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Manuel Mendoza

Position: AP Spanish Teacher
School: Gadsden High School
School District: Gadsden ISD
City, State: Anthony, NM

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Manuel Mendoza was nominated by former student, Gabriel Holguin.

Mr. Mendoza has been at Gadsden High School for more than two decades and has been quietly changing the lives of several students throughout the years.

"Not only has Mr. Mendoza been my teacher, but he has also taught my parents, aunts, and uncles, and he has also been my grandma's co-worker," Holguin said. 

Holguin jumped around to several different schools and didn't know what to expect from his upcoming freshman year at Gadsden High School. By the end of his first year, he had a 1.8 GPA and struggled to keep up academically. His life changed when he entered Mr. Mendoza's Spanish class for the first time.

"His classroom was unique, with several pictures of former students around his class with a quite funky teacher," Holguin said. "I walked into his class and was greeted with his famous, 'Vamos Panteras porque nos ganas' saying. This became a daily routine in which students were greeted in class everyday. I immediately felt the love and appreciation he had for his students; almost like a father figure."

In the beginning, Holguin sat in the back of Mr. Mendoza's class, hoping he wouldn't get noticed. After a few days, the class that was rumored to be very "difficult and challenging," became his favorite class.

"I've never had a teacher who cared so much," Holguin said. "Mr. Mendoza was honestly the only one who really pushed me to graduate. He did not only do this for me, but for other students as well."

Once Mr. Mendoza discovers that a student is giving up, failing classes or simply not feeling their brightest, they automatically get put on his so-called "watch list." He would regularly check up on Holguin, tutor him after school and during lunch, question his teachers about how he could better his grades, and even contact his parents when necessary.

"One time, I was struggling to put on a tie, and Mr. Mendoza taught me a lesson on how to do it correctly; something that cannot be found in any book in his class," Holguin said. "On big test days, he was known to buy breakfast burritos for every student because he believes that no student should have to take a test on an empty stomach."

Because certain supplies are limited at school, Mr. Mendoza does his best to provide his students with whatever he can to help. He has given students USB's, pencils, supplies and much more. He attends fundraisers, supports clubs, makes donations and even participates in community clean-ups. Mr. Mendoza is always proud to be part of Gadaden High School. He's constantly at school and district board meetings to support Gadsden High School and be a voice for students.

Today, Holguin is an early graduate with a 3.6 GPA.

Recently, Mr. Mendoza has been recognized as's 2018 April Honoree. He was awarded a $5,000 unrestricted cash award. "Honored" is a non-profit organization that recognizes teachers across the country who are changing the lives of students. Each month, they honor a teacher who has changed the life of one student in particular.

"Being the way he is, he donated all of the money to student scholarships," Holguin said. "I was one of the students that received the Manuel Mendoza scholarship. Now that I am in my first year of college, a lot of Mr. Mendoza's coursework is familiar to my college coursework. Thanks to him, I am where I am today. It is because of Manuel Mendoza that I have chosen to dedicate my life to the classroom and become a teacher."

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Arturo Del Real S. Posted over a year ago


Gabriela Roque Posted over a year ago

i am a parent in my personal opinion i believe hes a teacher very kind, very very passionate about hes job as a teacher. He is always looking forward to making each one of his students grow academically. Any question or confusion a student might have he dedicates time to explain to that student what she or he may not understand. Aside from everything this teacher has been through in the past he has learned how to go above and beyond to be a great role model.

Maria Roque Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is a teacher that goes above and beyond to teach his students. Not only does he make sure every student is learning properly but he makes sure every student is an a comfortable and safe environment. Mendoza wants the best for the future of every single one of his students and that is something not every teacher can do it takes effort and time.

Irvin Villa Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher who is passionate about what he does, i do not attend his class but i have seen him around school. He worries about his student's success and not only for his class but for other classes to. He is very passionate about what he does. All his students have great things to say about him and his teaching career.

Mayra Villa Posted over a year ago

Yo soy orgullosamente Panther graduada en 2008, tuve la oportunidad de tomar clase con Mr Mendoza en mi sophmore year, tengo el orgullo de volver a mi High School como madre, paso a presentarle mi hijo ingresado en noveno grado al profesor Mr Mendoza, quien es un excelente y dedicado profesor quien adora su trabajo y es una gran motivacion para los estudiantes, siempre impulsandolos a que sigan superandose y continuen sus estudios llegando a universidad y mas aun lograr a ser grandes profesionales, es un gran honor que sea nominado al "life chager" award. Muchisima suerte para el por su gran dedicacion merece ser ganador. Y que muchos estudiantes mas sean inspirados por el por porque es un gran ser humano y muy profesional. Bendiciones

Carmen Valtierra Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is now and has always been Mr. Gadsden Panther. Talk about a genuine, heartfelt love of teaching and helping all students, not just his classroom kids. I had probably taught for 20 years at Gadsden High before Mr. Mendoza joined our staff and he immediately captured our attention with his optimistic view of our school and all people in it. I saw him at many games, concerts, etc. He always roots for our students, no matter the club/organization and his cheers are always the loudest. He's the type of person who buys several yearbooks every year to give away to those who can't afford them. He has given his award money to set-up scholarships for the high schools in the area, not just at Gadsden. He has indeed changed many lives for the better. No one gets close to doing great/inspiring things for the students like Manuel Mendoza.

Olga A. Lopez Posted over a year ago

Es un honor que mi hija Emy A. Lopez haya tenido al senor Mendoza como profesor de Espanol. Han sido mucho los buenos comentarios de Emy relacionados con su profesor de Espanol. Ella ha estado muy contenta referente a esta materia especialmente por lo calificado y buena persona que es su maestro. Creo que es muy merecido que el senor Mendoza obtenga este premio el cual muy generosamente ha pensado en compartir con los alumnos que tengan la oportunidad de obtener esas becas. Muchas gracias por todo su trabajo y dedicacion para con los alumnos especialmente con mi hija, la cual aprecia muhco su persona y su dedicacion para con cada uno de los estudiantes.

Emy Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a very good teacher. He has plans for all of his students and wishes success upon everyone he meets. This man is very positive and loves to teach. It is amazing that he is nominated for this, and I truly hope everything goes well.

Rafael Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an excellent man with a big heart. He has encouraged not only my daughter but other students as well. He only wishes the best for anyone he meets. He is a devoted teacher who has great plans for the future of teaching and the students. He knows that there are complicated days and that the best way to encourage is through positive reassurance.

Hector Robles Posted over a year ago

He visto que mi nieto Pablo ha progresado mucho en esta clase, he visto que a aprendido muchas cosas, el maestro ha ayudado mucho a mi nieto en sus clases, y en sus creditos. Es muy buen consejero para el y le ayuda a aprender mas. Mr. Mendoza me parece un muy buen profesor. Lo felicito por la paciencia que tiene con sus alumnos y el buen comportamiento que les ha ensenado. Felicidades.

Karina Pena Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher that had help me a lot and not only me but my brother and sister as well. Thanks to him I can say that I had improved a lot with my Spanish and he has demonstrated me that if you have a goal you should work hard to reach it and never give up. Every time I see him on campus he’s always happy and is always full of positive energy. I can say that I’m really proud of being one of his students.

Arizona Nisbett Posted over a year ago

A true leader, teacher, friend and Life changer! All these stories are of a wonderful educator WHO ACTUALLY teaches FROM THE HEART. Representing the lower valley, good job Mr. Mendoza!

Margaret Fahrenbruck Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a teacher full of inspiration. He has inspired students to become educators and many professions. Mr. Mendoza deserves lots. He has worked hard for the school he is at yet little to no recognition is given to him by school administrators and staff. He has won a national award and little importance was given at the school. I believe Mr. Mendoza is an advocate for first time graduates, English language learners, our Latino population and much more. I truly thank him for all the work that he has put in to the school. Not just any educator would work at a border region school. You are one of the best, if not the best Spanish educator the Gadsden district has. Aguilas panteras!

Emanuel Burciaga Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an amazing person and teacher. Anytime you see him on campus he is full of positive energy. It is an honor to work with Mr. Mendoza. Thank you for everything that you do for the students at Gadsden High School. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

sebastian muro Posted over a year ago

Muy buen maestro, hace todo lo posible para que mejoremos en nuestros estudios, no por estudiar pero para aprender y tener un mejor futuro, es estricto y no por malo pero lo hace por que save que es mejor para nosotros. Muchas gracias Mr. Mendoza, agradesco todo lo que iso por mi.

Martha Lamar Posted over a year ago

Teaching is not for everyone. Especially with Mr. Mendoza's background, he gave up so much to be a teacher. However, with everything he gave up; he has given students the world. It is an honor to know an educator like you in the classroom. Keep it up Mr. Mendoza!

Jose Posted over a year ago

18 years have past since I was Mr Mendoza’s student. It is my pleasure to support him on his achievements-which he has earned with his excellent school/community work. As a first generation immigrant growing up in a low socioeconomic area the odds are not in our favor. Mr Mendoza’s determination, role modeling and hard work is an inspiration to every student. His classroom goes beyond content and full of life teachings where respect, community and excellence is the expectation. I can proudly say that I am a graduate of GISD, a student of Mr Mendoza and a contributing member of our community. His teachings, his role modeling and support has contributed to hundreds of students in our formative years. Keep up that good work Mr Mendoza! Jose

Yvette Morales Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a great teacher, he has by far been the most interested in my education. He would always push me to do better.

mercedes chavez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an amazing teacher and helped me even when I was in an advance Spanish and didn't understand, he was more then willing to help me!

Laura Romero Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza was my AP Spanish 3 teacher in high school my junior. He is very caring and very patient, he is one of the most attentive teachers and pays attention to the students needs, not only in education but also in one's personal life, he gives advice and cheers up his students. He really changed my life in a very positive way and has allowed me to grow over all as a person. If anyone deserves this award it is definitely Mr.Mendoza. Gadsden High School is a magnificent teacher.

Edgar Pinon Posted over a year ago

I known Mr. Mendoza since I was in high school back in the late 90's. He has always cared about his students and will always take the extra time to make sure his students are taken care of. Thank you for your support you gave me years ago. Gadsden high is blessed to have a teacher like Mr. Mendoza.

Carolina DeLaCueva Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is the top notch educator of the school. This is just one of many stories that have been uncovered. I remember back in the days, students would always come out with food from his classroom. I also remember students receiving outstanding scores in his AP exams. I truly honor this gentlemen and fully support the nominator and his nomination. Gadsden Proud!

Kathy Melendez Posted over a year ago

I am a former student of Mr. Mendoza’s. I graduated in 2006 and was Able to pass the Spanish AP exams with a score that gave me 12 college credits. I am ever so grateful to Mr. Mendoza for his encouragement and his tough love. Mr. Mendoza was by far my favorite teacher. He build a relationship with my mom and encouraged her to encourage me to go to college. Mr. Mendoza was and continues to be that person for his students. He understands the poverty culture in Gadsden District and motivates youth to continue their education when many of them would be the first in their families to attend college. Mr Mendoza has been able to connect with students by sharing his story. Mr. Mendoza truly deserves the Lifechanger award. He genially cares about his students and their families. I really hope he is selected for this award.

Elaina Pineda Posted over a year ago

Yo pienso que Mr. Mendoza es un gran profezor. Totod sus alumnos hablan muy bien de el y se ve que an aprendido mucho con el. Espero tenerlo el siguiente año. Me parece muy interesante y divertida su clase. Se ve que es una persona con muchos conocimientos, y es muy amable, almenos ami me parece una persona muy amigable.

Rigoberto Murillo Posted over a year ago

yo apesar de que no estoy en su clase, en este mi primer año en la escuela el tiempo que lo llevo conociendo se me a hecho una muy buena persona y un gran maestro. mis amigos me cuentan que es un buen maestro que sabe enseñar y que apoya muncho a sus estudiantes. ademas de apoyarlos en lo academico tambien los apoya en lo personal.

saul chacon Posted over a year ago

Pues esto lo ago para agradecer todo lo que Mr.Mendoza a echo por m, no solo es mi maestro es un amigo.

