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Debbie Gonzales

Position: Attendance Secretary
School: Rooney Ranch Elementary School
School District: Jeffco Public Schools
City, State: Lakewood, CO

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Debbie Gonzales was nominated by her colleague, Kim OByrne.

One does not need to change the world. One only needs to change the lives of those closest to them. Ms. Gonzales has changed the lives of thousands of students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members for the better.

Rooney Ranch Elementary School (current enrollment of over 500) opened its doors in August of 1994 after much anticipation and excitement, with all staff resolving to make a community legacy with commitment to excellence. At Rooney Ranch, the staff and students work together to respect and value each other’s differences so that the community thrives.

"The heart of Rooney Ranch, from its beginnings, is Debbie Gonzales," said OByrne. "She has worked at Rooney Ranch since its opening. She IS Rooney! We can’t imagine the school without her. She is kind, welcoming and helpful to everyone who walks through our doors."

As the enrollment secretary, Ms. Gonzales is the first person people meet when inquiring about the school, enrolling a student, or signing in as a volunteer. When people come in contact with her, their day is instantly better. It doesn’t matter if you're the superintendent of schools or a kindergarten student - Ms. Gonzales will greet you with the same heartfelt smile and warm regard.

During enrollment and registration, Ms. Gonzales gives information to new parents, answers their questions and takes them on a personal tour of the school. She not only gives families the ‘lay of the land,’ but she shares all the unique and exciting things each grade level has to offer. Every person going on the tour feels valued and welcomed, as Ms. Gonzales talks about the teachers and staff that make Rooney a one-of-a-kind family.

Ms. Gonzales works tirelessly to ensure all students are accounted for every day, including morning attendance, after school activities, and students attending field trips. Her job is much more than the daily attendance or keeping track of late arrivals and early dismissals, however. She goes the extra mile to make sure all of her Rooney family is taken care of and happy.  

"As our school looked for ways to increase student engagement and prevent behavior issues, we started the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program," said OByrne. "Debbie embraced this framework and has been a key member of the team, always looking for new ways to reward students for great behavior or fun activities to welcome new students to our school community. Being in the office offers a unique perspective as well as knowing when students and staff need a little boost. She is able to offer insight during difficult times of the year and how having a contest or providing a treat can boost morale for all."

Last winter, after the US Women’s Hockey Team won a gold medal at the Olympics, the team's backup goalie and former Rooney student, Nicole Hensley (former Rooney student), was recruited by Ms. Gonzales to visit the school and talk to students about goal setting and hard work. This treat was enjoyed by the entire school and also opened the door for other area schools to have a visit from Nicole. Another PBIS treat was having the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders visit the school. Again, Ms. Gonzales was a key player in making this happen.

Ms. Gonzales is also a valued member of the local Community Connections committee. This committee meets once a month in the evenings at the local high school. Members from the five feeder elementary schools and the middle school all report what highlights and current events are happening at their respective schools. Ms. Gonzales has been a part of this group since it started in 2010. Not only does she bring important information to share about what is going on at Rooney, but she also records what other schools are doing so that Rooney can support them. Many schools, for example, have restaurant nights where participating establishments donate a percentage of the proceeds back to the school. Ms. Gonzales lets her Rooney family know about other schools’ restaurant nights so that they can support the greater community.

"Ms. Gonzales is retiring at the end of the 2018/19 school year, and we hope you will help us celebrate her enormous contributions to our school and honor her commitment and service by awarding her the LifeChanger Award," said OByrne.

Comments (239)

Amanda Comeau Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Gonzales is the face of Rooney! She greets everyone with a smile and makes you feel welcome from the minute you walk through the door. We can’t imagine Rooney without her, and while we are sad to see her go, we are happy that she can enjoy a well deserved retirement. We can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.

Julia Posted 11 months ago

My daughter just started kindergarten Garden this year in Rooney Rach and whin few weeks she was talking about how friendly, sweet, kind, caring Ms. Gonzales is! I’m so sad that this is her last year in school. All of the Rooney Ranch loves her! She is the heart of this school!

Terri Dowell Posted 11 months ago

11 years ago, scared and new to the elementary scene with my 4 year old daughter, we decided to go visit our neighborhood school and see what we were in for the following year. Debbie greeted us and made us feel so at home, even though we showed up, unannounced, she stopped what she was doing to take us on a tour of the school and answer any questions we may have had. We were so fortunate to have her at Rooney the entire 10 years we were there and I know she will be missed by so many. So glad Rooney was our home school because it made it so easy to know this is where we belonged. Thank you Debbie for being a life changer for our family and making the transition from preschool to elementary so easy for us scared parents and kiddos. You truly are amazing and Rooney will not be the same with out you.

Kathleen Scott Posted 12 months ago

I met Debbie when I first started subbing at Rooney Ranch 23 years ago. I starting teaching at Rooney Ranch the second year that it was open and I truly have never met someone that has changed the lives of everyone that she meets. She starts your day with “Good Morning Angel” and then she smiles. Like a ray of sunshine, you know that this will brighten your day. She just knows when to give you a hug when you are having one of those days. My own children think of her as a grandma because she has taken the time to get to know them and truly cares about them. Debbie always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help everyone that walks into the office including staff, parents and students. I will miss talking to her about the Broncos, Disney and my own children. I will miss the love and compassion that she has shown me all these years. Debbie is truly deserving of this award and she will definitely be missed at Rooney Ranch.

Jordan Goberis Posted 12 months ago

When I stepped in the office at Rooney for the first time, Debbie’s smile and warmth immediately made me feel at home. I spent 2 years teaching at Rooney and everyday Debbie’s caring, warm positive attitude, made teaching at Rooney feel like home. She goes above and beyond for not only the students but also the staff. No matter the problem, big or small, she made sure it was taken care of. Debbie has changed the life of every person that walks through those doors.

Brian Wilson Posted 12 months ago

Debbie is always so kind when I go into school to pickup my child. She also seems to know everything about Rooney Ranch- extremely helpful and wonderfully kind!!

Lesley Dahlkemper Posted 12 months ago

Ten years ago, my husband and I were looking for a school that was a great fit for our daughter, Grace. We had heard a lot about Rooney Ranch. When we walked into the front office for the first time, Ms. Gonzales greeted us with her warm, 1,000 watt smile. It didn't matter that she likely had 30 emails to answer or a thick stack of paperwork to sift through or other pressing to-dos on her list. She made us feel like family. We knew instantly that Rooney Ranch was a very special place because of Debbie. Her heart and devotion to students and families truly raises the bar for the rest of us and shows us the inspiring and lasting difference one person can make in the lives of thousands of children. Even though she's retiring, her impact will last long after she leaves. Thank you, Debbie, for loving our kids as if they are your own. We love you!

Matt Oven Posted 12 months ago

Debbie has a great spirit for working with children st Rooney Ranch! As a father of a second grader and Kindergartener, Debbie has been nothing but professional. I have called with several questions over the years and she has answered them fully and with a smile on her face when I visit the office. I know my two children are in great hands with her especially if they visit with her! Thank you Debbie!

Brenda Stauffer Posted 12 months ago

Debbie is always sweet and uplifting

Kathy Fullerton Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Gonzales' generosity extends beyond the students and families at Rooney Ranch. She is active in supporting students and families throughout the Green Mountain High School area. She helped with an adopt a school program and supported a toy drive that helped make Christmas merry for dozens of less privileged kids in a nearby school. She's shared information and promoted food drives and more. She is DEFINITELY a life changer worthy of this honor.

Lisa Henning Posted 12 months ago

Debbie was a major influence on our decision to attend Rooney Ranch so I can honestly say that she changed our lives! She made us feel welcome the minute we walked in the door that hasn't changed one bit in six years. She is one of the most authentic people I know and her kind, caring demeanor sets the tone for the school. She genuinely cares about the well being of the students and their families. She will be missed dearly but we are so happy for her and wish her the best of luck in her retirement!

Cassidy Brannan Posted over a year ago

Debbie has made a huge impact on the Green Mountain community. I find it so heartwarming that Debbie has been apart of the Rooney family for so long, being apart of myself growing up and now the kids I babysit for. I graduated from Rooney Ranch in 2006, but I can walk in there now and Debbie would be able to recognize me. She has the most infectious smile and kind demeanor that I can vividly remember from being a student at Rooney. Debbie is the type of person who truly cares when she asks how you are, even when you were a student of hers 12 years ago. I am so happy to see and hear about the good she has done for the school, the students and their families in the last 25 years! Happy Retirement, Debbie! You will be missed!

Jennifer Douglas Posted over a year ago

Debbie is an amazing example of how to be a kind and loving human. She certainly can light up a room! She is a smart, compassionate, strong, warm, loving, forgiving, and beautiful soul. I appreciated her help with my transition as a Rooney staff member and I mourned the fact that I would no longer be co-workers with her when I was promoted. But, I am thrilled that I can always call her friend. Congratulations on your retirement, Debbie!

Diana Posted over a year ago

Debbie helped us from the first day we decided to choice into Rooney. She made sure we knew exactly what we needed to do and remembered my name when I turned in the paperwork weeks later. Every time I see her she has a smile on her face and is asking someone how she can help them. It’s this kind of mentality and taking time to make people feel part of the Rooney family that helped us decide the right school for our daughter. Thanks Debbie!

Katharyn sindt Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzalez just may be one of the best examples of humanity. Never a selfish thought, always a nonjudgmental listener, never impatient, always forgiving, never exclusive and always wearing a big beautiful smile! And because she is humble, she probably won’t like this. But, because she’s always thinking of others, she’ll be happy for us because we’re so happy for her! Congratulations Debbie. You’re a precious gem!

Christine Connolly Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure to work with Debbie for over 10 years. In the time I spent at Rooney I don't think I ever walked into the office, and did not see a smile on her face. It didn't matter what was going on in her day, she would always stop to greet you with a smile and a kind greeting. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She would support you with just the right words, an ear to listen to you or a hug to make your day better. My kids were little while I was at Rooney Ranch, and years later they all remember her as "the nice lady in the office." She held all of my babies, knew all of their struggles, and genuinely cared about all of their victories. Debbie is an incredibly rare gem, and I know she will be missed at Rooney!

Reese Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Ganzoles is one of the many people that have changed my life in the best way. She is so nice to anybody that she meets. When I walk by her in the hallway she always says ¨Hey Baby,¨ she is the best Attendance Secretary ever.

Sydney Posted over a year ago

She Is very, VERY nice, i have never seen her argue with ANYONE. She is a real life changer, she should get the award! She has earned it!

CJ Posted over a year ago

Miss Ganzoles has changed my life by letting me come into the school when I forget something at school and telling me when i am going home early

Olivia Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is one of the nicest and best staff in the whole school. Whenever I walk in she says "Hi, and have a good day!" She always is helpful and caring. I always like haveing someone I know that I can trust and feel safe with. She always has our backs and keeps us all safe.

Bri Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is honestly the sweetest, most happy person I have ever met, she is so helpful around the office, For example she helps print papers, she helped me print the things I needed off the printer I needed, and not just for me for my class mates and my teacher as well. Mrs. Gonzales always has a smile on her face and it just makes my day, and finally when I was new at Rooney ranch, she gave my family a tour of the school which helped me know my way around the school.

Charlize Posted over a year ago

Ms.Gonzales is one of the nice's teachers that I have ever seen because when you walk into the school she always says HI!!! It is always to comforting to have her say that to us. Also, I could have ever have a the niceness teacher ever!

Stephanie Garvey Posted over a year ago

Debbie is awesome! I was so worried about switching schools for my little guy, but Debbie was so kind and caring and made it so easy and simple! She sets such a nice, loving spirit in the office that poors out into the whole school!

Claire Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is such an amazing woman, I honestly can't picture my great experience at my school with out Mrs. Gonzales. When ever I see her walking around the school I am greeted with a warm smile, and I know she will always be kind and helpful to me. When ever I am in a bad mood her positive vibes just make me feel happy again. I have known her ever since Kindergarten and I believe she deserves the Life changer of the year award.

Aylen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzalas has always shows me a smile even if she is not in the best mood. Debbie is more than just a person, she is the best! She always supports Rooney Ranch Elementary. She has changed my life in so many ways, she has make this school the best and she cares about the teachers and the students so much. Debbie is the best school supporter ever!

Alyssa Posted over a year ago

Miss. Gonzalez changed my life in Kindergarten when she called my parents on the second day because I wasn´t sure if I was supposed to take the bus or if my parents were picking me up.

