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Angie Koontz

Position: Guidance Counselor
School: Somonauk High School
School District: Somonauk CUSD #432
City, State: Somonauk, IL

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Angie Koontz was nominated by her principal, Laura Hatch.

Mrs. Koontz is a spectacular educator who devotes all of her time and energy to helping each student be successful. Currently, she is the only counselor for roughly 275 students.  Aside from meeting the academic needs of the students, she is also aware of the struggles that some students face at school, in their social lives, and at home. She also takes her time to recognize the accomplishments of these students.  

Mrs. Koontz can be found each morning surrounded by a group of students working on academic skills, leadership skills, and self-advocacy skills. The students flock to her and appreciate her honest approach; they know they will not be coddled to or given a slight pat on the back, but be provided with constructive feedback that will help them become successful and employable adults.

When Mrs. Koontz is not working directly with students, she is working with parents and teachers on skills that will help them better understand their students. She provides them with advice and specific strategies they can immediately try in the classroom or at home.  

Mrs. Koontz continuously teaches students to give and feel the love from the community in return.  One example is how she reaches out to the community and has groups of students provide a full Thanksgiving dinner to the families of Somonauk who would not otherwise have the opportunity to celebrate our country.

With self-love as a focus in everything she does, she is able to maintain a culture she has helped build, where students and staff accept each other and understand each other's needs.

"Somonauk High School is the best environment to work in for students, teachers, the community, and parents. This environment stems from the opportunities that Mrs. Koontz provides for us all," Hatch said.

Comments (36)

Grace C Ballas Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is assertive, caring, and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better guidance counselor.

Emily Somé Posted over a year ago

I have truly appreciated everything Mrs. Koontz has done for me and my fellow Somonauk classmates. She always makes an effort to be available to students who need help with anything from college questions to personal issues. And, when it comes to helping students with future plans, she is never afraid to reach out to specific students and provide them with materials that open up so many opportunities. She also puts so much work into preparing us for life after high school. I remember in the eighth grade, she would come into our classes a number of times to answer all of the questions us students didn't even know we had regarding high school and college. She is just such an amazing and hard working counselor to have in my school. She is an inspiration to me and a number of my classmates; she carries herself with so much confidence and professionalism, yet is a kind, generous person who cares about the well being of all of her students.

Ken Grewer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is an inspiring volleyball coach. She cares about her students on and off the court.

Allison Bentley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is not only the best person to go to for help with anything college or high school related, but she is also a great person to talk to if you are having difficulties planning out your future. She is always there to help me when I am stuck on either in school, classes, or just life in general. She is an extremely good listener, and she is just overall an amazing person to speak with!

Trevor Bonn Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mrs. Koontz!

Peter Bomba Posted over a year ago

I am happy to say that I was able to meet Mrs.Koontz early in my High School career, she is someone us students can rely on to talk to about anything. We constantly rely on her help and advice to get us though our high school years and beyond. Koontz is the type of person that if you want something she wont take no for an answer she will be there for her students during that extra mile to help Us achieve our dreams, and Short/ long term goals.

Kels Albright Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz practically lives at the high school because she is always here, working hard to make sure every single one of our needs is met and that we are on the right path for life after high school. She always says she does not care if we go to college or not she cares about us having a successful high school career and being happy with ourselves. She is also the volleyball coach and is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pushing us to be the best athletes we can be. We may not always like the things she says or has us do but she has good reasoning behind everything she has us do. I used to think she was very scary but once you get to know her she really is the complete opposite, I mean I'm still scared of her sometimes but I know that if i ever needed anything she would be there for me and for anyone else who needed her as well. She is very very easy to talk too and gives great advice that really makes you think about life and just everything in general. I don't know what we'd do without Mrs. Koontz here and I'm very thankful we have her at our school :)

Becca Harms Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is a life changer because she helps all of the Somonauk students and wants what's best for all of us . She has changed my life because she pushes me to work hard in sports and in school. She is a very inspirational to me and others.

Abigail Schiltz Posted over a year ago

I haven't know her long enough for her to have a big impact on me, but she was a huge influence in my sister's life. She was going through a rough part in life, and the only reason she was able to get through it was because Mrs. Koontz was there, dragging her forward when she wanted o give up. She's the only one who get through to her when my sister would ignore even my parents. I really appreciate all the help and effort she's put into my family, and it's helped me by showing how many people are there when you need someone to pick you up.

Parker Sexton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz help me a lot while I was putting together my schedule for high school and through my transition from middle school to high school.