Lisa Roth Posted over a year ago

I support Mr. Mendoza as he is a gracious person who reaches out to both co-worker and student. He excels because he shares his heart with all.

Jose Ascensión poblano Posted over a year ago

Yo como padre de Estudiantes de el Maestro Mendoza le doy mi voto de confianza Educativa para el mejoramiento académico de mi hijo muchas gracias Míster Mendoza por su apoyo ,,,Educativo ,Académico y Deportivo Animo ilustres panteras,,,,,,

Angel Cardiel Posted over a year ago

Para mí un gran honor ser parte de la nominación del sr Mendoza para mi y mi familia es un placer tenerlo dentro de nuestra escuela ya que es un gran maestro que impulsa y motiva ha los estudiantes ha lograr sus metas tanto académicas y deportivas quien no conoce su tan emotiva frase vamos panteras ilustres Ánimo. Mrs Mendoza.

Diana Cardiel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza es un gran maestro y es un placer que forme parte de nuestra escuela, por su dedicacion y apollo a los estudiantes tanto en lo academico como en el deporte, especialmente con nuestros muchachos del soccer. Mr.Mendoza asiste a cada juego de soccer, y eso es muy importante para los muchachos porque demuestra el apollo asia ellos. Yo personalmente estoy muy agradecida con el. Animo Panteras!! ??

Melissa Mejia Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved, Congratulations Mr. Mendoza! I have had the pleasure in working with you for 18 years and you have always and will always have the heart in leading the way for our students. You have a special way to encourage them to do their best, and they are proud to achieve their best in and outside of the classroom because of you. "Animo Panteras" goes a long long way!!! Thank you for not only being a great teacher, a great co-worker, but also a great friend! Congratulations!!

Raul Alvarez Posted over a year ago

He's always been dedicated to his students and is very supportive. He changed not just my life but a couple of my friends as well. He taught us the positive view in life one need to keep strong, and the determination one needs to strive in a field. I'm a STEM major and I can proudly say his teaching go beyond just High School lectures.

Kevin Jacquez Posted over a year ago

I support Mr. Mendoza simply because he has gone above and beyond with every single student and our community as well

Dino Zapata Posted over a year ago

Teaching is not an easy career. Sometimes you will feel like quitting, that you are worthless, and you will find other careers more appealing. However, you make the best out of this career. You are putting some of the best educators in the classroom, transforming lives and making a huge impact on these students. You have students who are just coming from Mexico and they have no problems in school thanks to you. Students often return for recommendation letters, help or even just to visit. I am glad you are now getting recognized because this is well deserved. You are truly one of the best educators alive. God bless you and all you do!

Imelda olacio Posted over a year ago

Muy agradecida con el Sr Mendoza por todo el apoyo ,,,recibido para nuestros hijos ,tanto en lo académico ,como en lo deportivo siempre apoyando al futuro del mañana siempre dando todo su esfuerzo y dedicación ,motivándolos ,hay una frase que para nosotros significa mucho ,,,,Animo panteras ilustres,,,,,, al escuchar estas palabras ya sabemos de quien se trata Mr,,,Mendoza,,,,,

Leon Olacio Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza es un maestro muy dedicado a su trabajo y hace lo mejor de su parte para que los estudiantes sigan adelante con su escuela, es una de mis motivación para seguier estudiando y echarle ganas al deporte

Yael Varela Posted over a year ago

El maestro mr. mendosa me a enseñado a valorar los estudios ya que sin ellos no podremos salir adelante como queremos ni cumplir nustros sueños ya que se hace tan cerca de nosotros que se hace por completa mente tu amigo ya que siempre cuentas con su apoyo en todas las cosas ....... pues que puedo decir es un gran maestro que es digno de admirar.

Rafael Tegoma Posted over a year ago

El maestro mendoza es un ejemplo no solo para si no para otros, el me da consejos especialmente uno: "no es mas grande el que menos espacio ocupa, sino el que mas vacio deja en su aucensia": gracias a el puedo ver de otra forma la vida.

Salvador Ortega Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza es un gran maestro por que nose detiene tan solo en enseñar, va mas alla que eso puesto que nos apoya con nuestros problermas, y por eso le agradezco por todo. aguilas pantera!

Antonio Reyes Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza gracias por ser un gran maestro para todos y darnos todo su apoyo en nuestras clases para poder ser mejores personas

Angélica Lempke Posted over a year ago

I support Mr. Manuel Mendoza for the life changer award which he was nominated for. I have know Mr. Mendoza for several years on a personal and professional level. He does not only mentor and inspire young men an women that walk through his classroom doors but he also inspires other teachers with his example of selfless giving. Mr. Mendoza has helped me inmensely. I was very hesitant and afraid of teaching AP Spanish Literature but Mr. Mendoza encouraged me and guided me through. His words to me were “you are a very intelligent and hard working teacher and teaching this class will benefit many students, so do it and I will always will be here to help. Being a teacher is not a job but a calling and Mr. Mendoza exemplifies what every teacher should be, one that transforms and molds young people to believe that everything is possible with “ganas”. He is a loving and caring teacher and I am so proud and glad that he is finally getting the recognition he truly deserves.

jonathan trigos Posted over a year ago

El maestro Mendoza es para mi un ejemplo a seguir tanto que el me ah ayudado a madurar y ser mas aplicado con mis deberes. El mas que un meastro el se vuelve un amigo y te ayuda si tienes problemas y sus c lases no se diga es muy bueno con lo que hace.

Hector Moya Posted over a year ago

Es un buen maestro, siempre nos ayuda en todo lo que necesitamos, siempre nos pregunta si necesitamos de su ayuda y su nivel de ensenansa es muy alta, es muy buen maestro y es una de las mejores personas que conosco en el mundo.

Norma Altamirano Posted over a year ago

God Bless this educator for all that he has done! He has stuck with the community through the thick and thin. From Mexico, with little education to a full on Spanish teacher, You are an inspiration to many of us here and thankyou for all your hard work. You make school so much easier for all these individuals, not only in your class but in all of them. WE have no doubt that you will get some sort of recognition because you truly deserve it!!

Claudette Elias Posted over a year ago

Me. Mendoza is a very caring and thoughtful teacher. Although I never had the pleasure to be in his class, I always ran into him in the hallway around campus and was always with a friendly smile. He encouraged passing students and made people laugh. He is a deserving teacher. May he continúe making Gadsden High School proud!

Karla Olivares Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is the most Mexican type of educator that you will find on campus. Mr. Mendoza encourages students to show off their culture which is a big issue on this campus. Students simply want to "fit in" and forget what culture they come from. However, Mr. Mendoza has been the perfect mentor for these students and has encouraged them to be their own and takes them out of their shell. This action is basically going the extra mile! Very happy for you Mr. Mendoza!

Manuela Montoya Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved! Words cannot explain the love that students have for this teacher. He literally sees all of these students as their own and cares for them; something that you do not see often in education. If we had a couple of educators like MR. Mendoza in our school district; we would be one of the best. Strongly recommend Mr. Mendoza for this award!

Cindy Delgado Posted over a year ago

Thanks to Mr. Mendoza and his support to my family; I have come out of poverty and have a successful job as a Vice President for a Resort Chain. My family knew no English, lived off of food stamps and had little hopes to an education. However, this teacher has been the reason why I have achieved my goals. Latinos have a strong voice within this community with the support of this great Educator. Gracias Mr. Mendoza y muy pero muy buenos logros!

Becky Gonzales Posted over a year ago

You truly are a life changer. Congratulations on all of your achievements.

Karen Melendrez Posted over a year ago

Just as this quote says, "Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around". With that said, Thank-you Mr. Mendoza for all you do. Gadsden ISD as well as your school supports you. This nomination speaks much of you.

Emma Mason Posted over a year ago

To the world you may just be a teacher, but to your students you are a HERO.

Juan Moreno Posted over a year ago

Being able to help someone learn something is a talent. You have taken that talent and have made it your own. congratulate you in all of your achievements!

Elizabeth De La Cueva Posted over a year ago

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. You do not know how much you have impacted this community. You have changed the thoughts of everyone here and make them believe that they will become someone in this world and that is impressive. People of this area do not often think much of themselves but you have managed to change that. Please stay in the Teaching profession because you are perfect at it!

Connie Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza, you have touched the hearts of many. You have literally taken students that were up to no good and transformed them to somebody that nobody would have imagined they become. You deserve much more recognition, many thank-yous, pay(I'm sure), etc. You are an example of a LifeChanger, Teacher, Leader, Mentor and Parent. You have dedicated a whole life to this school and career in which this is something to applaud. It is a true honor to your school, town and much more that you are here representing them. Congratulations and I hope and Pray that you receive this award so that you can know how much we appreciate you!

Melissa Holguin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza often helps students know that they have a voice when they believe that they do not have a voice. Mr. Mendoza fights for them, lets them know that they are worth it and often goes to their college graduation and encourages to keep furthering their career. Mr. Mendoza is building the worlds next leaders. These students come from a very small town that is not even on the map and do big things. All of Mr. Mendoza's students are placing high on exams, pursuing graduate degrees, etc. This is all thanks to a teacher that cared.

Francisco De la Torre Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a true LifeChanger! I know of students that come from Domestic Violence homes, poverty, divorce, etc. and Mr. Mendoza always manages to catch their attention and help them think positive. You automatically see the outcome of the change that Mr. Mendoza has done in their lives when you see them graduate high school early, go to college, become educators themselves, doctors, etc. This would be because in Mr. Mendoza's book, anything is possible.

Norma Vazquez Posted over a year ago

I am happy for you Mr. Mendoza. It is such a good feeling to have you in our school district and finally see that you are finally being honored. From no school in Mexico to now being one of the best educators, that is something to be proud of. Good Job!

Angela Lopez Posted over a year ago

I consider myself fortunate to have Manuel Mendoza as my uncle. I remember as a child avoiding him at times because I didn’t want to hear another educational lecture. My uncle would always lecture my cousins and me about the importance of an education. Of course at the age of seven, it didn’t make much sense because all I wanted to do was play outside with the rest of the kids. Now, as an adult I get it, “Yes tio, knowledge is power”. I have come to value all his words of wisdom and educational tips on how to prevail. Whenever he’s around, my face lights up because now he shares words of encouragement with my children. My uncle’s desire to want to ensure that all his students achieve their greatest potential makes him extraordinary. The fondest story about him as a teacher that I have heard is that on the days of exams he makes his students burritos. I was not surprised to hear how my uncle goes above and beyond to make sure that his students know how much he really cares. Manuel Mendoza, not only being a professional educator thrives at seeing all his students succeed in life. I am so proud to hear that he’s been nominated for the Life changer of the Year Award.

Gustavo Miramontes Posted over a year ago

I would like to give recognition to Mr. Mendoza as well as my support in his nomination for Lifechanger of the year.I had the pleasure to take many of his Spanish classes and I can say that he is one of the few instructors that I have encounter that is humble, energetic and has an actual passion for teaching and having a positive influence on his students. His excellent work ethics, morals and values are hard to disregard. Congratulations Mr. Mendoza! Exito!

Octavio Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle Manuel being nominated for the Lifechanger of the Year Award is no surprise to me. He has always been devoted to helping those around him in whatever way he can. He has always been the educator in our VERY large family, constantly teaching and pushing everyone to do our best in everything we do. He has a tremendous passion for teaching which is evident in the countless stories he shares with us of his students and how proud he is of their accomplishments inside and out of the classroom. My uncle will do anything for students, regardless of any sacrifice that he has to make personally, all just to provide an opportunity for them to show or be their best.

Anita Flores Posted over a year ago

We have the best Spanish teacher at our school. Rock on, Mr.Mendoza!

Fernando Bejarano Posted over a year ago

You are a teacher with a great passion in his students as well as the community. You need much more recognition than you are receiving. If only teachers had bits and pieces of you, they too would be a lifechanger!

Karen Sanchez Posted over a year ago

A truly deserving man! You are a true lifechanger!