Matthew Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is a wonderful woman, She was there when my dad was in 6th grade, and my uncle when he was in Elementary School. She always gives everyone a smile and a warm hello that could make any ones day. Mrs. Gonzales is defiantly my life changer.

Huck Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is amazing! When I was going into Kindergarten, I was so scared because it was my first time at an elementary school. When Mrs. Gonzales took my family and I on the tour around the school, I was thinking "This is going to be the best place ever. Mrs. Gonzales is the nicest person ever and I hope I get to see her a lot!" She plans almost all the fun events we do. She puts a smile on everyone's face. She has made this school the best place to be and I hope she wins the Lifechanger of the Year award! ;)

Matthew Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is a wonderful woman, She was there when my dad was in 6th grade, and my uncle when he was in Elementary School. She always gives everyone a smile and a warm hello that could make any ones day. Mrs. Gonzales is defiantly my life changer.

Drake Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales changed my life by allowing me to enter a amazing school and let me meet new people/peers. Not only that she also allowed me to learn great leadership, and teaching me to be respectful and kind.

Halle Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales is so sweet and kind there is no doubt about it!! One time my mom was late picking me up and she comforted me until my mom got their! That is just one of the many times she has helped kids. I think she really deserves this award!!

Kane Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales is the greatest person in the world.Everyone loves her,there is no one person that could possible hate her,because she does way more than attendance like brightens up peoples day,plans all of the event and etc.She also always has a smile on her face??.

Brody Posted over a year ago

I´m a 5th grade student at Rooney Ranch Elementary, I've been here for five years since first grade. Ms. Gonzales is so nice I cant even explain. She makes everyone's day, and just spreads joy around the school. Mrs. Gonzales is a wonderful person. She does her best every single day. Mrs. Gonzales helps support kids in what they are concerned about and what they need help with. Mrs. Gonzales truly cares about everyone working at the school and all the kids.

maddie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is a life changer because she is always smiling and she always makes the new welcome. I was going to Rooney Ranch Elementary since I was in kindergarten and now I am a Fifth grader. Everytime I see her she always says hi with a smile. I do not know what the school would be like without Mrs. Gonzales. Even though I will also will be gone next year I wonder what it would be like without her in middle school. I am going to miss Mrs. Gonzales.

Daniel Posted over a year ago

Mr.gonsolis is the nicest person in the school i like you most because if were hurt you send us to the nurse in the fire drills you get out of the school. From 5th grade student

Wyatt Posted over a year ago

The reason why I vote for Mrs. Gonzales is that she is a winner. When I go to the office she makes me smile, walking down the hall she makes me happy every time, I don’t feel good or am hurt I see her big smile and it makes me feel better she is always doing her making kids happy and work in the office. she always tries her hardest and she does everything great. I have been her since kindergarten and she has always made me happy, feel better and makes me smile. From kindergarten to fifth grade she is the best.

Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Oh man… Mrs. Gonzales! Mrs. Gonzales always has a smile on her face. Every time I have to go to the clinic, I see her in her seat laughing even though she may have struggles she is going through herself. That shows that she is never selfish and just wants to make others happy no matter how she feels. I just adore that so much and I wish I could be like her. I have known her since I was in Kindergarten and even to this day (Fifth Grade), she has not changed A BIT! Something that she always does that is so kind, is when she greets me. It is always the nicest comment like, “What do you need sweety?”. I think every fifth grader can definitely agree! She has the warmest literally EVER. I hope she has an amazing future outside of this school when she retires because I will miss her a lot!

Daniel Posted over a year ago

Mr.gonsolis is the nicest person in the school i like you most because if were hurt you send us to the nurse in the fire drills you get out of the school. From 5th grade student

Max B Posted over a year ago

I am a fifth grader and I think Mrs Gonzalez is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. She has helped the school in so many ways, she has changed my life by always having a smile on her face, having a positive attitude all the time, or even just a simple how are you doing? She is a true life changer, and I think that she definitely deserves this award. (^-^)

Isak Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzalez is the nicest person in the world. She helps everyone in the school and it wouldn't be the same here at Rooney Ranch Elementary without her. I have known her since kindergarten and she always makes me smile and if your having a bad day and you see her, she will make you feel so much better and very warm inside. If you are going home with someone else like your friend she will call down and kindly say that you you are going home with someone else even if you already know. Know I am in fifth grade and she still is the same person from when I was in kindergarten and has so much positive energy and helps you with anything you need from her and she´ll lift you up if you are feeling low. I´m cheering for you Mrs. Gonzalez!

Zoie 5th grader Posted over a year ago

Whenever I have a bloody nose, feel sick or spill, she always smiles and asks if i'm OK. She loves to laugh, and when she says "I love ya!" you'll always know it's true.

Britton Posted over a year ago

I am a student at Rooney Ranch elementary in fifth grade and Mrs Gonzales is on of the nicest people I met because she has known my Mom since my old brother was in kindergarten and she always makes me smile from the way she acts and stuff. When ever I go into the office, she is there and she always says “Hi” to me and she smiles at me. She Knows me and my family really well too.

Kaiya Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales really does make Rooney Ranch a better place. Every time I see her, she gives me a warm smile and asks how I am. If someone’s having a bad day and walks past her, their bound to feel better! She’s always helping and doing it with a bounce in her step! I’ve known Mrs. Gonzales since kindergarten, and now I’m in fifth grade. Everyday throughout these six great years at Rooney Ranch, Mrs. Gonzales has made me feel welcome and made every day better with her smile and positivity! She is so kind and energetic all the time, and she totally deserves the award. She really is a life changer, and I think anyone who ever meets her will think the same way.

Lynae Posted over a year ago

I think why Mrs.Gonzales deserves this award is because she is always so helpful and just appreciates everyone and the thing that I notice a lot from Mrs. Gonzales is she always has a smile on her face.I am a fifth grade student and I have known her since kindergarten and she has always been so sweet.I have never seen her not happy or cheerful.I am really sad that Mrs. Gonzales has to leave but she had been her a long time and everybody in the school will remember her for how amazing she is at her job and how she bring happiness to me everyday I see her in the office. :)

Sofia Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is one of the nicest people I know. She is always kind and her happiness will spread to everyone around her. I’ve been at Rooney Ranch since kindergarten, and she has always, in the six years I’ve known her, been one of the most positive, helpful, kind, and amazing people ever. If your feeling down one day, she will always be able to make you feel better with her smile and energy.

Beverly Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzalez is the best secretary EVER!I have known her since I was in kindergarten (I am now in 5th grade) and she always makes me smile. On the first day of kindergarten I was scared and Mrs.Gonzales made me happy with her smile and her positive energy. I am in fifth grade so I am going to go to middle school next year am I am going to miss her.

Amelia Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales ALWAYS has a smile on her face. When I go down to the office to get something she will always greet me with what do you need hun. It’s amazing how much she does for rooney ranch and I think every fifth grader and all the other grades know that to. She stays after school for a little to make sure the school is ready for tomorrow. She signs papers for special events. Mrs.Gonzales is definitely our life changer.

kaden Posted over a year ago

I am a 5th grade student. Mrs. Gonzalez is the nicest secretary in the whole world. She helps everyone in our school and lets people know what the school is doing. She made our school perfect and fun. I’ve known her since I was in kindergarten. If you don’t like your school, I recommend this school because Mrs. Gonzalez made my school the best school. She changed all of our lives to let us have fun but, learn. In my school years, she has been making Rooney Ranch elementary, even more fun every year.

Jack Posted over a year ago

I am a 5th grade student at Rooney Ranch and I have went here since third grade. In second grade I came to tour the school and Mrs. Gonzales welcomed my family and I with a smile. Then she took us on a tour of the school and answered any question we had. And every day I walk into the school she helps with anything I need and always has a smile on her face. She always brightens my day and makes me feel better.

Brynn S Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales Mrs. Gonzales is the best she always cheers me up. She is so fun and I wish that she was not leaving the school and retiring. I really like how she gives an opportunity to buy chairs with the money we give the school for run for Rooney. That’s why I love Mrs. Gonzales. Love Brynn S 5th grade.

McKenzie Posted over a year ago

I'm McKenzie in 5th grade. She helps everyone around the school. She does almost everything around the school. She will help kids when the nurse is gone. She will help the staff when something isn't working or if something isn't going well. She helps the whole schools itself. She spreads joy throughout the air.

Elliot J Posted over a year ago

Mrs Gonzales is one of the most caring people I have ever met! Whenever somebody is injured she always feels concerned for him or her. She always brightens up our day when she calls us angel or honey. I’ve known her since kindergarten so I know that when I'm feeling bad, just to talk to someone like her makes me feel so much better. I really hope you win the award but even if you don't, know that you made a differences in all of our lives.

Bella s. Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzalez is a life changer because without out her the office would always be quiet and unwelcoming, but with her everyone working there is laughing and have fun which makes me want to be there for the rest of class. She is also hard working and doesn’t stop until she gets things done. When I walk into her room I can tell she would say a millon nice comments besides get out.

Jacob Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzalez is by far the nicest person in the whole entire world! What I mean by that is when she tells everybody that she loves them, by loves them she really means loves them. Them is the entire school of wonderful rooney ranch that Mrs. Gonzalez has brought everyone together to be apart of the best school in the whole world. Mrs. Gonzalez is a life changer, as a life changer she is always up to help others that are struggling or feeling down, by the way when I was in 2nd grade I would always fell down because nobody would really want to play with me, so Mrs. Gonzalez took me inside and let me play a board game with one of my friends and I had a blast. Over all my years in rooney ranch in the grade kindergarten to now 5th grade I have always known Mrs. Gonzalez is the most helpful and always excited to explore new adventures in rooney ranch elementary. Therefore i vote Debbie Gonzalez from: Jacob Swanson in Mrs. Van duerms wonderful 5th grade class.

penn Posted over a year ago

mrs gonzalas is a wonderful lady and she has been nice to everyone ive seen and meet in my school of rooney ranch and she changed life in many drastic ways. she greets every one in the ofiice when they enter.also she is nice to every one in and out of our school. she has also taught me how to be nice to every one and follow the rules. and that is why i really want mrs . gonzaliz to get the award.

Teagen Posted over a year ago

shy is so nice because every single time I walk into the office she gives a big smile,also what ever I need she helps me with it.that is why she is so nice.

cameron Posted over a year ago

Ms Gonzales is the best person ever. There was a day when I walked to the office to get something of the printer I was in a bad mood but when I waked in to the office Ms Gonzales made me happy again.

AJ Posted over a year ago

She really brings a smile to are community!

Thiago Posted over a year ago

Ms.Gonzales is super nice she is awesome she always greets you makes your day better and I just want to say she has known a bunch of people have been nice to them for all these years.

Mila Posted over a year ago

I wish Ms.Gonzales never had to leave she made Rooney Ranch a better place.

Madeleine Posted over a year ago

You are amazing. I have known you since Kindergarten and you always make me smile. When I have to get copies from you always welcome me very friendly. I never seen you get mad. You are really sweet to everyone around you.

Marlo 5th grader Posted over a year ago

Mis Gonzales is a very nice person and helps me when I need help.

Ivan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzalez is a wonderful person. She goes out of her way to help or benefit the school in anyway she can. Just hearing her voice on the intercom makes me smile. Her voice is always filled with joy. Thankyou! -Ivan

Jennifer.l.heffern Posted over a year ago

Debbie is terrific!

Jason Glass Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is a warm and welcoming spirit for families at Rooney Ranch Elementary. Kids and parents come into the school with all sorts of needs and concerns and Debbie supports them with whatever they need. She has created a culture of good at the school and it extends to everything happening in the building. We are so proud to have Debbie as a Jeffco Public Schools employee!

Margo Smith Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzales is an amazing person and truly cares about making the world around her a better place. She greets visitors to Rooney Ranch warmly. Her calm, friendly demeanor is a great comfort to students, staff, and families on a daily basis. Our family whole-heartedly is in support of Ms. Gonzales being recognized as a Life Changer. Thank you Ms. Gonzales for all that you do each day to make a positive difference in our community!

Kathy Martins Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mrs. Gonzales for your beautiful service at Rooney Ranch Elementry. Your dedication is greatly appreciated and very rare. You will be missed terribly! Best wishes and God Bless you. Kathy Martins Grandparent to Jonah and Delilah Martins

Jennifer Swaim Posted over a year ago

Debbie is one of a kind! She is an angel in disguise. I’ve never met someone who truly cares so much about others. She is an inspiration. To everyone she encounters, she will brighten your day. You can’t help but smile and feel loved after having a conversation with her. She is always looking out for others. I know that I can go to Debbie for anything and everything and know that I will have her support and love. She truly is an amazing person! I’ve known and worked with Debbie for 11 years now and can easily say that I’ve never met someone who is so caring, giving, inspiring, encouraging, loving, emphatic and helping as her. She is a joy to be around. She has blessed my life in countless ways and I am honored to not only work with her but call her a friend. She is an angel.