Jake Willette Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has one goal and it is to make every student happy with what they want to do. By far she over exceeds this goal and along with that she guards every student in the right direction no matter the situation. Mrs. Koontz makes students life's easier meaning that she does a lot of work that is sometimes unnoticed. Mrs. Koontz is a hard worker and helps everyone achieve their goal while achieving her own.

Zoe Zintak Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz did so much for this school. She helped me starting in 8th grade and I had tough times. Now I am at a great place and I go attack situations. I am in Leadership and she helps us with Thanksgiving meals and inspires others to help. She defiantly impacts everyone in this school someway. She helped the seniors apply to colleges and helps us give ourselves direction.

Emma Horsch Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz taught me not only how to play volleyball but how to be a well rounded, hard working woman. She pushes me outside of my comfort zone and makes me do things I never thought I could do. She works countless hours and has the such a crazy schedule but she always makes time for the super important things. I don't know how she does it but Koontz truly cares for each and every one of us students like we are her own kids. She teaches us to be strong, independent people and is always there when you need her. Koontz does whatever she can possibly do to make sure that you are cared for and get what you need. She is the most deserving of this award because she has changed the way I have looked at life. She is someone that I will look up to forever. She practices what she preaches and teaches students with her whole heart that life does not come easy but with hard work, achievements will follow. I am so thankful to have her in my life. To have someone at school that I trust with everything and anything is super rewarding. She has taught me everything I know about how to be a leader and I can only dream to be half the woman she is. SHS is super lucky to have her and that is why it is the best school in Illinois.

Marta Salgado Posted over a year ago

Forever thankful for Mrs. Koontz being very supportive, caring and helpful throughout my years here at Somonauk High school. She has helped me find what I enjoy to do and pursue it. She really cares about each of us like we are her own, and wants us to be successful and happy! She is definitely a life changer!!

Andrew Stonecipher Posted over a year ago

During my years at Somonauk High School Mrs. Koontz has been a huge life changer for me. Entering my Junior year I was asked to join a group called My Dream that Mrs. Koontz was in charge of. Now at first I was like what is this and why me? Plus I was kind of scared of her at first. But if you get to know her over time she's an amazing Counselor and an all around great person. Through My Dream I have had the ability to create and grow a relationship with Mrs. Koontz and to get to know her better and for her to get to know me. If anyone should deserve this award its Mrs. Koontz. With her dedication and caringness towards her work and students. She has helped in so many ways. So thank you Mrs. Koontz for all you do and wouldn't be the same without you!

Mr. Alsvig Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Koontz for 9 years. She is passionate about her job. She wants the very best for every single student here, no matter what their career path might be. She also is an outlet for students and staff when they need someone to talk to. Mrs. Koontz is a phenomenal Coach in the district also. Angie holds her players accountable and turns them into strong young women on and off the court. She is the best at her job. I couldn't imagine anyone doing it any better. She is an inspiration to students and staff and we are blessed to have her by our side.

Samantha Flanigan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz helped me get out of my shy stage and has helped me become the person I am today. I don't know what I would do without her at Somonauk. She might have scared me in middle school as an eighth grader, but that fear has completely disappeared and has been replaced with respect for the things she has done for our school and the students that learn here.

Amanda Hammett Posted over a year ago

Angie is one of the biggest assets to this District. Because she goes above and beyond her job expectations, she truly makes this District extremely successful. Angie is very much appreciated by each and every staff, student, parent and community member and without her Somonauk would not be Somonauk. Thank you Mrs. Koontz for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do.

Gia Vidito Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has helped me and so many others in each and every different way. She is always looking for the positive in every situation even if it's bad. All she wants is her students to be happy , she WANTS you to graduate but she always said "I don't care if you go to college i'm not here to push you to go I just want you to be happy." She deserves this award and i'm happy to say CONGRATULATIONS MRS. KOONTZ!!!!

Weston S Hologa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has helped me progress in my high-school career. I thank her for that. She is also very kind

Mary Seville Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has helped and pushed everyone through many things. Making sure we all get to where we want to be in life guiding us in the right direction.

Maxwell Neidigh Posted over a year ago

She is funny, commanding, and is very encouraging. She is always looking to help people and to lift them up. She is never self centered, and is always outgoing. She helps any student regardless of anything in her way.

Johnnathon R Waszak Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is devoted to her job and wants the best for every student at Somonauk High School. She is one of the very few I have heard say "I don't care if you go to college or not, I just want you to be happy" many students work themselves up about "college" and become stressed. Stress leads to frustration and anger which can take a blow on your view about high school. Koontz wants to insure every student completes high school no exceptions. She is very happy to open up about your future but what's more important to her is your "happiness" your happiness and your pride to show up to class everyday at Somonauk High School the greatest school in Illinois, in the U.S.A, and the whole world. I am very grateful to see Mrs. Koontz a great leader, friend, adviser, and influence everyday in the hall of my favorite place and my home SHS.