Griselda Mendoza Posted over a year ago

The most distinct memory I have of my uncle Manuel is of speaking on the phone with him about school, my extra curricular activities and if I was behaving for my parents. No matter where he was at the time, be it at the University of Illinois in Champaign working on his degree, or Spain studying and traveling or New Mexico teaching and guiding his students, he always found the time to check in with his nieces and nephews to make sure we were working hard at school, behaving well at home and contributing to our community. He always tried to impart his love of education and broaden our horizons by sharing his life experiences and what he's learned from them. For my uncle, mentoring and educating is as natural as breathing. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was nominated by a former student for this LifeChanger award. His mission is to inspire his students to believe in themselves and "echarle ganas" in their studies even if everyone else would write them off. He is his students'/family's/friends'/community's fiercest cheerleader and most persistent support; he is a life changer everyday, with or without this award.

Rick Reyna Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza’s passion is education. He’s an awesome example of perseverance through rough circumstances and is dedicated to make his family members and pupils realize their full potential. I’m happy and proud to know that Manuel is getting recognition for what he’s all about.

Farsheed Posted over a year ago

Congrats to Manuel Mendoza for being nominated for LifeChanger of the year, he definitely deserves it! Whenever the topic of education comes up in conversation, it is immediately obvious how passionate he is about teaching and about building a strong, vibrant community. He goes above and beyond to try and help others unlock their potential through his energetic and encouraging attitude. It is also clear his passion for education goes far beyond the classroom -- it extends to anyone and everyone lucky enough to meet him.

Lori blueL Posted over a year ago

Hi I have known manuel for a short tine and i learned from him to be passionate,caring and understanding. He loves his family and friends. He makes sure that everyone around him is tooken care of. He has a heat of Gold and touches everyone he comes close to. Manuel is a beautiful person, thats why I believe He deserves the life changer of the year award.

Seafin mendoza Posted over a year ago

We are a family of 13 with my father and mother. Our family is the first generation in the U. S.. l remember my brother telling me back when he was in Harrison High school, brother Im having a really hard time in school. Im having a hard time learning inglish because of that I am having a hard time doing my school work and i am haing a hard time understanding my teachers I dont think im going to make graduation. Somehow he found the strength and the will to push himself really hard to succeed and at the same time he pushed us to do our best in school so that we could be successful and fallow our dreams. We never heard the end off it. School, do your best, fallow your dreams, dont sell your self short thats all he talk about then and now. My brother was born to be a Teacher. He is one of a kind. He has a passion in his heart for teaching. He will go out of his way to help his students to succeed, his family and anyone that he can help. I an so proud of my brother Manuel Mendoza and thats why i believe He deserves the Life time changer of the year awad

Kristopher Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My Uncle Manuel, is a Great Teacher always reminds me to focus on my work always like to work hard. He try his best to help others and gives good support and I wish my uncle the best of luck in this nomination, life changer of the year 2018-2019.

Christian Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle Manuel was born to be a teacher. He genuinely cares about his students, celebrates their successes and pushes them to grow not only academically, but in all aspects of their lives. If he were to win this award he would be truly deserving. I'm so proud of you, tío!

Jude Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is my uncle and for as long as I’ve known him he has been a wise and generous man. It has been obvious that he truly cares about his students and their success. To a larger extent, he also cares for his community and the families of his students. He’s a great man, and if anyone deserves this award, he does.

Jose Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle Mr. Mendoza is a very motivated teacher, who worked hard and earned everything he has accomplished. My uncle Mr. Mendoza deserves this award.

Susana Arredondo Posted over a year ago

I have been teaching In Gadsden High School for almost 20 years now. During all this time, I have seen the consistency, support and caring from this wonderful man. From students to unknown individuals, he doesn't pick and choose. His gift is giving. He is a humble human been with an enormous heart and positive personality. His saying is "Vamos Panteras". I have no doubt he has changed and will continue changing students lives. Working with him has been a pleasure and an easy ride on teaching. Congratulations Mr. Mendoza you deserve to be recognized!

Frank Velez Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a very caring, genuine person who takes the time to speak to you and listen as what you have to say. It does not matter if your a colleague, a parent, or a student. He always takes the time to visit you and wish a great day. He carries with him a smile every day and upbeat and positive attitude. He has exhibited a great deal of patience and dedication to his work, it’s quite obvious that this teacher loves what he does. Mr. Mendoza has shown nothing less than an extreme caring for our kids. Mendoza is a great teacher that loves to help students to succeed in his class and others, but also wants the students to succeed in life and so they may a better future and life. It is an honor and privilege to have him as a colleague and friend.

Ferny Guerra Posted over a year ago

This man is an inspiration to all educators around the world. You have all the skills it takes to be an awesome educator. Look at you, a teacher from Gadsden High School who is often overlooked by other schools around them has one of the best teachers in the school district. I often question myself to why Gadsden never publishes your awards but the truth is I think they are jealous because administrators have not received awards you have gotten. Thank-you for continuously fighting for students. You have gone the extra mile in which you have no limits. You represent youth from Southern New Mexico and that's all our students need. An individual to care for them. You are that individual. At the school you have drifted students away from drugs, encouraging students to go to college rather than join the army as a last resort and even lead them to prestigious schools. You have built a small town with big dreams. A big thank-you Mr. Mendoza!

Ronda Horvath Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza inspired my nephew to be a doctor. He had a really low GPA and now he is graduating next semester. Mr. Mendoza honestly deserves to be recognized. R.H.

Karla Salcido Posted over a year ago

Having Mr.Mendoza for 2 years now I have learned so much about the Spanish culture and language. I have also admired the humble, kind, and big hearted man that he is. He is always going out of his way for his students and even peers. He is a man that inspires knowledge and for us to step out of our comfort zones because skies the limit. From the classroom setting to extracurricular activities, you will always see Mr. Mendoza as a proud supporter of Gadsden High School.

Eddie Flores Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza has been teacher of my older sister and brother and now mine. I always heard good things about him and now I see that they are true. He is a great person and a great teacher. He cares for all his students and wants them to be great. I always see him supporting us at our soccer games. I'm thankful for him.

luis castillo Posted over a year ago

Mr Mendoza is a great teacher i play soccer in Gadsden and i always see him in every game. i appreciate his support and the help he give us in the class room not just in his but in all of them. his always making sure that we are always doing our work and if we don't know what to do he is always there to help us understand the work because he just want the best for us.

Fabian Mendoza Posted over a year ago

First I would like to commend my uncle Manuel for being nominated for the life changer of the year award, he truly is deserving of it. My uncle has always stressed the importance of an education to everyone that will listen. He loves to teach and he is constantly pushing us to learn new things. Every time we speak he always mentions his students and he is always bragging about their accomplishments. He genuinely cares about their successes and is so proud when they achieve their goals. I’ve always known he is a great teacher and I’m so proud to see that he is getting some recognition for being so. Congrats Uncle Manuel, you truly deserve this!

José f mendoza Posted over a year ago

Mr. Manuel es un profesor que a impactado en la enseñanza de sus alumnos pues a parte de sus clases los motiva a no dejar la escuela los ayuda a buscar consejeros inclusive con los propios padres en ocasiones ay problemas económicos pero buscando la manera como el dice si se puede pues El Pasó por esa experiencia cuando fue al colegio por eso el es muy consistente en que sus alumnos salgan adelante y sean profesionales te felicito Manuel adelante

Jose J Alvarez Posted over a year ago

I have been working with Mr. Mendoza as a colleague at Gadsden High School for five years. During this time, Mr. Mendoza has shown nothing less than an extreme caring for our kids. He is passionate about what he does on a daily basis and is always willing to extend a helping hand to students in need. He also leads by example by showing his strong work ethic in the classroom. He is also a great role model for our kids.

Carol Aguirre Holguin Posted over a year ago

I am so pleased that this instructor is at Gadsden. Mr. Mendoza has been apart of the Gadsden community for quite sometime. Hes been with the school for over 2 decades and has achieved many goals. He has been named the 2018 April Honoree for which is a national award as well as being selected by Gadsden High as teacher of the year for the 2006 school year I believe if I am not mistaken. I am honored to know this kind educatoe and wish him the best. Goodluck!

JUAN Valenzuela Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Mendoza for about 1 year. He is one of my preferred customers at Walmart. He always have a great positive attitude and a smile for everyone.

Nancy Sullivan Posted over a year ago

Congrats to you! Manuel Mendoza is such an inspiring educator. I know for a fact he has gotten several offers from several school districts but remains in this school. This school doesn't have much to offer but Mr.Mendoza easily overlooks that. Teachers, students, community members, etc. are often labeled bybthe school board and Mr.Mendoza faces their rude words without the support of administration. Mr.Mendoza has been threatened that his job would be taken away but continues to fight for his students. Mr.Mendoza has given sweat and blood to the school and has honestly worked very hard! If it were for me, Mr.Mendoza would have received this award a long time ago. Again, a sincere Thank you to Mr.Mendoza and much love for this educator.

Laura Medina Posted over a year ago

If I had to describe Mr. Mendoza with one word, I'd say it is: dedication. He is one teacher with high expectations from his students. Now, he doesn't ask his students to do well on their own, he actually helps them every step of the way. Mr. Mendoza has always gone above and beyond to help in his students' success. He goes as far as missing his own lunch hour to meet with students and give them the extra help they might need.He constantly asks his students if there's any more he can do to ease up their high school experience. What is even more amazing, is the fact that he continues to stay in touch with his ex-high school students throughout the years. He reaches out through phone, email or message to ask about their current situation and continues to offer help. I, for one,graduated from high school back in 2004 and took classes with him since 2003 and throughout my college years he made sure to continue to contact me and offer any possible help. I graduated with a Master's in Spanish in 2010 (greatly influenced by his class, his commitment and knowledge) and continue to stay in touch with him until this day. His dedication for his career is shown on a daily basis. He is definitely one teacher the school has benefitted from as well as those who have been lucky to have him as a teacher.

federico holguin Posted over a year ago

mr.mendoza es un buen profesor porque el me ha ayudado a mejorar en mi rendimiento academico ,estoi muy agradecido con el por tomarse su tiempo y explicarme.

Laura Arriaga Posted over a year ago

Fantastic educator. Has pride in his title and where he teaches at! Thank you for being the teacher you are!

Lucia Posted over a year ago

es un exelente maestro ninguno como el

Jesus A. Silva Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza has been one of the teachers that had the most influence in me, he always had a way to keep me and other students engaged and active in school, when i first came from Mexico he helped me understand that there are limitless opportunities through education, I feel he always has gone above and beyond for his students, and for that i will always be thankful. If someone deserves this nomination it is him.

aylin rivas Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza es una persona increible y se puede reflejar en su manera de ensenar. No solo la materia de Espanol pero tambien al ensenar lo que se necesita para triunfar en la vida. El me enseno organizacion, dicipla, y honestidad que son esenciales para tener exito en mi negocio y ser la empresaria que soy ahora. Gracias Mr.Mendoza siga mejorando vidas!

Samuel Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle is one of those few genuinely kind people you will ever encounter in your life time. He has every reason to be a grumpy old man with all the hardships he’s gone through, but he is the complete opposite. Uncle Manuel calls me at least once a week just to check up on me and ask about school or the family. He does this because he cares and I am grateful for that. I think there is no one more deserving of the title “Life Changer of the Year” than my uncle Manuel.

Juana Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Felicidades hermano por ser reconocido como un gran maestro. Tu siempre eras un buen enjemplo a nuestra familia de que, trabajando duro uno puede complir sus suenos. Te admiro mucho porque tu luchaste todo tu vida para llegar a tu carera de maestro. Te felecito hermano y siempre te deseo lo mejor.

Erica Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

I heard many beautiful things about your teaching from a person close to you. It is incredible how a teacher can change the life of many students for the better. I wish you were my children teacher. Keep up the good work.

Fernando San Mames Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Mendoza for many years. I want to thank you very much for your advises. Mr. Mendoza is a very devoted teacher. I wish I had a teacher like you during my high school years. Because of you many students when to the university. Keep up the good work. It will be hard to replace you when you decide to leave teaching.

