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Selena Bradley

Position: Counselor
School: Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School
School District: Lake Ridge New Tech Schools
City, State: Gary, IN

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Selena Bradley was nominated by a colleague, Jenae McKnight.

Mrs. Bradley is a school counselor extraordinaire. She has an open door policy where students and teachers are always welcome to enter her room for help. She has a soothing voice and a very calm and polite demeanor. Mrs. Bradley provides various methods of therapy for the students so that they leave her office in a better disposition than when they came in. She communicates effectively with administrators, staff, and parents about any concerns with their students.  Her presence has had a positive effect on the entire school culture; students have a trusted counselor who is knowledgeable about various strategies to help them move past their fears, troubles, or anxieties.

Mrs. Bradley has worked hard to always improve herself by returning to school for her Masters in Education Administration.  She is committed to mainitaining a professional attitude at all times.

"She has a talent for de-escalating conflict and is a consummate professional.  She has proven herself to be a person of integrity because she is very straightforward and speaks the truth in love to people," McKnight said.

She recently started a Veteran's Day Program, has brought in speakers on Digital Footprinting, and presented on Bullying and Suicide Prevention to students.  She has also done professional development for teachers on de-stressing and keeping a positive outlook. 

"Mrs. Selena Bradley is not only a LifeChanger in our community, but she is a World Changer. The world can only be better with people like her in it," McKnight said.