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Adriana Reyna

Position: Liaision/Native Tutor
School: Clarke Elementary School
School District: Clarke Community Schools
City, State: Osceola, IA

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Adriana Reyna was nominated by her principal, Jill Kiger.

Mrs. Reyna has served as a native language tutor at Clarke Elementary School for several years. From the moment Kiger arrived, Mrs. Reyna demonstrated her professionalism in translating for families. She helped Kiger understand how to work with the families and modeled what the families would expect. Most of the school's English learners come from Mexico and central America. Families respected her.

"After the first year of learning, I had a conversation with the ELL teachers to ask them what they needed," said Kiger. "One thing that came out was that they were constantly inundated with phone calls and interruptions during instruction due to parents calling in with questions/requests and staff needing to make calls home. Through this discussion, it was determined to utilize a native tutor as a family liaison. When I asked the ELL teachers who might fill the role, it was unanimous that Mrs. Reyna would be the best fit."

Mrs. Reyna quickly took to the role and has since earned the respect of the community, as well as the staff. She is professional, efficient, and willing to do whatever is needed. She is proactive in her conversations, and she is highly trusted, as families will talk to her to determine if they need to do anything about situations that come in. Mrs. Reyna makes everyone feel good with her positive attitude and contagious smile. She spends time in the office to start the day and end the day. Families and students seek her out to assist them. During the day, she is reached quickly to take phone calls or meet with parents. She embraces the role.

"Recently, we asked her for a list of volunteers to assist the PTO with providing treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. Within an hour, she had six families who were willing to help," Kiger said. "She has had to translate tough behavior situations, and I can always trust her to deliver the message and help me in clearly communicating with families and making sure I understand their questions or needs."  

Mrs. Reyna makes her community stronger and leads with superior attendance and professionalism. When a secretary is gone, she will assist with whatever is needed. New families are greeted warmly, quickly helped, and put at ease. She also tutors newcomers in math. She collaborates with teachers and helps students gain confidence in ability and language. The transition to having her serve as the liaison was seamless because she is trustworthy. The teachers are thrilled to have instructional time back, and the office staff are able to let families know that they will be connected with a translator in a very short time. Many times, she can help a parent without involving anyone else because of the trust and knowledge she possesses. She is also efficient with knowing who a family might need to talk to if she can't help them. Mrs. Reyna exemplifies what it means to be a LifeChanger!

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Comments (31)

Rosaura Flores Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an amazing soul. She not only cares about her students but about the community as well. Her knowledge about families and the surroundings is inmense. It has been a true blessing to work side by side with her. Her strong, compassionate, caring and responsible self makes her a true deserver of this honor. She is one of the most responsible, honest and caring persons I have ever known. We, as a school are very blessed to have such great character as our Liasion.

Edith Flores Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is one of the most responsible, dedicated and caring individuals I have ever known. It has been a complete delight to work with her and call her my friend. She deserves this recognition for being such a great inspiration not only to students but to her teammates as well. She makes a great difference in ever life she touches!

Erin BLAKELY Posted over a year ago

She is such a great asset to our school and community. She really cares about the children! We are blessed to have her at our school. ??

Michele Billington Posted over a year ago

She is a real asset to our school and community. She is always willing to help in any way and is always very professional when communicating with families. She works side by side with teachers helping them bridge the communication gap. I feel blessed to have her as a fellow employee of the school.

Beth Comer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is always available when I need her. She is such an important part of our school. Without her I wouldn't be able to communicate effectively with the families of my students. I really appreciate her knowledge and helpfulness with any of my concerns. I'm so thankful she's in our school and in this position!

Rachel Glenn Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is a great asset to our school! I appreciate her kind smile and helpfulness with any questions I've had. We're very lucky to have her!

Jamie Gelner Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mrs. Reyna for always smiling! But especially, thank you for always helping classroom teachers communicate and problem solve to keep our studenst happy, healthy, and successful at Clarke Elementary.