Lorena Culimas Posted over a year ago

Mr Mendoza is a teacher to be honored! He is a person that fought for hos education. Mr.Mendoza repeated the 3rd grade a couple of times I believe because his town did not have a school. Now, he even has a degree from Illinois State University. He has overcome language barriers, money issues, bullying, etc. Now, he has been a true Lifechanger for quite sometime! He deals with students that do not know english at all and he helps them overcome their issues as well. Gadsden has students of all backgrounds that include minimum wage households, single parent households and lots of poverty. 99 percent of the school is latino and most of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Even thoe its a spanish class, Mr.Mendoza teaches English to non english speakers. He has spent lots of money for students, strength and continuously fights for them. This school often tries to submit students to alternative schools and has almost lost his job fighting for them. Once again, Mr.Mendoza is a true lifechanger that is representing the State of New Mexico.

Paulina Posted over a year ago

My uncle has always motivated me to focus on my goals while I'm in school so that I can have the future I want. Not only has he given me wise words of advice to stick through my tough courses in college, but he has also influenced the lives of his students and will continue to for many years. He values education so much and it is important for someone like him to be acknowledged for his passion. He spreads his knowledge to others that will do the same because of him. He is one of the people that seeks to change the world by educating others and it is one of the most important characteristics any person could have.

Maria Luz Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Felicidades cunado por tu nominacion. Espero que logres tus metas y te mando muchas Bendiciones cuidate mucho.

Claudia Lopez Posted over a year ago

mi cuñado Manuel es una excelente persona, siempre preocupándose por los demás y motivando a las personas a seguir adelante, es un excelente maestro muy merecedor de ganar .

Jose Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I’m proud to be your brother ??

Alexa zavala Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza es muy buen maestro.

irene gomez Posted over a year ago

mr.mendoza is a very nice persaon i ipersonally dont have him in a classs but he says hi and nice stuff if u ever need need help mr. mendoza will help u.

Aidde Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle is a teacher who motivates, inspires and encourages students to succeed and achieve their goals. He encourages them and helps guide them to make the right choices in life. He is a great teacher and he will continue to inspire his students to follow their dreams.

Judy Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Uncle Manuel, I am so proud of all your success and achievements! Thank you for all your wisdom, for always being there for me, and for being a great role model for me. You have always been motivating me to do better for myself and to always be happy and proud in my achievements in life. Thank you for being an inspiration to all your students!!

Dr. Clarabell Licon Posted over a year ago

In rural Anthony, NM Manuel Mendoza has changed the lives of many. Mr. Mendoza deserves this and more! Teachers are born, not made! Mr. Mendoza was truly born to be an educator. Highly recommended on my behalf!

Manuel Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My uncle is a natural born teacher. He's been teaching us and instilling the value of education to us our whole lives. He treats his students like family and his very supportive of them. His interest and concern for his students is genuine and I wish that I had more teachers like him when I was a kid. Good luck tio!!!

Luz M. San Mames Posted over a year ago

Mr. Manuel Mendoza is an excellent teacher. His devotion to his students is of excellence. I always hear him talk very positive about his students. He never talks in a negative manner about his students. Be well inform about the material he is going to present to his class is a priority. There are good instructors but Manuel Mendoza surpasses the bars of teaching excellence.

Carmelo San Mames Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Manuel Mendoza for over 20 years. Mr. Mendoza is a professional, excellent, devoted, and noble teacher. His students are first before any personal recognition. He always make sure his students have the tools at their disposition in order to learn, if the students do not have the materials, he will do what ever it takes to get them. Mr. Mendoza inspires and demonstrates to his students the benefits of an education regardless of the student enthusiasm. He will never ignore, discriminate, or put down a student. Mr. Mendoza sees students as precious minds that can be nourish with knowledge for the better. He is a strong believer that all students can learn by given them the moral, positive, enthusiasm, care, love, and understanding. No child/student should be left behind is his professional commitment as a devoted teacher. Manuel you are a teacher of teachers. Power to your inspiration.

Alfredo Moron Herrera Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza es una persona que tiene un corazon lleno de noblesa por los demas. El ama su profesion y a el verdaderamente le importa el futuro de sus estudiantes. El es un maestro que le gusta ensenar y motivar a sus estudientes para que pasen su clase. Por que su unico obgetivo como maestro es que todos sus estudiantes se gaduen y tengan un futuro brillante. Manuel es un maestro dinamico y sobresaliente quien a luchado mucho por llegar a donde esta. Te deseo mucha suerte cunado eres unico.

Micaela Lujan Posted over a year ago

Happy thanksgiving! I am grateful for all the educators out there especially Mr.Mendoza. thankyou for all the things you do! For the money, supplies and strength you spend on our kids. You are one of a kind! You have adopted all of these kids. You go Mr.Mendoza!

Juanita Holguin Posted over a year ago

This teacher is the best Spanish Teacher a student can have. Many of my family members have taken his class and they all excel tremendously in the Spanish Language. Thank you for making students Bilingual. You honestly go the extra mile! From recommendation letters, phone calls and even visits you do it all for students. A sincere Thank you to you!

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is the perfect example for a great educator. In the years that he has been with the school, he has been a person to look up to by faculty and staff, students and parents as well as community members. It is my highest recommendation that Mendoza is selected for this award.He has proven that he is a great educator by students test scores in which many of those students are the top students of the school. Mr. Mendoza has the ability of a great educator and a great leader. Mr. Mendoza has my endorsement. You are an example that Latinos can conquer anything. My hat off to this Latino Educator.

Britney Molina Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza es una de las personas que es muy constante con lo que hace y aparte de eso que le gusta mucho lo que hace. Se que si el gana, ayudara a mucha gente como hubo gente que lo apoyo a el. Cuando el nos cuenta de su vida es bonito por que se que nos abre su corazon y quiere que salgamos adelante como el lo hizo. Es un buen maestro, ejemplo a seguir!!

Estephany Meza Posted over a year ago

Es un gran maestro que siempre me motiva a venir ala escuela y a echarle ganas. Me gusta su clase porque eh aprendido mucho de el espanol no solo a hablarlo pero tambien diferentes reglas que hay. Me a cambiado la vida porque ahora miro la educacion como lo mas importante y valioso que tengo.

Fatima Posted over a year ago

I am proud to say that i meet him this school year. He is a great role model for students and teachers too. He will always try he's best to help you in everything. Thank you for being a great teacher.

Sheila Soto Posted over a year ago

Estoy agradecida con Mr. Mendoza porque gracias a el e sabido ser una mejor persona. Gracias a este maestro tan increible e aprendido que yo si puedo seguir adelante. Gracias Mr. Mendoza por todo lo que a hecho por cada uno de nosotros. Mr. Mendoza es una persona muy luchadora a pesar todo lo que a pasado en su pasado. Yo estoy muy agradecida con el.

alonso rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Thank you for caring for all of us, your a great teacher

kassandra rodriguez Posted over a year ago

he's a really good teacher I'm learning very well with him he knows how to really explain everything he always treats us in a good way his always happy he doesn't have a bad mood. I really think that he needs to win, This because he deserved it his one of the best teachers on campus.He understand us, He really loves what he does that is education we really love him thank you for everything Mr.Mendoza and for teaching us good stuff everyday.

Christina Cervantes Posted over a year ago

This man right here has a strong passion for education. He inspires students with his stories and life struggles, pushes them to do good, and even inspires other staff members. I believe that Mr. Mendoza is one of the instructors in the district that is most active. You always see him vouching for his school, students and staff at board meetings, school meetings and just about any other meeting that you could imagine. Mendoza spends money like crazy on students and is not reimbursed. You are truly a Life-changer!

Mark Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I am proud to say this man is my Uncle. Manuel is a great role Model to his family and his students. Throughout his life he always stressed the importance of education and family values. His career path as a teacher will allow his legacy of ethical morals to positively impact many lives and forever show the world people can be genuinely good.

Abdiel Andrade Posted over a year ago

Aunque no te conozco mucho y lo poco k te conozco me caes muy bien y sobre todo por ser Primo de mi esposa y por sobre salir n tu carrera y en todo . Te deseo mucha suerte y gracias por asestarme en la familia . Te decepciona mucha suerte .

Agustina Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Mane es uno de mis sobrinos k estimo mucho por lo que es y por aver sabido salir adelante y ser un ejemplo de nuestras raíces de México y por ser un maestro ejemplar para toda la familia . Sobrino mucha suerte y recuerda te queremos mucho

jose D Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

El es una persona con caracter que supo salir adelante y dejar Atras la verguenza El alprinsipio se cubria su mano para que nadie se la biera Ahora el ya vencio esos miedos el ahora es una persona segura ya vencio esos temores ahora es un trinfador

Elvira Andrade Posted over a year ago

He is one of my best cousins. He is like my brother and he is good to everybody. Primo de todo corazon mucha suerte Eres una persona super nice como primo Y como maestro te deceo lo mejor de todo corazon y viva Mexico . Recuerda te queremos mucho ??

Margarita B. Posted over a year ago

Thank you for caring for all of us, your a great teacher!!

Dolores Millan Posted over a year ago

Excelente profesor, siempre de buen humor y dando todo por sus alumnos de verdad mis respetos y admiracion para Mr. Mendoza.

Maria A. Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I am very proud of my son Manuel because he always had a love for teaching and helping others. I am proud because no matter how many obstacles came onto his path , he never gave up and kept working hard to achieve his goal. I remember my son when he first arrived in Chicago, he was very nervous and worried because he did not know what to expect, nor what challenges he was going to face at a new school plus new city. I remember him telling me, “mama, I want to go back home, I can finish school there and stay with my aunt Esther in Mexico”. I replied ,” no mijo, venimos a los Estados Unidos para que tengan una mejor oportunidad de ir a la escuela para que obtengan un mejor trabajo. Tambien, quero que todos estemos juntos como una familia. Tu papa y yo vamos a traier a todos tus hermanos para que estemos juntos”. My son replied, “ok mama I will try my best”. And he did... love, mama.

Federica Molina viuda de Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Not everyone that chooses education is a good educator. Mr. Mendoza proved everyone wrong. Mr. Mendoza chose education, one school, one career and has been at it for more than two decades. You have dedicated a lifetime to the classroom! You are an example for all the educators that are wanting to join the profession! Keep getting them Panther!

Juan L. Posted over a year ago

You the real MVP.

Andres A. Mendoza Posted over a year ago

My father is very caring and treats his students like his family. Everyday he comes home and grades his students works. I see and hear him commenting on his students work to give them advice on what they need to fix to do better. He always checks up on with me on my school work, and he does the same with his students. Almost every time he's on the computer I see him making phone calls to the parents of students who are not coming to school or not turning in homework, he even talks to them about the grades the students have in other classes. He is both a GREAT father and a GREAT teacher.

Meliton Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I would like to congadulate you son for your nomination for a being an outstanding, and dedicated teacher. As a young boy, Manuel was always hardworking and caring. Manuel always had a passion for learning and helping others. I remember the day before we left Mexico to come to the United States. I told my son” Mijo vamos ir al Norte para vivir, quero que aprendas muy bien el Ingles para que encuentren un buen trabajo”. In translation I said , “ son we are going to the United States to live, I want you to learn the best English that you can so you you could get a good Job”. My son was thirteen years old when he arrived in Chicago, it was a cold and snowy day but it was a very beautiful day. It was Christmas Eve and I remember my son’s eyes light up when he saw snow for the very first time and I will never forget that day.. Mijo, I am very proud of you and all your accomplishments. Love you , Dad..

Susan Morris Posted over a year ago

Look at you! You make everyone in the district proud! Continue leading students with the highest AP scores to graduation. Your are badass!

Tom Whatley Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendozahas a very difficult job, I believe. He not only has to be perfect in speaking one language but two. This would be because he works at a borderland school. He works with students that have never spoken spanish and studentd that have never spoken English. If you ask me, Mr.Mendoza would be the perfect candidate for this award! Mr.Mendoza is our secret weapon to making our schools better. Its an honor to have you with the Gadsden community!

Gloria Miranda Posted over a year ago

Mr. Manuel Mendoza is a teacher who is always willing to help students as well as parents, and teachers. He always goes through the hallways of the school telling the students to not give up and to put effort in all their classes even to students that are not in his classes. He is successful in facilitating guest speakers from community colleges and universities to Gadsden High School to help the students complete FAFSA (financial aid) applications and enables the students to apply for scholarships. In addition, Mr. Mendoza is a member of a committee that helps the Dreamers in our community attend meetings in different states. For these and other outstanding work, Mr. Mendoza deserves to be the Life Changer of the Year.

