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Tami Rockenbaugh

Position: 4th Grade Teacher
School: Dohron Wilson Elementary School
School District: Mechanicsburg Exempted Village School District
City, State: Mechanicsburg , OH

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Tami Rockenbaugh was nominated by her mother-in-law, Teresa Rockenbaugh.

As a fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Rockenbaugh is compassionate with her students and takes the time to make sure they understand their assignments. She even offers tutoring for students who need a little extra help. Mrs. Rockenbaugh helps with school fundraising functions and always offers unique ideas to make money or improve the school.

"If you ask any single parent whose child has had Tami as a teacher, they would tell you she goes above and beyond her duties," Teresa said. "As my daughter-in-law, she is always willing to help when something comes up' as in the case of my 100 year old father, who just went through two cancer surgeries in less than 3 months. Tami is always willing to go the extra mile to help me with his care. If you contact school personnel, they will agree she is the cream of the crop. Her moral and ethical standards are above school policy, and I feel she is a well-deserving teacher. My daughter-in-law is the teacher that every child should have."

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KRISTIN BANDY Posted over a year ago

Hello, I have several reasons why I feel like she is a Life Changer. 1st reason: When my daughter was in 4th grade she wore sun glasses on her head everyday (she has crazy curly hair and they helped her feel confident the curles were staying tame). One day Mrs. Rockenbaugh asked why she was wearing them. Myah told her. She said just tell every its a new fashion statement and rock those glasses. Myah was so excited to have the support of her teacher. 2nd reason:Myah is now in 6th grade. She gets out of school almost an hr and a half before her brother so for that time she was just sitting in the car line waiting for elementry to end. Myah decided to email Mrs. Rockenbaugh and ask if any teachers needed help during that time (without even asking her parents). She told her the librarian needed help. After asking us I was so happy Mrs. Rockenbaugh decided to give her a chance. Myah has been working in the library everyday for 2 weeks now and absolutely loves it. If it wasnt for her Myah wouldnt be there helping. Thank you for giving her confience and a chance to doing something meaningful. Mrs. Rockenbaugh defintely has been a life changer to my daughter. I cant wait to see what changes she helps my son with this year. Thank you Kristin Bandy ??