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Kristin Covington

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Mountain Road Elementary School
School District: Cherokee County School District
City, State: Woodstock, GA

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Kristin Covington was nominated by a colleague who submitted a fantastic video nomination below.

Comments (26)

Dr. Karen Davis Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Covington is a vital gem to our school, district, and community. Currently, Mrs. Covington is a strong asset to the fifth grade teachers, and she is the coordinator for the entire after school tutoring program. I have worked closely with Kristin as her coach (Instructional Lead Strategist). She is a leader among her peers. Mrs. Covington sets high standards and uses a variety of strategies to meet the needs of her students. Her philosophy is grounded in constructivism. She encourages her students to have confidence in their abilities. Mrs. Covington provides quality instruction using research-based lessons and interventions for optimal growth and development. Her students are eager to learn as they are actively involved as participants in their own learning. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is clearly illustrated. She never rests. Mrs. Covington is a Life Changer!

Jamie Vogan Posted 8 months ago

It has been a pleasure to teach Kristin has a student at Woodstock High School and as a teacher leader in the ESOL endorsement program. I admire her efficiency in class and her creative ideas in how to incorporate interactive strategies to help all her students. She instantly puts people at ease with her bright smile and pleasant nature. She cares deeply for her students and has the utmost pride in her school. This nomination, and hopefully awarding of it, is very well deserved.

Sheree Kelley Posted 8 months ago

I just know Kristin thru her mom and her sweet grandmother. I do know that she is a very sweet and kind young lady. I do admire here and am sure she is a wonderful teacher. Her grandmother, Lynn Castleberry, would be so proud of this recognition bestowed upon her granddaughter. Congratulations, Kristin..

Erin schorr Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Covington is a blessing to anyone in her life. However, she will only tell you of all her blessings, which are the students who enter her classroom everyday. She is the one that pushs herself and others beyond the limits. She does more than just reaches for the stars... she is the support her students need while they climb for the stars and grab ahold of them.

Crystal Todd Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Covington is an amazing and living teacher. My son has had problems with feeling confident in school and as a result never want to go this year Ms. Covington is his 5th grade teacher and he absolutely loves going to school. Since the very first day she has made him feel good about himself and if she notices a change in him she will call me as soon as possible and let know so I may address it and figure out what's the matter. I don't know what we have done this year without her. She has been a blessing to our family.

Martina Kennel Posted 11 months ago

My son loves coming to school every day! Thank you Mrs. Covington.

Desiree Tuvell Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Covington has been one of the best teachers my child has had. Always supportive, encouraging, & guided my son in such a positive way. We've been blessed that he was able to spend 2 years with her!

Laura Butera Posted 11 months ago

Mrs. Covington is an excellent teacher that does an amazing job of connecting with her students. She gives 100% to her class. Most importantly, she’s always smiling and radiating positive energy.

Leeanne Hartman Posted 11 months ago

Mrs. Covington and I have worked together for three years and we also just completed our Masters Degree together. When I say she is an incredible teacher it is an understatement. Not only does she come to work with a positive attitude ready to teach, she also lets her students know that she is there for them no matter the need. I feel extremely blessed to not only call Mrs. Covington a colleague, but also a friend.

Chanda Schwab Posted 11 months ago

She was a sweet, fun teacher who had a positive effect on my child. Go Kristen!!

Annika Knocke Posted 12 months ago

The impact Ms. Covington has on her students will stay with them long after they leave 5th grade. Her dedication, compassion, and love for education as well as love for her students makes her a true star. We are incredibly lucky to have had her as a teacher and a role model.

Audrey Brown Posted 12 months ago

Our family has had the honor of having Mrs Covington teach two of our children. She has been such an inspiration! She’s very dedicated to helping her students become the best versions of themselves inside and outside of the classroom. She has been such a blessing to us!

Heather Bertils Posted 12 months ago

We had the pleasure of Kristin teaching our son in 4th and 5th grade at Mountain Road. Kristin always took the time to talk to us if needed when it came to Jake. She always had amazing feedback and truly cared about what was going on in his world. At one point she had several boys in her class who played LAX together and she would come to their games...I don’t know if she realizes how much that meant to the boys. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and advocate to every child she encounters. She is truly a like changer!!

Deanna porch Posted 12 months ago

Mrs Covington really helped Ryder a lot. He was having a difficult time in math and she made sure he fully understood.

Kim Omark Posted 12 months ago

My daughter Morgan adored Ms Covington. It truly a blessing to know my daughter was in great hands!

Jennifer Loudermilk Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.Covington is such an inspiration and blessing to so many children! She was always a source of encouragement for my daughter.

Pam Medlin Posted 12 months ago

Kristin is truly a blessing to everyone she meets. If you are lucky enough to meet her you will never forget her. From her positive attitude to her compassion for others.

Doris Kramer Posted 12 months ago

Kristin is an awesome teacher! Working in the office of her elementary school, I've seen this young lady grow to be a caring, thoughtful adult that became an awesome teacher. Sweet gal!!

Amy Kerwood Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Covington always goes above and beyond for her students. She is dedicated, supportive, and positive. She is the best!

Jennipher Oglesby Posted 12 months ago

The video speaks for itself! Kristin is incredible, and I am so proud to work with someone so talented.

Lori Etheridge Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Covington is such a loving and dedicated teacher. She cares about the success of her students and works to help each one set and meet personal goals.

Erin Schorr Posted 12 months ago

Kristin Covington is such a positive person, which is reflected in her work. She goes out of her way to help assist family, friends, coworkers, students, and others as best as she can! She is definitely the teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.

Kristy Reidy Posted 12 months ago

I can tell you with all of my many years of experience that Kristin Covington Is a life changer!!!!!! Her compassion and dedication alone are enough but there’s so much more to her desire to improve the lives of all the students st our school.

Amber Hankins Posted 12 months ago

Kristin is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. It was a joy to work with her, and I am sure she will make such an impact on all of her students. I am so proud of all of her accomplishments.

Linda Hubbard Posted over a year ago

She is such an Awesome Lady and makes an impression on all she meets.

Crystal Todd Posted over a year ago

Ms. Covington is an amazing teacher. She is caring and loving with a smile always on her face. She keeps me informed with my son which absolutely loves her. He actually loves going to school this year.