Amanda Taxis Posted over a year ago

Proud to be your coworker! Validation you deserve!!!

Linda Race Posted over a year ago

Speaking as a parent and as a previous co-worker with Angie Koontz. Both aspects honored to have her guidance for my kids and to work with her. Professional, dedicated and truly a blessing to the Somonauk Schools.

Mary Plante Posted over a year ago

Angie is also helpful to staff and previous students. She has an open door policy. She wants all if her students to be successful. Thsnk you for everything you do!

Payton Orzech Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz was such an influence on me throughout all of high school. Bring both my coach and counselor she helped me through a lot of difficult times and pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. If it wasn't for her, I would not have the strong and motivated mindset and work ethic that I do today! She truly helped form me into who I am and I can not thank her enough for that!

Reagan Orzech Posted over a year ago

She taught me hardwork, perseverance, the importance of leadership, and the meaning behind the word caring. As my volleyball coach, SHS leadership group advisor, and my go to person, she will forever be someone I keep and cherish in my corner. She keeps me grounded, pushes me outside of my comfort zone, and is always there no matter her insane amount of responsibilities. I can't say thank you enough as she helped me overcome family struggles, the stress of deciding my future steps, and helped me have a stronger mindset as I got ready to leave my amazing family at Somonauk. For me, the majority of my memories, successes, and experiences are because of my coach. Without her I would not be who I am today and would never have felt the abundance of love and support I did starting my freshman year. She will make sure you get your scholarships turned in, make sure you are not making excuses for yourself, ensure you are following YOUR path and no one else's, and will make you laugh and smile during this process. She truly loves what she does and it shows each and everyday. Although she doesn't do what she does for the recognition, this award explains her perfectly. She is a life changer for me and so many others.

Destiny York Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz is one of the most inspirational people I have ever come across in my life. She is constantly pushing each and every one of us to go after what we want and to strive to be the best person we can be.

Justin Grabow Posted over a year ago

Very supportive

Charlene Reader Posted over a year ago

The entire school benefits from Mrs. Koontz's help. She reaches out to the incoming eighth graders every year, preparing them for the transition to high school, and she guides the seniors into their next phase as well. She listens to the staff's concerns and celebrations. We are truly lucky to have her.

Justin Steorts Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has made a positive impact on my life because she is always so positive. She always says her number one priority is to make her students happy and to help them do what they want to do in life.

Avery Sexton Posted over a year ago

Throughout my high school career I have not utilized Mrs. Koontz as much as I wish I did. My freshman and sophomore years I never asked her questions or went to her for anything, but as the end of my junior year rolled around I felt a bigger need to shoot her an e-mail when I had questions and utilize her to my best advantage. She took me into her Leadership group at the school and it completely changed my life. I have grown so much as a person since being involved within her group and I am blessed that I have been given to opportunity to work and be around her and my other peers. Her door has always been open for not only me, but every student that has come before and after me and that is what makes her have such a strong impact on us all. Without Mrs. Koontz constant help and relief I know that myself and others would be losing their minds and this is why she is such an inspiration to us all at Somonauk High School!

Beth Strom Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Koontz has been very kind and helpful while guiding our children through high school and helping hem prepare for college! Her door is always open, my kids know if they are upset or having a problem Mrs. Koontz is the one to turn to. She is a wonderful advocate for all the students at Somonauk High School!

Jody Otto Posted over a year ago

As a parent I don't even know where to begin at explaining what She meant to me as a parent seeing the influence and effort she put toward my daughter all four years of her high school and volleyball career. Seeing the time and energy she put into my daughter on top of everything she does for the rest of the students and her volleyball players is just incredible. She does it all with a smile. She is fantastic coach, incredible couselor, a mentor and a role model to all she comes in contact with. Mrs, Koontz is all in all a great person and she's irreplaceable. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Sincerely, Jody Otto P.S. she deserves an award just for dealing with ME and my daughter for four years! Hahaha

Rayann Gilchrist Posted over a year ago

If it wasn't for Mrs. Koontz, there is no way I would have finished senior year without completely losing my mind. She not only helped me out with issues at home, but aided me in figuring out what possibilities my future holds. Mrs. Koontz truly makes you feel that she cares about you and takes genuine interest in our lives. I wish I would have came to her earlier on in my high school career, but the few months I spent this past year with her made an enormous impact on my life. She has inspired me to be my best no matter what and taught me how to stand up for myself. I am immensely thankful for her and all that she does.