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Jessica Wherrey

Position: Elementary Receptionist
School: York Preparatory Academy
School District: SC Public Charter School District
City, State: Rock Hill, SC

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Jessica Wherrey was nominated by a colleague, Madeline Donaway.

Ms. Wherrey is absolutely amazing. No matter what you need, she is there. She helps parents, tackles tough situations, and even answers emails after hours.

"This is someone who will bend over backwards to help you do whatever it is that you need. I owe my first year to Jessica," Donaway said. "Whenever I have a problem or question, she always greets me with a smile and a helping hand. My students rave about her, and she is always courteous to everyone she meets."

Comments (12)

Danielle Cummings Posted over a year ago

Jessica has been a helpful, positive support since the first day I started at YPA. She goes above and beyond her daily duties to make YPA an amazing place for staff and students. YPA would not be the same without her!

Paula Stehley Posted over a year ago

Jessica is an asset to YPA. Her smiling face and cheerful personality greets everyone that enters the school and everyone that leaves. She always knows exactly what to do in every scenario. As a parent and volunteer at YPA, Jessica has made my experience there a memorable one. My daughter absolutely loves her! I have seen Jessica guide the children as well as help them. And, always with a smile. I love her!!

Kha Stewart Posted over a year ago

Every school has that one person who is the glue that holds everyone together- at YPA, that person is Jessica Wherrey! Not only does she coordinate, direct and inform, she also brightens every day, inspires each student and encourages everyone she encounters. We are so lucky to have her!

Ashleigh Wyatt Posted over a year ago

Jessica is always the first face that you see as you enter the school. She’s always smiling. She is very kind and upbeat! Her positive attitude puts her head and shoulders above everyone else! YPA is blessed to have you!!

Shelly Alston Posted over a year ago

Jessica is amazing! She's caring, very helpful, and is part of what makes YPA so wonderful! She really makes me feel like family every time I come in the front office. Congratulations Jessica! You deserve it!

Faye Carter Posted over a year ago

Jessica is such an amazing person. I'm a great grandma with two grandchildren that go to school at YPA. She helps me with so much. I'm so appreciative of her and I don't know anyone more deserving than her. I'M so glad she's being recognized for her hard work. Congratulations, Jessica.

Alvita Frazier Posted over a year ago

Ms.Wherrey is amazing! She's always so cheerful and extremely sweet. I love walking in and chatting with her. I appreciate her for always be willing to go above and beyond when needed. Thank you Ms. Wherrey!!!

LaTisha Ashley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wherrey has always been so nice when we come in the school!! She really is the smiling face that helps with whatever you need! We appreciate her! Thank you!

Dawn Branham Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wherrey continually goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is a great asset to YPA. I don’t know how my son would have survived his 4th grade year had it not been for her. He had several days that he would forget his lunch, his drink or homework. Mrs. Wherrey never missed a beat, she would great us with a smile and make sure that he had what he needed. Thank you Mrs. Wherrey for all you do for YPA, the parents and the kids! We are lucky to have you!

Stephanie Caston Posted over a year ago

Miss Jessica is AMAZING and we are so thankful to have her at YPA!!!

Brooke Bruner Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wherrey is wonderful to work with and always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help! We greatly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication she gives to go above and beyond daily for our school and students!

POLLY OUTHAY Posted over a year ago

Ms. Wherrey is one of the few persons at the front desk that everyone sees when entering the school. She sets the "MOOD" of the day, She greets with BIG smiles regardless of how rough some days may seem. She treats everyone the same (students/parents...etc) she encourages and motivates the student to do well when the time is tough. She goes above and beyond her calls of duty. Proud YPA student parent, Polly Outhay