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Chad Hodgson

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Belleville High School
School District: School District of Belleville
City, State: Belleville, WI

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Chad Hodgson was nominated by a colleague who wished to remain anonymous.

In the nominator's decades in education, they have rarely had the opportunity to work with an educator as skilled and dedicated as Mr. Hodgson.

"I always thought that I was a good teacher- until I met Chad Hodgson," the nominator said.  "He is the most organized person that I know.  He is also one of the most knowledgeable professionals that I have ever encountered.  This combination comes to life in his classroom!  It is structured and demanding, yet the students love it!"

Mr. Hodgson has produced amazing Advanced Placement (AP) test results. Students who score a "3" on these 5-point tests receive college credit.  Mr. Hodgson's students' average score for the AP United States Government and Politics exam was 3.667 in 2016.  In that same year, the average score on the AP United States History exam for Mr. Hodgson's students was 3.269.

While pushing students to earn such high scores, Mr. Hodgson is also recognized by the students as an amazing teacher. A school board member established the "Awesome Educator" Award at Belleville High School.  It awards a grant for the teacher to spend on their classroom and is based on a school-wide vote of students.  Mr. Hodgson won the award in its inaugural year of 2016 and would have won again this year, except that he could not receive the honor in two consecutive years.

"Chad pushes students to do their best, and they respond with appreciation and a desire for more. That, in my mind, is a LifeChanger!" the nominator said.

Chad Hodgson in the News:
Local Teacher Nominated for LifeChanger of the Year Award  

Comments (45)

Jill Remy Posted over a year ago

We are very fortunate to have Chad Hodson teaching in the School District of Belleville. Our son currently has Mr. Hodgson for World Geography and Cultures, and while he has definitely learned a lot about the subject matter, he has also learned 'life lessons' from Mr. Hodgson - realizing the satisfaction of working hard to achieve, the importance of treating others with respect and kindness, and the benefits of working together with others toward a common goal. Mr. Hodgson is a leader in the classroom and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has high expectations for his students and challenges them to push themselves beyond what they think they can achieve. This results in them gaining confidence in their abilities, which encouages them to strive to learn (and achieve) even more!

AR Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is my favorite teacher because he teaches life lessons and has fun in class.

Brad E Banfield Posted over a year ago

My daughter has Chad for World Cultures and Geography and loves him as a teacher. He is a great asset to Belleville schools both in and out of the classroom.

Peggy Hicks Posted over a year ago

This is awesome, way to go Chad!

Dylan Paris Posted over a year ago

Definitely one of the most influential teachers I ever had in my life. He changed my life in high school, and his lessons and teaching continue to change it years later.

Nilmi Bartle Posted over a year ago

Me. Hodgson definitely is the best teacher I’ve met. My daughter loves going to her AP Government class and last year, enjoyed WCG and Civics taught by Mr. Hodgson. Mr. Hodgson makes sure to shows and teach all sides and aspects of politics meanwhile keeping his personal opinions out of the classroom. He makes his classroom fun and makes it enjoyable to learn. I appreciate Mr. Hodgsons dedication to all our children.

Cade Martin Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Hodgson my freshman year in the class World Cultures and Geography and my junior year in the class AP U.S History. Mr. Hodgson is one of those teachers that you want to do well for, and make him proud of you. After a long day, most kids just want to turn and and go to sleep, but when you’re a student of Mr. Hodgson, you want to study and surprise him on the quiz and get the most discussion points the next day. Not only is he a great teacher, but he also manages to be there for his students whether it be sporting events, The Geography Bowl, or even be there just to lend a helping hand. He is truly a gift to the community, and I wouldn’t be the same without him.

Kelsey Posted over a year ago

Great teacher, students were always welcome in his room even before the school day started. Always willing to help and made learning fun.

Angie Edge Posted over a year ago

Belleville is lucky to have Mr. Hodgson!

Kyleah McKnight Posted over a year ago

When I was in high school I was fortunate enough to take Mr. Hodgsons World Geography class. In this class you had to memorize every single country in the world. It was daunting and, quite frankly, I was petrified. But Hodgson made this class fun, interactive, and one of the best learning experiences I had in high school! Through repitition, interactive games, and words of encouragement I successfully named 98% of the worlds countries on his final exam! Mr. Hodgson deserves to be recognized for his commitment to not only his career, but to his students as well!