Amy Billingsley Posted over a year ago

Debbie is truly a burst of sunshine to whoever she meets. She has endless energy and is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone at any time. She is the most kind, generous person and always full of positive energy. She is the heart and soul of Rooney Ranch and what a huge heart it is! I feel lucky to be able to call you a friend and colleague.

Jonah Martins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzales is the nicest, most helpful person ever. When ever I talk to her or ask her something I leave with a smile on my face. She changed the course of the lives of every kid, parent and teacher and Rooney Ranch. I'm very grateful that she came into my life. Jonah Martins 8th grader

Monica Martins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzales was the first person I met at Rooney. I visited 5 different schools and when I met her I knew Rooney was the place for us. She was so sweet and helpful for a worried mom that it was like a warm hug. I have been at Rooney for 9 years now and am so thankful she will be retiring after we leave. I can’t imagine a Rooney without her! I wish we could take her with us. We are so thankful for all her love through the years and wish her all the best in retirement. You are truly the best! The Martins

Gb Posted over a year ago

We’ve been at Rooney for over 10 years. Ms Gonzales has never been unable to answer any questions we had,never been unable to help anyone in need, and never been seen in a mood other than happy when children are present. She is the utmost professional one of the good ones. We will miss her for our final year at Rooney.

Nick Sontag Posted over a year ago

The individuals who work in any school's office represent and communicate the spirit of that school to anyone who visits. At Rooney Ranch Elementary, where I've worked with Debbie Gonzales for over twelve years, we have been incredibly lucky and thankful to have had her empathetic and happy personality welcoming tens of thousands of students, parents, staff, and community members to our school. Debbie's kind words each day have communicated to every child that they will be treated with kindness, supported, and loved, and set the tone for them to have a positive and productive day. For every adult, her words and actions have clearly broadcast that Rooney Ranch is a place where everyone is welcome and kindness flows.

Christine Leahy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is pure love to the children, staff, parents, and community of Rooney Ranch Elementary. Her always welcoming, helpful demeanor helped my children settle in when they began at Rooney in 2nd and 5th grade. It's hard for a child to move schools. Mrs. Gonzales supported my boys to connect with the school community right away. I haven't a clue the extent of work Mrs. Gonzales does, but I know she makes everyone feel important and special with every interaction. I aspire to be like her! With Gratitude, Christine

Madeline Posted over a year ago

She is just the best person ever because when I joined Rooney Ranch she helped me and my parents find me class and introduced me to everybody and we wold of been lost with out her here.

Harper Mackin Posted over a year ago

I really glad Mrs.Gonzales has been nominated this award. She is amazing and kind to everyone here and she's made Rooney Ranch the best school. I love that she makes everyone smile and she has keep Rooney Ranch on her feet. I know will miss her.

Andrea 4th grader Posted over a year ago

Dear Mrs. Gonzales, You´v changed my life because you are so kind, and happy. you call everyone love and angel and you mean it but the truth is you are our love and angel as well, you can even make me smile on a rainy day or even on the sunny days any day at all.

zachary Posted over a year ago

Mrs, Gonzales is the best life changer in jeffco and she does miracoulous things to make the school better each year and she does a really great job doing that.

RyLee Posted over a year ago

Mrs Gonzales is the best and shes is so nice,kind, funny,and so so nice. She is defiantly a life changer.She is also a angle.I hope that what ever she dose is that she is happy. RyLee 4th grader

Erin Metziner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales always makes me happy. In 2017, I was out trick or treating and I saw her when I rang the doorbell. I guess you could say she's a living angel. Mrs. Gonzales is our life changer.

Larsen Posted over a year ago

She calls people angels and actually means it.

Dovie Posted over a year ago

She is so sweet and kind all the time.

Jessica Posted over a year ago

I’m so happy Debbie has been nominated for this award. She is genuinely kind and is a shining light at Rooney Ranch Elementary. No matter what the question she makes sure you get an answer. A pleasure to work with and a role model for all.

Melissa Casey Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs. Gonzales 14 years ago when our family came to Rooney Ranch to choice enroll. I remember walking through the front doors and Mrs. Gonzales met us with open arms and made us feel welcomed and gave us that at home feeling, I knew in that instant this was the school for our family. She was always so sweet to me with my daily phone calls to see if we got accepted into Rooney Ranch!! Over the last 14 years when I come into volunteer, I always enjoy seeing her smile and hear her call me an angel! Mrs. Gonzales has a heart of gold and we're excited for her new journey in life! Thank you Mrs. Gonzales for all you've done for this Rooney Ranch family!

courtney cave Posted over a year ago

We are new to Rooney Ranch this year and in only two months, Debbie has left an indelible impression on us for her warmth, inclusiveness, and happy spirit. I don't think I've ever come in contact with someone so bubbly and welcoming. She has helped to ease the nervousness around our daughter starting Kindergarten.

Shela Morben Posted over a year ago

Debbie is an amazing lady, She always has a smile on her face and loves what she does. I have had 2 kids at Rooney one is still in the 4th and the other a junior and they always says how nice she is. She is always helpful and kind to everyone that walks through the doors. We just love her.

Susan Harmon Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is the best at everything that everyone should experience when they walk into a public school. She cares deeply about every child and every family from her first contact to her last. She is welcoming, warm and genuine. She follows up and is always there with a smile and hug. Our children had the joy of Debbie being part of their day from kindergarten through sixth grade. Now in their high school years they still light up at the mention of her name. Through working with Debbie on committees and associations and now as a School Board member she is a role model for me in public service. She is s true advocate for public education, children and families, and while she will be missed dearly at Rooney Ranch, I have no doubt that she will have a lasting impact and will remain involved. She is a special person that will continue to share of herself and care for our community as she has been doing for so long. Thank you for your years of service and for all the joy you bring to others each day.

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Debbie has to be one of the nicest, kindest and most sincere people I have ever met. She is always willing to help the students and the staff here at Rooney Ranch. This is my second year at the school and she has gone an above and beyond to help me feel welcomed and informed with my transition. The way she does the end of day announcements is not only informative but engaging to listen to. Every spirt day you can count on Deb to be dressed to the hilt! You want to visit on Bronco day if you can! Debbie is one amazing teammate in the office and we are all blessed to work with her.

Drew Posted over a year ago

I am a student at Rooney Ranch Elementary school, and Ms. Gonzales has done many amazing things in our school. But I'm just going to name three of them. One thing that she did was that she warms other peoples hearts. Another thing that she did was that she puts a smile on other peoples faces. The third thing that Ms. Gonzales did was that she made people feel happy when they're feeling sad. As you can see, Ms.Gonzales is really kind, and she will do many things for other people to be happy.

Kaitlin Posted over a year ago

I am a 5th grade student at Rooney Ranch elementary school. I've known Mrs. Gonzales scenes I was basically born. Mrs. Gonzales is caring since I started to go to Rooney Ranch. She always gives me a huge when I see her. She always gives me one of her warm smiles when I go past the office. She always has a good heart. Every time someone gets hurt she is always by their side. When anyone is feeling sad she always tell them that every thing is going to be okay. She tout me how to be good to my friends, and how to make friends. In conclusion, she really deserves this award.

peter Posted over a year ago

I am a student at the amazing school of Rooney Ranch. What makes this school so amazing are the staff members. One of the best staff members is Debbie Gonzalez. the only times I have gone to the office, she has welcomed me with her big, happy smile. At the end of the day, she makes the announcements entertaining and exclusive. When a day that a drill dawns upon us; she makes sure that the teachers have all of the kids that are present. A lot of school staff just want to make money, but that isn't Mrs.Gonzalez. I hope that I am not the only one that knows that. All of the teachers, staff members an the children appreciate her. To conclude, Debbie Gonzalez is great to know and be around.

Chloe Posted over a year ago

Mrs, Gonzales has been such a big help, For example, in kindergarden she had such a warm welcome. She also has no hesitation to enlarge any thing, In all I think Mrs, Gonzales should get the life changer award.

Ashlee Posted over a year ago

I have knew Mrs. Gonzales for 6 years, I was here since Kindergarten. Since I have bad Asthma, I cant jog or run or sprint, so when I do, I have to go up to the office and get help from there, and each time I went there, Mrs. Gonzales helped me relax a little bit and kept getting me cold water when I needed it, but since I don´t run or jog and recess much, I don´t go up there for Asthma much. When Teachers or students are sad, she is person you could be comfortable with talking to and she will make you feel better. When I walk into the building, she is the first person I see and she is always smiling, never once have I seen her with a straight, mad, or sad face in my life, whenever I see her, she is smiling. Mrs. Gonzales has been working here since it opened and she worked really hard for all of these different and amazing Teachers and Students. In conclusion, it is sad hear Mrs. Gonzales retire, I hope she will visit Rooney Ranch again soon after the year of 2019-2020 and she is one of my favorite school Secretaries. Mrs Gonzales is a sweet, nice, helpful person. My vote goes to her.

Lucy Posted over a year ago

I am a fith grade student at Rooney Ranch Elementry. I have been going to this school since 4th grade! Every time I see her she makes me smile! Ms.Gonzales is so sweet and kind to me and so many others. I haven't known Ms.Gonzales for very long, but I do know that she inspires so many people. The first time I saw the school I met Mrs. Gonzales! She greated me with a bright smile! The seconed I saw the smile on her face I knew that she was a kind person! Mrs. Gonzles really is a life changer and is so inspiring to every one at Rooney Ranch! I am really happy that Mrs. Gonzales works at Rooney!

Shyanne Posted over a year ago

even tho I've only been here for like 3 mouth Ms. Gonzales made me fill happy when i was sad.she dose with all of us .she makes us all happy.she will be missed i nominate ms Gonzales for 2018 life changer of the year award. we will miss you

kaleb Posted over a year ago

I am a student of Rooney ranch and she done a lot for me. When ever I walked in to the office she always helped me like when I had to have another copy of something she said OK.She always say yes when ever you ask here something.She asks you how is your day. If you are having a bad day you can go to her and she will make your day better. In conclusion, I think she is really nice and if she was a teacher she would be my favorite.

Dayne Posted over a year ago

I am a student at Rooney Ranch Elementary school. I cant count how many times Ms. Gonzales has helped me. The first time she helped me it was indescribable. She had a warm smile, a hug that made you put all of your worries behind you. When I came in the second day at school in kindergarten I was lost,I didn't know where my classroom was. But even when Ms.Gonzales had work to do she still got up and personally walked me to my classroom. There are so many things I can say about Ms.Gonzales. She is the kind of person that would do anything for you.

Sean Posted over a year ago

There are nice people, and people that go out of their way to be nice to others. Debbie Gonzales is that person to go out of their way just to be nice and kind to other people. The one thing about Debbie Gonzales is that she does not have favorites. She will never stop smiling. Even if you had a bad day, Debbie Gonzales will make your day better than it was before. Rooney Ranch will not be the same without Debbie Gonzales but will always be rembembered as the nicest person in Rooney Ranch Elementary.

Miley Posted over a year ago

I am a fifth grade student at Rooney Ranch Elementary School! I have been at Rooney since Kindergarten and I remember the first time I walked into the school and I was really scared that it was going to be hard to learn and make new friends, but Mrs. Gonzales made me feel happy about learning and exited to meet new friends! Every time I am sad or hurt Mrs. Gonzales is always there to make me feel better by her warm smile and Her kind words! Every day when I hear her voice over the intercom I am exited to hear her happy voice! Mrs. Gonzales has made my life, my friends life and my family's life more easy and a lot better! Mrs. Gonzales truly is a life changer and she really does deserve this award!!!

Signey Posted over a year ago

I am a fifth grade student at Rooney Ranch elementary school. I have known Mrs.Gonzales since kindergarten. She has helped me so So SO much. For example, one time in kindergarten or 1st grade I ran into a pole and got a black eye, when I went to the clinic, on my way in Mrs. Gonzales greeted me with a smile and asked if I was okay. that made my day so much better. another time I cut my pinky toe and guess who made me feel better, Mrs. Gonzales. I have known her for almost 7 years. She has made my years at Rooney Ranch Elementary School some of the best years of my life.This is why I nominate Debbie Gonzales ( Mrs. Gonzales ) for the 2018 Life changer of the year award.