Brenda Quezada Posted over a year ago

You deserve a big thank you Mr. Manuel Mendoza. You bring tears to people's eyes when you talk about your life. It is such an amazing story! You came from poverty up Mr. Mendoza. You struggled in school and you literally made it. There are students already wanting to give up and you will do anything to help them. You have become a successful educator and you are someone to look up too! Thanks buddy for all you do!

Jessica Barkley Posted over a year ago

New Mexico is rocking it with you! Congratulations!

Stephanie Benavidez Moreno Posted over a year ago

This educator deserves the best. He supports students of all areas. From college to high school, Mr. Mendoza is a highly efficient educator. Congrats on all your achievements!

Claudia Muniz Posted over a year ago

I've had the opportunity to work with Mr. Mendoza for the past 5 years. All I can say is that he is always smiling and in a positive mood. He is always willing to listen and HELP with anything you ask. I have seen him go out if his way for teachers, parents and students.

Chava del Refugio Imaan Posted over a year ago

Eres un gran maestro! Le agradezco todo lo que hizo por mi hija y por ayudarla ir a la universidad. Nosotros nos venimos de Mexico sin dinero, nmas con nuestra ropa y troquia. La traje para aca para cambiarle su vida. Y gracias a usted, este sueno se hizo realidad! Yo daria todo por usted nomas por lo que hizo por mi hijita. Bien merecido Mr. Mendoza y usted es un maestro fregon!

Monica Vendaval Posted over a year ago

You are not only a teacher, you are a friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. Keep it up!

Brisa Holguin Posted over a year ago

Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. Mr. Mendoza has proven to be an awesome educator with test grades, student growth and how he teaches. You are a humble man as well. Mr. Mendoza gives so much to the Anthony and surrounding areas communities. He is always supporting in games, fundraisers, money, food and anything you can think of! You are representing Gadsden High School and I can't think of anybody better for the job. There is no going back Mr. Mendoza, even if you do not like getting recognized, you will now have to! Enjoy your teaching career while you have it! Thank you for all you do!

Susana Medina Posted over a year ago

Thank you for your guidance, friendship, and even for your discipline that you have provided to students. I learned that students are strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how they might best develop those parts of character. Thank you for taking the time to be students friend. Mr. Mendoza to the max!

Ben Rivera Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a very professional man! He knows how to have a relationship with students and educators professionally. Despite all the trouble Mr. Mendoza has been through, he has managed to become a top educator. Mr. Mendoza is very dedicated to his job! I invite you to read his amazing story at . Muchas gracias por todo Mr. Mendoza y muy pero muy muchas felicidades!

Margarita Portales Posted over a year ago

"Vamos Panteras!, Aguilas!, No Pain no Gain!, any many more". My favorite exhortions that this amazing educator displays. You have brightened so many peoples lives including students and staff. Gadsden must be proud for you!

Valeria Holguin Posted over a year ago

This Instructor deserves to get recognized! Children look up to this teacher and he deserves lots! Mr. Mendoza has touched many individuals and those relationships continue even after graduation. Vamos Panteras!

Jenny C Posted over a year ago

You're such a great teacher, Mr. Mendoza, We appreciate you

Juan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a role model to students at Gadsden high school he is really supportive. I have Mr. Mendoza for AP Spanish and I can tell that he always comes with grate energy and is willing to help his students in any way possible.

Evelyn Pinon Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher! Keep on changing lives! Big thank-you for leading our students to graduation. You deserve this and many more! Heres to the many years to come with Gadsden High School!

Ana Cervantes Posted over a year ago

What can I say. Manuel Mendoza has been with the school district for a very long time. He has been offered several positions at several other school but has rejected all of them. When questioned why, all he responds is that Gadsden High is his home. He has inspired many students to continue their education and that everything is attainable. One of my favorite quotes that he shares with his students would be, "I tell my students to hold on to what they have dreamed". I get very emotional when I hear these words. It is amazing all that Mendoza has gone through and he still manages to keep a smile on his face and continue touching the lives of educators, future educators, parents & students. Mr. Mendoza is a teacher in which teaches all other professions. Whether a student wants to become a doctor, lawyer, educators or even an astronaut. Mr. Mendoza always says that his only goal is seeing his students graduate. What a wonderful recognition Mr. Mendoza. Keep in mind, if you don't receive this award, you have received many wonderful comments. Keep it up Mr. Mendoza!

Dr. Beatrice Duran Gorham Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is quite the catch! He has inspired educators to stay in the profession longer. His passion is totally teaching as he has been in the profession for more than 20 years. His whole career has consisted of one school and that would be Gadsden High School. He inspires the older crowd that has dropped out of college to go back to school, single parents that they can still do it as well, foreign students to learn a second language and even former students to keep on going. Gabriel is one of my students at NMSU and he has a lot of background information for the Education industry thanks to Mr. Mendoza. Gabriel will represent the next generation of Latino Educators tyhanks to Mr. Mendoza. I applaud Mr. Mendoza for all he does and there is no doubt that he deserves this.

Ruben Herrera Posted over a year ago

Today I meet a very respectful person whom his name is Mr. Mendoza, he is a very intelligent man. He gave a nice speech about his life and how he became successful in life. I'm happy to say he is a wonderful person inside and out.

Karina Herrera Posted over a year ago

I went to a meeting at my daughter school today and I meet a wonderful, respectful man. He is a teacher from Gadsden district, his name is Mr. Mendoza. He was very attentive and gave a beautiful speech on how he became successful in life. He really put it in perspective for me and for that I'm thinking of going back to school. He is an encouraging person that makes you see life in a different way. Thank you Mr. Mendoza.

Ruby Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a very brave and inspirational speaker, meeting him today was a great honor and getting to hear his story was a pleasure. I believe it was a very wise decision nominating Manuel Mendoza as a life changer; because even though I am not one of is former student's, just today he has inpired me with his background and has encouraged me to keep on going and not give up.

Lucila Valencia Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is an exceptional teacher. He loves what he does and is very supportive of his students and school! He is very caring and patient and dedicates his time towards his students. He is always full of joy and happiness! He is always ready to teach, and help his students with anything he can help with. He has such an uplifting soul; he is an amazing and hardworking person overall! You deserve this Mr.Mendoza!

Allison Leahy Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mr. Mendoza for over 20 years now. He is an absolutely amazing teacher! His expertise is definitely teaching AP classes - his students consistently pass the AP Exam with flying colors! Outside of class time, Mr. Mendoza offers tutoring and sponsors our Dream Team Organization. I think the most important thing to know about Mr. Mendoza is that his heart is just full with caring for his students and colleagues. Without a moment's hesitation, he is always the first to step up to help anyone in need. Finally, I would just like to say. . . Keep up the good work, Mr. Mendoza! You're the best!

Alexis Grey Posted over a year ago

Exceptional Educator. His love for his students makes everyone smile. You are a wonderful man and deserve much more. I really do wish you the best. Keep on doing what you are doing, you look great doing it! Viva Latinos y Gadsden Panthers!

Brenda Delgadillo Posted over a year ago

I have known Mr. Mendoza for 4 years. He is not only an excellent person but an excellent teacher. Students and co-workers love him. He is always supporting and taking care of his students.

Ariadna Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza has been a very charismatic teacher. The work, assignments, and dedication this humble man has given us is amazing. I appreciate him and all the time he’s spend on my peers. With a lot of patience and dedication to his work, it’s quite obvious that this teacher loves what he does. Mendoza is truly a beautiful person in and out, very grateful for having him as my Spanish teacher for three consecutive years.

Dr. Luis I. Quiñones Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Mendoza when I worked as a teacher mentor at Gadsden HS. I noticed immediately Mr. Mendoza's great enthusiasm and teaching technique. Then I reviewed his student's results: his students were some of the highest academic performers on the state. Without a doubt Mr. Mendoza is a "Lifechanger".

Naidelin Posted over a year ago

El profesor mendezo, es un gran profesor, siempre está en busca de la mejora de los alumnos dispuesto a ayudarlos en lo que el pueda, un muy bien profesor de español.

Jesus Posted over a year ago

Best teacher I’ve ever had

Miguel O Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza, has been one of my favorite teachers. Not only because he's a great teacher but a great motivater. He motivates his students to do everything possible to follow their dreams. "AGUILAS" is a phrase he says quite often. In reality it means Eagle, but to everyone here it's a way of being focused, to be ready when life hits you. He loves his Panthers and loves supporting our soccer team. Mr.Mendoza you're doing a great job and keep on doing what you're doing. To us youre a winner !!.

Jazmine Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza Gracias por ser un Buen professor por hacer support a todos . Por demostrarnos que si se puede y que con El corazon y la mente si podemos.Usted es mas que un maestro de español AP, ayuda a todos como pueda . Your such a loving and caring person Mr. Mendoza .

Ceileen Rios Posted over a year ago

Mendoza's title is a Spanish teacher. However, he does way more. He tutors his student say subject and if he does not know the subject well, he looks for resources so that students do not have to go through trouble to get help. Mendoza is well loved in the community and he is our secret weapon against negativity in education. Mendoza is such a great person, teacher and just about anything you can think of. Keep doing what you are doing because you are doing an amazing job!

Cameron Arcangel Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza should be happy. You deserve lots! For those of you who don't know, Mendoza is a fighter for education. Gadsden should be proud to have him. This is just first of many well deserved honors you deserve. I'm sure all these other educators are great, however, Mendoza just deserves this. Mendoza has our full support. Go Panthers!

Sanford Almanza Posted over a year ago

You deserve this Mr. Mendoza. To prove it, look at this man's huge smile. This is just evidence that he loves what he does. You have a huge heart Mr. Mendoza and you will continue going far! God bless you!

Susie Murray Posted over a year ago

Hugs and kisses to this amazing teacher! You have my full support to receive this award. You make the community smile real big! You are humble, kind, hard a big heart and an awesome educator. Thankyou coffee supporting the kiddos on every decision they make even after they leave you classroom. You have dedicated a while career tho the Gadsden community. We love you Mendoza!

Jessica Garcia Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher. He was my high school teacher for two years and those two years he was a great person to look up to. He has always supported Gadsden High School sports. You'll always see him screaming out even if the team is losing. He motivates his students and teachers to do better. We need more teachers like him!

Esperanza Muniz Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza a ayudado a mi hija entender un poco mas de lo que quiere hacer despues de High School. Mi hija siempre me menciona que Mr.Mendoza motiva todos los dias a sus estudiantes. Es muy bueno saber que todavia hay maestros que les importa el futuro de sus estudiantes.

Edith Olazaba Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is always motivating us to keep accomplishing our goals. He is a very good teacher. I am glad to have Mr. Mendoza as my AP Spanish teacher. He is an excellent teacher and a great person to look up to. He is a very supportive with their students and a positive teacher.

Evelyn Diaz Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza es un buen maestro siempre esta feliz. Todos los dias nos da palabras de motivacion .Siempre dispuesto a ayudar a los estudiantes y comunidad .Siempre con una sonrisa .Gracias por ensenarnos que podemos trinfuar en lo que queramos .Por apoyar siempre a los equipos de Gadsden .

jesus zubiate Posted over a year ago

Mendoza is a really great person he the best teacher ever he pushes you to the extreme, he is really good teacher he is probably the best teacher out here in the campus. Mendoza is always there for you at all times for every single student he is always their for you.

Makayla Chairez Posted over a year ago

Having Mr.Mendoza has helped me get prepared after graduating. He is always motivating us and helping us with the most he can do.

Silvia Avila Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a really good teacher he inspires a lot of student to keep succeeding in life.

Alejandra Murillo Posted over a year ago

En el poco tiempo que he estado estudiando en Gadsden gracias a a Mr Mendoza he comprendido y contrastado la situacion que muchos hablahispanos pasaron, sin duda mr mendoza es un ejemplo de que todo se puede, es muy buen maestro, enseña de una forma clara, por lo tanto podemos cumplir con trabajos que entendemos casi perfectamente :)

Kayla Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher that pushes you to do your best! i am very lucky to have him as my teacher. He really deserves this award!