Sarah Flaherty Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is a wonderful asset to our school. She is very helpful in reaching and assisting with families, and holds all of our students in the highest esteem. She is professional and respected and highly deserving of this award.

Mady Adamson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an amazing person. She is so helpful to both students and staff. Students love the time they get to spend with her, and look forward to meeting with her. As a new teacher at Clarke Elementary, Mrs. Reyna has always been willing to help me whenever I need it! She has translated phone calls, letters, and helped me with parent meetings. She does a wonderful job making everyone feel comfortable and her professionalism is outstanding. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful person working along side our families because she makes sure that all students are succeeding! Thank you, Mrs. Reyna!

Annie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an asset to Clarke Elementary. The positive energy and help she brings every day is irreplaceable. She helps our parent population that without her would have no voice. The parents trust her as well as the teachers to translate and assist them in the daily needs of school. Mrs. Reyna has truly changed Clarke Elementary for the better!!!!

Laura Follmann Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna has a positive influence with our students and is very efficient helping within the classroom. She is reliable when assisting with communication and does a nice job of following up after conversations have taken place. She is a very important piece of our school community!

Randi Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is truly a LifeChanger!!! She is a positive and dependable role model for students, families, and teachers. We are able to keep open communication with ALL of our families with Mrs. Reyna's help. Her warm and trustworthy demeanor is appreciated and worthy of recognition! Mrs. Kiger said it best, "Mrs. Reyna makes her community stronger and leads with superior attendance and professionalism." Clarke would not be the same without Mrs. Reyna!

Randy Bolton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna has helped us immensely in her role in our building. We serve nearly 780 students. She treats each one of them as if they were one of her own. Adriana has helped us better understand cultural differences and similarities. This information and insight has helped allow us to better serve all of our students. She has been an asset with communicating with families. Mrs. Reyna has helped our English Language Learners improve academically and socially. Personally, Adriana has helped me communicate with families and provided me with a better understanding of family dynamics that allows me to better serve those that I'm working with on a daily basis. We are truly blessed to have her living in our community and working in our district. Thanks Mrs. Reyna

Brenda Robbins Posted over a year ago

She's always quick to respond to any question or assistance needed. Always positive!

Stacia D. Watkins Posted over a year ago

It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to work with our bright and capable liaison, Mrs. Adriana Reyna, at Clarke Elementary School! Mrs. Reyna serves in many capacities at our school with grace, good humor and a professional demeanor. Her work ethic and ability to problem solve are invaluable!! I am thankful for the myriad of phone calls she takes and makes, always with a smile and good will toward both the school, the child and the family. Her ability to be the bridge of communication between the school and home is crucial to our students' educational success. She understands both cultures and facilitates a deeper understanding for those working at the school and for the wonderful families of our students.. Mrs. Reyna is highly respected, because she is respectful to all. She keeps things positive and confidential. Adriana is also a native language tutor, assisting, modeling and teaching children who speak a language other than English in the home. We have been so fortunate to be able to utilize Mrs. Reyna in any subject area in any classroom with a variety of students from varied backgrounds. She does an AMAZING job of helping our English Learners progress academically and linguistically! Mrs. Reyna certainly deserves to be honored for her kindness, honesty, diligence and positive impact she is making on our community and school!

Kimberly Adams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is a blessing upon any child she works with. She will do everything that she can to ensure that each child feels welcomed and comfortable in our school. She has worked with a few of my students and each one loves her and the time they get to spend with her. Mrs. Reyna is always willing to help in anyway that she can. She helps the whole school translate letters home to parents or during face-to-face conversations or conferences. She is an amazing staff member and we are lucky to have her here at Clarke Elementary. Thanks Mrs. Reyna!!

Becca Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an incredible asset to our staff at Clarke. She cares deeply about each and every student. She works hard to create positive and meaningful relationships with students, staff and families. I am thankful for her work each day!