RJ Mullendore Posted over a year ago

Chad Hodgson is and amazing teacher, He made class fun and enjoyable at the same time as learning so much. He cares so much about each and everyone around him. and always made sure you understood what you were doing, and ALWAYS was there when anybody needed help even if it was after basketball practice or cheerleading and you caught him just in time or as he was getting ready to walk out the door. he is such an amazing human being. Keep up the great work.

A Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is an amazing teacher! I had him my freshman year in high school. I liked how hands on he is, all the team work projects he had us do. He deserves this!

Jenny DeLorme Posted over a year ago

This did not surprise me to see that Chad was nominated for this award, he is an excellent teacher!! Our three boys grew so much from taking his classes, and they all said they aren't easy, and they liked that because they learned so much and he helped them figure out how to manage time better-HUGE benefit to have a handle on that before heading off to college!! Most of all...he makes learning fun--Thank you for that, Chad!! Also, that is correct to say that he is organized- extremely, actually, as we have seen him take on extra roles beyond his teaching through the years that he has done an amazing job at while teaching full time-he never lost a beat!! He is seriously Superman, and a great person~~ Congratulations on this nomination, Chad!! We are truly lucky as a school distinct to have him- and I know that many feel the same way :)

Grace P Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Hodgson for the first time my senior year and I had no clue what to expect, but every good thing people had told me about him was completely blown out of the water as he exceeded my expectations. Though History isn't my best subject, Mr. Hodgson brought out a side of me I didn't know existed, a side that actually enjoyed learning about American History, one that made me excited about class discussion and confident in my knowledge. He is so dedicated to making sure everyone understands and is comfortable with the material and is so great at explaining topics in ways where anyone can make connections. He is truly an exceptional teacher who shapes the way his students prepare and perform not just in school, but in life as well, and there is no one more deserving of this award.

Rachel Michaels Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson, you are an amazing teacher. Keep up the amazing work! We are lucky to have you!!

Jill Hubbard Posted over a year ago

Life Changer of the year is a understatement for Chad. He has taught our 3 daughters and by far has made the most impact on them, not only in the classroom, but out as well. He makes all the kids feel important, no matter how they do. Chad is a very special person and is so important to our school here at Belleville. This is a great way to have others see how much Chad does for our school and community. Congratulations Chad for getting this very well deserved recognition. You will forever have a place at our dinner table if you ever choose to come!

Royce Clark Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is the best teacher I have ever met. Every single time I left his classroom, I was always thinking about the lesson. He made sure to challenge us and make the subject interesting to all of us. I have only been in one class with him so far, but in that year I was so impressed with him that I am taking another one of his classes, AP Government, next year. He is the best teacher I have ever known, and he is most certainly deserving of this award.

Shea O'Malley Posted over a year ago

I have never had a teacher more dedicated and hardworking than Mr. Hodgson. He knows the material he teaches like the back of his hand, but still manages to keeps students interested and engaged after years of teaching. After taking AP classes with Mr. Hodgson, I'm happy to say he's challenged me and made me a better student. I could always count on him to brighten my day and teach me something new. He's a gift to our school and our community, and I'm so thankful to have had him as an educator.

Becky Nolden Posted over a year ago

I was fortunate to be a parent chaperone this past March with Chad and a few other amazing educators on a trip to DC. His passion to share his history and political science knowledge coupled with his love to educate students and great personality made for a very enjoyable adventure! Chad is highly respected and makes the most of every moment. Thank you for everything you do for our kids and our community Chad. You are a role model and true leader!

Carol Keller Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr. Hodgson. As a member of Belleville Kiwanis, I am very proud of our Belleville school, since I have heard first hand from students my club has sponsored for leadership conferences. Thank you for the dedication to help students reach their potential as future leaders.

Eileen Luchsinger Posted over a year ago

Chad has been a model teacher for those of us who worked with him. Just when I thought that I was up to date with technology, and it's use in the classroom I would see Chad using an update!

Alexis McCluskey Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Hodgson for AP Psychology my sophomore year and Economics my senior year. I passed the AP exam along with over half of the class. My experience in his class changed my perspective on education. I was always a student who worked hard in classes I liked and slacked in classes I didn't. When I had Mr. Hodgson for Economics, I learned to work hard and find value in classes that didn't interest me as much. His goal every single day is to make the most of it. Every class period I had with him was filled with notes, activities, and resources to improve my knowledge on the subject. There was never a day where I thought, "I could've missed that class." His recognition and appreciation of hard work sets him apart from typical educators.