Dilan Mota Posted over a year ago

La verdad yo pienso que el deberia de ganar el es un gran profesor y es una persona grandiosa es una persona que siempre busca ayudar a todos por igual y siempre trata de sacar todo el potencial posible de cada uno de sus alumnos por que siempre nos apoya y nos impulsa a seguir siempre con buenas calificaciones y hace de nosotros mejores personas.

Alvaro Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is currently my AP Spanish teacher. At first I didn't know if I wanted to take the course, I was afraid. One day I went with one of my fiends to his class to pick up some work. When I went inside I saw how creative and nice the work on the walls was. I stopped and started asking Mr. Mendoza about the class and how it worked. He talked me through it and I decided that I was going to take that challenge. Now that I'm in class Mr. Mendoza has thought me a lot. I've learned that you need to put in work for what you want. Even my other grades for other classes increased. He has had a great impact on my life. He's helped me become a better person overall. I think he deserves this reward for that and plenty of more reasons.

Yamilet Soto Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a very good teacher, he is always motivating us to keep up with our academics. He is always in a good mood and that always gets us; the students in a good mood. Mr.Mendoza always give us advice about life after High School.

Leslie Avila Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a really good teacher he is always motivating us to keep accomplishing our goals.He is always in a good mood he is always happy always laughing.He helps us in everything hes is always there to support anyone in need.

Hilario Melendez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Manuel Mendoza is one of Gadsden's very best! Its easy to see that Mr. Mendoza puts his heart into his work and his students are extremely fortunate to have such a competent and caring teacher in their lives. He inspires his student's by helping them see their potential and helping them find reasons to believe in that potential His unfaltering positivity towards all in his life inspire those of us that work near him. Congratulations Mr. Mendoza!

Edgar Francisco Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is one of the best teachers that I had the pleasure of having during my academic career. He is passionate, dedicated, and outstanding as an educator. He will not allow any student to fall behind on their school work and he will do his best to see every student in his class succeed and achieve their dreams. It is an honor to be one of his former students and I am sure that he will positively change the life of many students more.

Shaquifa B. Quezada Posted over a year ago

Nice job done Manuel! Southern NM must be proud of you! You have come a long ways coming from Mexico, switching majors and colleges. It is such an honor to have you in the states. Keep making life changing impacts!

Julia Calderon Posted over a year ago

This educator is truly a real educator. Manuel Mendoza has served the Gadsden community for quite some time now. It is a blessing to see the impact that he has made throughout his students. Mendoza for President!

Julie Lozano Posted over a year ago

Fantastic educator. I can honestly say that you are an educatorin which encourages the next generation of latino educators. You and your wife are one of the best New Mexico has. I thank you for pushing students. You have had at risk students, first generation, no english speakers and you still manage to make them the best. Who knows who would replace you when you are gone. Its such an honor to say that you make Gadsden Proud. Show it off you very much deserve it.

Daniel Mendoza Posted over a year ago

This is awesome! I am so glad that you are being honored for being such a caring and supportive person. You have proven yourself to be a life changer with our family by always encouraging us to further our education and supporting us through it. I am so glad to see that you treat your students the same way. You deserve to be honored! Congrats!

Sid Askery Posted over a year ago

Congratulation! Mr.Mendoza is an honored master teacher. He specializes in teaching Advanced Placement AP courses. He always carries a smile that encourages us novice teachers in the teaching profession. We often collaborate in teaching for the best of our Gadsden students. Mr. Mendoza is a role model for us. I highly recommend Mr. Mendoza for Life-changer award. I hope he gets it.

Bryan Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza. el siempre ha sido un gran maestro. El nos a demostrado los valores y ha dado lo mejor. El es uno de los masestros mas honestos y confiables que pueda tener un alumno. gracias a el eh podido avansar mucho en mis grados por el apoyo que eh recivido de su parte. y es un orgullo de ser su estudiante.`

Alonzo Herrera Posted over a year ago

I am a proud student of Mr. Mendoza and I can say that he has really inspired me to work hard. He is a perfect example of a good teacher and you can really see that he loves to teach students and it's his true passion. He is a big impact and inspiration to many people and he truly deserves this award so he can continue to help students and make a change in future generations.

Jasmine Urena Posted over a year ago

I'm glad to have Mr. Mendoza as my teacher. He's always pushing us to do better. He always encouraged me to take AP classes and to not give up on school. Also, he tells us that if he made it through some tough years that we can also make it. He is an excellent teacher and a great person to look up to. He is always giving advice to my classmates and I. We need more teachers like him that support his students.

Kayla Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher that is very passionate towards his job. He is very supportive and a great life coach.

Chris Morales Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an amazing teacher, who is a very dedicated to his students and school. He’s dedicated on making a difference with his students in the way they learn. When a student doesn’t give their all, he pushes them to give them their 100 percent and more. He’s an amazing life coach. He’s a very humble person and cares about the well-being of other. I have much respect for him.

Emaili Muñoz Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a really great teacher. Not only is he a great spanish teacher but he’s also a great life coach. He’s dedicated to his students and making sure they are always doing their best, and when they’re not he pushes them to give them their all. He’s a very humble person and cares about the well-being of others.

Eddie Soriano Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr. Mendoza, an honor well-deserved. As a co-worker of Mr. Mendoza, he is always quick to go say hello every time he sees me at school. His first words are always, "Como estas Mr. Soriano? Como estan Karina y Eduardo?" (How are you Mr. Soriano? How are Karina and Eduardo?) Karina and Eduardo being my kids, ex-students here at Gadsden High School, and now both college students with full-paid scholarships thanks to teachers like Mr. Mendoza. As a new teacher, I strive to be the kind of teacher that Mr. Mendoza is and thank him for the great support and mentorship. Felicidades Sr. Mendoza!!!

Blanca A. Cardona Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an excellent person. He is the most generous person I have ever met. He is an excellent teacher, who has dedicated his life to improve his students' lives.

Brian Gil Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an excellent teacher at Gadsden High School. He is the most spirited and most caring teacher I have ever met in my life. He is always supporting every student that he has inside and even outside his classroom. "Ilustres Panteras"

John Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Congrats tio on being nominated life changer of the year. As one of your many nephews and nieces. I remember you always guiding me to read and study to better myself. You will always be in my heart tio much love. VIVA CELAYA GUANAJUATO??

Becca Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

You rock! From donations, happiness ancommunity support, you have always been there. Keep impacting lives! Mendoza keep ??ing it!

Micaela Aguilar Posted over a year ago

Mendoza is always proud to be a panther! Never misses a Gadsden game and is always dedicated to his job. Even when the team is losing, Mendoza is always the only one screaming his guts out. Teacher filled with passion, dedication, and happiness. Mendoza, you have chosen the correct field. Teachers like you are very much needed!

Isaiah Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza has sparked students in which have gone far with their careers, Most of Mendoza's students are top students of the school. His students become professors, lawyers, nurses and some are fighting for a political seat. I know Gabriel and Mendoza very well and I tell you, they have fought for their education on several occasions. From fighting school board members to school officials, they have maintained a reputation at Gadsden ISD. Thankyou Mendoza for fighting for our students. You have a powerful voice and it is finally being heard!

Ivonne Holguin Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Mendoza siempre ah sido un buen maestro y ah dejado lo mejor de el ,el siempre trata de dar ejemplo de decir "Si yo lo logre ustedes tambien pueden" Siempre ah dicho que no es facil pero si te lo promotes lo puedes lograr estoy muy agradesida con el por todos los buenos consejos que nos ah dejado.En el transcurso de mis 3 años con el, siempre trata de dar lo mejor de el y siempre ah sido haci y personas como el necesitamos en nuestras vidas que nos apoyen y tengan fe en nosotros.

Adaly Ortega Posted over a year ago

Por el camino de la vida nos crusamos con distintas personas, algunas son capases de marcarnos y de comertirce en un antes y en un despues, hace aproximadamente 4 años llegue a estados unidos para continuar con mis estudios de preparatoria y tube la fortuna de conose a un maestro llamado Manuel Mendoza quien en mi vida a sido una persona de gran apollo moral, compartiendo sus experiensa de vida, para mi se a combertido no solo en un exelente maestro sino tambien me a permitido conoser ese granser humano que es, un hombre al que no solo le encanta enseñar, es una de essas pocas personas que un son apacionados y hacen su trabjo con la mayor decasion, a ese hombre solo le puedo decir gracias por haber formado parte de mi vida y mostrarme que nada te puede detener cuando realmente quieres lograr y alcansar cada objetivos, gracias por haberme enseñando que los limites lo ponemos nosotros y que todos somos capases.

Pablo Pineda Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is a great teacher, is awesome with the students and is very humble. the mr. is comprehensible and encourages, advises the students with with love.

Doreen Ybarra Posted over a year ago

What can I say, you are right where God wanted you. You have touched so many students hearts and impacted so many. I cannot imagine ever seeing you away from Gadsden. You belong to our Panther community and thank you for always being there for us. I can assure you that students walk out of your classroom learning something new everyday. I know of at risk students that just give up in school and look at it another way once they walk out of your classroom. You have given love, food, supplies, money and your whole life to these students. You deserve to be honored so much more! When I say that you have given your life to the Panther community I mean it! You have been at one school for more than two decades and that is awesome! You are representing the lower valley, the I-10 gap and more importantly rural Anthony, New Mexico.

Karla Sepulveda Posted over a year ago

Perfect example for a teacher. Mendoza's passion for education has never died out. Congrats you piece of educator!

Denise Gayster Pope Posted over a year ago

Exemplary educator. Has maintained the school together. Oly teacher that does not give up on his students at Gadsden High School. From pep talks to going to the board meetings, Mr.Mendoza has always got his students backs. You deserve this and lots. Gadsden High School should show you off more!

James Armendariz Posted over a year ago

Very supportive teacher. Panthers to the max! You are a shining educator in the State of Nee Mexico. Even if you don't receive this award, you have highly impacted the Gadsden ISD. My hats off to you.

Dee Padilla Posted over a year ago

Amazing educator educating students in which are from the loser valley and many of those are low income. Thankyou for all the supplies you provide for these students as well as food. You deserve so much and the community appreciates you. You are always helping in fundraisers and community service events. You are one hell of an educator. Vamos Panteras!!

Claudia I Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Wow, what can I say about Mr. Mendoza. Here are seven characteristics of a "Great Teacher" 1. A great teacher respects students. 2. A great teacher creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. 3. A great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. 4. A great teacher sets high expectations for all students. 5. A great teacher is a skilled leader 6. A great teacher collaborates with colleagues 7. A great teacher maintains professionalism in all areas . All these characteristics describe Mr. Manuel Mendoza. Thank you for being so passionate in the gift you have been granted, which is being an AMAZING teacher and an exceptional human being. Thank you for caring about the students at Gadsden High School, not just your students but ALL students. Mr. Mendoza deserves this recognition and more.

Diana Martinez Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Mendoza many years ago and he really does push and encourage his students to dream even when we might see obstacles on our way. Once he said there are no limits except the ones we put ourselves on our way so dream. I must say that he made a impact in my life because he did push me to continue with my education and I remembered his words when I got my bachelors. Thank you Mr Mendoza and god bless

Marlene Franco Posted over a year ago

I am so glad you are being viewed and recognize. The deserve this for your dedication.

Maryanne Torres Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is one of the best teachers that I've ever had. He doesn't only teaches Spanish but life lessons. I'm proud of my heritage and I am proud of who I am and thanks to him, I can really embrace it. Thank you for everything Mr. Mendoza! My family and I think that you're an amazing teacher.

Gabriela Gaxiola Posted over a year ago

Conosco a Mr Mendoza por muchos años .. Es un muy buen profesor, se preocupa por sus alumnos para que terminen sus estudios de preparatoria y los motiva a continuar con la universidad ..

Saul D Burciaga Posted over a year ago

I have know Mr Mendoza for years and he is allways worried on how to encourage students to keep going.

Adrian Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza has always told every student that they are able to accomplish anything they had the passion for . He really takes time to get to know his students . I respect him very much .

