's no longer afraid. I personally feel she taught him how important it is to grow up, and not be afraid. I know for a fact she taught him things I couldn't. I went on a couple school field trips with them and I Loved how she interacts with her students. if she's like this to her students, just imagine how she is with her own children. Maurice and his granma Love Love Love Mrs Julia Dolce ???

ARETHA PRITCHARD Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Dolce was my sons Teacher he is now in college (he's 22 yrs old) his last year in Criminology.Mrs. Dolce is an outstanding Teacher she goes well beyond her means for Scholars there was not A-day that went past I didn't have to worry about my child because she took such good care of her little "tiger"! Nominating Mrs.Dolce is a remarkable thing! With no surprise at all she is a hard worker,she's Compassionate,Dedicated Educator! I wish my son could be here to stand next to her that would just warm her heart. He have came a long way with the help of Mrs.Julia Dolce. She will forever and always hold a special place in our hearts because she cared for my son.She will definitely have a ticket to my sons graduation ??

Tondalaya Dent Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dolce has been in my sons life since kindergarten. Now Chase is 11 and adores " Dolce" She is patient and kind and adores ALL students. These are characteristics that All teachers should possess. We are lucky to say that she will definitely be apart of our lives forever. Thanks Dolce!

Kevin Megyes Posted over a year ago

I believe this nomination speaks volumes to all of her hard work, dedication, and educational accomplishments. What she is able to accomplish each and every day with her students is remarkable and is also no surprise, as I watch her spend countless hours preparing, when most people have put down the books to relax or go to bed. I have always admired her passion and willingness to help those in need. She is not afraid to try something new to achieve goals that most thought impossible. She is a wonderful person and wife.

Erica Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dolce was a awesome teacher to my child. She goes over and beyond to meet the needs of my son. She not only gave him the tools he needs to be a awesome student, she also taught him how behave and what to expect in the real world. So for that she will be truly missed and is very deservant of this life changers award!

Susan Lyttle Posted over a year ago

When I heard the news of Julia's honor, I felt elated. The feeling of happiness you feel, when someone you've respected and admired for so long, is respected and admired by all. I have witnessed her love and devotion to children for many years. My memories are flooded with all the examples of her graceful and loving encounters with her students, always putting her students before herself. She has been a great inspiration to me. I have relied on her many times to help me make decisions about how to respond to my own students with love and respect. She has always given me the most thoughtful insight. Congratulations Bella!

Tonya Clark Posted over a year ago

This woman made it possible for our son to have the same opportunity as everyone else ( to get his education )!!! She is beyond amazing has a heart of gold and more love in her heart than anyone I have ever met. Because of Julia Dolce my son loves school and is now in the 10th grade in honors classes. If you asked him yourself he would tell you Mrs. Dolce is his super star.. He and I talk about him graduating all the time, and he always tells me his Senior year he will be hand delivering a ticket to commencement because it her day too .. Ej love you Mrs.Dolce and so do his dad and I..

Jordan Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Dolce is an exceptional teacher.I had the privilege to teach with her for 1 year. She is is a tremendous resource for her students, and for other teachers in the building and district. Her passion and talent for helping her students develop academically and socially is incredible to see.

Karren J. Warren Posted over a year ago

Julia Dolce is an exceptional teacher and an incredible friend who strives to include people in activities and events. More so, she is an educator who supports positive educational outcomes for people of all abilities. If anyone is deserving of the honor of LifeChanger of the Year, it is Ms. Dolce.

Kathleen Gentiluomo Posted over a year ago

Julia is an amazing teacher. She loves her class like her own children. Julia fosters animals. She visits her Nonna. She is a wonderful niece.

Colleen Mastalski Posted over a year ago

Julia is a wonderful and compassionate teacher and person!

Christine Lattiemore Posted over a year ago

Mrs Dolce-Megers eas not only one of my sons favorite educators, but a family friend. She has a heart of gold and cares for your child as if the child is her own. Please consider voting for her the lifechanger of the year. She is very well deserving of this award!!

Nina Zuzek Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Julia Dolce for ten years, and she is an absolutely fabulous teacher! She truly cares very deeply about all children, and always advocates for what is best for them.

Margaret Watson Posted over a year ago

There is no one I know more deserving for this honor. I was fortunate enough to be Julia’s principal for eight years. I called her “my miracle worker”. She has such compassion and commitment for children. I have watched her change the lives of her students and their entire family. Julia is one of the best educators I have had the privilege of working with in my 33 years in education. She’s a role model for all!!

PhyllisMegyes Posted over a year ago

I have seen her put hours in afterschool for these kids , she loves her work.

Frank Dolce Posted over a year ago

Julia is the most caring teacher and person there my daughter ??

Wendy Zorman Posted over a year ago

Our daughter some interaction with Ms. Dolce when she was in elementary school. Now our daughter is a senior at CWRU. Ms. Dolce was a big help and confidence booster.