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Carina Wilhite

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: H.L. Suverkrup Elementary School
School District: Crane Elementary School District 13
City, State: Yuma, AZ

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Carina Wilhite was nominated by Josh Topp, a colleague.

Mrs. Wilhite is a role model for both students and colleagues. She works diligently with staff to ensure academic growth is inevitable for each and every one of her students. In addition to fantastic classroom instruction, Mrs. Wilhite makes it a priority to teach life skills to her 4th grade students. Her students often look to her for a word of encouragement and a hug. Being such a positive educator and teacher leader, colleagues often stop by her room after school to interact with her and ask her for classroom advice. 

Mrs. Wilhite is a very accomplished educator and leader at her school and her district. She can often be found helping her colleagues with technology and professional development. She demonstrated a technology lesson at an Apple Summit Leadership Conference, co-taught courses with her grade-level partner at her district's Joyful Learning Conferences, and participated and contributed in an Intel grant her district received last year.

Outside of school, Mrs. Wilhite has been involved in volunteering for Precious Teasures.

"We need more teachers like Mrs. Wilhite," said Topp. "She is a life-long learner and never settles for anything but the best in her students and herself. One of my favorite attributes of Mrs. Wilhite is her desire to be pushed out of her comfort zone so she can learn as much as possible and be the best teacher possible for her students. She loves taking risks, and I really admire that about her. She has inspired me and pushed me to become a better teacher for my students, too."

Comments (11)

andrea gonzalez Posted over a year ago

she is a great teacher very helpful and caring towards her students. My son really loved having her as a teacher .

Zurisadai Salazar Posted over a year ago

She is amazing! Very patient and loving to our students. This is the second year my daughter has her as a teacher and she has truly been of a blessing! My daughter loves her! ??

Lisa Love Posted over a year ago

Carina is one of those teachers every parent dreams of for their children. She is kind, smart, fun to be with, excited about her lessons, caring, interested in each individual student, and full of positive energy. Learning is a joy in her classroom and that joy spreads to the other classes and people around her. Carina keeps up on all of the latest technology and information that she then shares with her eager to learn students. It is an honor to work with her and watch her work.

Carolina Quiroz Posted over a year ago

Carina is a great person all around. She is a hard working, dedicated teacher who truly sees the best in not only her students, but everyone around her. Her energy is contagious. I am positive that in her years of teaching she has made in an impact in many of her students, co-workers and friends.

Jennifer Kaste Posted over a year ago

This teacher deeply cares about people. She is kind and giving to a fault. She is always positive and happy. She has changed my life for the better and every day she makes her students lives brighter!

Maritza tejeda Posted over a year ago

Sin duda la mejor elección la familia tejeda la apoya incondicionalmente Mrs??Carina y que en su caminar por la vida ??????siga con ese amor a su trabajo ?????

Lupe Lewis Posted over a year ago

Amazing person! We are so lucky to have her.

Rachel Mesa Posted over a year ago

Carina is a team player and is beyond valuable to students, parents, and staff! She genuinely wants everyone to succeed! As her coworker, I see her love for teaching, learning, and the joy she gets from helping others! Her positive attitude is contagious! We all love Mrs. Wilhite!

Hannah Tovar Posted over a year ago

Carina Wilhite is one of the most selfless giving women I know! She not only gives 100% each day, but goes above and beyond what is asked or expected of her. She truly is a life changer!

Tamy Posted over a year ago

Not only does this woman have the hardest job on the face of the earth as a teacher (and an AMAZING teacher to boot), she is also a mom of a young boy PLUS she finds time to dedicate to Precious Treasues (a small neighboring town where many are very low income families live). Born and raised in the area, she had dedicated her life to making a difference. I am honored to call her my friend and co-worker!

Laurie Doering Posted over a year ago

Carina is an innovative, caring teacher who is committed to personal growth and uses progressive methodology in her class. Crane is fortunate to have her!!