Destiny Martinez Posted over a year ago

Mr Mendoza is dedicated to his job and he’s a great teacher. He supports all school events and helps his students throughout the school year.

Mia lopez Posted over a year ago

Youre such a great teacher Mr . Mendoza! We appreciate you!

Angela Iracheta Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is such a great and caring teacher, he has always gone out of his way to stay after school for the students who need that little extra help whether it’s for Spanish class, or even a math class. He loves to help out with everything, we thank him for all his love & dedication. We hope he takes this one!

Samantha Ibañez Posted over a year ago

I am currently a student in Mr. Mendoza’s class and he is an amazing, intelligent teacher. Not only does he have the knowledge to teach but he has the heart. He is someone that I admire greatly. Mr. Mendoza is always open to helping students grow. Not only is he constantly there for his students to help them out, he’s always there for his coworkers. I always see him helping them, and assisting them in any way he can. He is a great supporter of all clubs and events in school. His positive attitude and mentality set a wonderful working environment in his classroom motivating his students to work hard and appreciate everything we are blessed with. I really am so lucky to have him as a teacher this year, seeing him and knowing his background, everything he has gone through to get to where he is now and still having a big smile through it all motivates me deeply. He has showed me that anything is possible if we work hard. Gadsden High School is truly honored to have a wonderful teacher like Mr. Mendoza who cares about all of his students, participates and supports all events with so much pride. I deeply hope that Mr. Mendoza earns this award because he truly deserves it and so much more. Thank you, Samantha Ibanez .

Albert L Lawrence Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is outstanding teacher with much love to all of the students at Gadsden High School. Mr. Mendoza is a great supporter of all sports at campus. He is a very dedicated teacher to his students and a dedicated friend to all of us here at Gadsden High School. For this and everything he does for our students, Mr. Mendoza deserves this and more. Thank you, Albert Lawrence

Mark Vigil Posted over a year ago

Little to no people know the struggles that Mr. Mendoza went through to become an educator. Mendoza has gone through discrimination, hunger as well as financial issues. Mendoza came from Mexico with dreams of becoming an educator in which was hard for him. From what he told the class, he felt like giving up and he did not. With that said, he became an AP Spanish instructor and one of the best ones as well. He teaches coursework similar to college work. He has led students to prestigious schools as well as undergraduate students to have the same capabilities to graduate students. Mendoza always stated that his only goal ever would be to see his students graduate. Cheers to you Mr. Mendoza. Gadsden is fortunate to have you as a teacher! You are the best!

Bryan Jesus Ochoa Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Mendoza for 2 years of high school (junior and senior year) and those 2 years I had a great time in his class. He would not just help me with my problems but also anyone who had his class. for me, it was an honor to have him as a teacher because he was one of the best teachers if not the best one I ever had in all my school years. Mr. Mendoza all always that we can do this and on the test score we have to beat the rest of the school around us and also he wants to see Gadsden High school one of the best school's in this area of New Mexico be on the map and for I'm really glad that he is doing this for all the students in Gadsden. one thing that he always says when I see him is "vamos panteras illustres" does words fill me with spirt when I was part of the soccer team. Mr. Mendoza is the best and he deserves every award that exists and all I had to say to him is thank you for all you have done to help succeed in school and also in life

Francisco J Ronquillo Posted over a year ago

It is a true honor to have an educator like Mr. Manuel Mendoza from Gadsden High School, a school situated in a rural community, Anthony, New Mexico be nominated for this prestigious "Life Changer of the Year" award. Mr. Mendoza is person that was born with teaching as a vocation. He is a man of integrity with a sincere heart and a true dedication to his role of educating, inspiring and motivating students. His passion for teaching, but most importantly for touching students' lives is reflected in how he gives of his time to educate students, support them by attending sports, events and engagements outside of school hours. He is a man that gives love first, then educates. I hope wholeheartedly that Mr. Mendoza is granted this honorable recognition of "Life Changer of the Year" award. He is a vivid role model for many students given his upbringing, background and how hard he worked to become an exemplary educator, a role model and a man with human compassion. I have known Mr. Mendoza for a significant number of years, as a colleague in the education field, I can attest that his authenticity as a person and educator is very well-deserving of such an award!

Angelica H Morales Posted over a year ago

I have know Mr Manuel Mendoza for 10 years. I have had the opportunity to work with him for our district meets. He is amazing, caring and an awesome human being. Always supportive. He has always given me great advice. It is an honor and privilege to have him as a colleague and friend. We need more teachers like Mr Mendoza. I had great teachers. He deserves a great recognition you rock Mr Mendoza

Nataly meza Posted over a year ago

His a great person

Rodrigo Ontiveros Posted over a year ago

Mendoza is a teacher full of spirit. Being gay was not easy and teachers would often treat me differently. However, not in Mendoza's class. Mendoza treated everyone with respect and gave us students the best education there can be. Mendoza often supports students by going to their house, get-togethers, school board meetings or anything in which they needed support in the moment of need and grief. Mendoza gave scholarships to many of his students as well as a friend of mine in the amount of 1500 dollars. Well deserved Mendoza. Even if you don't get the award, thank you for all you do!

carlos enriquez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza has been a very inspiring person through my lifetime. As my high school teacher during the 90’s, he instilled basic values like work ethic and discipline. Now as a co worker he is a classic example of Robert M. Pirsig’s “ have pride in what you do”. Mr. Mendoza has dedicated a lifetime to his career and is a model for future educators to come.

Michael Escalante Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is one of the greatest teacher I have he is so dedicated to his work, the energy he gives off rubs off and it motivates us students I have had many teachers but he is by far one of the best I have ever had thank you Mr. Mendoza you are great. VAMOOS PANTERRAS !!!!!!!

Alonso Tarango Posted over a year ago

I have worked for Gadsden Independent School District for five years now, and in that time I have met very few teachers that show the amount of enthusiasm and genuine love for teaching that Mr. Mendoza does, he goes beyond the classroom, always there giving his students not only the required spanish lessons, but valuable life lessons, and is always there to lend an ear to his struggling students. I honestly wish I had had the privilage of having been his student when I was in high school, because Manuel Mendoza is the kind of teacher I think of when I hear the terms Life Changer, and I think he more than deserves this recognition for his dedication towards teaching and always having that positive "yes we can" attitude.

Perla Tristan Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is a really great teacher I had him as my AP spanish teacher my junior year. I always thought he was a really tough teacher because of all the work he would give us and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to pass the class cause I had a really bad grade and I had lost hope to even try and bring my grade up. But he never lost hope on me he always contacted my parents and gave me EC work so I could bring my grade up. It took several weeks for me to get a passing grade but he worked with me through everything and I really appreciate him taking time of his days even after school to help me.

Elias Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Mr.Mendoza is truly a shining teacher and star at Gadsden High School. Mr.Mendoza has all reasons to be at differnet schools as he has been offered other positions with higher pay, cliser to home and higher ranking school districts but continues to stay. Mr.Mendoza brings a smile to every student that passes through his hallway. He even changed classrooms with a teacher just for her needs. You are a brilliant teacher and Gadsden loves you!! You have thought Gadaden to be humble at all times. Thanks!

nayeli lopez Posted over a year ago

He is very dedicated to his job, always shows his attention to his students, always give us advices to move forward, and improve. He inspires many students with his stories. he is a very good teacher.

Sabrina Lucero Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Mendoza, four years ago and have come to know Mr. Mendoza as an exceptional teacher and mentor to his students. He has the qualities of a great leader for our youth and our future. He is compassionate, caring and dedicated to his students and their success. I have seen him work long hours to build his students' academic success and character. I have seen Mr. Mendoza making parent contact in an effort to enhance his student's academic and home life. Mr. Mendoza is truly a life changer. Thank you, Mr. Mendoza for being such a great role model to your colleagues and especially to our students at large.

Kaitlyn Romero Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza helped me realize a lot of stuff I didn't want to admit in life. He helped me realize that with a happy mindset or a good mindset you can accomplish what you please. He of course helped me with understanding Spanish more in depth, and what it means to be a good independent student. Thank you to him I have decided to change my life around and make it better for myself, and also the way I can be happy on choosing my career choice. He really shows his love for us students, and the way he's hardworking. I would love to be hardworking like him some day in life. You deserve this Mr. Mendoza!

Susana Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Even though i barely got to meet Mr. Mendoza this school year, I can say that he is a very caring and hardworking man. With his dedication he makes an impact in many students lives. Congratulations Mr. Mendoza, continue working hard, and being an amazing teacher.

Randy Watley Posted over a year ago

Our very own Manuel Mendoza!! Nothing but true words! Mr.Memdoza goes above and beyond. He is a teacher in which teaches other subjects not practiced by him in order to help his students. Has helped students with food, money and much more including scholarships. Mr.Mendoza is a highly effective teacher as well as a great one. Rock it Mr.Mendoza and you have impacted the Anthony, New Mexico community. It is often a city that is overlooked but you managed to change that. I'm so proud of you.

Daena Diaz Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is a great teacher he is a caring to his students , he is very dedicated to his job as a teacher . He inspires many students with his stories .

Dr Carlos Bolaño Posted over a year ago

I met Mr Mendoza thru my wife’s family, I truly admire his inspiration in helping his students, he goes out of his way to make sure his students are on task on their homework, his heart breaks when he feels that some of his students are falling behind so he takes his time after school to make sure he reaches out to those students so he can help them. Therefore I admire his concern and help he provides

Beatriz Torres Posted over a year ago

I feel privilege to know Manuel Mendoza, great mentor to his students. Manuel is an exceptional caring teacher, also a wonderful human being. He has a kind heart filled with compassion for others.

Maria G Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Tomo esta oportunidad para reconocer la gran diferencia que el Maestro Manuel Mendoza a hecho en no solo sus estudiantes sino en todos los miembros de su familia. Siendo el primero de 11 hermanos en asistir a una universidad y obtener el titulo de maestro, esto cambió la vida de el y de toda la familia pues el estaba ahí empujando a todos a superarse y tubo gran impacto en los hermanos/a a que obtuvieran una carrera y al pasar de los años su gran amor por la educación se ha visto reflejado en sus sobrinos y sobrinas que todos han seguido su ejemplo de superación, y con tu frase favorita “si se puede” yo Maria G Mendoza (cuñada) te felicito y agradesco que estuvieras en nuestras vidas para ser inspiración a tus 3 sobrinos y tu sobrina a ser unos grandes profesionales como el tío. Saludos,

Teresa Bolano Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is a great teacher and he is very dedicated, expects much from his students but for their well being. We have nothing to but great things to say about him.

Stephen Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I welcome this opportunity to commend my brother Manuel, who has always been someone I looked up to and emulated. He has always had a passion for teaching and the enthusiasm for encouraging teenagers he encountered by trying to direct them on the right path. I remember when he was going to the University of Illinois, he would call and ask us how we were doing in school and tried to help us over the phone with our homework. He took it upon himself to guide and motivate us to not only stay in school but to get good grades so we can have better opportunities in life. I wasn't very focused or motivated and felt like I wouldn’t make it to college. Being one of eleven siblings, I began working since I was a freshman in high school to be able to purchase things for myself my parents couldn’t afford to buy for me. I was struggling and was just trying to get by to get my high school diploma. My life changing experience was entering my junior year. I was afraid of not doing well and dropping out of school like many of my friends. My brother, being away in college, often called very concerned to try to help me with my homework. I was fortunate to be assigned to a Trigonometry teacher who, one day during tutoring, asked me if by chance I was related to Manuel Mendoza. I was surprised to know that she went to school with him and from then on, she took me under her wing. I saw my brother in her and my life changed for the better. I felt I had a guardian angel watching over me. She helped me and had the patience for me to grasp and understand the material. My motivation and grades improved and I went on to graduate from DePaul University. I currently own two businesses in Chicago, but that would’ve been an impossible feat had it not been for my older brother, Manuel Mendoza. I strongly feel that a great teacher like Manuel Mendoza is not merely a teacher but someone who can make a positive difference in the lives of many more students as he has done throughout his life. His bilingual ability encourages and nurtures students of limited language ability to comprehend and to succeed not only in the classroom but in life as well. Seeing how passionate my brother is with his teaching and in trying to make a difference in the lives of his students reminds me how he made a life changing difference in mine. I sincerely hope that there are many other teachers like my brother in the world making a positive difference in lives of other young people.