Avery Posted over a year ago

I am a student in fifth grade at Rooney Ranch Elementary School and I've been here seen 2nd grade and Mrs.Gonzales is one of the most caring people I know. The first time I saw the school was also the first time I met Mrs.Gonzales. I was walking around with her so I could see the school and she was so sweet. I would ask her lots of questions on what to look forward to and how to meet friends. I was a little nervous about meeting friends but Mrs.Gonzales told me that there will be no problem with me meeting friends which put a smile on my face. Also when ever I was not feeling good and the nurse was not in the clinic she would come in with the biggest happiest smile on her face and to make sure I was OK and if I needed anything. Mrs.Gonzales is amazing and she deserves this award with no doubt in my mind.

Kantyn Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales is a great person with a warm smile.She always greats you kindly.I remember one time when I was in kindergarten I was feeling sick to my stomach so I came up to the office and she was there with the warmest smile I had ever seen. She asked me if I was okay the fact that someone outside my family cared about me made me feel amazing. Even 6 years later, I remember. She knows everyone in my family from my 23 year old brother to me the youngest. In 6 years I have only seen her frown once or twice. The most reactant time I saw her was a few weeks ago I was having a really bad day and her big smile made my day I am sad to see her go but she was so good she deserves a break.

Delilah Posted over a year ago

I'm a student in fifth grade at Rooney Ranch Elementary. Mrs. Gonzales is a great person, i've known her since kindergarten and every day she always smiles no matter what. The first time I saw her she said hi and gave me a warm smile , which made me feel a lot less nervous about school and meeting my teacher.Also every time I've gotten hurt or sick she would always say "you'll be better soon." Even to this day she says hi in the halls. For these reasons I nominate Mrs. Gonzales to be the life changer of the year.

Micah Posted over a year ago

I am a student from Rooney Ranch ms Gonzales is the only secratary I would ever want. In fourth grade of the first day ms Gonzales came up to me and gave me a hug and I just never felt so welcome to this school. And not too long ago when she called me up to the office for my mom to pick me up ms Gonzales smiled and said "hey Micah whats up?" Any way all im saying is that she is a great staff and I wish she could stay for 10 more years

Devon Posted over a year ago

I am a student that goes to Rooney Ranch. I remember going on a tour of the school. It was my first time standing in the front doors of Rooney Ranch and i was going into 2nd grade. I remember the first person i saw was Ms. Gonzales smiling a heart-warming smile at me and saying "welcome i am so happy i get to take you on the tour". I remember all of my nervousness going away right in that moment. I am really disappointed that Ms.Gonzales is leaving Rooney Ranch next year because all of the students that are starting to go to Rooney Ranch next year wont get to meet her and see just how awesome she is!

Palmer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzalez is always there in the morning to greet with a warm and heartfelt smile and she has the biggest heart out of anyone I've ever met and she also is there to help me when I'm in need. I remember on my first day of kindergarten she gave me a high five and that made my day. When you go into the office she always says hello and is so nice to everyone she knows and meets. She always is happy to see you and she helps you when you don't understand what to do. When making copies she is always helping you and shows you where the copier is. I am sad that Ms. Gonzalez is leaving but, I glad I had the chance to meet her and have her work at our school.

Paul Posted over a year ago

I have been at this school for 6 years and I have never forgot when I was in kindergarten a one day I got bet up and when I went to the clinic she sat right next to me all the though.Over all I think that she should have the award because she is one of the nice person on earth.

Giada Posted over a year ago

Hi, I've been going to Rooney Ranch Elementary school since kindergarten and Mrs.Gonzales has been here the whole time for not just me but, my family and many, many other family's. When I see Mrs.Gonzales smile everyday it makes me feel happy and ready for the day because she's so welcoming. Someday's when I'm looking sad Mrs.Gonzales will always say that the day will get better or it'll be better. Another thing that I like about Mrs.Gonzales is that she always has this big smile on her face no matter what. I really, really hope that Mrs.Gonzales wins this award because she's an amazing person, and she's about to retire which makes me really, really sad because she's just such an amazing human being and it's just really upsetting. I think that Mrs.Gonzales definitely deserves this award.

Shane Posted over a year ago

When the clinic aid was out she helped me when I was sick. She called me and my mom and I went home. but before that, she got me some saltine crackers. She also just made me happier

Kaitlin Posted over a year ago

I am a 5th grade student at Rooney ranch elementary. The best school ever because of Mrs. Gonzales. I've known Mrs.Gonzales secne i was

Carter Posted over a year ago

When ever you are having a tough time Ms. Gonzales is always there to cheer you up. Every time I see her in the halls she always has a super encouraging smile that just makes my day even better. She has the sweetest voice and is very easy to talk to if you ever need to. If your in the clinic and Mr.Gonzales is in there she is always there to help you or try to make you feel better if your not feeling great. Overall I think she is an amazing teacher and a great human in general.

Rebecca Bub Posted over a year ago

Debbie is always so kind and welcoming! She deserves all the recognition in the world!

Jeff Posted over a year ago

She carries a lot on her shoulders for the school and staff, but it may be the little things that lift us the most. Her kind, patient approach with students, parents, teachers, and staff bring everyone up. From navigating kindergarten registration years ago, to walking us through activities and programs for our kids today, she's brightened our days, and helped everyone feel more comfortable along the way. There could be no real measure for the countless behind-the-scenes contributions she makes every day for Rooney Ranch. We're lucky to have her, and she'll be greatly missed.

Jen Posted over a year ago

As a new staff member to Rooney Ranch this year, Debbie has been an amazing part of my transition. She is always positive, helpful and is willing to stop what she is doing to help answer questions. Debbie has made me feel so welcome at Rooney Ranch this year. Her love for others and joy is contagious and makes the school brighter everyday. I am so grateful to work with Debbie!

Caitlin Helfer Posted over a year ago

I am a teacher Rooney Ranch and have had the privilege to work with Debbie Gonzales the past 6 years. She is the first person I see walking in to work and what a way to start the day. "Good Morning My Angel" she says with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude about everything and smile is contagious. It sets the tone for my day and I look forward to seeing her smile throughout the day also. Debbie truly cares about you as a person and invests the time and effort into getting to know all of the staff and students at Rooney Ranch. She is truly a life changer for all of the staff and students here at Rooney Ranch and is one of a kind. Rooney will not be the same without her but I am so excited for her to start her next chapter and enjoy retirement and being a grandma!

Bo Oryshchyn Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is one of the most genuine loving people I have ever known. She truly cares for everyone and is interested in how you are truly doing. When most people ask, "how are you?" it is just a greeting, with Debbie she truly wants to know. Her compassion, her kindness, her smile, her caring, her enthusiasm, are all traits that make her the wonderful loving person that she is that endears her to everyone.

Heidi Smith Posted over a year ago

I have two kids who attend Rooney Ranch Elementary and have for the past 4 years. I have never met a person more organized and dedicated to her job than Debbie. She is so on point 110% of the time which makes for a structured and comfortable atmosphere for our kids when they walk into that building 5 days a week. I am really sad to hear of her retiring after this school year but wish her the absolute best!

Chris Moore Posted over a year ago

This is our first year of having a child at Rooney and Debbie - as many of the people have said here - is the perfect, positive first-face of the school. As first-year parents, we were very nervous, and so was our son. Debbie has a fantastic way about her that immediately makes you feel welcomed but also makes you feel a part of the school. It is like that first friend you see you child make in Kindergarten, but she's your friend. We are very sad that she will be leaving Rooney, but we feel incredibly blessed to have had her be a part of our lives for our crucial first year.

Jen Posted over a year ago

Debbie is one of the reasons why we chose to go to Rooney Ranch! We felt so welcomed into the Rooney family because of her, and she is always so kind and helpful every single time I walk into the front office. Thank you Debbie for ALL you have done throughout the years!! You have made such an impact on so many lives!!

Hilary Posted over a year ago

This is only our second year at Rooney Ranch but even before my son started Debbie was so kind and helpful. I was a clueless mom trying to figure out how to get my som set up for school and she was nothing but kind! Always a smiling face ready to help with whatever is needed!

Julie Obreiter Posted over a year ago

They only reason why I open enrolled my daughter into Rooney Ranch Elementary was because of my interaction with Debbie. I was new to the area (in 2009) and got lost and I somehow stumbled upon RRE and decided since I was at the school that I should tour it. The first person I encountered was Debbie. She was so awesome and gracious that I immediately felt at home and decided that this is where I wanted my daughter to go to school. I was an active volunteer at school (PTA for 5 years) and worked very closely with Debbie. She is gracious, humble and always has a smile on her face. I was so thankful to see her smile every time I stepped into the school (which was almost everyday!).

Kathi agnes Posted over a year ago

I agree with all Kim wrote In the 7years my daughter was at Rooney, Debbie was always there, cheerful and helpful The front office was always organized, happy and ready to help the kids with Debbie there From my daughter She was always repspectful to he kids and remembered all of our names Anyone who came to Rooney could tell that she loves her job She’s very deserving of this award and I think it would be a great ending to a wonderful career Kathi

Janell Posted over a year ago

Debbie has had such an enormous impact on Rooney Ranch Elementary including hundreds of kids, families and staff members. Her genuine caring and positive approach set the tone for great experience and she works to ensure that every student feels that. She is a true asset to the school and the community.

Susan Faje Posted over a year ago

Debbie was the first person I talked to about enrolling our daughter at Rooney Ranch Elementary. We were moving from Chicago and I called the school (from Chicago) to understand how to get enrolled. Debbie had a smile in her voice and was so welcoming and helpful over the phone. I felt so much more comfortable about our big decision to move. Since then, I look forward to seeing her smiling face when I walk into the office. Anyone can tell, she loves the kids! Her positive outlook and helpful way makes such a big impact on all of us who she helps with anything, big or small.

Hayden Blazer Posted over a year ago

I have only known Debbie for a short time, since I am a new employee at Rooney Ranch this year, but I can honestly say she is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I am split between 3 schools and I look forward to the end of my week when I am at Rooney, because I know no matter how much I need to get done, or how long of a day I have ahead of me, I will leave the school feeling happy and content. It's because EVERY TIME I walk through the office I am greeted with a huge welcoming smile from Debbie. When I think about how to build morale in a school or a work place, my mind immediately jumps to Debbie. Being a new employee has you doubting yourself at times and Debbie has definitely boosted my confidence with just the simple act of genuine comments and kindness. She is a joy to be around and her can do attitude and positive energy is contagious. I'm actually really saddened to find out that she is retiring at the end of this year, it won't be the same without her!

Erin Hoffman Posted over a year ago

Our family moved to Colorado at the end of this September from North Carolina, and Ms. Gonzales gave us the warmest welcome. I was in touch with her before we moved about registering my daughter in 1st grade, and we were greeted with a big hug when we came in to tour the school once we made it to Colorado. I knew we would love Rooney Ranch as soon as we met Ms. Gonzales. She helped make this transition and smooth and easy one for us! She is one of a kind!

Julie Vanek Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzalez is the heart and soul of Rooney Ranch Elementary. She welcomes each and every person that walks through Rooney's doors with a genuine smile and the warmest of welcomes. Whether you're touring the school, a visitor, a student, or a parent Ms. Gonzalez makes you feel right at home. She truly is an irreplaceable fixture of Rooney Ranch.

Rachel Lindley Posted over a year ago

Debbie was one of the first people we met when we relocated our family to Colorado in 2014. She welcomed our daughter to Rooney Ranch Elementary with the biggest smile and a cheerful heart making her feel right at home! We are so thankful for her!!

Peggy Hill Posted over a year ago

I feel like Debbie and I have grown old together - my son was in the first 6th grade graduating class from Rooney Ranch when it first opened - Debbie was just so wonderful then as she is now - we have had many times to speak due to my Grandson who is now going there - but the one time we talked was when I brought up the subject of my son graduating there in 6th grade - Debbie asked me his name and I told her - she took out of her notebook which she had in her desk a picture of that graduating class and she pointed out my son - she remembered him - she remembers all the students and knows them by name - she can make a child who is so sad feel so much better by the way she talks to them - she is so very caring to the kids as well as to the parents - any problems or questions she gets them solved - she is going to be one hard act to replace - she will be missed so much especially by me - that picture she gave me a copy of with my son in it means a lot to me, I did not have a copy of it - our son died in the Army 8 years ago and Debbie cared enough to give me a copy - thank you Debbie for all you have done for all of us parents and children at Rooney Ranch - you will be missed greatly - enjoy retirement!!!

