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Seth Warren

Position: History Teacher
School: Roanoke Rapids High School
School District: Roanoke Rapids Graded School District
City, State: Roanoke Rapids, NC

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Seth Warren was nominated by a student. This is the fourth year Mr. Warren has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year.

"I am nominating Mr. Warren again because he has three LifeChanger of the Year posters handing up in his room, and he deserves a fourth poster," said his nominator. "Mr. Warren is a great mentor and person, and has done a lot for me and his other students. He is a teacher on campus that you see students hanging out with constantly, and he is a great coach."

Mr. Warren cares a lot about his students and he shows it. He taught his nominator this year for the first time, and he made the class extremely fun.

"I am going to miss having Mr. Warren as a teacher becasue of how hard he works and how much he cares. You won't find a teacher that is as caring, hard-working, and important to his school as Warren is," his nominator said. "He is what every teacher should be."

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Alize Kuster Posted over a year ago

Where do I begin? I used to hear, "do not have Mr. Warren as a teacher he gives too much work!" When I registered for my classes for my senior year I wanted to take and Honors course. I received my schedule saying I had Mr. Warren as a teacher and I said to my self I'll take on the challenge, because I am going to have to for when I go to college. The first day of class was one of the best days of class I have had in a really long time. The way he presented the course Layout, to an introduction about himself, to how he believe that we can do anything if we put the effort and determination into it was absolutely life changing. That first day was just a beginning to wonderful semester. A semester full of friendships, challenges, accomplishing goals, and self determination to rise above and to never give up. Over the course of the semester he has expressed and shown new interactive ways of learning. I have learned more in his class as a senior than I have ever learned in my 12 years of schooling. I've also learned more about my self. No matter if you struggled or not, he was always there to help, because he cared more about your future and you achieving your goals successfully in life, rather than to teach u about topics to just pass your grade. He continues to shine even out side of the class. No matter the circumstance I have seen him drop what he was doing to help fellow co-workers and students. He is a well rounded individual who cares greatly about the people around him. I know that if I ever needed help with papers in college or a simple recommendation he would find the time to help me. I am truly grateful and for me he will always be a LifeChanger without a doubt.

Emli Edwards Posted over a year ago

I can say without a doubt that Mr. Warren has been my favorite teacher, not only because of his excellent ways of teaching and making his lesson plans more interactive and having his students involved, but also because he actually cares about his students and their lives. He doesn't just want his students to pass, but he wants them to achieve their goals and succeed in life. He will drop what he is doing if someone is in need and he tries his best to help them. He honestly is a life changer because he showed me that he really cared about my schoolwork and my dreams. I have asked multiple times to help me with college applications, essays and even to write a few recommendations and he has never turned me away and always is willing to help. I am so thankful that I had him as a teacher but I know even in college I could ask him for help and he will always find the time to help.

Angel Wright Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren is 100% the best history teacher in our school! He makes his lessons fun and interactive. I never really remember much from past semesters but his lessons actually stuck with me. Not only is he a great teacher but a great role model as well.

William Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren is an amazing teacher. He always makes the class fun and interesting. He is also an awesome person. He is a great mentor and role model.

Bella Carroll Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren balances the teacher role, along with the friend role perfectly. He is a great educator. I cannot tell you anything I’ve learned in 80% of my classes during highschool but I bet I can tell you 80% of the material I learned in Mr. Warrens class. Most teachers deal with their students and don’t care less what happens to them after the bell rings but with Warren, he replies to the emails I send him, about questions in class, almost immediately. He asks how different situations played out that I mentioned to him when other teachers would forget it 5 seconds after I tell them. Last but not least he’s a LifeChanger. My highschool experience would not have been the same if it weren’t for him. His class is the top one that I’m going to miss, but I know he’s just a quick email away.

Danyon Posted over a year ago

It's a real plueasre to find someone who can think like that

Ken Wilson Posted over a year ago

As a member of the Halifax Resolves Chapter, North Carolina Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) I was invited by Mr. Warren to speak to his class about the significance of the dates on the North Carolina flag while dressed as a member of the NC Militia. The students were extremely attentive and asked some amazing questions. I could tell that Mr. Warren was able to keep the students motivated and interested in American History. Since that first presentation, I have returned several times with other presentations with great student participation. To my knowledge, he is the first teacher to request a U.S. flag retirement ceremony during school hours. The students wrote and conducted the ceremony in which the school JROTC unit presented the colors with the SAR providing the Burn Master and Chaplain. The city Fire Department supervised the event. We have done three of these ceremonies with outstanding participation from the students and faculty. Mr. Warren is dedicated to his students and strives to make the subject matter interesting which encourages the students to learn. There are always students around him asking questions. He is an excellent teacher and mentor to the students.

Tieraney Dixon Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren really prepared me for the real world, especially college. He would use phrases such as “it’s grinding time”, to encourage us to do our work and “buckle down” the work load was well planned, and his teaching strategies helped myself and my fellow classmates relate and interact with him easier. He is more than a teacher, he’s a friend.

Taylor Redwine Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren is that teacher that is always there to support you and be in your corner. He will always go that extra mile for you. He will always be my favorite teacher that I had.

Destiny Sexton Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren was one of my all time favorite teachers at Roanoke Rapids High School. He knew exactly how to keep us entertained in class and he befriended all of his students. He made us want to do our work and learn more. He really helped me out my senior year. He never wanted to see a student fail and he’d do everything he could to keep that from happening. He really made my senior year of high school less stressful and more fun. I really miss having him as a teacher.

Rachel Moore Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren was such a great teacher to have. He always gave great advice and pushed us to do our best. He’ll forever be a teacher that holds a special place in my heart.

Houston Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren is an awesome teacher! He helps the students whenever they need it and is one of the nicest people I know

Isaac Moseley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Warren is the best and he helped me a lot. He is like my best friend.