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Lesley Wheeler

Position: Instructional Coach
School: Memorial Drive Elementary School
School District: Ware County School District
City, State: Waycross, GA

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Lesley Wheeler was nominated by a colleague, Mamie Holland.

An instructional coach is someone whose chief professional responsibility is to bring evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders. Mrs. Wheeler, the instructional coach at Memorial Drive Elementary School, does just that.

Mrs. Wheeler is always ready to lend a helping hand to the students, teachers and administrators in her building, as well as in the district. She makes a beneficial difference in the lives of students by working with them directly, either one-on-one or in small groups. She listens to students read in guided reading, models writing, and gives feedback to the students. Mrs. Wheeler also provides important tools for teachers to help their students become more successful in the classroom.

Mrs. Wheeler's leadership within her school has been proven time and time again. She has taught in the classroom for many years, and she knows how to help first time teachers prepare their rooms, organize their lesson plans, group their students for reading and math, and assess their students.  She also has suggestions for teachers on handling student behavior.  Mrs. Wheeler has presented helpful information in many grade-level meetings and faculty meetings.

"We are lucky to have Lesley Wheeler as our instructional coach here at Memorial Drive Elementary School. She is truly our LifeChanger of the Year," Holland said.

Comments (9)

Michelle Skerratt Posted over a year ago

Lesley is always there and ready to assist with whatever you need. I have enjoyed working with her for the past several years. From a quick smile to helping find items for instruction in the classroom, she’s a blessing to us all - staff and students at Memorial Drive.

Dee Dickson Posted over a year ago

Love this women! She is a wonderful teacher and friend. She has a true heart for children and education. We are blessed to have her at MDES!

Tina Thomas Posted over a year ago

Mrs Wheeler is such a wonderful person,I thank God for her being a part of my son's education. So many students lol up to her

Jessica Strickland Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Wheeler! She’s always there to lead a helping hand. She has such a beautiful smile, that can warm any room. She’s just plan amazing!!

Robbin Walters Posted over a year ago

Mrs Wheeler is always there with an extra pair of hands and lots of love for our kids! Her smile and positive attitude encourages us everyday. We appreciate all that she does to make our school awesome!

Rene’ Crews Posted over a year ago

I love the super listener that Mrs. Wheeler is! She’s always there with a smile on her face and a good suggestion! If she doesn’t know the answer to your problem, give her a bit and she’d be glad to help you figure it out.

Trina Dill Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lesley Wheeler is a such a blessing to our school! Her knowledge and experience speaks volumes. She is a positive role model who is always encouraging and willing to lend a helping hand.

Nancy Rio Posted over a year ago

Lesley is a joy to work with. She’s energetic, enthusiastic, and very organized. YAY!! Lesley

Kelly Spikes Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Wheeler is such a blessing, I am so thankful she has been a part of each of my children’s lives thru Memorial Drive Elementary. We look forward to more years with her.