Monica McElwain Posted over a year ago

Debbie is such a welcoming face and voice of Rooney. My family was new to Denver last year, where my daughter did not have a good start to the school Year at her previous school. We heard wonderful things about Rooney and had a tour. Debbie made my daughters nerves disappear and made her feel so welcomed and loved. Thank you for making her a happy little girl again!!!

Danielle Stephan Posted over a year ago

Here is my favorite story about Debbie. It was my first year trying to nail a teaching job in Jefferson County. I had been to multiple schools, had different interviews and was trying to find a place to start my forever career. Then the day came that I received the opportunity to interview at Rooney ranch elementary. I walked into the building as nervous as can be only to be greeted by the most pleasant individual- Debbie. She instantly was so genuine, happy I was there and put my nerves right at ease. She cared about who I was and what I was doing in my life and made me feel as if I was already apart of the Rooney ranch community. She asked about my family and my experiences. She made me feel like I mattered in a time of my life that I felt like just another resume. Long story short I was granted the job at Rooney that next year. Giving me the opportunity to interact with this amazing human on a daily basis. I have never met a person who has the ability to be so positive regardless of what is happening around them. If the day was difficult, you could go say hi to Debbie. She would stop whatever she was doing just to make sure you felt heard. I am no longer teaching at Rooney because life’s adventures took me elsewhere, but I still go and visit at least three times a year. Who is the first one to great me with a hug and a smile like I never left? Debbie. Who still cares about what is going on in my life despite the work she needs to get done? Debbie. Who continues to share positivity and joy to everyone she comes in contact with? Debbie. She is truly one of a kind. She is a person I look up to and want to be like each and everyday. You’re the best Debbie. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life.

Bryn Brody Posted over a year ago

Even years after students leave the school, Debbie asks about them, hugs them when they come back for a visit, and follows their progress through college. My child graduated from Rooney 8 years ago and recently stopped in the Roonwy office to pick up my younger son. Debbie hugged her, remarked on how she’d grown, and spent time chatting about college and career options. And she always does it with a smile. No one can leave her presence without feeling like they are the most loved and important person in the world. I love Debbie!

Amy Sosville Posted over a year ago

Debbie is one of those special people who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. In one conversation you can feel her warmth, positivity, and kindness because it truly radiates from her heart of gold. She is the reason we chose Rooney Ranch when we first moved to Lakewood-I felt so welcomed and reassured during the decision making process. Thank you, Debbie, for being such an awesome example of loving kindness in my kids’ lives.

Jeni Barton Posted over a year ago

Debbie is the heart of our school! She is the first person you see when you start your day and the last one you see when you leave the building. Her positive attitude and cheerful personality are just two of the many qualities that make Debbie a "life changer." She always puts others' needs in front of her own and just seems to be able to read people and give them what they need. This could be a smile, an ear to listen, or a suggestion on how best to solve a problem. She finds the good in everyone and everything around her. She is truly a gift to me in my life as well as our school community. Rooney Ranch would not be the same without her beautiful presence and our school wouldn't be the best school to teach at without her! She is truly magnificent and I wish her all the love and support and best wishes in her next adventures!

Lindsay Burke Posted over a year ago

As a parent at Rooney Ranch Elementary School I have appreciated Debbie Gonzalez more than she knows!!! Always a smile on her face and the willingness to help anyone that walks in the front door. I often have to email for random favors and not once have I ever gotten anything but no problem as her response!She is always ready to of help and knows that school in and out!She asks how you are and you can truly feel that she cares about you and your family. You are not another student or family in that school with Debbie there!We appreciate you!!!!

Nicole Christian Posted over a year ago

We love you Debbie ??

Rochelle Posted over a year ago

When we moved to Colorado there were so many things to deal with, registering my kids for school being one. Debbie's friendly voice, specific directions, and angelic patience (when I didn't follow her directions completely) made such a difference in our transition. I felt comfortable sending my kids to Rooney Ranch and confident everything was being taken care of properly. After only a couple visits to the office, Debbie recognized me and my family. There is no doubt her presence positively influences the staff and students every school day.

Ted Maloch Posted over a year ago

All the most eloquent words I could come up with couldn’t express what Debbie has meant to Rooney Ranch and the community at large. I have been a Rooney parent for 11 years with 2 kids. From day one and every day since she has been the first one to greet you with a big smile when you walk in the office. She enthusiastically wants to help each child and or parent that crosses her path. She has definitely been a life changer for us and our experience at Rooney Ranch!

Dina Posted over a year ago

Being new to the community, Debbie was the first person at Rooney Ranch that I had contact with. She was incredibly helpful, friendly, and kind from the start. Her personal school tour and useful information made me feel welcome right away. At back to school night, months after my initial tour, she not only remembered me but personally welcomed my children and our entire family. My children adore Debbie and talk about how special she is all the time.

Jenna Posted over a year ago

I attended Rooney Ranch as a 1st Grader when the school opened in 1994. I am now 30 years old and can still remember Ms. Gonzales and her smile and her positive attitude. She has had a lot of great impact and influence on not only parents through the years, but students as well. I am a firm believer that the school wouldn't function as well as it did when it first opened, nor continue to through the years, if it wasn't for her. She is so deserving of all this recognition and praise, she truly is an important part of the school and the community.

Kendra Randolph Posted over a year ago

Debbie is one of the first faces you see as you enter Rooney Ranch and her positive energy just becomes contagious! She always calls the kids honey and it makes them feel so loved and special! We are so thankful that Debbie has touched our lives! She will be truly missed!

Melissa Posted over a year ago

Debbie always greets you with a smile when you go into that office and she is always very helpful! She is one of the reasons that Rooney is such an amazing school!

Abby Serven Posted over a year ago

Debbie was the first person who I met when touring Rooney for the first time and she was one of the reasons I felt so confident sending my daughter to Rooney Ranch. She makes everyone feel welcome and is so warm, kind, and genuine. She always greets everyone with a smile on her face and seems so happy to be there. She is a true gem who will be greatly missed!

Rene Chavez Posted over a year ago

Love, honesty, determination, and compassion for all are just a few of the many qualities that make Debbie a person like no other, a true life changer. I tear up reflecting on the many lives she has impacted over the 20 years I’ve had the privilege of knowing her. When Debbie smiles you can just feel the genuine compassion she has for her friends and her community. Her love is apparent by the many charitable events she has coordinated during her time here at Rooney. Each year she suggests families that need help with making their children’s Christmas a special one. She gathers ideas from the families and then our staff helps make those dreams come true. When she hears about a parent losing his/her job she immediately begins finding resources to help them. She treats everyone like they are members of her family. I’ve known Debbie for twenty plus years as a collegue and more importantly as a friend. She has helped me keep a positive attitude and find the good in the most difficult situations. I can’t think of a person who is more deserving of this award.

Christine Chavez Posted over a year ago

Debbie was one of the most wonderful people in my daughter Jordan's life in grade school. Jordan is now a Junior at Green Mountain High School, but she went to Rooney Ranch from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Debbie made her feel welcome and special ever since she was 5 years old. She was diagnosed with an illness when she was in 4th Grade, and Debbie was always so kind and helpful to her. She even went out of her way to learn to give injections when the school clinic aide couldn't be there to help, and she was always kind and supportive to our whole family! She was still supportive of Jordan even after she left the school. What a wonderful person, and how lucky Rooney Ranch Elementary and our community have been to have her warmth and support and hard work. Everyone we know feels the same way about her!

Alaksandra Sevier Posted over a year ago

Debbie has always been an amazing person to see each time we come into the school! She knows my kids by name and always has a smile on her face. To have so much to do and going on she is the example for everyone to follow...positive and happiness almost at all times. She is a life changer in more ways than one!

Natalie Schiele Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is the heart of our school. She is one of the first faces everyone sees as we begin our day. She is always cheery and a her smile is contagious. She is also a wonderful listener and is always there to help process a problem or confide in a situation that needs a kind and empathizing listener. What I love most about Debbie is her connection to our community and the way she promotes our school. So many families have picked Rooney Ranch as their school because of how great Debbie is. I am the librarian at the school so I am one of her first stops on her school tour with perspective families. It doesn't matter if it is the first tour of the year or her 75th tour, she brings excitement and energy to every conversation with all of the people coming into our building. I also love that she is so willing to participate in kid activities. For example, every year our 2nd graders interview Mrs. Gonzales about the history of the school. It is like we have a historian at our school because she has been here since the school opened. I am excited for Debbie to take the next journey in her life but know she will be so sorely missed by so many that she has impacted in our community.

Kristi Gulley Posted over a year ago

When you walk into an elementary school and meet Debbie, you know you're in a good place. She is the most kind and generous person and makes you feel so at home. Starting your child in a new school, whether it be kindergarten or later, is a hard thing and she just makes you feel so comfortable! Debbie truly is the center of Rooney Ranch Elementary and has impacted so many lives, both children and adults. If there is a family that needs a little extra, Debbie makes sure it happens. Next year when Debbie retires, she will leave a hole that will never really be filled.

Heather Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is the heart of Rooney. She truly cares for each and every family and staff that walks through the doors. She is always there to greet you with a smile, is thoughtful, kind and caring. She’s patient and helpful to everyone. She has changed the lives of many Rooney families. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of this reward.

Cathleen Posted over a year ago

My only surprise is that this hasn't happened many years ago! I have known Debbie for 25 years. Many years ago, when the WWJD craze was big, my teammates and I started our own What Would Debbie Do campaign between us because we all wanted to be more like Debbie; more kind, more generous, and simply a better person. What we saw in Debbie that made us want to be just like her was her genuine spirit, kindness, love, and joy. When you would encounter Debbie you felt like you were the most important person in the room. She would be sure to check in with you and would genuinely listen to you as you shared your news of the day. Debbie invests in each person she meets. In the 19 years I worked with Debbie, I always saw her greet each person with a smile, show love and care for each person she encountered, and model what it means to be a genuine person who searches for others strengths and helps them build on them. We will never know the true impact Debbie has had on the Green Mountain community but, rest assured, the impact has been grand and will have a ripple effect that lasts for years to come as those she has impacted touch the lives of others in the community for years to come. I am blessed to have spent many years with Debbie as a role model and can't imagine anyone more deserving of this award! Thank you Debbie for the positive impact you have had on the thousands of lives you have touched!

Daniel Hanners Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Debbie for 25 years and I am thrilled at her nomination for this prestigious honour. I’m sure all of the other nominees are very worthy. Possibly one of the most underrated positions in education is the school secretary. This position receives little recognition for accomplishments, no, “you changed my life”. Often, no thank you for, showing me around my new school, or hug for the band aid or ice pack to soothe the pain. Seldom does the staff realize what the secretary has done for organization or planning for the school. How often the principal needs a contact made or a parent called. The school secretary is the first buffer for an irate parent coming to see why their child has received a think sheet or a poor grade. I haven’t even touched on the paper work or additional hours put in. Debbie handles all of this with ease and never complains or asks for credit. She does it because she loves it and the people she works with and for. I’m sure whoever gets recognized at the end of this process deserves the accolades. Having said that, no one deserves it more than the remarkable person in the secretary’s position at Rooney Ranch Elementary. Debbie, win or not, you are dearly loved by, literally, thousands of students and professionals that you have touched over the course of your career.

Hanners Trudy Posted over a year ago

There is a phrase “one in a million”. Well with Debbie it isn’t just a phrase we use to be nice or curtious. We use it with the utmost respect and sincerity. First to understand how amazing and genuine she is you must understand what her job is like. She’s front and center in an elementary school office. She literally doesn’t have a quite moment all day long. Her phone rings, the doorbell rings, school employees-students-parents and jeffco workers are at her desk asking questions all day long. With all of this going on you never see anything but a huge smile and you never hear anything but loving kind words. I truly have never met another human being that can work in such a crazy environment and all day everyday be so kind to everyone. She has been the true definition of a life changer. Parents come into the school and she is warm and welcoming and kind. Students come into the office and she is warm and welcoming and kind. I have been a teacher at 7 different schools and I know first hand how the office staff affects everyone’s day. Debbie loves Rooney Ranch and everyone that walks in the door. She lifts your spirits when you need lifting. She had kind words when you need them. There is literally nothing she wouldn’t do to help. She spreads love and kindness without effort. It just comes naturally to her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Debbie, you are a big reason Rooney Ranch is a thriving and wonderful school, and a big reason I was happy there for many years.