Jaqueline Esparza Posted over a year ago

Mendoza is A Great teacher , he gives you the best advice you need , I’ve never meet such and amazing teacher that feels so proud of the choices he did in he’s past . He inspires many students with he’s stories , I wish him the best success in life and thank him for spreading he’s positivity to everyone !

Luisa Mendoza Posted over a year ago

I feel privileged and blessed to have a brother like Manuel. At the age of 17, I dropped out of school and married. By the age of 21, I was divorced with two young children to care for with no education nor work experience. I began working in a factory where I worked 5 years. I was earning minimum wage and enduring hard physical labor. Manuel often encouraged me to go back to school. He would tell me you're young, smart and speak English. You are worth more than that, don't settle for so little. This led me to quit my job and get my GED and go to college. College courses were difficult for me but Manuel had an abundance of patience to tutor and guide me through. He gave me the confidence that I didn't have in myself to continue. With constant support and advice, I was able to become a nurse, and provide a better life for my children. Manuel is not only an exceptional teacher but also a wonderful human being. He has a kind heart that is filled with compassion for others. Whom is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need. Thanks to him, I have a good life and a rewarding career.

Abraham Garcia Posted over a year ago

ABRAHAMGARCIA [chicago illinois].ace tres años tuve el privilegio de conocer al SR MANUEL MENDOZA,quien me ha platicado mucho de su juventud y su vida como estudiante aqui en US Y MEX.y su dedicasion asu profesion como maestro.Quiero recalcar que el es una exelente persona,y siempre busca agradar y ayudar a todo aquel que lo redea.en especial a sus alumnos,tres años que han sido para mi de mucho admirasion,estoy seguro de que si el me hubiera dado la ayuda que le da a sus alumnos quizas yo me hubiera interesado por estudiar.Dios vendiga a toda su fam y al gracias por su amistad.vendisiones para el "MAESTRO"SR MANUEL MENDOZA

Kelli Aguilar Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is an exceptional educator. Mendoza takes pride in the work field in which he is in and also in his students. Mendoza not only deserves recognition but also deserves a thankyou. He has been at Gadsden High for many years and has never spoken negatively of the school or the district. Mendoza has helped students financially and food wise. One day I wish to be half the educator he is. Congrats and well deserved Mendoza!!

Erik Morales Posted over a year ago

My name is Erik Morales, a student of Mr. Mendoza's class for 2 Years and currently enrolled in his Spanish 4 AP class. It's safe to say i know the type of person Mr.Mendoza is, and although 2 years seems too short a time to recognize him this way he has not only taught me but also relatives of mine like my brother and two close cousins who have all graduated and thanked Mendoza for the many things he does that surpass a teachers expectations in a school environment. He worries about every individual and makes sure to lead them on the right path and even gives them advice. You'd imagine a teacher to only worry about teaching but on the contrary he notices the slightest differences in his classroom and brings them up or asks if your okay. Last but no least, he's involved in many things that take away from his personal time but he enjoys doing these things non the less, he truly cares about our school and everyone in with a spirit that he's had since day one. There's no day he does not accomplish more than what is needed and deserves a nothing less than a title of appreciation for everything he has done.

Jonah Torres Posted over a year ago

This man will go far. He is literally in a small town with big dreams. Mr. Mendoza speaks of Anthony as if it was the greatest town that ever existed. You will always see Mendoza supporting students at games, events, etc. As you leave his class towards the end of the year, he gives students school books and supplies so that you can still continue learning. I have never seen a teacher who is willing to lose their job over his students, but that would be Mr. MEndoza. Mr. Mendoza has gone to school administration, school board, etc. just to protect his students. Mr.Mendoza has even come out on the news to fight for immigrant rights (most of Gadsden's community pop.). Mr. Mendoza not only deserves this but more. If it weren't for him and fighting for student right, many of Gadsden students would have ended up in alternative schools. Lastly, Thank you, Mr. Mendoza, for your life-changing impact in Gadsden students and to your wife who changes lives at NMSU as well.

Nidia Cordova Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is in fact a very dedicated teacher. He goes above and beyond his duties. He cares for his students motivates and encourages everyone to reach their potential. Back in 2000 he was my AP Spanish teacher I also enjoyed those breakfast burritos. More than anything I remember Mr. Mendoza like a true mentor. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and he is in the classroom for all the right reasons. If you ever step a foot in his classroom you know that he cares for every student and will do anything in his power to make that student see their own academic potential. Mr. Mendoza, Gracias por toda su ayuda aún Me acuerdo de la forma en que me ayudo, y me motivó cuando mi familia pasaba por un momento difícil.

Zulema Quintana Posted over a year ago

Con todo mi corazón, le deseo expresar mi agradecimiento por ser un excepcional maestro, un motivador irreemplazable y que mis hijas tuvieron el gran privilegio de tenerlo como maestro. Aun después de tanto tiempo lo recuerdan con cariño y sin duda su ayuda, sus consejos las motivaran por el resto de sus vidas. Que Dios lo bendiga y que su ánimo y amor de ayudar a los jóvenes nunca acabe.

Angelica Smythe Posted over a year ago

I am a former student of Mr. Mendoza and I could not be happier upon hearing that his hard work and dedication are being noticed and recognized. He genuinely cares about his students’ success and is willing to help in any way possible. He always pushed me to do better because he believed in me and as a result I began to believe in myself. Mr. Mendoza inspired me to become an educator so that I could make a difference in my students lives as he made a difference in mine. Thank you Mr. Manuel Mendoza for your commitment and dedication to a population of students that are often marginalized and seen as inferior. Thank you for believing in your Gadsden High School Panthers!

Gabriela Quintana Posted over a year ago

Teachers like him are almost impossible to find now a days. He genuinely cares about his students and goes above and beyond to help them! I remember back in 2008 when he would help us study for our tests during his lunch break and was always there to encourage us. EVen the most stubborn and rude students would end up respecting and loving him. He deserves this award and SO much more.

Carey Chambers Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is one of the best teachers I haves ever been associated with in 40 years of education. As his former colleague and principal at GHS, I can attest fully regarding Manuel’s dedication to students, his work ethic, and his positive attitude in dealing with the daily rigors of education today. He has definitely made a positive impact on his students that will resonate for the remainder of their lives. We need more like him. Carey Chambers

Karla Beltran Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of having Mr. Mendoza as a teacher when I was in high school. He never failed to push his students to be the best version of themselves in and out of the classroom. Even after I finished his class he would reach out to me and encourage me to enroll in AP classes; he made sure I knew how much he believed in me, and he was a great influence on my academics. I am on my last semester of college now and he is the only teacher still asking about my education. I get to see him at Gadsden’s boy soccer games, to this day he remains one of their biggest supporters. The stands might be silent, but you better believe Mr. Mendoza will cheer on the team regardless of the scoreboard. Always with respect and discipline. He carries himself with humility and good vibes. I had the chance to speak with him recently and he asked to be invited to my graduation; almost 5 years later and he still cares for me and I know he does for each and everyone of his students. All I have left to say is, thank you Mr. Mendoza !

Georgina Nafarrate Posted over a year ago

Es un honor conocer y trabajar con un ser tan extraordinario!! Todo el exito del mundo pues lo merece por ser tan dedicado con su trabajo,en hora buena ,muy merecido reconocimiento!!

Ron Galla Posted over a year ago

I have found Mr.Manuel Mendoza to be a very competent and an examplary teacher that all teachers, principals and students should try to emulate.He should be held in the highest esteem.

Faustino Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Manuel Mendoza is a dedicated teacher who has a tremendous passion for his career. He deeply cares for his students academic future and strongly believes that he can make a difference in his students lives. As his youngest brother, he has shown me the importance of education and helped me change my path of becoming another dropout. A dropout rate that is high amongst our Latin American community. My brothers passion for higher education change my life and gave me the opportunity to graduate from high school and go college. For all his hard work ,the tremendous love that he puts into his career, and students , I truly believe that there is no other more deserving than him to be recognized for his excellence in teaching. As for myself I just want to say thank you to my Brother Manuel for the opportunity to help me change my life . Thank You

Celeste Quezada Posted over a year ago

This is one of the most inspirational teachers i have ever had. It fills my heart with joy to see he continues to do so by inspiring our future generations. If there is one person who has and will continue to inspiring me is Mr. Mendoza. I pray that your conversations are heard by thousands and thousands! Muchos felizidades Mr. Mendoza.

Hector Giron Posted over a year ago

Mr. Mendoza is an excellent teacher. However, the things that really distinguish him are his love of his students and the energy that he invests to guide them and to serve them. He does not consider failure as an option for his students. He is enthusiastic and has a laser like focus on his work.

Vicky Aranda Posted over a year ago

Un honor tener a este magnífico profesor; colega y amigo, se merece este reconocimiento y más!

Jessica mendoza Posted over a year ago

Congratulations uncle Manuel Mendoza for being nominated for changing students life's in their education. We are so proud of you.

Porfiria Mendoza Posted over a year ago

congratulations uncle Manuel Mendoza for motivating students to keep on learning and to never give up. Uncle Manuel Mendoza your a good teacher that loves to help students to succeed in life and have a better future. If I Can change back the time to be teenage. I would like you to be my teacher.

Damian Acevedo Posted over a year ago

I never had the privilege to be a student of his but I got the honor to meet him through my high schools NJROTC program he walked into my class one time and ever since he’s been someone whom not just I would look up to but many of my classmates he has been an inspiration and he has showed me a lot good and bad he helped me find the path I am going through now and one day I hope I can be a teacher at Gadsden high school so I can be in me. Mendoza’s shoes so I can myself find many students in the same situation I was in and help them grow as individuals he is well deserved of this award because he sure did change my life. Ánimo Pantera!

Arturo Vázquez Posted over a year ago

Durante varios años tuve el privilegio de ser un colega del Sr. Mendoza en la Preparatoria de Gadsden. Yo enseñando Español 1 y 2, El Sr. Mendoza Español 3 y 4. Admirado, querido y respetado por todos los compañeros profesores, administradores y en general todo el personal docente: por supuesto los estudiantes. Día con día se ha ganado también el cariño, respeto y ahora el reconocimiento a nivel nacional. Pero su más valiosa cualidad, es que NO LE GUSTA TRABAJAR. no, no estoy loco, permitanme aclararles: Hace aproximadamente 2000 años un sabio nos dijo "Si no quieres trabajar, deberas dedicarte a lo que te apasione" (Confusio) Para el Sr. Mendoza, asistir a la escuela es un gran placer, no un trabajo. El Profesor mendoza escogió seguir su VOCACION DOCENTE! El Profesor Mendoza lo es por vocacián no profesión. Tarea ardua, poco reconocida y rara vez loada como es en este caso, me siento muy honrado de poder agregar este comentario y unirme al reconocimiento nacional de un gran hombre un magnífico maestro y un ser humano ejemplar. Gracias, y :Vamos Panteras!

Miriam Decora Posted over a year ago

Great Teacher! I had the pleasure to be her student. He is always inspired other students to never give up. It was on honored having him as a teacher. Thank you for everything you have done Mr. Mendoza.

Imelda Olacio Posted over a year ago

Hay mucha razón el Maestro Mendoza fue uno de los pacos maestros que se tomaba el tiempo de hablarme por teléfono para mantenerme informada de todo lo relacionado con mi hijo académicamente hablando cuando él era su maestro ,,,,,,,,,,siempre apoyando ha los estudiantes dentro y fuera de sus proyectos de vida muchas gracias Señor Mendoza

Anna L. Juarez Posted over a year ago

It isn't easy working with border region kids. Some children are raised to believe that they are only going to school to comply with the law and don't value their education but Mr. Mendoza goes the extra mile to help his students see that their futures are what they choose to make them!

Gabriel Holguin Posted over a year ago

Amazing teacher! Turned my life around! He helped financially and school wise. If it werent for him I would have been a high school dropout. Mendoza you deserve this. You are always in my heart!