Kelsey Schmit Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to be a student, an athlete and now a colleague of Chad's. He pushed you in class and on the basketball court. He also gave me my first coaching opportunity. He asked if I would coach summer league basketball after I graduated which I willingly accepted. When he was athletic director for the district and I began teaching here he also put coaching into my sights again but with volleyball. He sees things in people they don't always see in themselves. He is an advocate for others over himself more times than not. He makes a positive impression on all that know him and I can't think of anyone more deserving!

Connie Erb Posted over a year ago

Chad is an amazing person and one of the best teachers my children have had at Belleville High School. He cares about the students and drives them to do their absolute best. He will challenge them to do even better if he thinks they can achieve more. My children have learn many skills from him. An excellent teacher

Kristy Gunkel Posted over a year ago

Coach Hodgson was one of the most caring, kind, dedicated and hard working coaches I have ever had the pleasure to play basketball for. He was an advocate for each one of us on the varsity basketball team, individually, on the court and off. He valued our input as players and and shared our pride and love for the game of basketball. He always had the right words of inspiration during halftime, celebrated our wins and told us to keep our heads up when we lost. He even let me take my sweaty jersey home our senior year after we lost our last game so I could sleep in it for one last momento! Ha! My high school basketball memories are filled with laughter, fun and encouragement thanks to coach. He continues to be my youngest brother's favorite teacher and is still my advocate. You deserve this award more than anyone I know. BHS is beyond lucky to have you.

Emma Neild Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Hodgson for World Cultures & Geography over 6 years ago and I can still name almost all the countries in the world. A lot of the study tips I learned from Mr. Hodgson in 9th grade have stuck with me and have proven to be instrumental in helping me become a successful student in college. He prepared me for the rigor I would encounter more than any other teacher I had and prepared me for life too. I can't thank him enough for believing in me and pushing me academically so I'd be more than prepared for my future. Congrats on the nomination, Hodge! You're more than deserving of this award!

Chris Posted over a year ago

Great job! We are proud of you

Grace Posted over a year ago

To have both a personable yet knowledgeable teacher present at BHS is an honor. The impact that Mr. Hodgson has had on the students, staff, and community is unique and inspiring. He understands the needs and wants of students and strives to push them past their limits so they reach new levels of intelligence they weren't aware of. Mr. Hodgson was always the teacher who encouraged me to go the extra mile and challenge myself. His classes have equipped me with the vital scholastic tools necessary for college and revealed study topics that I soon became highly interested in! Mr. Hodgson is highly deserving of this award.

Susette Alsteens Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of teaching along side Mr. Hodgson. We are in the same hallway and share many of the same students. In my 29 years of teaching, Chad by far would fall under the title, "Life Changer of the Year." He does challenge his students to work hard and reach their potential. He is truly awesome.

Baily Hubbard Posted over a year ago

Chad Hodgson's impact on my life is indescribable. I first met Chad when I took his summer school basketball camp when I was younger; he believed in a young girl who was not the greatest ball player in the world and helped me realize my place and potential on the court. Ever since then, I have always looked up to Chad and was so excited to have him as a teacher in high school. I learned more than I could have ever imagined in the multiple courses I took in his classroom. But it was the little things that made Mr. Hodgson stand out; whether it was saying hi every morning my sophomore year, to coming to our sporting events after a long day in the classroom. He was always there cheering me and my classmates on. I always knew I wanted to be an educator and after knowing/learning from Mr. Hodgson, I know how to excel and be great at it. I know that being an educator isn't just teaching content in the classroom, it goes far beyond that. Chad, and our community, are so deserving of this amazing award; I could not have picked a better candidate.

Briana A. Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is the most influential teacher I have ever had. He is the one person that always pushed me to be a better student in and out of the classroom. His influence on me, is the main reason I am becoming a social studies teacher for secondary education. Any student who has had Mr. Hodgson knows his devotion for the curriculum, the school district he teaches in, and every student he teaches. Thank you Mr. Hodgson for being the best educator I have ever had and believing in me!

Cindy O'Connor Posted over a year ago

My husband Mike and I have known Chad for several years. Mike use to drive bus when Chad was a Girl's basketball coach. What we can tell you about Chad is that he is by far one of the most dedicated and hard working educators we know. It isn't unusual to see Chad drive by our house at 6:30 am on his way to school to make sure he is ready for the day and is there way past his contract time. Chad takes it very personal when teaching each and every student to make sure they are working to their potential. Chad never talks negatively about his career that he chose. He has as much enthusiasm now then went we met him 10+ years ago. I truly know from talking with present and past students along with his colleagues that Chad has definitely been a LifeChanger and will continue to be a LifeChanger as long as he is in the education field.