Angela Finke Posted over a year ago

I am extremely lucky to work with Debbie Gonzales. This is my first year at Rooney Ranch Elementary, and Debbie made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. She is always willing to answer my questions, offer extra assistance, or find any way possible to go above and beyond. Her positivity is infectious. When you walk in the office, Debbie always greets you with a smile. When she calls you "baby" or "my love," she does so because she genuinely cares about each staff member, parent, and student in our building. She has dedicated her life to supporting children and their teachers. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I'm grateful that Debbie is at the center of our Rooney Ranch village.

Amy Eikermann Posted over a year ago

Debbie is the reason I started my kids at Rooney Ranch 12 years ago. I was checking out area schools, came into Rooney, met Debbie, and knew instantly this is where I wanted my kids to go to school. Debbie definitely has one of the more challenging jobs here, but is never without a smile and will literally drop everything to help anyone. She's just one of those people who make you feel good about yourself. She is loved by all and I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award. She is a beautiful person, inside and out!

Shawn Demers Posted over a year ago

Debbie is absolutely amazing! Somehow she knows every student, every parent, every teacher and every employee, and deeply cares about all of us individually. She takes the time to talk us through any need we might have. She makes her job look effortless; she is kind and helpful at every turn and she does it all with a smile on her face! I don't know if I could've survived at Rooney without Debbie!

Fenna Vogels Posted over a year ago

Few people embody the spirit of Rooney Ranch Elementary like Debbie does. I got to know her first as a parent and my interactions with her were always wonderful. A few years ago I became an employee at Rooney and got to know her better. She is always smiling, happy and positive. No better way to enter the building than seeing her behind her desk. She is truly an amazing person and definitely a life changer.

Doreen McHugh Posted over a year ago

Great Job!!

Lindsey Cole Posted over a year ago

Debbie sets the tone of the whole school. Whether a student, parent, or staff member is having a hard day or is celebrating good news, Debbie makes their day a little better. Her happy, kind, and joyous nature inspires others to follow her example and be more compassionate and a little better person everyday! I feel honored to have worked at a school with Debbie Gonzales!

Erin Rose Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is one of the most influential people in my life. I aspire to be like her everyday. She has made such a deep impact on my life that I will never forget. She shows continuous love and support to everyone around her. She has the most loving personality and a smile that is very contagious. She makes my life full of happiness, joy, and warmth that I could never get from anyone else. I am so incredibly lucky that I have the privilege to say that Debbie Gonzales is my God mother, role model, and friend. I would never want to look up to anyone else in the world, and that is why I nominate Debbie Gonzales as the true life changer of the year award.

Katie Carver Posted over a year ago

Genuine and kind. All four of my kids have had nothing but great things to say about her. Blessed to have had the opportunity to know her!!

Shoni Whitlow Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is absolutely deserving of this award! My kids attended Rooney from Kindergarten through 6th grade for my daughter and Kindergarten through 5th grade for my son. Every time we had to go in to the office we were met with her smiling face. She is one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I know.

Sandy Austin Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is the face of Rooney Ranch Elementary! She has made a difference in the life of every student and family that went through Rooney Ranch, and she tirelessly invests herself into making the community a better place to live, work, and play! Her positive demeanor makes every person she meets feel welcomed and cared for! She definitely is a Life Changer!

Hannah Hoong Posted over a year ago

When we had to switch our son to Rooney Ranch after he had started at a different elementary school, Debbie was amazing! She gave us a very informative tour and answered all of our questions. She made us excited about attending Rooney Ranch. You can tell her enthusiasm is genuine and her friendliness is exceptional. Thank you, Debbie!

Vivienne D’Amato Posted over a year ago

Miss Debbie! We will always remember your warmth and joyful greet “Welcome to Rooney Ranch come on in!” ?? At this moment we knew It’s going to be a great parentship’ experience with the school! ???? Miss Gonzales brings joy and laughter! You are awesome, harmonious and amazingly vibrant! :) Your positive commitment to your school, your students and community is undeniable. I cannot find a word that could be equivalent with your devotion! Oh! That could be “LOVE”! You love people, you love what you do, you are inspired and motivated by the energy of Love! And for that we thank you! Best of luck and joy in the direction of your new Journey Ma’am! ROARrrrrr we love you!

Jennifer Cook Posted over a year ago

I have known Debbie Gonzales for 16 years. I remember walking into Rooney Ranch to interview for a job and was put at ease when I saw her smiling face. That same smile has greeted me everyday since. She is the face of Rooney Ranch. There are a million and one reasons why Debbie should win this award but my reason for hoping she wins is because she has made my family feel like they are the most important, special, and loved people in her life. She never forgets to ask about how my kids are doing, knows what is going on in their lives, even comes to their sporting events! When I set of the alarm at school on a weekend, one phone call to her and it is taken care of. When I’m in a panic about a student in my classroom, I call her and she puts my mind to ease. When my husband needs something, he knows who to call. She has taken the Rooney Ranch community, my family, and especially me under her wings and helped makes us all feel like “angels”! She will he greatly missed! Our angel!!! My angel!

Julie Posted over a year ago

Debbie is truly an angel. She may hide her wings but there is no disguising her infinite patience, limitless positivity, and genuine kindness for all. She is my role model, my hero, my inspiration and my friend. Debbie is not only a life changer, she is the keystone species for Rooney Ranch and most of the state of Colorado! We all depend on Debbie for birthdays and baseball scores and life's daily challenges. Without Debbie, none of us would laugh enough, eat enough, hope enough, believe enough, or love enough. She teaches us to celebrate life. She helps us take care of each other. She reminds us to be grateful for our blessings. Whether we deserve it or not, she smothers all of us with love everyday. Debbie Gonzales has been the life changer of the year for decades. She has left footprints on our hearts and we are forever changed.

Billie Jo Oakley Posted over a year ago

Debbie is such a kind, thoughtful and caring individual. I’m so very grateful to have met her almost 20 years ago when I walked into Rooney Ranch Elementary as a first year teacher. She is one of the reasons I’ve stayed at our school as long as I have. Her warm demeanor and big smile make me happy every single day. Even on the worst of days, a hug from Debbie can make me feel so much better. I have the deepest respect for her simply because she exhibits the true meaning of being loving, accepting, and kind. Thank you, Debbie, for being you. YOU are an angel that I’ve been blessed to call my friend. ??

Shiela Enser Posted over a year ago

From the minute I walked in the front door to tour Rooney Ranch when my oldest daughter was still in pre-school, Debbie's smile and genuinely warm nature set the tone for our experience at this school. It has been 5 years since that day and she is still ever-present/ever-positive. She serves as a shining example of what it means to be a good human being for every child who walks through the front doors. She is beyond deserving of this award for the unwavering level of engagement and encouragement she provides to both staff and kids alike every single day!

Joanne Sarazin Posted over a year ago

I couldn't imagine anyone more deserving of this award. Debbie is a kind, caring, and thoughtful person. She always greets you with a smile and enthusiasm when you walk through the door of Rooney Ranch. She makes Rooney the amazing place it is. Debbie keeps things running smoothly in a fun and positive way. My daughters love seeing her everyday at school and whenever they have a problem they can go to her for advice, and she will always be there with her arms open wide.

Joel Halliwell Posted over a year ago

Coming to Rooney Ranch many years ago my first contact was from Debbie inviting me to a staff picnic. I wasn't able to go but she assured me it was OK, and she looked forward to meeting me. Little did I know, 15 years later she was to be my friend, confidant, and Godmother to my second child Erin Rose. Debbie is a true angel to all that encounter her. Rooney Ranch and the Green Mountain community have been the benefactors of such a marvelous professional who welcomes all to her community with open arm. Debbie is surely my LifeChanger as she has changed me. I smile more and look to the good in all because of her. She truly is my angel on earth. Thanks will never be enough to someone who has become the person I look up to and say, "What would Debbie do"?! This is why I would love to see Debbie as the LifeChanger of the year.

Sean Halliwell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales does nothing but bring happiness and smiles to people's faces no matter what the circumstance is. She will always greet everyone with an enthusiastic hello and one of the best hugs anyone would ever receive. She always is able to emanate a positive mood to everyone around her and handles situations with love and care. She has been such a supportive figure throughout my life and has changed my view on the world around me. No matter the situations, she treats everyone equally and always works to keep everyone happy. That why I wholeheartedly nominate Debbie Gonzales as a true life changer of the year.

Kristin Posted over a year ago

Have loved having Debbie be the 1st person we see when we walk in the school doors!! She sets the tone of the school and has always had a smile on her face! She will be greatly missed!!

Vicky Maher Posted over a year ago

When I moved my family from Chicago I was extremely concerned that our new school, Rooney Ranch, would not have the same community feel as our previous one. From the moment I walked into the building and received my tour from Mrs. Gonzalez, I knew we made the right choice. This school community feels like family because of the tone Mrs. Gonzalez sets for the entire building. I got to know her first as a parent, and now as a teacher. She has the kindest heart and I appreciate her constant support. Thank you, Debbie, for showing us love every single day!

Hank Cramer Posted over a year ago

Debbie is absolutely outstanding! She was working there when Rooney Ranch opened when I was in 5th grade and is still there to see my kids in 3rd grade and Kindergarten. She is an absolute rock star in the office. Her tenure at Rooney Ranch is unmatched and I can't think of anyone more deserving of such an award. There is nothing she doesn't do or wouldn't do for this school, the kids, the parents, and the community.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Debbie seems like a great candidate for this position

Ann Lee Posted over a year ago

I'be taught in 3 different states and at 6 different schools. Debbie is one of the kindest human beings I've ever met. She is the first person we see each day as we step foot in the office. She always greets us with a smile on her face. She calls us her angels. She brightens our day. She is always willing to help. She has the best attitude and sweetest voice too. She is like a breath of fresh air and sunshine in our pocket! I'm glad I had the privilege to have known her. She is absolutely amazing!

Mandi Posted over a year ago

Debbie is truly one of a kind. I am proud to call her my coworker but most importantly my friend. Rooney will not be the same without her smile and amazing laugh!

Kelsey Posted over a year ago

Supporting, Empowering and Teaching Thank you Ms. Gonzales !!! You have impacted lives greatly!

Chris Mattes Posted over a year ago

It seems ironic to me, the person with probably the most frustrating job in the building is always in the best mood! Her work is interrupted continually by teachers, like me, students, or parents when we think the concerns we have at the moment should be the most important thing on Debbie’s agenda. She always responds with genuine concern and enthusiasm for whatever may be the problem. She lifts my spirits every day I work with her! Thank you for the joy you bring to the Rooney Ranch Community! However, we need to be honest –the real reason we all love Debbie so much is she is a huge Star Wars fan! Rooney Ranch would not be the same without you!!

Laurie Johnson Posted over a year ago

As a former teacher and now a district substitute teacher, I have come in contact with many front office people. NONE have had the effect on me as that of Debbie Gonzales. What a beautiful soul. As so many have mentioned, she calls everyone "sweetie" and means it! There are many offices where you walk in for the first time as a guest teacher and the secretaries barely look up from their computer. Debbie is up off of her chair and over to the counter to make sure you have everything you need for a successful day at Rooney. There are so many interactions that take place in an office of a busy and high performing school like Rooney and Debbie handles every diverse situation with grace and sincere helpfulness. The warm and inviting climate of Rooney Ranch starts with Debbie Gonzales. I am sad to think of her leaving after this school year, but I bet her presence will be felt at Rooney for a long, long time and no doubt she will remain very active in the Green Mountain Community because she is just that kind of a wonderful person.

Juliana Felten Posted over a year ago

Debbie has the biggest heart! Her kindness and compassion are the always genuine. She makes everyone in our school feel welcome and is the glue holding our big family together! I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the title. <3

Julia Berg Posted over a year ago

Debbie is such a ray of sunshine for all students, staff, and family members. Her positive demeanor and ability to value everyone she meets is exceptional. When we worked together, many of the staff members when confronted with a challenge, would smile and ask ourselves, "WWDD?" "What would Debbie Do?" We knew if we approached challenges through Debbie's approach, we could successfully and cheerfully conquer anything!

Sarah Pierson Posted over a year ago

We were new to Rooney last year and Debbie was so sweet and helpful. She lights up the room with her kind disposition and is always so helpful to the whole community. She gave us our initial tour and we could immediately tell she loves the school and takes so much pride in what she does; making everyone feel welcome. You will be missed Debbie!

Lori Larson Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales always has a smile to share with everyone young and old alike. She makes everyone around her feel as though they are important and valued. We love Debbie for all she contributions to Rooney Ranch over the many years working there and to our community through all her service work, as a neighbor, and as a friend! Debbie is a lover of life and shares it abundantly with others. Let's celebrate Debbie as a LIFECHANGER with this wonderful award!