Bruce Kentner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is always positive and willing to help when asked. She is a pleasure to work with.

Sue Body Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is very deserving of this award. Clarke Elementary is a large school with a growing ELL population. Everyone in the building/district benefits with good lines of communication, which Mrs. Reyna helps to provide. She is a liaison, a lifeline, between a caring staff and families with a need and desire to know and share what is happening in their child's life. She helps in a variety of ways daily, wherever and whenever she can, and always with a smile. She handles sensitive situations with professionalism and understanding of all sides, and she helps to facilitate positive outcomes. She is more than a translator between our staff and ELL families. She is a problem solver, an advocate, and a vital part of Clarke Elementary's success.

Cindy Norman Posted over a year ago

We are blessed to have Mrs. Reyna in our community and as an employee of our district. She has been wonderful at helping us connect our multicultural community and school district. She communicates effectively with our parents and students to enable us to meet their needs. She has truly helped our school become a success in bridging the gap between our English and Spanish speaking parents, students, and community.

Leann Kennedy-Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is such a positive role model in our district. She is always willing to help and has a beautiful smile on her face! Thank you, Adriana!

Steve Seid Posted over a year ago

Great asset to our school district!!

Bambi Sharp Posted over a year ago

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for our children and families. We appreciate the effort you make to maintain a positive attitude even when faced with a challenging situation. Warm regards, Mrs. Bambi Sharp

Avory (Kurt) Freund Posted over a year ago

I loved working with Mrs. Reyna! She is a knowledgeable, selfless, kind, and compassion person who is more than worth of this recognition. Thank you for all that you do for the Clarke community!

Cody Posted over a year ago

You go girl you have grown so much you deserve it

Claresa Posted over a year ago

Great job so happy for you! You deserve this

Alyssa Gates Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an absolutely amazing woman. She cares so deeply about every student. Mrs. Reyna always works to make all families feel welcome at Clarke. Although I've only known her for a few months, I am amazed by the positive impact she has at Clarke.

Gina Sickels Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna cares about all the kids and families in our Clarke Elementary setting. She is dedicated and loyal to our staff, our students and their families. Recently, Mrs. Reyna met with a student, his mom, and I nearly every Tuesday morning to communicate about the student's growth at school. Mrs. Reyna's friendly, loving attitude helped the mom open up about their family life and gave her the courage to make some changes at home to help her child too. Mrs. Reyna's ability to positively communicate helped the child's mom feel a part of her son's education and the student began to change his attitude about his education and his own family life. Mrs. Reyna is an integral part of communicating with our families and helping our students grow! She is most deserving of this recognition!

Annie Halsband Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an asset to Clarke Elementary! She helps the entire staff with the families who do not speak English. She is professional yet caring when speaking with families. When I have had a behavioral issue or attendance matter, I know Mrs. Reyna will help translate the message in a way the family understands and see the importance in the matter!

Jamie Porter Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Reyna is an amazing member of our staff! I can call upon her at any time and she is there to help me out. I have asked her for help in writing a letter home to families, making phone calls to families, or translating a letter from families. She has even volunteered her time to help me out in my classroom. We did a Holidays Around the World in December and Mrs. Reyna helped me by contacting our local Mexican Restaurants and stores and had items donated to our celebration. She is there to help whenever and however we need her to. She is amazing! Thank you, Mrs. Reyna for all that you do for Clarke Schools!

Shelly Morgan Posted over a year ago

I am so glad that our principal has nominated Mrs. Reyna for a LifeChanger award. Everything that Mrs. Kiger wrote about Mrs. Reyna is true. I would like to add that I have also been impressed with Mrs. Reyna's attitude. Even on days when I know things are really difficult for her, Mrs. Reyna is able to smile and genuinely focus on what she needs to do to make life better for those she is working with. I believe her own happiness comes from being able to help other people find success. She is a very happy person because she sees the results of her efforts in the successes of others.