Ariel Fried Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is an incredible teacher, and his lessons have stayed with me in the years since I graduated from Belleville High.

Kenzi Posted over a year ago

He cares about each one of his students. He always asks how your weekend was or how's the game went. He is first in line if you ever ask for help. He sets expectations you don't think you can meet but the way he teaches his classes you exceed them and make him proud! He is a teacher that will forever impact my life. Not to mention he helped me realize what I wanted to with my life, which isn't an easy thing to do for an indicisive teenager!

Michelle Mussehl Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is an amazing teacher and easily one of my children's favorites. He encourages kids to do their best and makes them want to challenge themselves. A great asset to Belleville schools!

Madeline Bartels Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hdogson is more than deserving of this award. I have blessed to be his student for the past two school years. This past year, Mr. Hodgson opened his classroom up to me during his prep period on our "A" days. He allowed me to study and complete my online sociology course during this time. Mr. Hodgson is one of the few reasons why I am wanting to continue my education at the university level and study secondary education. I struggled a lot this past school year, and he was ALWAYS there for me. Whether I was crying because of stress or upset at another teacher, Mr. Hodgson was always there to listen to me and gave me the best advice. I always appreciated when he would quiz me about problems a teacher might encounter. By doing this, he was preparing me for my future. I will be forever grateful for Mr. Hodgson and everything that he has done for me/taught me. I know I will struggle adjusting to college this fall because I won't be able to walk the few short steps to his classroom everyday. Mr. Hodgson has truly changed my life for the better and he is the most deserving educator for this award.

Kevin DeLorme Posted over a year ago

All of my kids have had Mr. Hodgson, for multiple courses. I can say, as a parent, that I am very appreciative of what my kids have learned from him. It goes well beyond the classroom or subject he is teaching. He pushes his kids to be their best and, more importantly, believes, expects and knows they can achieve this. What they learn from him carries into everything they do as adults: Believe in yourself; work hard; respect others; have fun; continue to improve; understand there could be set backs; strive to achieve and know our history! It goes on and on. I know my kids are better adults because of what they have leaned from him. In my opinion, the reason he is such a good teacher is because he lives all of these values and the kids learn by his example! They mimic what they see as much as what they are taught. Mr. Hodgson excels at both! He is well deserving of this accolade.

Leah Blask Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson is a teacher who is willing to go above and beyond to jelp students become better, both academically and personally. This year he also helped me to establish the Young Politicians club, something that is not in his job description and he did not have to agree to help with. I have been in his classes for 3 years and a TA for 1, and I have never met someon who is so dedicated to creating the best possible students, and preparing us for our future. He is an amazing influence for me, and encouraged me to be the best person I could. There is not a single person who is more qualified or deserving of this honor.

Peter Richter Posted over a year ago

First, I would like to echo the comment about Mr. Hodgson's organizational skills. He is one of the most organized professionals I have ever met. In addition, the quality of his teaching became even more evident to me when my son informed me that one of freshman college classes was easy because Mr. Hodgson had taught him everything the year before.

Kiley Ogodogu Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Chad for 12 years. We had the great opportunity to go through our Educational Technology graduate program together, where he also was a strong leader with his colleagues. I've witnessed Chad use technology to transform learning opportunities and truly develop 21st century learners who are ready for careers, college, and life!

Liz Ortgiesen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Hodgson has been one of the most influential teachers I have ever had at BHS. He is also one of the hardest teachers I've ever had, and I can't thank him enough for that. He has prepared me and my fellow classmates for the real world, and also prepared us above and beyond the expectations and standards for University.

Rachel Grady Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr.Hodgson! Very well deserved nomination for an amazing teacher!

Kim Trainor Posted over a year ago

I can not say enough on how accommodating and helpful he has been with my son throughout the school year. He goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a teacher and the encouragement he offers to his students is priceless!

Diane White Posted over a year ago

A small town we are but great strides are being made here because the community cares for it's children and highly values education thus the recent vote to put money into our schools and build a new community library. I still remember my toughest but fairest high school teacher from almost 50 years ago. Teachers have a tough job; he has my vote. A small town like this could really benefit.

Karie Gunkel Posted over a year ago

My daughter, Kristy Gunkel, still mentions you as one of the best educators, mentors and coaches she had at Belleville High School. She is 30 now, and has an undergraduate degree in K-3 and just received her masters degree in order to teach deaf and hard-of-hearing children. I believe that you inspired her to go into the teaching profession, as well as to coach basketball and volleyball in the school districts where she teaches. Congratulations on this nomination. It is well-deserved!