Lisa Lord Posted over a year ago

Whenever I think of Rooney Ranch Elementary and the great things going on there, I immediately think of Debbie. She is the heart and sole of Rooney Ranch and her passion for what she does spreads throughout the surrounding community. She has attended our Community Connections meetings at Green Mountain High School for years as the Rooney Ranch representative. She comes and tells us all the great things going on, guest speakers that come to the school, field trips, and other great events, all that she has her hands in. I leave there thinking "wow those families are so lucky at Rooney to have Debbie and all the wonderful things she does for them"! Last year we had another elementary school in the community who had needs for books/toys around the holidays and Debbie set up a book/toy drive in her school, to give to this neighboring school in need. They collected and brought loads of items over. It was amazing. I am so proud to know her and feel lucky to have worked side by side with her for these past few years. She will surely be missed when she retires! Thank you Debbie for everything!

Holly Sherrill Posted over a year ago

Debbie is truly an angel. She is the warmest, most thoughtful, giving person I have ever known. I started as a parent at Rooney, and Debbie made me feel so comfortable leaving my baby in such a warm environment. A few years later, I became an employee and have gotten to know Debbie on a different level, and what a joy that has been. It's almost as if Debbie has a sense when someone is going through hard times. I have seen Debbie help numerous families in need. Whether it's with meals, clothing, Christmas presents, or just a warm hug...Debbie can do it all, and does! Everyone should have a Debbie Gonzales in their life!

Tracy Eastman Posted over a year ago

It is always a pleasure to work with Debbie when I am doing my watch dog dad day. She is always smiling and just a joy to be around. Thanks Debbie for all you do at the school.

Audra Whipple Posted over a year ago

My family was transferred to Colorado for work in the summer of 2017. Debbie was a lifesaver helping us get integrated into Rooney Ranch and making sure my kids were well-adjusted. She was so kind as I navigated the new school and all its requirements. Even when I felt unsure of the new systems, Debbie was there to ease the transition and was always kind and patient. Thank you, Debbie for helping me and my family feel at home in our new school!

Jessica Peckham Posted over a year ago

We moved from Kansas City to Colorado last year and my son started 1st grade a week late due to the move. Debbie was so helpful and talked me through everything I needed to know and she made me and my son feel very comfortable and welcomed to Rooney and this new community. Thank you Debbie!

Jeni Neff Posted over a year ago

Debbie is the reason my kids attend Rooney Ranch and a big reason why they love going there. When we moved to Colorado, we visited seven schools in the area. There were several good schools, but Rooney stood out above the rest because of its sense of welcoming and community. Debbie is the heart of that community; she keeps it beating and gives it life. She greeted us the first day we visited Rooney with her big smile and warm personality, and our choice was made. The feeling we had meeting Debbie that day was the feeling we wanted our kids to have every day they go to school. And they do, thanks in large part to Debbie Gonzales and what she brings to our Rooney community.

Kate Squier Posted over a year ago

Debbie always welcomes you with a smile. She transmits positive energy. She is very kind to students and parents. I don't remember her being angry or frustrated. She always tries to find answers to your questions and provides a high level of service. She is sweet, kind, and gentle. Debbie thank you so much for your service all these years and for making Rooney Ranch a great school! We will miss you!

Michelle Williams Posted over a year ago

Debbie is the definition of a life changer. I went Debbie at Rooney Ranch and she is the first person you see when you walk into the office. She has filled that office with love, laughter, and joy. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and be the nicest person ever in the process. Thanks for being the fabulous person that you are!

Julia Meng Posted over a year ago

Debbie was the first person I met at Rooney Ranch Elementary, she welcomed me, showed me around the school and answered all my questions. I toured many schools to find the right fit for my kids, and I had no doubts after meeting Debbie that Rooney is where I wanted them to be. She has helped create and cultivate a community of acceptance, respect and caring at the school. I have never met someone who is kinder or cares more about each person they interact with. She is the best example of what it means to be kind, and that kindness is what makes our world better.

Tami Bandimere Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales can't really be summed up in words alone, however, I'll attempt to do my best in this small space. When my three children were at Rooney Ranch Elementary School, I never saw Debbie be frustrated or impatient with not only my children but also other children and anyone who came into the school. I can't tell you how many times I heard her say, "Hi sweetie, how can I help you?" Elementary school is a new experience not only for children but also for families as they start the beginning of their school adventure and it can be a frightening and sometimes challenging experience, but Debbie was always gracious, helpful and her kind voice diffused any issues that students and adults might have been dealing with. Whether she was in the front office, the classroom, the cafeteria or library, she was the bright spot in the room and her good name has definitely left a legacy at Rooney Ranch Elementary School and the Jefferson County School System. Thank you, Debbie, for your years of service and for doing so much more than what was required of you - you have made a difference in the lives of so many!

Vanessa Metskas Posted over a year ago

When I think of Rooney Ranch, I think of Debbie Gonzales. She is the heart and soul of our school and community. I think back to when I was 6 years old; a new student eager to learn at a brand new school at Rooney Ranch. I remember walking through the front doors back in 1994, and Debbie was there to greet me as my paraprofessional. As I grew older, I watched Debbie excel and grow into different positions until the day I returned to Rooney Ranch as a seasoned educator. The moment I walked back through those doors, she embraced me with so much love. Debbie remembered me as if I never left; I felt like I was being welcomed home. She is truly extraordinary, irreplaceable, and without a doubt the most deserving individual.

Debbie Taylor Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is more than perfect for this award. From the first moment I met her during my student teaching, she made me feel so welcomed and a part of the family. When I returned back to RR as a licensed teacher, she remembered me and again welcomed me home. But there is one moment in my life that Debbie became a huge part of heart. It was when I lost my dad. She supported me by attending his funeral and gave me words of healing that today I cherish. We have worked together in ways to help our students and I admire her loving soul. Debbie is a lifechanger and deserves this award. There is no one else like her. She is truly one of a kind. Thank you Debbie for being YOU!

Deb Kendall Posted over a year ago

Ms Gonzales is the welcoming face of Rooney Ranch School. When entering the school, she is right there smiling and cheerfully asking how she can help! Debbie juggles to fulfill everyone’s needs: teachers, parents, students, volunteers, etc. She certainly deserves this award!

Laura Kendall Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales (just typing her name makes me smile!) is without a doubt, the most deserving individual for this award. As the HEART of Rooney Ranch Elementary, Debbie cares for each and every person that visits our school. Her warmth, her compassion, and her thoughtful demeanor are just a few of many extraordinary traits she possesses. Affectionately calling kids and adults alike, “angel” is music to my ears. Really, SHE is the angel of our community, sprinkling endless love and positivity. I am beyond grateful to call her my friend and am so proud of her and this nomination. Xoxo

Amy James Posted over a year ago

Debbie is sunshine! She has always made us feel very welcomed and my daughter adores her. She is so knowledgeable and kind and always there if needed. We wish her the best in retirement and will miss her. Good luck Debbie!

Cortney Murphy Posted over a year ago

Debbie is amazing! She always wears a smile, patiently answers questions and is more than willing to lend a helping hand no matter how crazy the day. She radiates happiness and is the first person you meet when you walk through the doors at Rooney Ranch. I'm pretty sure she has yet to meet a stranger.

Jen Baker Posted over a year ago

Debbie is like a ray of sunshine for Rooney Ranch and the Green Mountain community. Her warmth is evident in all that she does - from caring for our kids, parents, teachers and staff, to making sure that the school is a safe and welcoming place for all. My kids have been so loved by her, and she will forever leave an imprint on our hearts!

Sheri Ludlam Posted over a year ago

Debbie is fantastic! She is a wonderful smiling and caring person to see when entering the front office. She is always so positive and encouraging to the parents, students, teachers and staff. She was definitely one of the main reasons we knew Rooney was the right school for us. She has changed the lives of many families who have come through that school!

Marya Wilson Posted over a year ago

Debbie has always been so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful towards me. It’s so nice to walk into the school and be greeted by her smiling face. Above all, she is kind and caring towards the students and that means a lot to the parents at Rooney Ranch. We will miss her very much next year.

Veronica Herrera Posted over a year ago

Debbie is the reason that I choice enrolled my kiddos at Rooney Ranch. Her bubbly "Hello, come on in" won me over. She always finds time to help everyone in the office and does so with warmth and patience. She has made me feel like family and I always look forward to speaking with her. To say that I am going to miss her is an understatement. While I don't want her to leave, I only wish the best for her! She truly deserves this award!

Valerie A Loewen Posted over a year ago

I have volunteered at numerous schools throughout the Denver metro area. Ms. Gonzales is definitely a game changer for Rooney Ranch. To have an employee that is always pleasant not only to the staff but to parents and children is an amazing attribute. She is sincere in her dedication to the school, staff, students and the community. She is a team player and is always cheering her "team" (Rooney Ranch) to be the best it can be. It would be amazing to see Ms. Gonzales win the LifeChanger Award because for those that have interacted with her already know in our hearts that she has changed the lives of countless.

Carol Ann Lacayo Posted over a year ago

Debbie makes everyone feel loved and welcome from the moment she meets them! I can’t think of anyone better to receive this award!

Alison J Posted over a year ago

In my view, there is NO ONE person that deserves the lifechanger award more than Debbie Gonzales. She is one of the hardest working persons I've personally ever met, and is ALWAYS thinking of the children first.I met her in 1997 and she is still involved today as she was back then. She is an organizer, a volunteer, a caregiver, and always has a smile on her face. She still stops to say hello if I see her out in the community. I believe she is deserving of the award - and am hopeful that she is your pick as the biggest life changer to the children (and their parents) whose lives she's touched - over an amazing 20 YEARS !

Beth Larson Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales is truly the "voice and face" of Rooney Ranch. She knows every single one of our families. She is so warm and welcoming that people want to come to Rooney Ranch because of their interaction with Debbie. Debbie is always positive and upbeat, she creates a welcoming environment in our office which does not go unnoticed by district personnel and our community. Debbie goes above and beyond and makes sure that our community members have food and gifts during the holiday season. She works hard to support the needs of our less fortunate families and connects them with resources to help during times of struggles. Debbie is planning to retire in May of 2019 and it will be impossible to fill her shoes. She has worked at Rooney Ranch since we opened in 1994 and in the district even longer! She has touched the lives of thousands of Jefferson County students! Her warmth and caring attitude have truly been life-changing to many of them. Debbie is a pillar in the Green Mountain Community and it would be amazing to honor with this award. She gives so much and takes nothing in return!

Melissa Walby Posted over a year ago

It is with the utmost confidence that we support Debbie for the LifeChanger Award. She has been a staple in the educational experience of every Rooney child that has come through the doors. She always gives a warm welcome to me and my family and handles every situation with grace. She is a role model to us all.

Natalie Abbott Posted over a year ago

It is my sincere pleasure to support the nomination of Debbie Gonzales for the LifeChanger of the Year award. Over the past seven years, the Abbott family has been blessed to attend Rooney Ranch Elementary, where Mrs. Gonzales is the attendance secretary. In 2010, I began my journey looking for a school that our family could call home. After touring seven schools and meeting numerous principals and staff members including Mrs. Gonzales, I knew immediately that Rooney Ranch was where we belonged. I felt like we won the lottery when we learned that our oldest son, Grant, got accepted into their half-day kindergarten program. Grant was not your typical kindergartner. Born with a rare chromosome deletion, Grant faced challenges and pain in his early elementary years that no child should have to endure. Although the whole staff rallied around Grant, Mrs. Gonzales, as both the first and last person to see me when arriving or leaving the school, was just what this mom needed to make it through another day. Throughout Grant’s years at Rooney Ranch, Mrs. Gonzales was Grant’s biggest fan. I’m not sure I could count the number of laughs or hugs those two shared. Grant would tell you that Mrs. Gonzales is his angel. He is right. While this relationship with a school staff member might sound extraordinary, it is just one of many stories I can share about the 3,500+ lives Mrs. Gonzales has impacted during her 24 years at Rooney Ranch Elementary. Whether a family was dealing with significant challenges such as homelessness, serious illness, the loss of a parent or something as simple as dropping off lunch money, a scraped knee, figuring out log-in information for their Jeffco Connect account or getting a school tour, Mrs. Gonzales was always on the front lines doing whatever she could to make a positive difference. Amazingly, even though she juggles many responsibilities, Mrs. Gonzales always makes people feel like they are her only priority. Mrs. Gonzales has the unique ability to sense a need, no matter how big or small, and strive to fill that gap. As Staff Appreciation Chair for five years, I worked intimately with Mrs. Gonzales to ensure our staff felt loved and supported. Thankfully for the staff, Mrs. Gonzales made certain the M&M dispenser never went empty and that a special treat was always available when needed. As the attendance secretary, Mrs. Gonzales is the first person new families connect with. In 2016, Mrs. Gonzales and I looked for ways to make these families feel even more welcome in our school community. As a result, we started the Ranch Guides, a program where new families are paired with current students and their parents prior to the start of school. This connection gives new families both a head start and a trusted resource to ease the transition into Rooney Ranch. We also started Kindergarten Playdates for all incoming Kindergarten families to form bonds with their classmates casually instead of meeting for the first time in a classroom setting. Last school year, our PTA was looking for a way to support families going through difficult times. As one of the core members of the newly formed Sunshine Team, Mrs. Gonzales (and her understanding of the challenges our school family might face) was instrumental in helping to implement a program that could brighten any day. What can’t be gleaned in writing is the radiance of Mrs. Gonzales’ personality, the sparkle in her eyes, the most genuine of smiles, laughter that is contagious and the joy she brings to those fortunate enough to know her. Mrs. Gonzales routinely gives so much of herself to others. Not because it is her job, because it is her nature. Her ability to bring happiness to others, spread kindness, to inspire them to be more than they thought possible, is rare and unique. In the last seven years, Mrs. Gonzales has become a special part of our family, not because it was her intention, but because it was inevitable. Although changing a life through a single, significant act is admirable, as you will read in other comments for Mrs. Gonzales, her nomination focuses on the millions of little things she has done, over more than two decades, to make a BIG difference in the lives of so many – not just at Rooney Ranch Elementary, but throughout our community. It is the person that strives to positively impact the lives of each and every individual they encounter that is truly a LifeChanger. Mrs. Gonzales changes countless lives – not simply through her actions, but more importantly through the example her attitude and outlook set for the rest of us. In May 2019, Mrs. Gonzales will be enjoying a much deserved retirement. Without a doubt, she will be leaving a significant hole and legacy at Rooney Ranch. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for considering our angel, Debbie Gonzales, for the LifeChanger of the Year award. Heaven sure knew what it was doing sending Mrs. Gonzales to Rooney Ranch Elementary – to be our angel here on Earth.

Paul Welte Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales was a pleasure to meet last year and we have enjoyed her smile, kindness, and other great qualities too numerous to mention. She has been an asset to the Rooney Ranch family and are fortunate to have her for another year before she retires.

Beth Boryenace Posted over a year ago

We met Debbie two years ago when we moved to the area. When I enrolled my son at Rooney Ranch, I worked with Debbie and she instantly made me feel at ease. Debbie ALWAYS has a smile on her face that is incredibly contagious. My son gets to see her everyday and he adores her. It’s that smile and her warm, friendly personality that he likes so much about her. He just has to give her a hug! Debbie sets a great example for the kids and adults in the Rooney Ranch community.

Natalie Smith Posted over a year ago

Debbie touches the hearts and inspires all, who have the pleasure of meeting her. She has the kindest, most genuine heart who epitomizes grace and compassion.

Rudolph F Finn Posted over a year ago

a BEAUTIFUL lady inside and out!!! love her!!

Jill Jolton Posted over a year ago

Has Ms. Gonzales ever NOT had a smile on her face? I didn't think it was possible for a person to never have a bad day, but Debbie is that person. She is always the epitome of pleasant and professional. Her genuine empathy and caring is completely authentic. In addition to supporting all the happy moments at school, debbie handles difficult moments with poise as well. Personal matters that require confidentiality are safe with her. The Rooney community has had to face the death of too many parents of students in its short history. Debbie has not only attended funerals to show support for grieving young students, but also supported those kids in their healing.

Leigh Posted over a year ago

Due to a move from east Denver to Lakewood, we switched schools at an awkward time of year. We joined Rooney Ranch the week before Spring Break of our then kindergartener and 2nd grader's year. Debbie Gonzales made the transition a great experience for me and my children! She helped us decide when to transfer in; provided all the information we needed, including things like how the cafeteria worked and bus routes; and introduced us to our new teachers and school. In large part because of Ms. Gonzales, I felt more welcome at Rooney Ranch in that first week of school than I did the entire year at our prior school. Ms. Gonzales is always smiling and always willing to help. We hope those that decide the winner of the Lifechanger of the Year award appreciate that Ms. Gonzales was instrumental in our transition into Rooney Ranch and she continues to be a daily ray of light at Rooney Ranch! Thank you, Debbie!

Colleen Owens Posted over a year ago

Debbie has been an inspiration in Green Mountain for many years. She inspired and help lead a tradition that still thrives today-future Ram t-shirts for kindergarten and elementary students in the GM Area. This effort has brought our community together and encouraged frequent collaboration. Debbie’s strong communication skills and genuine care and passion for the GM Area has been vital to making our community strong and connected. Thank you Debbie for the love, kindness, and leadership you have modeled in your career! We love you!

Katie Sedita Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is the best! She is always happy and helpful to all the enter Rooney Ranch. She cares about each and every student at Rooney and the community. She holds Rooney together and keeps it running better than any school! Her contributions to the community and to Rooney are invaluable!! Mrs. Gonzales is a life changer to all the students, staff and families that have had the pleasure to meet her. I can not imagine any nominee that deserves this recognition more than Mrs. Gonzales.

Emily Van Duerm Posted over a year ago

Any teacher knows just how important our school secretaries are. They are truly the engine of our school--making sure that everything, and everyone is running. At Rooney Ranch, we have an amazing office staff. With a smile, they are always willing to do whatever it takes to keep our students and staff safe, happy and healthy. Mrs. Gonzales, our attendance secretary, is truly the heart of Rooney Ranch. Her postivivity and warmth radiates off of her and leaves every single person she comes into contact with with a smile. If you need information, she is there to help you find it. If you need help with something, she will drop anything and help you get an answer. If she is busy working and the phone rings, she answers it with pep and cheer. Mrs. Gonzales does so much more, as the thousands of people who come into contact with her know. I am proud and thankful to work with someone who is so wonderful, but also someone that inspires me to be my best each day.

Julie Borus Posted over a year ago

From the minute we first walked in the doors at Rooney Ranch Debbie Gonzales made us feel right at home with her warm smile, and her contagious positive attitude. That had a huge influence on our decision to have our kids attend Rooney Ranch. I am so glad we made that decision and Debbie has continued to be a ray of a sunshine every time we walk in that front door. Rooney is not Rooney with out Debbie!!

DeAnn Hoffman Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserved of this award than Debbie Gonzales. This is my second year as an Assistant Principal at Rooney Ranch. I am new to the position as well as to the school. Debbie is always, always there for me when I have a question or need some guidance. She immediately puts down whatever she is currently working on to address me and any concerns I might have. She does this with everyone! Nothing is more important to Debbie than the staff and the community she serves. She makes everyone feel like they belong at Rooney, even before they actually do!! She is fantastic and to say she will be missed is a understatement to say the least.

Chris Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Debbie is wonderful! She has been at Rooney from the start and continues to be a vital part of the school's success! She has a caring personality and does an outstanding job of making everyone who walks through the front doors feel welcomed. She will give you her undivided attention and answer all questions to the best of her knowledge. If she doesn't have the answer, she will get it for you!

Dinelle cordova Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Gonzales is has a special place in all four of my Children's hearts. We have know her for over 20 years. She is the most helpful and understanding women. She is always with a great smile and warm heart every time you walk into Rooney Ranch. She guided you to the places you need to be. She knows everything! She always had great resources of you are in a jam. We love Her..

Nicole Smith Posted over a year ago

Debi IS Rooney for sure!! Her smiling face, sweet voice, knack for always knowing what we need even if we’re not exactly sure makes her one of a kind and an enormous gift to all of the families at Rooney!!

Ana Posted over a year ago

I couldn't agree more. Mrs. Gonzales is awesome! She has been one of the reasons why we love Rooney. She is not only welcoming but also very sopportive. She always addresses any question or concern (big or small), with a smile, calm voice, positivism and the resources to solve it... we are really Thankful for ALL she does at (and for) Rooney.

Nicole Hensley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Gonzales is amazing. No matter what is going on, she always has a smile on her face. She goes above and beyond to help every child at Rooney Ranch. Not only this year.. she’s been doing this since I was a Rooney Ranch student back from 1999-2006!

Joy Detra Posted over a year ago

Debbie ROCKS and is such a pleasure to be around. I remember the first time I got the dreaded phone call from school that my daughter, Claire, was sick. She made sure to reassure me with the sweetest and kindest voice and words to calm me down. She really is the face of Rooney and makes even the “dumbest” question from a worried parent seem important. Thank you, Debbie for being AMAZING!

Brenda Huerta Posted over a year ago

Not surprising at all!!!! I’ve been friends with Debbie since high each other’s weddings and call each other family. Even though they have lived in Denver for years....Pueblo is where her roots are and she always embraces old friends and family when she visits! Has always been a very caring and warm person to all she meets. Strong family values which were instilled in her by her awesome parents....Max and Millie! I can go on one on with almost fifty years of great memories....but don’t want to get mushy! Debbie....we are so proud of all you do for your community and are happy to call you family! Love you lots!!!!

Heather Heyd Posted over a year ago

Debbie made my son's school feel like a family. We were always amazed by her constant genuine warmth and desire to help anyone in need. No matter how busy the front office was, Debbie never made you feel like you were an interruption to her work. Instead, she made you feel like the only thing on her agenda. Debbie was one of the biggest reasons we were sad to graduate from Rooney. She is an angel on earth.

Kathi A Posted over a year ago

Debbie is so awesone, for the 7 years my daughter was there she was always in the office, always smiling, ALWAYS helpful When I started my little free library at my house she was the first person to bring over books and she was so supportive She has great school spirit for every activity, encouraged the kids with the Christmas market, science fair I think she more than deserves this award!

Kirsten Posted over a year ago

Debbie is one of the first faces you see when you walk into Rooney! There is no better person to greet those entering our community. She is always smiling, laughing and offering help to anyone and everyone. She calls everyone sweetheart and means it! She will do anything for anyone at anytime. She drops whatever she is working on to help everyone who enters the office! She is truly a invaluable resource and member of our Rooney community!

Sharon Paris Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales made us want to go to Rooney! She was so kind and welcoming, from the minute we walked in the school, and nothing has changed. She always greets you with a smile, and is happy to see you! I’m in the school a lot and have never seen her in a bad mood. She deserves to retire but selfishly I wish she would stay. She will definitely be missed

Lisa strong Posted over a year ago

When we were deciding if we should transfer away front charter achool and back to our home school Mts Gonzales was, without a doubt, the #1 reason we said YES! She greeted us with such warmth and that big smile! I can’t imagine rooney without her! We love Rooney and know it won’t be the same!

Christina Kittelstad Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t agree more! She always has a warm smile and is ready to help with whatever issue pops up. She is the face of Rooney!??

Susan Vallier Posted over a year ago

Debbie Gonzales has been the face and the heart of Rooney Ranch School long before my family became a part of the community. After visiting several local schools with my soon-to-be kindergartener (currently a HS junior), I walked into Rooney Ranch and had an experience that I did not have at the other schools. Debbie was warm, kind, and honestly wanted my family to join RR. I did not receive anywhere near the same reception at the other schools. Debbie gave me her time, her knowledge, and her passion for Rooney and right away I couldn't imagine attending anywhere else. What I came to learn was Debbie is always like this, with every person she comes in contact with. Every parent, every staff member, every student is important to her and gets only her very best. Debbie Gonzales definitely changed the lives of every one in my family by simply sharing her warm personality and bringing us into the Rooney family.

Katie Jones Posted over a year ago

Debbie is always friendly and knows the answers to all of my questions! It's nice to feel welcome anytime I call or come into the office ??

Jeanne Posted over a year ago

I am a central office member with Jeffco and Debbie Gonzales is so great to work with over the phone. She’s patient and kind. As a parent in the Green Mountain community volunteering to help with Jr cheer and Jr Poms she was wonderful on the phone and so welcoming when I drppped the forms off. She’s always been great about sharing the information with students and parents.

Sara Posted over a year ago

Ms. Gonzales is a role model for all, and her generosity is inspiring to the community. I hope she wins this award!

Kalyn Posted over a year ago

My mom is a teacher at Rooney Ranch and any time I have visited she is always so kind and inviting. Any person who comes into the school feels how welcoming Mrs. Gonzales is. Debbie deserves this award because she has changed so many lives since her start at Rooney Ranch!